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World Wrestling Entertainment!!!!!


World Wrestling Entertainment starting to get even lower ratings in the year, 2004. Vince Mcmahon was noticing this and decided he would need to do something drastic, or the WWE would lose even more ratings.

Vince decided he would stop the WWE from showing any kind of shows for a while. While behind the scenes saw him doing stuff to make the WWE a greater place.

So, Vince made a return early in 2005 to announce that the WWE was coming back! Vince although said that there have been major changes, which will hopefull make the WWE greater than it ever was before. Vince said that all would be announced in a future announcemnt, but he did say that the WWE will be starting with the 5 weeks leading up to Wrestlemania 21.

Chairman – Vince Mcmahon


Big Show
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Bubber Ray Dudley
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Devone Dudley
Eddie Guerrero
Garrison Cade
John Bradshaw Layfield
John Cena
Kurt Angle
Mark Jindrak
Matt Hardy
Paul London
Randy Orton
Rene Dupree
Rey Mysterio
Ric Flair
Rob Van Dam
Shannon Moore
Shawn Micheals
Shelton Benjamin
Spike Dudley
Sylvain Grenier
The Undertaker
Triple H


Jim Ross
Jerry “The King” Lawler

Backstage Interviewers

Lillian Garcia
Micheal Cole
Josh Matthews

Weekly Show

Monday Night Raw

Pay Per Views

Royal Rumble – January
No Way Out – February
Wrestlemania – March
Backlash – April
Judgementday – May
The Great American Bash – June
Vengeance – July
Summerslam – August
Unforgiven – September
No Mercy – October
Survivor Series – November
Armaggedon – December

Major Announcement’s

News has now leaked out that Vince Mcmahon has booked the first Monday Night Raw of the new era, at the world famous, Madison Square Garden. It has also be announced that they started selling tickets, but they quickly sold out. Every ticket was sold within a few hours which is an amazing achievement for a Monday Night Raw show, because most shows don’t even sell within a week and some don’t sell all the tickets at all. Also Vince Mcmahon has been in negoations with a few superstars that are not currently under contract with the WWE. But nothing is official yet, and we have not yet been told who the superstars are.

Vince said that all other things that he has to clear up like Championship belts, Brand splits, Woman’s division and a few other things will be cleared up Live on T. V at a later date.

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Venue - Madison Square Garden
Location - New York City, New York
Announcers - Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler
Written By - Coolstuff

“Across The Nation” By Union Underground hits and a video comes on the titantron. It shows various superstars in action like The Undertaker, Triple H, Shawn Micheals, Chris Jericho, The Dudley Boyz and Christian plus many more. We are now in the sold out Madison Square Garden arena and pyrotechnics explode as the crowd are wild and on their feet cheering. The camera’s circule the arena to see screaming fans, most of then holding up banners that they have made for the new era of World Wrestling Entertainment. The camera’s then focus in on the announce team Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Jim Ross: Welcome to the sold out Madison Square Garden, where it started all those years ago. Vince Mcmahon stopped the WWE for a while, but now we make out trimphiant return, and we have heard that in 5 weeks it will be our first pay per view of the year, “The Grandaddy Of ‘Em All” Wrestlemania 21!

King: Well, what better to start the year than to have our first pay per view “Where Legends Are Made” at our Superbowl, Wrestlemania. But Vince has promised a lot, and one of the promises is that he will shake the very core of the company, starting tonight here in New York City.

Jim Ross: Vince Mcmahon has promised that he will adress all the matters, that he yet hasn’t addressed in previous press confrences, tonight!

King: There is so many things to address, like we have learned that there will be only one show. But, JR, what happens to the brand extension.

Jim Ross: And, King. What about the woman of the WWE. Vince Mcmahon has told us that there will no longer be any woman wrestling, which I think will be a huge blow for you, King.

King: No more puppies, JR?

Jim Ross: Sorry, King. No more puppies. Also what will happen to the championship’s that the WWE have, will Vince address that aswell, King.

King: You gotta believe he will, JR. I can feel it, it is going to be an historic evening.

No Chance In Hell

Jim Ross: Here comes the chairman himself, King, Vince Mcmahon.

King: You got to believe this is about the issues that are still floating about the different things.

Vince Mcmahon walks with a smile on his face, the fans are giving him a great reception, with even some people bowing down to the man that built the WWE to what it is today. Vince is wearing a nice grey three piece suit which fits him very nicely. Vince starts walking down the ramp, with his power walk that he so often does as the fans are still on there feet. Vince reaches the bottom of the ramp and starts walking up the steel steps. Vince steps through the second rope into the ring, Vince walks around the ring a couple times before slowly grabbing a microphone.

