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Support: Local H
Date: Saturday November 5th, 2016
Venue: Lee’s Palace in Toronto, Ontario
T-shirt worn: Mass Effect “N7”

Local H came on an hour or so after doors. They were really good but I feel like they played a little too long for a support band. Their mid-tempo songs were their best but the punkier songs they played towards the end of their set were really good too. The only song I know that they played Bound for the Floor.

Helmet came on shortly afterwards. At first their sound wasn’t very good. The bass was very low in the mix and it wasn’t as rumbly as on album. But that was corrected after the first few songs. I found Page’s vocals left a bit to be desired too. Dead to the World was horridly off key. But he made up for it by being pretty drunk and entertaining. The main set actually kind of sucked and the crowd really wasn’t very into it. Their encore was much better, Page was much drunker and they even took some requests (I Know was one and Everything You Wanted was requested a lot but they didn’t play it). The crowd finally came alive during the encore and it turned into a rock show. I really can’t blame the crowd though. There was a clear division between the songs from the first four albums and the newer ones. I’m pretty sure of most of the song titles. I just picked out lyrics that stood out and Goggled them. But there were a couple in there that I know I’ve heard (I’ve only ever heard the albums Meantime and Betty) but I couldn’t place the titles or get any lyrics. Overall though I wasn’t very impressed. They’re way better on album…twenty-year-old album. Local H blew them out of the water.

1. Sinatra
2. Life or Death
3. So Long
4. (something from Aftertaste)
5. Bad News
6. Smart
7. Birth Defect
8. ?
9. Biscuits for Smut
10. Dead to the World
11. ?
12. In Person
13. Driving Nowhere
14. Wilma’s Rainbow
15. Unsung
16. Give It
17. (something from Strap it On)
18. I Know
19. In the Meantime


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That's a shame, Helmet was my shit when I was first discovering hard rock.
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