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Alright ive been readin alot of these shows and have been pretty impresed, so now ive decided to do my own.

Background Info
The first raw after wrestlemania Vince Macman came out and anounced that for the next year both brands have been combined once again and the rosters have been shakin up with the release of alot of stars and the signing of some new ones. The new WWE roster is as follows...

-The Undertaker
-Stone Cold Steve Austin
-The Rock
-Mick Foley
-Big Show
-John Cena
-The Dudley Boyz
-The Hardy Boyz
-Chris Benoit
-Chris Jericho
-Eddie Guerrero
-Booker T
-Monty Brown
-Aj Styles
-Hulk Hogan
-Ultimate Warrior
-Randy Orton
-Shelton Benjamin
-Chavo Guerrero
-Paul London
-Spike Dudley
-Billy Kidman
-Bradshaw(The Old one not JBL!!!)
-Billy Gunn
-FBI(Nunzio,Chuck Palumbo, Jonny Stamboli)
-Rey Mysterio
-Trish Stratus
-Torrie Wilson
-Molly Holly
-Christy Hemme

That is it for now, more superstars may be added later through out the thread!!
Also There is a new GM for the WWE---Shane Macman
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Raw Apirl 18

RAW Theme Hits and Pyro goes Off!!

JR-Hello everybody and welcome to a new era in the WWE!!
King-Thats right Jr this is the new era of the wwe and im sure our show tonight will be a great one.


King- well jr looks like we wont have to wait long to get thing started.
Jr- Guess not king, here comes the new GM of the wwe SHANE MCMAHAN!!

Shane gets on the mic, Welcome everybody to Shane-O-Macs RAW.
Tonight is going to be the start of the best era of the WWE ever!!
Well lets get right dowm to buisness, Ive had alot of people asking me what i am goin to do with the championships.Well heres my answer, all championships are now vacant....and also the world championship and the world tag team championships are now inactive and will not be used in the wwe. Starting tonight we will be having a 20 man championship series for the WWE title...the wrestlers involved in this series will be HHH, Undertaker, big show, mick foley, stone cold, the rock, john cena, bradshaw, hulk hogan, HBK, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Eddie Gurrero, Booker T, monty brown, randy orton, batista, shelton benjamin, rvd and rey mysterio. Oh and one more thing the runner up in this tornament will be awarded the wwe intercontinental championship!!! So let the show begin with our first championship series match, shelton benjamin vs randy orton.

Match 1, Shelton Benjamin vs Randy Orton

Match Notes
Both oponents are equally match at the begining with randy orton finnaly getting the upper hand, the match goes back and forth until shelton hits a spining heel kick.

The finnish
Shelton picks up randy and sets him up for a t-bone, but randy reverses into the rko for the win.

Winner and Advances-Randy Orton

JR-Wow what a display of talent in this match.
King- Yea with the better wrestler coming out on top.
Jr- Well comming up next folks the championship series will continue when RVD goes up against john cena.


One of a kind hits and out comes RVD
My time is now hits and here comes john cena

Match 2, RVD vs John Cena

Match notes
Rvd gets the early advantage with fast paced action and some fast kicks, john cena manages to slow him down a little with a spine buster, Rvd recoves and hits the rollin thunder.

The finish
John Cena gets Rvd up for the F-U but rvd gets out of it and hits the van terminator and then goes to the top and hits the frog splash for the win.

Winner and Advances- RVD

Jr- King i cant belive all of the great action we are seeing here tonight that was another great match.
King- Yea Jr that is true but can you imagine having RVD as the Champ, hes definintally not my pick thats for sure.
JR-well thats your own opinon king.

Backstage- We see HHH in shane macmahans office and he is irate.
HHH-Its not fair Shane, its just not fair i was the world heavyweight champion and i got screwed out of my title.
Shane-Well thats the way it goes trips, i gave you a fair shot at the WWE championship, and if you are realy that damn good then you should have no problem winning the tournament.


back to raw we see Monty Brown on his way to the ring for our final match of the show and our third match in the championship series. He is going up against HHH.

HHH makes his way to the ring lookin pissed off

Match 3- HHH vs Monty Brown

Match notes
Triple H is takin all his frustration out on monty brown, brown dosent even get a chance to get in this match.
HHH gives monty the pedagree for the win in this squash match.

Winner and Advances- HHH

Jr- Well king we have just seen a very agresive side of triple h here but none the less he advances in the series
King-Yea you would be agressive to if you got screwed out of your championship.
Jr- i guess so, Anyway folks thats all for tonight be sure to tune in for smackdown on thursday.

Give me some fed back to let me know how i did, and help me improve.