King: I can’t wait to see what he has to say, JR.

Vince Mcmahon waits for the nose from the fans to die down, which after a few second it finally does.

Vince Mcmahon: Wow. I’m back here at Madison Square Garden where it started almost 21 years ago, and tonight I am going to change the WWE for the better!

The fans cheer because they know that Vince Mcmahon is making the WWE a better place, than it already is.

Jim Ross: Wow, King. Big promises from the chairman of the board.

King: But, JR. Promises that he can keep.

Vince Mcmahon: So, I bet you’re wondering. “Vince what are these changes that will change the WWE for the better”. Well I am going to get right on and tell you what they are.

King: He’s getting right to the point, which he always does.

Vince Mcmahon: Straight off, there will be no more woman’s divison.

The fans give a mixed reaction to this, as Vince continues talking.

Vince Mcmahon: The simple fact is I don’t care for them. Another thing is now the Monday Night Raw and Smackdown! Draft split is now officially dead.

This gets an extremely big pop, for one reason or another. Vince gives a little smile out to the fans before continuing.

Vince Mcmahon: From now on there will be only one flagship show, and that being Monday Night Raw. So as of now Smackdown! Is over.

Jim Ross: One show. It seems that Mr. Mcmahon only thinks we need the one show.

King: Well, JR. All the decisions that Mr. Mcmahon has made in the past have all been right, so I have all confidence in this one.

Vince Mcmahon: So that means with one show, there have been firings and maybe a few hirings.

King: What’s that meant to mean?

Jim Ross: I don’t know King. But it seems like that Vince Mcmahon has signed a superstar to the WWE roster.

Vince gives a little smirk after saying hirings, as the fans stay quite listening to what Vince is saying.

Vince Mcmahon: But with one show there will be more stars and defiantely more excitement. And as many of you have heard we have skipped a number of pay per views due to our absense over the past few months, but “The Road To Wrestlemania” begins tonight.

The fans give a huge cheer knowing that “The Road To Wrestlemania” has began.

Vince Mcmahon: But I hear many of you ask, who are the champions? What will the main event be in 5 weeks time when Wrestlemania go’s Hollywood? Well you know what I am going to tell you right……… Now.

Jim Ross: I wonder what Mr. Mcmahon has come up with, King?

King: It’s bound to be something great, everything is with Mr. Mcmahon.

The fans cheer knowing that Vince is going to adress what the title situation is as of right now.

Vince Mcmahon: Well as of this point on all the titles that the WWE own, are now vacant. And they will all be decided by the time that Wrestlemania 21 is upon us, one way or another.

Fans cheer, knowing that all champions will be crowned by the time that Wrestlemania is around.

Vince Mcmahon: Firstly, the title that gives us thrill and excitement week in and week out, the Cruserweight Title. This will be decided at Wrestlemania 21 in a 3 way ladder match (Huge Pop), but until that time comes, all the Cruserweight’s will be fighting to impress me, and if they do I will enter them into this match up.

Jim Ross: Every Cruserweight there will be fighting for there place to be in that ladder match, over the coming weeks.

Vince quickly moves on.

Vince Mcmahon: Next the Tag Team Championships. The Title’s that so many great duo’s have held, such as Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, The Hart Foundation (Huge Pop), Road Dogg and Billy Gunn, The New Age Outlaws (Huge Pop), and such as Dynamite Kid and the late great “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith (Huge Pop). And in 2 weeks time there will be another team added to that list, because we are going to have a 4 team tournament. The team’s in this tournament will be Bubba Ray Dudley and D-von Dudley, The Dudley Boyz. Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade, The Young Lions. Rene Dupree and Sylvain Grenier, La Resistance. And the final team will be a Surprise team.

King: JR, I wonder who the surprise team will be.

Vince Mcmahon quickly continues.

Vince Mcmahon: Next, moving onto the title that has sky rocketed so many career’s, the Intercontinetal Championship. I have decided that this title will have to be decided in a 8 man tornament between 8 superstars that I think are worthy enough. And the 2 finalist’s will battle it off at Wrestlemania 21.

King: Wow a 8 man tournament up to Wrestlemania to determine who will get to fight for the Intercontinental Title.

Jim Ross: Those are going to be some heated weeks.

Vince Mcmahon: And finally moving onto the biggest title of them all, the WWE Championship. This title has been held by the greatest that have ever lived, such as The Rock! (Mixed Reaction), “Stone Cold” Steve Austin! (Huge Pop), Andre The Giant! (Huge Pop), and Hulk Hogan! (Huge Pop) plus many other greats. So like the Intercontinental Title there is going to be a 8 man tournament leading up to Wrestlemania. The men that advance to the final, will battle it off in the main event “At The Grandest Stage Of ‘Em All”. And that tournament will start…….. Tonight.

