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Comment on each member of the Feb '11 SD! roster.

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Beth Phoenix -
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Layla -
Michelle McCool -
Rosa Mendes -

Booker T -
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Alberto Del Rio - A main eventer for years to come...but you already knew that.
The Big Show - I'm okay with him.
Chavo Guerrero - He is okay in the spot he is in and I don't see him getting much further.
Chris Masters - Underused, seeing how he drastically improved over the last couple of months.
Christian - Highly underused, should easily be a main eventer and multiple time world champion in the E by now. One day it will happen. As a Peep, I have to believe in him and never give up hope.
Cody Rhodes - His progress since being drafted to SD has been incredible. He should be IC champion sooner rather than later.
Curt Hawkins - Change the finisher and I am sold on this guy.
Dolph Ziggler - Great in-ring talent, decent look, but other than that pretty flat.
Drew McIntyre - zZz
Edge - I'm okay with him as well. Can I has my Christian vs. Edge world title feud nao?
Ezekiel Jackson - Now, that's what I call a monster heel. Needs to improve in the ring, though.
Heath Slater - ...
Jack Swagger - I want goofy Swagger with the SSE back.
JTG - Sorry, I don't see it.
Justin Gabriel - This guy should have a bright future ahead of him. It all depends on how the WWE uses him.
Kane - As long as he is not main eventing, or giving too much focus, I don't mind him.
Kofi Kingston - Just put him in the main event already, so he can develop a character and be involved in some sort of storyline.
Rey Mysterio - I'm okay with him. Overexposed for my taste.
Trent Barreta - Good talent, but nothing more.
Tyler Reks - Heel T-Reks > Face T-Reks, but that isn't saying much, because I don't see anything special in him.
The Undertaker - I don't really care about him anymore.
Wade Barrett - A treat to listen to him on the mic. As Jericho said, he needs to work on his match quality.

Beth Phoenix - Where has she been the last couple of weeks?
Kaitlyn - I want to see more of her!
Kelly Kelly - I want to see less of her!
Layla - Yes, please!
Michelle McCool - She is decent and deserves her spot. Hah, there I said it!
Rosa Mendes - Eye Candy

Booker T - He has been okay on commentary so far.
Hornswoggle - Please, stop it, WWE...
Jack Korpela - Sounds like a total mark on commentary. I haven't warmed up to him yet.
Josh Mathews - I like Josh.
Matt Striker - I'm not okay with him being left off commentary completely. Should replace Lawler on Raw at some point.
Ricardo Rodriguez - Ricardo is awesome. :3
Theodore Long - Boring
Todd Grisham - Boring
Tony Chimel - I mark everytime he says Rated R Superstar.
Vickie Guerrero - Awesome heel, DAT HEAT!

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Alberto Del Rio - a future main eventer but the push is so fast.
The Big Show - still kicking ass
Chavo Guerrero - still a fan but his time is already passed
Chris Masters - underrated..a push is coming hopefully
Christian - underrated also..
Cody Rhodes - annoying gimmick with a little skills
Curt Hawkins - too generic guy for me
Dolph Ziggler - a midcard guy forever
Drew MacIntyre - this guy have a very bright future..but he needs too improve.
Edge - his gimmick is watered down..but he still kick ass..
Ezekiel Jackson - a monster..mic skill needs improvement
Heath Slater - too generic..boring character
Jack Swagger - great worker..but underrated
JTG - a jobber look will not help.
Justin Gabriel - w/o corre his a shit waiting to be flushed.
Kane - still like this guy..but he have a bland character with no direction.
Kofi Kingston - a future main eventer,just avoid botched moves
Rey Mysterio - underdog superman
Trent Barreta - jobber look
Tyler Reks - monster w/o character
The Undertaker - a legend..hands down
Wade Barrett - future main eventer w/ limited in ring ability..

Beth Phoenix -
Kaitlyn -
Kelly Kelly -
Layla -
Michelle McCool -
Rosa Mendes -

Booker T - haha..bring back the crown and sharmelle
Hornswoggle - can someone kick this dwarf out of the wwe?
Jack Korpela -
Josh Mathews -
Matt Striker -
Ricardo Rodriguez -
Theodore Long -
Todd Grisham -
Tony Chimel -
Vickie Guerrero - what a heel