Heres the Championship Series Brakets

Shelton Benjamin
Randy Orton Randy Orton

Monty Brown

John Cena

The Rock

Stone Cold Steve Austin
Chris Jericho

Chris Benoit
Big Show


Mick Foley
Booker T

Eddie Gurerro
Hulk Hogan

Rey Mysterio

Smack Down Preview

Last Monday on raw shane macmahan announced the series for the WWE and Intercontanental Championship.
Thursday on smackdown this series will continue, with the Rock vs Batista
and Undertaker vs HBK and also Bradshw vs Rey Mysterio.
We have also heard that Shane Macmahan will have another huge announcement involving some more of the championships.

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Cole-Hello everyone and welcome to the first edition of smackdown in the new wwe.
Tazz-thats right cole and what a blockbuster we have tonight, with three matches already announced.
Cole- You got that right tazz the series for the wwe championship will continue with the rock vs batista, undertaker vs HBK, and bradshaw vs rey mysterio.
Tazz- Yea, i personally cannot wait for taker vs hbk, two of the biggest ledgends in the history of the wwe.


Tazz- well looks like we might not have to wait much longer to get the action started.

Shane gets in the ring and grabs a mic
hello everybody and welcome to shane-o-macs SMACKdown. Boy do we have a show tonight, first we have our three big matches in the championship series, we also are going to have a between two big crusierweights, Paul london and billy kidman!! Oh yea and that match will be for the wwe crusierweight title!!!

Cole- o my god cole, shane just brought back the cruiserweight title
Tazz- yea i heard ya idiot.

Shane- i have one more announcement here tonight, at our next ppv we will be having a 20 man over the top battle royal for the US championship, and thats not all also at backlash will be a 4 team tag team tumoil match for the wwe tag team championship, featuring the hardy boyz the dudley boyz, the fbi's Chuck Palumbo and Johny Stamboli, and the new DX, X-pac and Billy Gunn.

Cole- What an announcement by our GM for backlash tazz
Tazz- yea that tag team match is goin to be off the hook
Cole- yes it is tazz, well right after these commercials will be our first match and it will be bradshaw vs rey mysterio.


Match 1- Bradshaw VS Rey Mysertio

The Old APA music hits and out comes bradshaw with his hair grwon long and died black again!!

619 hits and here comes Rey Mysterio.

Match Notes- Bradshaw starts off the match very agressively with some high power moves, but rey's quickness begins to come into play and rey starts taking over.

Finish- Bradshaw goes for the Clothsline from hell but rey ducks and pushes bradshaw on the ropes then he hits the 619 with the west coast pop for the 1-2-3.

Winner and Addvances- Rey Mysterio

Tazz- What a match to bad for bradshaw tho he looks really pissed.
Cole- Yea hes going absolutally nuts in the ring.

Bradshaw is in the ring and he is having a tantrum, the officials have to come out and calm him down.


Match 2- Paul London VS Billy Kidman

Match Notes- An amazing high flying match up with great moves from each wrestler. Billy Kidman went for the shooting star press twice but both time london got to his feet early enough to knock kidman off the ropes and take the momentum.

Finish- London Hits a Huge 450 Splash for the win.

Aftermath- Kidman gets up and looks at london with the crusierweight title belt on his sholder and walks over and gets face to face with him and stares at him for a while before offering a hand shake.


Back from break we see HBK walking backstage as he bumbs into HHH

HHH- Big match with Taker eh
HBK- Yup but its only small steeps on the way the the WWE Championship
HHH- Listen Shawn i know me and you have had some problems, but i was hoping we might be able to but all that behind us and you might think about joining with me batista and flair in evolution.
HBK-Hunter i think you should listen to me i would never join with evolution, but even if there was a small chance you are too late because i just had two guys come up to me and ask me if i would like to form a faction with them.
HHH- What, who the hell was it
HBK- well hunter you know them very well actually you know the group very well...
HHH- dont tell me shawn...
HBK- Yes hunter its true X-pac, Billy Gunn and I are reforming DEGENERATION-X!!!


Match 3- The Rock vs Batista

MAtch Notes- The rock completly dominates Batista

Finish- The rock wins with a peoples elbow

Winner and Addvances the Rock

Match 4- HBK Vs Undertaker

Match notes- BAck and forth match, x-pac and billy gunn come down to interfeer and help HBK.

Finish- Undertaker wins with the tombstone.

Winner and Advances the undertaker.

Sorry had to cut it short at the end but my computer was goin into fits.

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Here's some advice from a fellow BTB writer:

1. Use more color and either bold or italics. This really improves the show and makes readers want to look at it and not struggle to understand some key parts of your show.

2. Spelling. If you spell some of the wrestler's names wrong, that could be a huge problem. People do not want to see that. But hey, this area isn't hard to correct.

3. Show Length. Make the shows longer. That will improve your quality.

That's about all I can think of right now. Just trying to help.
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