The fans go crazy, knowing that there will be some important matches there tonight.

Jim Ross: The WWE Championship tournament, will be starting tonight. Wow.

King: And the 2 men that advance to the finals will battle it off in the main event at Wrestlemania 21.

Vince starts smiling before dropping the microphone in the middle of the ring, as the fans are still on their feet cheering after the announcemnt that have just heard. Vince slowly steps through the second rope and walks down the steel steps, Vince starts walking up the ramp as fans start to try and touch the man that made this evening happen. Vince walks all the way to the top of the ramp and steps through the curtains, to the backstage area.

- Commercial Break -

One Of A Kind

Blares through out the arena, and the fans get up on their feet cheering “Mr. Monday Night” as he makes his way out onto the stage, pyro’s explode as he does his thumb taunts and as he is smiling. Rvd is wearing a multi colour body suit as he starts making his way down the ramp. Fans extend there hands and Rvd slaps them as he reaches the bottom of the steel ramp way. Rvd gets up on the apron and steps through the second rope. Rvd walks around the ring once, then he poses on the second rope to another pop.

Jim Ross: It’s Rob Van Dam going up against Christian in the Intercontinental Title. And what a match we are in for here, King.

King: You ‘betta believe it, JR, but the deciding factor will be the Peeps in Christian’s corner.


Blares into the arena, as the fans burst into boo’s as “Captain Charisma” himself walks out onto the steel ramp way. Christian is given a huge coky smile, and he is wearing a gold and white hoody with his hood up and pants, with supposebly his wrestling attire under that. Christian walks down the steel ramp way and walks up the steel steps, Christian pulls down the hood before he steps through the second rope and Rvd keeps his eyes locked on him. Christian takes off his hoody and then his pants revealing his wrestling attire which is black pants with purple on them, the fans are still giving him huge heat.

Jim Ross: Seems like the peeps are behind Christian tonight, King? (Sarcastic Voice)

King: You do realise we are in New York City, these people are crazy, they don’t see true excellence when they see it.

Singles Match
Intercontinental Championship
“Mr. Monday Night” Rob Van Dam vs “Captain Charisma” Christian

Summary: Rob Van Dam and Christian both exchange a few moves at the beggininning of the match, until Rvd hits Christian with a spinning heel kick followed by a rolling thunder, which gave a near fall. Rvd got a lot of offensive until Christian used dirty tactics to get the upper hand. Christian grounded Rvd by working on Rvd’s leg, and a few high impact moves.

Ending: Christian places Rvd on the top rope, before he climbs to the top rope aswell. Christian looks for a superplex but Rvd pushes Christian off down to the canvas below. Christian slowly gets to his feet, before Rvd gets up on his feet on the top rope. Rvd fly’s off hitting a flying superkick, but Rvd grasps hold of the leg that Christian has been working on. Rvd slowly gets to his feet still in a lot of pain, as Christian gets to his feet also. Christian grabs Rvd in a ddt position but Rvd gets out of it. Christian looks shocked and go’s for a clothsline but Rvd ducks the attempt, Rvd then hits Christian with a back sweep. Rvd slowly hops to the ropes as Christian is lying on the floor, knocked out. Rvd climbs to the tope, instead of jumping there because of his bad leg. Rvd jumps off the top rope and Christian gets his knee’s up. Rvd starts grasping his ribs in pain before Christian lifts him up, Christian then nails Rvd with the unprettier, Christian then covers. One!……………. Two!………………Three!!!

Winner via pinfall and advancing in the Intercontinental Title tournament, Christian!!!

King: What did I tell you, JR. “Captain Charisma” beat Rvd just like I predicted and of course all of peeps predicted.

Christian gets to his feet with a huge smile on his face, to a chorus of boo’s from the sold out crowd in Madison Square Garden. The ref checks on Rvd as his leg is still hurting from when Christian was working on it during the match. Christian poses on the second rope and he slaps his chest with a huge grin on his face. Christian steps through the second rope and walks up the ramp, to the backstage area as Rvd is getting helped to his feet by the ref.

Meanwhile……. Backstage

Vince Mcmahon is sitting in his office with his head looking down at the papers on his desk, Vince has a pen in his hand and is writing on the paper. There is a knock on the door.

Vince Mcmahon: Come in.

Kurt Angle walks in with a huge smile on his face and Vince rises his head, Vince gives a smile as he looks at Angle.

Kurt Angle: Mr. Mcmahon, you wanted to see me.

Vince puts down his pen as he is about to answer Angle.