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Alberto Del Rio - Raings
The Big Show - Laughing stock as face
Chavo Guerrero - useless
Chris Masters - under used
Christian - come back please and should be main event
Cody Rhodes - Funny
Curt Hawkins - Jobber
Dolph Ziggler - Legend
Drew MacIntyre - Good character
Edge - One of best ever
Ezekiel Jackson - huge
Heath Slater - creep
Jack Swagger - going downhill
Justin Gabriel - great finisher
Kane - badly booked
Kofi Kingston - over rated
Rey Mysterio - over rated but good to watch
Trent Barreta - Who ?
Tyler Reks - weird
The Undertaker - retire
Wade Barrett - Legend
Kelly Kelly - Oh Ye
Michelle McCool - ratings
Booker T - bad role
Hornswoggle - GTFO
Theodore Long - ******

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Alberto Del Rio - He is great, but you already know that.
The Big Show - ...HE'S FAT!
Chavo Guerrero - Poor Chavo. Good wrestler, bad...life.
Chris Masters - Pretty good, I think he deserves a big push.
Christian - Regardless of how good he is, he is DOOMED.
Cody Rhodes - Charismatic, good in the ring, future star.
Curt Hawkins - Meh, he'll be gone soon.
Dolph Ziggler - Overrated, no...impact. I care about Vicky when I boo, not him. Hes like...Vickies prop or something.
Drew MacIntyre - Good look, good in the ring, good on the mic. Needs to somehow show us that now.
Edge - No comment.
Ezekiel Jackson - Awkward on the mic. Good in ring, monstrous look. Good monster heel.
Heath Slater - Odd look. Good in ring, unique...sound. Not sure, I think he could be a good heel.
Jack Swagger - MEH. I see the guy, and regardless of his traits, I just see a goofball. He comes off as a dork and goofy looking.
JTG - Generic stereotyped future unemployed guy.
Justin Gabriel - Good look, provided he keeps the beard, awesome in the ring, nothing on the mic. Evan Bourne basically. I'd like to see him around. Not sure if WWE does.
Kane - Meh, boring as of late.
Kofi Kingston - Went from happy-go-lucky jamaican, to extremely pissed off African guy. I like him. More Mic time.
Rey Mysterio - Meh, never liked him.
Trent Barreta - Gone soon.
Tyler Reks - Good look, good in the ring. If he keeps the silent treatment going, he could be an upper midcarder someday.
The Undertaker - Should retire soon.
Wade Barrett - Good on the mic, good look, could use some work in the ring. Future star regardless.

--Note: I don't base divas on look, ringwork, mic skills. I rate them on, sexyness, seductiveness, and ringwork. So yeah.

Beth Phoenix - Best Diva on the roster I'd say. She is okay on the mic, good in the ring, and not too bad on the eyes.
Kaitlyn - Comes off as fun, but they don't do ANYTHING with her, so meh. Hot.
Kelly Kelly - Hot, Sexy, moderate in the ring by Diva standards.
Layla - Hot, Sexy, good in the ring. Hope to see her around.
Michelle McCool - Nailing the undertaker, so, deal with it.
Rosa Mendes - Meh, released soon.

Booker T - Needs improvement, although he just started, so yeah.
Hornswoggle - The OCCASIONAL laugh, but meh, its only when someone attacks him.
Jack Korpela - Who?
Josh Mathews - I like Josh, I think him and Cole make a great announce team.
Matt Striker - Striker is okay, I'd rather Matthews and Cole. Striker can stay with Booker or something.
Ricardo Rodriguez - Funny guy, I don't mind him.
Theodore Long - Meh.
Todd Grisham - Dislike him. Probably one of the worst announcers.
Tony Chimel - He's okay. Ricardo is better lol.
Vickie Guerrero - As far as I'm concerned, its her thats fueding for the World Championship. She IS Dolphs title run.

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Alberto Del Rio - Interesting to see his character progression. Great Performer. Great Personality. A bit soon on the push, however.
The Big Show - So uninteresting. Respect his stature but he's god awful now. He needs to stop burying superstars.
Chavo Guerrero - Fine in his role, like his charisma.
Chris Masters - Sort of vanilla but deserves more then what he's given.
Christian - I am a part of the IWC so duh I like him. He can fit in most roles.
Cody Rhodes - Great to see his development. Good character.
Curt Hawkins - Good personality, just sort of vanilla.
Dolph Ziggler - Best Seller in the Business, good in ring work. He deserves to be where he is now.
Drew McIntyre - Sort of vanilla but good in ring work.
Edge - I was never huge on him but he puts on great performances. Just a little bored of him.
Ezekiel Jackson - Despite his size and strength (which are very impressive) I don't think he has a ton to offer because the look.
Heath Slater - I don't see too much in him but he's improved for what it's worth.
Jack Swagger - I used to be real high on him until they give him the ole' WWE Push and then Pull ala Kofi Kingston. Still great in ring ability.
JTG - He exists, I guess. I liked some of his corny promos.
Justin Gabriel - Overrated. He's one move and he can't talk for anything.
Kane - Fine in his role as long as he isn't overused. I enjoyed his big push. Keep him demented as possible, makes for good tv.
Kofi Kingston - His constant push and pull makes no sense. Sort of a hit or miss kind of athlete. Would like to see him in a big angle.
Rey Mysterio - Overhyped, not into his character. But I respect him. Good athlete.
Trent Barreta - Needs time to progress. In ring work is great.
Tyler Reks - Needs mic time to get more into character. May have a chance.
The Undertaker - Can't stay healthy anymore but for what it's worth, he's a huge draw and still can do what he needs to do.
Wade Barrett - Mic Work is great, In Ring Work is only improving. Bright future even if they pulled him from the Nexus, though I don't believe they should have.
Matt Striker - Miss you, bro. Best Commentator in WWE jobbing to Booker T. Really stupid move.
Ricardo Rodriguez - One word. Great.

