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Problem is, there would be one main belt, and loads of competitors wanting it. Therefore, there would be no room for all these people who deserve a push, like Miz or others. It would just be Cena, Edge, Punk, Rey, Orton.
Miz or others haha who do you mean? Del Rio? Swagger? Jeff Hardy? Kane?

The WWE would be great with one world title. There needs to be some seperation between the top guys and the mid-card. For the last few years it's all been lumped into one huge group and instead of making all the guys seem like main eventers it makes the real main eventers seem average.

Look at the Smackdown side in 2010 and tell me the WWE would have been worse without those World Title runs.

But I guess we'd miss out on green NXT winners who can't put on a decent 10 minute match, main eventing ppv's in WWE title matches in the future. And we can't have that:no:
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