Vince Mcmahon: Yes I did, Kurt.

Vince is about to talk again but Angle cuts him off.

Kurt Angle: Let me guess. You wanted me to come in here, to tell me who my opponent is in the World Title tournament right?

Vince smiles and nods his head.

Vince Mcmahon: Well for a matter of fact, Kurt. That’s exactly what I wanted you to come in here for tonight. You see I have decided you will fight in the main event of the evening, against a very great athlete.

Angle cuts Vince off again.

Kurt Angle: Don’t worry, Vince. Remember I am the only athlete ever to grace the WWE ring to have ever have won an olympic gold medal.

Angle lifts up his olympic gold medals.

Kurt Angle: So that means I am the greatest pure athlete to have ever graced the WWE ring. So Mr. Mcmahon who ever you put me in that ring with tonight, I will make them tap out.

Vince Mcmahon: Well, Kurt. That’s good to know because you’re opponent tonight is………… The Undertaker.

You can hear the fans in the background cheering with the mention of The Undertaker’s name. Angle is looking shocked, and looks like he is regreating what he had just said to Vince.

Vince Mcmahon: Good luck, Kurt. But of course you’re the greatest wrestler to have graced that ring, so you’ll have no trouble.

Angle starts looking more opptimistic.

Kurt Angle: You know what, this might be The Undertaker, but to me, he is just another person who is going to enter my long list of people that are going to tap out to the pain that i will inflict.

Angle leaves Vince’s office as Vince just smiles, watching Angle exit his office.

- Commercial Break -

Batista is warming up in the Evolution lockeroom, Batista is lifting some weight’s and is sweating a little as “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair looks on at Batista, suddenly “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton walks in with a smile on his face. Batista puts down the weight’s that he is holding as he turns his attention to fellow Evolution member, Randy Orton.

Randy Orton: Hey, how you doing, Dave?

Batista just looks intense as Orton smiles at him, Orton then carries on.

Randy Orton: I hear Mr. Mcmahon has entered you in the Intercontinental Title tournament, Dave.

Batista: Yeah, that’s right.

Orton gives a little smile, then he rubs his chin.

Randy Orton: Well, I’m here to wish you good luck yonigh in you’re first round match against Booker T. Because mark my words, Dave. There is no way that you will be walking out of Wrestlemania 21 with the Intercontinental Title around you’re waste, because I “The Legend Killer” will be.

Batista: Is that right, Randy.

Randy Orton: Yeah, that’s right.

Batista gives a little smile, Batista then starts to look a bit pisssed about what Orton had said to him.

Batista: Randy, I don’t think you understand that I am “A Animal”. And if we have to face off in this tournament, I will not stutter to beat you’re ass down.

Flair steps in, sensing that things might get nasty.

Ric Flair: Hey, come on Dave. Come on Randy. We are Evolution, we don’t argue we just go out there and kick everybody’s ass who is stupid enough to enter. I suggest that Randy, you accompany Dave to the ring with me later on for his match with Booker T.

Randy Orton: Fine, Ric.

Orton and Batista just stare at each other.

Back To Ringside

Jim Ross: Well, possibly some trouble in the Evolution camp.

King: Well, it looked like that JR. But “Naitch” set Batista and Randy Orton staright.

Drop The Bombshell

Blares through the arena, Bubba Ray and D-von Dudley come out onto the stage to huge heat, but they seem to be soaking it all up. Bubba is wearing a black shirt, with yellow and green army shorts. D-von is wearing a black shirt, with yellow and green pants on. D-von and Bubba slowly walk down the ramp. Bubba and D-von both get up on the apron and enter through the second rope. Bubba starts shouting things out to the fans, and D-von poses on the second rope.

Jim Ross: Well, The Dudleyz even in there hometown are not popular.

King: I don’t think that they care, JR. As long as they keep winning, then nore should they care.


Blares into the arena, Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade walk out to a decent pop, as they looked focused on the match ahead of them. Jindrak is wearing blue trunks with Young Lions writ on them, and Cade has black trunks with Young Lions writ on them. Cade and Jindrak walk down the steel ramp slowly, before both of them slide under the bottom rope into the ring, Jindrak and Cade both pose on the second rope. Bubba Ray and D-von before the bell rings attack The Young Lions.

Tag Team Match
Tag Team Championship Tournament
The Dudley Boyz vs Young Lions

Summary: D-von and Bubba’s under hand tactics dosen’t work when Cade and Jindrak fight back and knock both of The Dudleyz to the outside. Cade and Devone then start off in the ring, Cade dominates D-von until he makes the tag to Jindrak. Jindrak controls for a while until missing a standing dropkick when D-von holds onto the ropes. D-von and Bubba then exchange many quick tags, wearing down Jindrak.