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Alberto Del Rio - Annoying, overrated piece of shit
The Big Show - Good big man, but I don't want to see him in the main event
Chavo Guerrero - underrated superstar
Chris Masters - decent face
Christian - Good face even better heel, should have a program with Edge
Cody Rhodes - Needs knee-pads
Curt Hawkins - Good in the ring, but that's about it
Dolph Ziggler - Best wrestler on SD
Drew McIntyre - Good young star, needs a bigger push
Edge - household name, good
Ezekiel Jackson - A big black guy
Heath Slater - kinda funny
Jack Swagger - Fantastic wrestler
JTG - annoying
Justin Gabriel - good uppermidcard
Kane - getting old
Kofi Kingston - to friendly
Rey Mysterio - needs to go
Trent Barreta - decent wrestler
Tyler Reks - awesome look, maybe a little push?
The Undertaker - good wrestler, but needs to retire
Wade Barrett - Best heel at the moment

Beth Phoenix -powerhouse dive, who still looks good
Kaitlyn - HOT
Kelly Kelly - can't act
Layla - HOT
Michelle McCool - Not so hot
Rosa Mendes - who?

Hornswoggle - ...
Jack Korpela - ...
Josh Mathews - entertaining announcer
Matt Striker - best announcer at the moment
Ricardo Rodriguez - annoying, but sometimes funny
Theodore Long - needs to go
Todd Grisham - Can stay
Tony Chimel - Can stay
Vickie Guerrero - Heat magnet

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Alberto Del Rio - Great performer, deserves his push and will win the title at Wrestlemania
The Big Show - A loyal but declining star
Chavo Guerrero - Past his sell by date, but good in his day
Chris Masters - Needs to turn heel and improve his image
Christian - After WM, needs to feud with a title-less Edge
Cody Rhodes - Good in the ring, but his character doesn't really connect
Curt Hawkins - Who
Dolph Ziggler - Star in the making
Drew MacIntyre - No charisma, no personality, get lost
Edge - should drop the title at WM, feud it out with Christian then retire, future HOF'er
Ezekiel Jackson - Could be good, better mic work needed though
Heath Slater - A bit pointless
Jack Swagger - Wasted talent, he can be so much more if creative write his stories better
JTG - Who
Justin Gabriel - He is a face, awesome to watch in ring
Kane - Legend and definate HOF'er, but on the decline
Kofi Kingston - Decent but his promos are lacking something
Rey Mysterio - On his way down, but amazing in his prime
Trent Barreta - Who
Tyler Reks - Who
The Undertaker - The legend is incredible, and is one of the top 10 of all time, but right now needs to wind down
Wade Barrett - The future number one heel of the company, he could become one of the best

Hornswoggle - Fire his ass
Jack Korpela - Meh
Josh Mathews - Alright
Matt Striker - Alright
Ricardo Rodriguez - Awesome
Theodore Long - Meh
Todd Grisham - Meh
Tony Chimel - Meh
Vickie Guerrero - EXCUSE ME

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Alberto Del Rio - Pure greatness. I'm having orgasm everytime i see his entrance. I'm not even kidding.

The Big Show - One of the most charismatic big men i've ever seen, he's not really entertaining anymore these days but i'll always have a soft spot for him.

Chavo Guerrero - I'm not a fan, but he's talented wrestler.

Chris Masters - He's worked hard to improve in the ring and i think he deserves to get promoted to the midcard to compete for IC title as a reward, and he needs his old cape and theme back, it makes him look more like a superstar instead of another generic guy.

