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Could Rock vs anyone else done such huge numbers

  • Yes.Rock alone matters

    Votes: 8 61.5%
  • No.Rock was more important but it was more due to Rock vs Cena

    Votes: 5 38.5%
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The rock vs drew mcintyre could easily do 3million if not more

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Yes, Taker, Lesnar etc are all big opponents for Rock to draw with. There's a difference between a guy like Trump, who was the reason for the success of WM23, and a guy like Vince, who will never be able to do it with another guy. Same with Floyd, you put Floyd with different opponent instead of Show? it's still huge.

There's a big difference between the opponent and the game-changer. Sure, as big as the opponent is, the game-changer has the potential to do bigger business, but he's still just the opponent. You take out Cena? still an astronomical success. You take Rock, WM27 is a complete disaster with the worst numbers since 97 and WM28 is doing at best, 2010 numbers if it's a one match show with HHH/Taker.

The ONLY WM Cena was the selling point in his entire career was WM22 with HHH, and that show didn't do million buys even when business was like 99 back then compared to now.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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