Ending: Jindrak has made the tag to Cade, as D-von is in the ring. Cade hits D-von with a clothsline. D-von gets back up to his feet only to be scoop slammed, then hit with a knee drop. Bubba then gets back into the ring and hits Cade in the back of the head with a clubbing blow. Before Bubba can hit an high impact move, Jindrak gets in and knocks Bubba over the top rope with a lariat. Bubba slowly gets back up to his feet, Jindrak then fly’s over the top rope landing on Bubba. Cade picks D-von up, Cade tries whipping D-von off the ropes but D-von reverses it. Cade bounces off the ropes, and D-von and Cade both try for a clothsline and they knock each other over. After the ref had got up to 7, both men reached to there feet. Jindrak and Bubba both slowly got to there feet on the outside, Jindrak tries whipping Bubba ino the steel steps but Bubba counters and Jindrak go’s crashing into them. Bubba go’s down to his knee’s with exaustion. In the ring Cade hits D-von with a neckbreaker, then he climbs to the top rope. Cade fly’s off landing a elbow drop, Cade makes the cover but the ref is distracted by the presense of………………. Paul Heyman!!! Running down the ramp and getting onto the apron. Cade gets to his feet and see’s Heyman, Cade grabs Heyman as the fans are going crazy and Bubba has now rolled under the bottom rope into the ring. Cade go’s for a punch to Heyman but D-von is back up and D-von grabs Cade’s arm. D-von then spins Cade around and D-von lifts him up, and Bubba is in position and they hit the 3 – D, D-von covers. One!…………… Two!………….. Three!!!

Winners via pinfall and advancing to the finals of the Tag Team Title tournament, The Dudley Boyz!!!

Jim Ross: WHAT THE HELL? Paul Heyman, damn. The Young Lions had The Dudleyz beat.

King: Like I have said before, if the ref doesen’t see it, then it’s not cheating.

Paul Heyman gets into the ring, as the fans are giving all three men who are from New York huge heat. Heyman jumps into Bubba’s arms celebrating, as The Dudleyz know that they have screwed The Young Lions out of there chance of advancing. Heyman then tells Bubba and D-von something. D-von steps through the middle rope to the outside and looks under the ring for something, D-von pulls out a table. D-von slides the table under the bottom rope as the fans in Madison Square Garden look on. D-von slides under the bottom rope back into the ring, D-von then sets up the table. Jindrak is still on the outside in pain holding onto his shoulder. D-von lifts Cade to his feet as Bubba sits on the top rope, D-von lifts him up onto Bubba who has Cade now in a powerbomb position, with the table positioned below. Bubba slams Cade down through the Table, which shatters the wood into pieces. The fans start booing more than ever now. Heyman, Bubba and D-von stand in the middle of the ring, and they lift there arms up in victory.

- Commercial Break -

*Highlights are being shown of before the break. Cade hitting the neckbreaker on D-von followed by a elbow drop from the top rope, then none other than Paul Heyman!!! Running down the ramp and distracting the ref. Cade then getting up and trying to punch Heyman but D-von turning him around, then him and Bubba hitting him with the 3 – D for the victory. Heyman and The Dudleyz then celebrating, as the fans gave them heat. D-von then getting a table and setting it up, before lifting Cade to his feet. D-von then lifts Cade up into a powerbomb position onto Bubba who is positioned on the top rope. Bubba then sending Cade crashing through the table to huge heat before Heyman and The Dudleyz lifting them arms up in the middle of the ring*

Jim Ross: And this is what happened during the break

*Highlights are shown of medical staff loading Garrison Cade onto a stretcher as Jindrak watches on, consulting Cade. The medical staff then wealing Cade to the backstage area.*

Meanwhile Backstage

Shawn Micheals is walking backstage with a huge smile on his face, as the camera’s are following him.

Terri Runnels: Shawn, Shawn.

Micheals stops and turns his attention to a rushing Terri Runnels who is running towards him.

Terri Runnels: Can I have a few words with you about you’re match against tonight against “The Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit?

Micheals gives her a smile.

Shawn Micheals: Yeah, go right ahead.

Terri Runnels: Tonight as I said you face “The Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit, in the World Championship tournament. What are you’re thoughts about this match? And do you have a strategy tonight going into this match?

Micheals rubs his chin, with still a smile on his face.

Shawn Micheals: Terri, my strategy is the same as it has been since I began here in the WWE with Marty Jannetty (Pop).

Micheals gives a smile, at the response that Jannetty got.