Christian - I think he's kinda underrated by WWE, he still can perform in high level and he should be at least contending for IC title when he comes back. I realize he's a veteran but he should take a similar role when he was still on ECW, taking younger guys under his wings and helping them to develop, he should be feuding with guys like Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, and Jack Swagger, not jobbing to them. He can put on a great match with anyone in the roster (even Vladimir Kozlov!) so i hope he won't end up like MVP or Matt Hardy who were jobbers near the end of their run in the company, Christian is too talented only to be jobber.

Cody Rhodes - I think he's very good and i hope he takes his dashing gimmick to the next level when he returns, he's seriously very talented for a guy who is still 25, he will definitely get far.

Curt Hawkins - He's fairly decent, but i'm not completely sold on him yet.

Dolph Ziggler - He's a very good wrestler, but he just lacks...something, i just can't put my fingers on it. I don't think he's bad on the mic but he bores me to tears when he speaks to be honest, i do think he still needs Vickie on his side at this point.

Drew McIntyre - I think he's great and he has what it takes to be a world champion.

Edge - He's not as entertaining as he used to but he'll always have a place in my heart, he's one of the factors that made me love wrestling in the first place. :)

Ezekiel Jackson - I think he's a good big man and charismatic, he can play both face and heel roles well, i like him.

Heath Slater - This guy is such a natural heel and plays a henchman role well, i don't think he looks out of place in the Corre anymore, he's slowly grown on me.

Jack Swagger - Swagger is very funny, and he's very talented in the ring, he's too good to be completely wasted, he needs to get utilized better.

JTG - Couldn't care less about the guy to be honest. I won't notice if he's gone tomorrow.

Justin Gabriel - He's nearly a complete package, he just needs to get more comfortable on the mic. I think he'll get far once this Corre stuff is done.

Kane - He always strikes me as a badass monster but he doesn't deserve to get anywhere near WHC scene again, his latest WHC reign was terrible and complete waste of time imo.

Kofi Kingston - I like Kofi and i want to see him main eventing Smackdown once most of the veterans leave. I think he's a good in-ring talent and he CAN talk.

Rey Mysterio - Well, he's amazing and i think he doesn't deserve all the hate because he always puts a great match with anyone. The booking of his character is not his responsibility, it's WWE's.

Trent Barreta - He's still young and i think he's solid, he can be a good midcard babyface, WWE just needs to give him mic time every now and then to get the audience warmed up to him.

Tyler Reks - He's very strong and impressive worker, i really like his dark persona. i don't think he'll ever get beyond the midcard though.

The Undertaker - I like Taker but i won't miss him if he retires tomorrow, it's time for him to hang up his boots.

Wade Barrett - One of my favorite superstars in WWE at the moment, he's seriously epic on the mic, if he gets better in the ring i will definitely like him 1000x more.

LayCool - I love LayCool and i miss them dominating diva division again. Natalya and Eve are boring as champion.

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Alberto Del Rio - Overrated. But not bad either. Needs to show more in the ring.
The Big Show - Future HOFer. Has been great at times, has been not so great at times.
Chavo Guerrero - Shame he has never been given either the IC or US title. Not a main eventer like some people wish.
Chris Masters - Getting better. Could be really good eventually
Christian - Past his prime IMO, but still delivers. Hopefully he will get ONE world title before he retires.
Cody Rhodes - Future world champ. Getting better all the time.
Curt Hawkins - Havent really seen much of him.
Dolph Ziggler - Future world champ. Needs better mic skills though
Drew MacIntyre - He is ok. No charisma. Good in ring though
Edge - Way past his prime. Future HOFer. Will retire by 2012 probably.
Ezekiel Jackson - He is ok for a big guy. Mic skills arent HORRIBLE, but arent great either.
Heath Slater - Has potential to be a great midcard heel.
Jack Swagger - Better mic skills, and he would be an amazing more permanant main eventer.
JTG - Dont really like him that much.
Justin Gabriel - Good high flyer. Horrible mic skills. Future midcard champion probably.
Kane - Past his prime, but still good for getting people over. Will probably be a trainer or scout when he retires.
Kofi Kingston - Might win world title eventually. But I think he is a midcarder to stay. Overrated from IWC.
Rey Mysterio - Past his prime. Still puts on good matches with the right people (Jericho, Ziggler). Bit of a diva though.
Trent Barreta - I like him. He will go far probably.
Tyler Reks - I dont see him becoming anything significant. but I like his ring work.
The Undertaker - Legend. Enough said.
Wade Barrett - Great main event heel. Has all the tools.

