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Some people around here are, just, bad. Like,

"I'm pretty sure the virus won't affect me so fuck everybody else".

and also

"People die everyday from different causes. Why should we try to stop it?".

It has to be amazing being a member of the generation that had to live through the Second World War and having to hear younger people saying that they don't give a damn about getting you sick or even dead because they are too selfish, arrogant and self-centered to spend a couple months on quarantine. Not to speak about those with diabetes, asthma and other conditions.

Seriously, check out your empathy. Because some of you look like plain psychos.
and yet you cannot find it in you to even argue this fact because it is 100% true, no matter how much bullshit you try and tell yourself.

again there are over 1 MILLION auto mobile accident related deaths every year. that's over 10 MILLION people dead every ten years. you are a potential murderer every time you take the wheel, so by your logic because it is so important to save lives... we should all just not drive right?

it's best we put logic before emotions, not emotions before logic.

your argument lacks logic. you are arguing from a place of fear.
781 - 781 of 781 Posts