Shawn Micheals: And that strategy is to put my life on the line, as I try to get the man down for the 3 count. So it will be no different, because tonight I am going into a match against one of the most roughlest wrestlers to have ever graced that ring.

All of a sudden Shawn Micheals is struck in the back of the shoulder with a steel chair, as Terri runs away screaming, the camera’s turn and it reveals it was…………………….. “The Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit!!! Benoit looks intense as he drops the steel chair, then he hooks in the crippler crossface as Micheals starts screaming in pain. Referee’s come into the picture and they start pulling Benoit off of Micheals, which they do. Benoit stands over Micheals’s broken body, and he gives a toothless smile.

Chris Benoit: See you in the ring, Shawn.

Benoit walks off out of picture, as the refs check if Micheals is ok. Micheals seemed to have injured his shoulder because he is grasping it.

Back To Ringside

Jim Ross: What the hell, that maniac, Chris Benoit attacked Shawn Micheals for no apparent reason.

King: What are you talking about, JR. Of course there was a reason, the reason is that now Shawn Micheals might not be able to make it to there match, and even if he does then Chris Benoit will have the upper hand because of Shawn Micheals’s apparent shoulder injury.

Can You Dig It………… Sucka!!!

Blares through the arena, as the fans jump to there feet cheering, as Booker T walks out. Booker is wearing red trunks with a desgn on them. Booker walks down a little bit of the ramp before doing a pose, then fire from the top of the steel ramp way came up. Booker walks down the rest of the ramp and walks up the steel steps. Booker enters through the second rope, Booker then poses on the second rope and does a pose.

Jim Ross: Well, earlier on it looked like Batista and Randy Orton was having there differnces. But if Batista wants to beat Booker, he will have to have his head game on because Booker is no push over.

King: No he isn’t but when you’re the size that Batista is, there is not to many people that can come close to beating you but Booker is one of them. But I believe with “The Legend Killer” by his side, Batista has nothing to worry about.

Evolution Is A Mystery

Blares through the arena, as Batista walks out onto the top of the steel ramp way with “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton and “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair are at his side. The fans are giving Batista and his fellow Evolution members huge heat. Batista is wearing red trunks with a design on them. Batista walks down half of the ramp, then he does his usual muscualr pose as Orton looks on not amused. Batista walks down the rest of the ramp and gets up on the apron, Batista then steps through the second rope. Batista starts to stare a hole through Booker, who is also staring at Booker.

Jim Ross: Booker will not back to this animal, Batista.

Singles Match
Intercontinental Championship Tournament
Booker T vs “The Animal” Batista / “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair & “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton

Summary: Booker gets a few offensive moves in on Batista, early in the match before Flair grabs Booker’s foot which lead to him getting a clothsline from Batista. Batista then wares Booker down with a lot of power moves, Batista then starts to work on Booker’s back. Everytime Booker gets some offense, Flair always gets involved and sways the advantage back to Batista.

Ending: Booker starts to fight back with punches and chops. Booker then tries to whip Batista off the ropes, Batista counters and whips Booker off the ropes. Booker bounces off the ropes and Batista misses a clothsline attempt. Booker then bounces off the other ropes and comes back with a running dropkick. Batista gets to his feet and Booker hits him with an axe kick, Booker then does the spinarooni to the fans delight but not to Ric Flair’s but Randy Orton doesen’t seem to care. Batista gets to his feet and Booker kicks him in the mid section, Booker bounces off the ropes and comes back with the scissors kick. Flair gets up on the apron, and the ref gets up and tells him to get off, Booker gets up and strikes Flair with a punch to the face. Orton then grabs a steel chair, as Booker picks Batista up and backs him into the corner before hammering away on him. Orton rolls into the ring as the ref is asking if Flair is ok. Orton turns Booker around and swings for him with the chair but Booker ducks, and Orton hits……….. Batista!!! accidently with the chair as Batista went crashing to the canvas. Orton just rolls to the outside, as Booker makes the cover and the ref is now looking. One!……………….. Two!……………….. Three!!!

Winner via pinfall and advancing in the Intercontinental Title tournament, Booker T

Jim Ross: Oh god, Orton just struck Batista with the chair. And Booker pins Batista and advances.

King: Nooooooooo!!!

Booker gets to his feet, to the delight of the fans who are on their feet cheering the victory of Booker. Orton walks to the back without both Ric Flair and Batista!!! Booker poses on the second rope, before exiting through the second rope and slowly walking up the steel ramp way. The camera’s then focus in on Flair who is helping Batista to his feet. The camera’s focus in on Batista’s eyes that are deadly.

- Commercial Break -

“The Legend Killer” Randy Orton is sitting in the Evolution Lockeroom looking quite pissed, of what he had just done to “The Animal” Batista. Suddenly the door slams open and enraged Batista walks in, with “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair behind him.


