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It's March 1987 and Verne Gagne decides to give the booking duties to Nick Bockwinkel. His goal is to turn AWA into a stable territory and survive the growing JCP and WWF promotions. There are some criticism with other stars about Bockwinkel with power will hold the AWA Title until his retirement. Other top stars in the promotion want to be the main event but there is only one spot at the top and that is being held by the booker. Currently, the main goal is to build popularity in our regions of the US, before trying to gain small international and global deals. Right now our biggest channel is ESPN where our main program airs. The ratings there are important for securing bigger deals in the future. The AWA roster is stacked in main event talent and an above average tag team division. The current goal is to only bring in young talent to build around and the occasional veteran to bring in as a wrestler and road agent to help groom the young batch of stars coming through the AWA.

For this rebuild I would love to hear your feedback. I will be showing the roster and the batch of people signed to appear on AWA along with thoughts about them.

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"Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly - Average heel that is going to be used frequently because of his pairing with The Playboys and manager Sherri Martel.

Assassin - He is working as a face now, but he is getting way up in years. He has already had his last big run and will start putter over younger talent as he hopefully transitions into a full time Road Agent with AWA.

Baron Von Raschke - Despite his age and limited schedule at 46, we must use his popularity as a corner stone to help with ratings. Hoping he still puts on good matches to go with his strong drawing power.

Bill Alfonso - Referee

Boris Zhukov/Soldat Ustinov - They should become a formidable heel tag team if they can work good enough to pass other top heel teams in the AWA. Foreign gimmicks are always big so its important that they play their roles perfect.

The Nasty Boys - Knobbs/Sags are still green in the ring and as heels they will be getting some work early on with top face teams. It's important to see how they grow as an insurance policy for possibly losing other heel teams.

Buck Zumhofe - He has an above average gimmick, but hopefully his strong performance skills will help carry matches as he works in putting over heels as he waits for a potential push.

The Playboys (Buddy Rose/Doug Somers) - The top heel tag team in the AWA and being managed by Sherri Martel puts them over the top. They can work with other tags, but also other main event pairings for big matches.

Buddy Wolfe - Could turn into a decent heel, but will spend his time putting over younger and more established faces.

Bull Power - Has some major potential, but due to his other commitments it maybe hard to invest too much into him as he splits time with AWA and Japan.

Bulldog Bob Brown - Great worker and puts on good matches consistently. Will be used to put over top heels and as a midcard attraction.

Cactus Jack - Comes in with an already established gimmick. If we can keep him in the AWA and find people he can work with. Cactus Jack could be great, but his style doesn't fit the AWA mold.

Candi Devine - With Sherri and Madusa as our top Women heels, Candi's role will be to help get challengers ready to move up.

Col. DeBeers - Not the best in any means, but with his gimmick I think finding him top faces to go after will not be a problem.

Curt Henning - The future of the AWA. Second generation star primed to be able to carry a company. Just have to make sure he doesn't get lured away.

D.J. Peterson - Seems to be a good worker, but with many top faces it seems I may try to find a tag team partner for him to help the face side of the tag team division.

Debbie Combs - With the lack of face Women in the AWA it seems that both with be vital until more are brought in.

The Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey/Randy Rose) - Paul E. Dangerously as their manager and two experienced pros it seems that they will get a chance to run as the top team. That's all based on their performances and availability.

Dick Slater - Slater has an expiring contract, so it's important to feel out if their is mutual interest in a new contract. He will be used to put over faces and if he succeeds it would be hard not to place a bid.

Eric Bishoff - Interview/Broadcaster

Greg Gagne - Is an important player if used correctly. I think he could break out in a bigger role in the mid-carders and occasionally rise up to face a top heel.

Jake Milliman - A lovable jobber in the AWA. If he can put on good performances I don't see why he couldn't get an angle.

Jerry Blackwell - He's big and can work. He has name value and can draw. He could see a big run as a face or heel.

Jerry Lawler - The biggest star in Memphis is here and it's important to use him when we can due to other commitments. So popular he can pull off both face and heel.

