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I got these sets from setlist.fm and I’m questioning their accuracy. There was one song in Amorphis’ set that I’m certain was listed as wrong. The rest of the songs for them and Swallow the Sun could all be wrong but I’m not familiar with a lot of their material so I don’t know for sure.

Support: Swallow the Sun, Vesperia
Date: Saturday March 18th, 2017
Venue: the Mod Club in Toronto, Ontario
T-shirt worn: Star Wars: the Force Awakens "Kylo Ren"

I missed Vesperia and got to the venue five minutes before Swallow the Sun started up. I listened to them a bit ten or so years ago, so I'm sure ten years ago I'd have been all over this show. As it is I was mildly entertained. When they turned it up a notch they were pretty good. Their singer does have a wicked death growl.

Swallow the Sun (via setlist.fm)
1. Rooms and Shadows
2. These Woods Breathe Evil
3. Falling World
4. Heartstrings Shattering
5. Psychopath’s Lair
6. Don’t Fall Asleep (Horror Pt. 2)
7. Swallow (Horror Pt. 1)

Amorphis were one of the first underground death metal bands I ever got into in the late-1990’s…just as they were transitioning out of death metal into a bit more of a proggy sound. I saw them in 2008 and I hadn’t listened to any of their albums since 2001’s ‘Am Universum’. Fast forward to here in 2017 (they haven’t played Toronto or North America since that show) and I still haven’t listened to any of their albums since 2001’s ‘Am Universum’. They’ve just fallen by the wayside for me. And I’m not a very big fan of their new singer. At the show in 2008 they mixed up the older songs with the newer songs a bit better and I was able to get into that show a lot better. Tonight they saved all the older songs for the end of their set and those songs really sounded out of place. They don’t really fit in with Amorphis’ current sound. That made me sad. The crowd didn’t seem to care for the older songs as much tonight as they did nine years ago. It was a lot younger a crowd and a little more ruckus. When I saw them in 2008 it was at a much larger venue and the place was sparsely filled. Tonight was packed. I still enjoyed Amorphis’ set but it was all foreign material to me until the end. I think they played Sampo in 2008. And they probably played Skyforger then too because 2008 was the tour for that album. I really liked all the stuff that was new to me, especially the song Silver Bride. The only song I didn’t care for was House of Sleep, one of the few songs post-Pasi I’ve ever listened to and I’ve never liked that song. I miss Pasi. I’m glad they didn’t play Alone tonight because any of the songs recorded with him just don’t sound right without him.

Amorphis (via setlist.fm)
1. Under the Red Cloud
2. Sacrifice
3. Sampo
4. Silver Bride
5. Hopeless Days
6. Skyforger
7. Bad Blood
8. The Smoke
9. The Castaway (setlist.fm said Into Hiding but I’m pretty sure it was the Castaway)
10. Of Rich and Poor
11. My Kantele
12. House of Sleep
13. Death of a King
14. Black Winter Day

Swallow the Sun

Amorphis (yes, that donks hand was up filming the entire show)
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