Batista is looking straight at Orton, as Orton gets to his feet.

Randy Orton: Look, Dave………………… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hit you, I was aiming for Booker but the son of a bitch ducked.

Batista still looks angry, as he looks at Orton.

Batista: Why did you even get involved? The match was none of you’re buisness. Now because of you, I won’t be going to Wrestlemania to fight for the title that I deserve more than anyone.

Flair steps in.

Ric Flair: Hey come on, cool it you guys. We are Evolution, the greatest group the wrestling world have ever seen. Like I said earlier, which you guys counldn’t of heard we don’t argue, we jus go out there and kick some ass. And next week, Randy you can make amends by advancing to the next round of the Intercontinental Championship tournament.

Flair gives a smile, as Orton and Batista still look dead serious.

Back To Ringside

Jim Ross: Again, just like earlier it looks like there is some tension between Randy Orton and Batista.

King: But again, JR. “Naitch” sorted them out.


Jim Ross: Here comes this sadistc human being. He thrives on hurting people, like he showed when he beated Shawn Micheals down earlier this evening.

Blares through the arena, and “The Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit walks out to huge heat from the New Yok fans. Benoit is giving a huge smile, and is wearing a black pants with a design on them. Benoit looks around Madison Square Garden, who are not amused that he is smiling. Benoit walks down the steel ramp way and walks up the steel steps. Benoit steps through the second rope. Benoit then looks up the ramp, and starts signalling to Shawn Micheals to come to the ring.

Sexy Boy

Blares through the arena and out walks “ The Heart Break Kid” Shawn Micheals to a huge reception, Micheals is holding onto his shoulder, which is a redish colour from what Benoit has done. Micheals is wearing red pants with heart’s and such things as that on them. Micheals walks down the ramp, still clutching hold of his shoulder in pain. Micheals gets up on the apron, but Benoit rushes across and knocks Micheals off.

Singles Match
WWE Championship Tournament
“The Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit vs “HBK” Shawn Micheals

Summary: Benoit from when the bell rings works away on Micheals’s shoulder. Benoit uses the steel steps and many submission manuevers, Benoit even hooks in the crippler crossface but Micheals is to near to the bottom rope, and he reaches out and grabs it. Benoit controls the whole match.

Ending: Benoit does a triple german suplex, then he signals for the end of the match. Benoit climbs to the top rope, Benoit fly’s off and attempts the diving headbutt but Micheals rolls out of the way. Benoit and Micheals are both down, as the ref starts counting. Micheals and Benoit both reach to there feet before 8. Micheals runs at Benoit, Benoit side steps him and tries to hook in the crippler crossface. Micheals fights out of it with elbows. Micheals then attempts the sweet chin music but Benoit blocks it, Benoit then spins Micheals around. Benoit go’s for a clothsline but Micheals ducks, Micheals then catches Benoit by surprise with the sweet chin music, Micheals makes the cover. One!……………… Two!……………… Three!!!

Winner via pinfall and advancing in the WWE Championship tournament, “HBK” Shawn Micheals

Jim Ross: Yessssss, “The Heart Break Kid” has beaten Chris Benoit. Even with his damaged shoulder, Shawn Micheals fighted through the pain, and finally ended off “The Rabid Wolverine” with the sweet chin music.

Shawn Micheals slowly gets to his feet, and the fans are going crazy as he clutches his even more beaten up shoulder. The ref lifts Micheals’s arm that is not injured up. Suddenly Micheals is struck in the back of the head, by Chris Benoit. Benoit starts kicking away at Micheals’s injured shoulder, Benoit then hooks in the crippler crossface.

Jim Ross: What the hell. Shawn Micheals beat Chris Benoit fair and square, there is no need for this.

King: Yes there is, JR. It’s time for pay back.

Benoit pulls back Micheals’s neck back as far as he can, as referee’s flood to the ring, to try and stop Benoit. The ref’s pull Benoit off, Benoit gets to his feet and looks down at Micheals’s beaten body before giving a sadistic smile. Benoit then exits the ring through the middle rope, as the ref’s start to check on Micheals.

- Commercial Break -

Jim Ross: Well folks, were back from our last commercial break and next up is our main event. The Undertaker one on one with Kurt Angle, in the WWE Title tournament.

King: This is going to be an epic encounter between two veterans of this sport, and I’m sure that this will be great.


King: Here comes out olympic hero, JR, Kurt Angle!