Jim Mitchell - Referee

Jimmy Snuka - A huge fan favorite and with his name value and recognition he will be featured on big events for drawing power.

The Top Guns (John Paul/Ricky Rice) - A young babyface tag team. They will get to work with top heel teams and have chances to impress. With the lack of face teams they could get a chance to shine sooner than later.

Larry Henning - A career that is ticking down. We want to make the best use of him and that's helping cementing his son as a top guy before moving behind the scenes.

Larry Nelson - Interviewer

Larry Zbyszko - One of the best heels in the company and could take over has the top heel at anytime.

Lee Marshall - Commentator

Madusa Micelli - Promising future and has time to get better has Sherri dominates the division. Could get turned face to even up numbers and give viable contenders in the future.

Mark Young - Son of Chief Jay Strongbow, and young. If he has the talents he could rise through the ranks.

The Midnight Rockers - The most popular tag team in AWA by far and should be featured in that role with chances of them working with Main Eventers.

Mike Miller - Good worker as a Midcard heel. Hope he can continue in elevating other guys and a push could come his way.

Mr. Saito - He is a great heel worker and can put on consistent matches. He will be featured as a roadblock to many top faces coming up.

Nacho Berrera - Heel Enhancement Talent. Could stick around if he could improve work rate.

Nick Bockwinkel - The old face of the AWA, will probably start slowing down to put over other stars.

Paul E. Dangerously - The best manager on the mic and needs more clients.

Penny Mitchell - Heel veteran worker. Will help get the newer Women ready to go as we search for a top face.

Ray Stevens - Working as a face and a former AWA great. Could get thrown into a tag team to help elevate young talent.

Rip Oliver - The best midcard heel we have at the moment. He will be tested to see if he can draw along with other faces. If he does he has potential for a main event push.

Rod Trongard - Commentator

Sgt. Slaughter - Dominant heel with a ton of popularity. Could be waiting for a moment to push him as face.

Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissey - Foreign heel manager. Hope he can continue to get over the Russians as we could add another member in the future.

Sherri Martel - Manger and top talent in the Women's division. She is a valuable asset to the company.

Sonny Rogers - Face lost in the shuffle at the bottom could be reforming tag team with Steve O.

Stanley Blackburn - Commissioner of AWA looking to be replaced soon.

Steve O - Face that will be used as openers to guys unless he can work well with Rogers in reforming their team.

Tom Stone - Heel jobber until we can move him into full time referee unless we find a good gimmick for him.

Verne Gagne - Owner. Road Agent.

Vivian Vachon - The only veteran face in the Women's division. Her and Sherri might have to carry the division unless others can rise up to the occasion.

Wahoo McDaniel - Huge name value and is important to keep strong for top tier heels to feud with. Hope to keep as a road agent down the line to help with young talent.

Recently Added:

JT Southern - Rookie who looks to come in and learn the ropes. Could get put in a tag team, but despite starting out as a face could turn into a heel of the future.

The Lord Humongous - Masked monster that will have a mouthpiece. Could turn into a major player despite being a rookie. Hope that after losing the mask he can still evolve into a great character.

Scott Putski - A second generation wrestler. We are hoping for name value here and hope he can live up to being The Polish Prince.

Bob Holly - Rookie wrestler who is in the area and used as Enhancement talent. Bringing him in saves on some money and he can learn from some of the veterans in the AWA.

Cannonball Grizzly - A huge monster that's not ring ready to go on a tear. Gives a big challenge to mid card guys and will have to work his way up to the character.

Derrick Dukes - Our roster lacks variety so adding this kid with talent should help. Brought in for a certain storyline and will be kept.

The Harris Brothers - Two big guys that are green but can work. Hope they can show off in pre-show matches and move into a main card position in the future.

Hacksaw Higgins - A well-known mid-carder veteran who can come in and go straight to work. Hope he works well with our top faces.

Rex King - Has a good look and hope he can become a good worker. Should be a decent heel.

Rockin' Robin - Young female talent with family history in the business. Hope she can pan out into the future top face in the division.

