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Could both CM Punk and Wade Barrett be world champions heading into WrestleMania?

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What if this whole Nexus/Core thing is "the bigger picture"? I know everyone thinks there never was one and that WWE had forgotten about their own idea, but maybe they didn't.

Think about it. WWE, in the last year or so, is trying to make everything seem "bigger". Even the Royal Rumble match will now include 40 superstars. Maybe this is their way of making the Nexus seem like "one of the biggest forces in WWE of all time" - by having them do something no other faction has ever done: dominate both RAW and Smackdown?

If this is the case, could we see CM Punk win the WWE Championship and Wade Barrett win the World Heavyweight Championship heading into WrestleMania? You could have Cena challenge Punk for the WWE Title, and as for Barrett; maybe Randy Orton could challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship - it's not like WWE remembers it has a brand split at this time of year anyway.

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I don't think "everything" thinks there is no bigger picture. However, this is definitely a possibility, IMO. But it'd be more likely to see Barrett/Undertaker with *shudders* 'Taker leaving with the title.

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It's a strong possibility.

But you know, it's also conceivable that neither guy will have a world championship going into Wrestlemania, and that the world championships will be held by different guys to spread out the marquee value of the card. Difficult to say.

In the case of Wade Barrett, I think, seeing as his primary quest has been to become a world champion, having his first reign be a short one would really hurt him. So, there's that to consider, too, I guess...
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