Kurt Angle walks out on to the stage, as the fans in attendance start to chant “You Suck” but Angle seems not to take notice of them. Angle is wearing a red, white and blue body suit. Angle walks half way down the ramp, before setting off his pyro’s. Angle then walks down the rest of the ramp before he gets up on the apron. Angle steps through the second rope, and then does his usual pose as the fans are still chanting “You Suck”.

King: JR, Kurt Angle is looking very intense.

Jim Ross: And so he should, because in a few moments he will be in that ring with, The Undertaker.

Deadman Walking

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The lights go out as you can hear the fans in the bckground going nuts. A little light comes on near the top of the entrance way and out steps The Undertaker. Undertaker is wearing black pants, black vest, black hat and a black cloak, he is also looking very intimidating. Undertaker slowly walks down the ramp, as the fans are reaching out to just touch “The Phenom”. Undertaker walks up the steel steps and walks up to the top step. Undertaker rolls his eyes back and the lights come back on, Angle freaks out in the ring. Undertaker takes the hat off his head and the cloak off as he enters the ring. Undertaker stares at Angle, who looks rather worried about what is going to happen.

Jim Ross: King, Kurt ain’t looking as intense now. He’s looking worried.

Singles Match
WWE Championship Tournament
Kurt Angle vs “The Phenom” The Undertaker

Summary: Undertaker takes control of Angle in the early stages of the match, Undertaker hits quite a few high impact maneveurs. Undertaker makes a big mistake when he starts hammering away on Angle in the corner, and he pushes the ref down to the canvas because as he turns around Angle gets the advantage, as he hits a low blow! Angle starts taking contol by grounding Undertaker, Angle pretty much controls as he keeps Undertaker down on the floor the most of the rime.

Ending: Angle tries whipping Undertaker off the ropes, but Undertaker counters it and whips Angle off the ropes. Angle bounces back into a big boot from “The Phenom”. Angle stumbles back into the ropes before he bounces back, Undertaker grabs Angle by the throat. Undertaker lifts Angle high up in the air before he drops him with the chokeslam. Undertaker then signals for the end, as he lifts Angle up to his feet. Undertaker lifts him into the position of a tombstone, and he drops him,Undertaker makes the cover. One!……….. Two!…………… No!!! The ref gets pulled out of the ring and gets knocked down by……………………. Brock Lesnar!!! Undertaker gets to his feet and looks outside the ring and see’s what has just happened. Lesnar smiles at Undertaker who looks very angry. Undertaker exits the ring on puisuit of Lesnar. Lesnar runs away from “The Phenom” around the ring, Undertaker follows him trying to catch him. Lesnar then slides under the bottom rope into the ring. Undertaker quickly follows Lesnar into the ring. Lesnar hits Undertaker with a few clubs to the back, Lesnar then tries whipping Undertaker off the ropes but Undertaker counters and whips Lesnar off the ropes. Lesnar bounces back and Undertaker connects with a big boot which knocks Lesnar down to the canvas. Lesnar then gets back up to his feet and gets into the corner. Undertaker charges at Lesnar, Undertaker hits a big clothsline. Lesnar stumbles out of the corner and Undertaker hits him with a side block slam, the fans cheer as Undertaker gets the better of Lesnar. Undertaker then signals for the chokeslam as Lesnar starts to get back up onto his feet. Lesnar reaches his feet and Undertaker clutches Lesnar’s throat, Undertaker was about to lift Lesnar when Angle low blows Undertaker. Undertaker then releases his grip, and Lesnar lifts Undertaker up on his shoulders. Lesnar drops “The Phenom” with a thunderous F-5. Angle slowly gets into the cover as Lesnar rolls to the outside. Lesnar throws the ref in and the ref starts to make the count very slowly. One!……………………………………Two!……………………Three!!!

Winner via pinfall and advancing in the WWE Championship tournament, Kurt Angle!!!

Jim Ross: No, it shouldn’t of happened that way. Damn Brock Lesnar, he screwed The Undertaker out of potentially winning the WWE Title. He had Kurt Angle beaten, but that damn Lesnar.

King: What has Brock Lesnar came back for? Why in the hell did he attack The Undertaker?

Lesnar smiles on the outside at the fallen Undertaker, as Angle slowly gets to his feet and raises his arms to a chorus of boo’s. Lesnar also gets huge heat.

- End Of Show -


That's probably the worst show i have ever written, but i haven't writ one in a while, but in the coming weeks leading up to Wrestlemania 21 it will get better.

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In my opinion it was OK. Dont worry tho, its just the first show. As Im sure you know, it gets easier. One thing I would work on is promos. They didnt seem to in character to me. Some did, but some just didnt but they just be my opinion. Matches are good though, so as long as good angles pick up you should get better. Showstopper's level? Not quite. But you should get better. Showstopper's level? We will see.
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