Southern Rockers (Scott Peterson/Steve Doll) - These two have some good chemistry. Already have an angle in line for them if they can perform well. Could be a top tag team.

Wayne Bloom - Young guy worked as a local here before deciding to get him in here full time. Want to see the future development of this kid.

Winona Little Heart - Brought in to help grow the Women's Division looking for workers hope she can perform well in the ring.

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AWA World Heavyweight Championship
Nick Bockwinkel

AWA International Television Championship

AWA World Tag Team Championships
The Midnight Rockers

AWA World Women's Championships
Sherri Martel​

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uhhh Slaughter was a face in 87 maybe one of the top faces in the world.

He was not a heel.

Perhaps the only chance the AWA had was to enforce some sort of fitness level on Slaughter and keep him in shape.

He was the only national star they had.

Lawler was over in the South...but Slaughter was national.

Perhaps they use the ESPN connection and actually keep Slaughter fit?

Then they strike first on the hardcore wresting? I don't' know

Good question.

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AWA All-Star Wrestling March Week 1 1987​


  • The Lord Humongous vs. Bob Holly (Rating: 24)
  • Scott Putski promo about debut (Rating: 24)
  • Scott Putski vs. Wayne Bloom (Rating: 17)
  • Al-Kaissey promo about Zhukov and Ustinov facing the Top Guns (Rating: 41)
  • Zhukov/Ustinov vs. The Top Guns (Rating: 20)
  • Wahoo McDaniel vs. Buddy Wolfe (Rating: 54)

Main Show

  • Jerry Lawler promo about returning to AWA, Rip Oliver interrupts (Rating: 63)
  • Blackburn announces Television Championship Tourament. Announces names like Lawler, Oliver, Mr. Saito, Bulldog Bob Brown, Kevin Kelly, D.J. Peterson, and Ray Stevens will be part of. (Rating: 53)
  • The Midnight Express vs. Steve O/JT Southern (Rating: 46)
  • TV Round 1 - Rip Oliver vs. Buck Zumhofe (Rating: 47)
  • Bockwinkel Promo about Future Challengers mentions Henning, Snuka, Lawler, Blackwell, Gagne, and even Zbyszko. (Rating: 62)
  • TV Round 1 - Bulldog Bob Brown vs. Mike Miller (Rating: 57)
  • Lawler hypes Tournament Match against Slater (Rating: 67)
  • TV Round 1 - Jerry Lawler vs. Dick Slater (Rating: 80)

Post Show

  • Special Attraction - Henning/Gagne/Midnight Rockers/Blackwell vs. Zbyszko/Saito/Playboys/Kelly (Rating: 52)

Show Rating: 69
Television Rating: less than 0.01


  • Zhukov/Ustinov can't work long matches 10 minutes top.
  • More open and scripted matches. Veterans can't carry the youth.
  • Putski/JT Southern/Lord Humongous all debuted good to great gimmicks.
  • Steve O and JT Southern not a good tag combination.
  • Midnight Rockers didn't perform as well as I hoped.
  • Kelly struggled in the post show match really brought the quality down. Rockers and Somers also didn't perform to quality.
  • Jerry Lawler was the savior of the live show.

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uhhh Slaughter was a face in 87 maybe one of the top faces in the world.

He was not a heel.

Perhaps the only chance the AWA had was to enforce some sort of fitness level on Slaughter and keep him in shape.

He was the only national star they had.

Lawler was over in the South...but Slaughter was national.

Perhaps they use the ESPN connection and actually keep Slaughter fit?

Then they strike first on the hardcore wresting? I don't' know

Good question.
Sgt. Slaughter on this was a heel so I'm definitely going to cash in on a big turn eventually. I have to grow the territory and using ESPN I need to make my stars national like Jerry Lawler and Curt Henning. I have guys like Snuka and Slaughter that have the WWF recognition. I don't plan on going Hardcore but I will stretch it on my events with Cactus Jack. ESPN doesn't like gory matches so they reject it. My SuperCards aren't televised so anything goes until I can get an event deal.
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