Beth Phoenix - Monster diva
Kaitlyn - who?
Kelly Kelly - looks good, thats it
Layla - good on the mic (ish) and looks good.
Michelle McCool - same as Layla but doesnt look as good IMO
Rosa Mendes - Eh

Booker T - Great to have him back
Hornswoggle - Die
Jack Korpela - dont know who this is, dont watch SD a whole lot
Josh Mathews - Good on commentary. Should be even better in a few years
Matt Striker - Good on commentary. Just needs to polish up a bit and get out of the dog house.
Ricardo Rodriguez - After translating his entrances, LMFAO
Theodore Long - Boring
Todd Grisham - He is good
Tony Chimel - He is good
Vickie Guerrero - Most over heel in WWE, and she isnt a wrestler.
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Alberto Del Rio - Raings
The Big Show - Laughing stock as face
Chavo Guerrero - useless
Chris Masters - under used
Christian - come back please and should be main event
Cody Rhodes - Funny
Curt Hawkins - Jobber
Dolph Ziggler - Legend
Drew MacIntyre - Good character
Edge - One of best ever
Ezekiel Jackson - huge
Heath Slater - creep
Jack Swagger - going downhill
Justin Gabriel - great finisher
Kane - badly booked
Kofi Kingston - over rated
Rey Mysterio - over rated but good to watch
Trent Barreta - Who ?
Tyler Reks - weird
The Undertaker - retire
Wade Barrett - Legend
Kelly Kelly - Oh Ye
Michelle McCool - ratings
Booker T - bad role
Hornswoggle - GTFO
Theodore Long - ******

you said ziggler is a legend?:rolleyes:

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Alberto Del Rio - Although I'm not a big fan of him, he's interesting and will be a main eventer for a long time. I do think that his World Championship opportunity is to soon, and his Rumble win was the culmination of a very disappointing Pay-Per View.

The Big Show - Good on the mic and believable at what he does in the ring, but he shouldn't ever get back in the main event status.

Chavo Guerrero - If he had any other last name than Guerrero, he would have been let go. He's a jobber and a character that just fills out time slots in the program from time to time.

Chris Masters - Underrated, and would love to see him in the Intercontinental title picture some time after WrestleMania.

Christian - I'm probably one of the few guys that doesn't give much for Christian, and never has. But when all comes to all, he's good in the ring, very good on the mic, can be both heel and face, but I don't see him getting a World title. He should come back and feud with younger stars to push them.

Cody Rhodes - I find his Dashing-gimmick annoying, but he's very good. His progress has been great, and actually remember I liked his push last year so much that I had him as my favorite to win the Money In The Bank match at WrestleMania.

Curt Hawkins - Who?? Oh that guy on Superstars with the pretty lame finisher! Bye bye, thanks for trying.

Dolph Ziggler - He's good in the ring, but I don't see him staying on the main event level. And for F'ing sake, get rid of Vickie! :p

Drew McIntyre - For some time I thought that he was great and had what it takes to get a push towards becoming a champion. But those thoughts faded away and now I actually really don't know what to think about him. Is he turning face?? Will he stay heel?? Were they trying to change Kelly Kelly heel?? Well... He'll probably just stay where he is as a heel mid carder

Edge - Future Hall Of Famer, but he's not what he used to be. If I could decide, he should retain at WrestleMania, get another #1 contender and then lose the title for the last time.

Ezekiel Jackson - I've always liked Ezekiel. I kind of see him as a sort of Hernandes-TNA-character. Big, strong, can be both heel and face, etc. He needs to improve on the mic though.

Heath Slater - I like him better in The Corre than in Nexus. Still don't know where he'd be without Nexus/Corre.

Jack Swagger - Great wrestler, and quite good on the mic. Used wrong though as I think he could have been the next Kurt Angle, but he's not heading anywhere but down from now on.

JTG - I liked Cryme Tyme and wanted them to get the Tag Team Championships at least once. I still like JTG and wouldn't complain if he got some air time on the main roster again, but that probably won't happen.

Justin Gabriel - We won't see where he's going before the whole Corre thing ends. He's good in the ring and should get more chances to show us that, but he lacks on the mic. Improve the mic skills and he'll have a bright future.

Kane - He's a future Hall Of Famer for sure, but he's nothing more than his Chokeslams now. Once he's done with the Elimination Chamber, he should never get near a World title match again.

Kofi Kingston - Get the guy a big storyline thank you. He's knocking on the door to the main event status, and just waiting for someone to answer it. Maybe he'll win the Money In The Bank match at WrestleMania??

Rey Mysterio - He always puts on good matches, and I like him. I'm not sure if I like him in the World title picture though. I've always thought that it could be interesting to see him in TNA, don't know why :)

Trent Barreta - Probably won't get further than where he is now.

Tyler Reks - Would actually like a push for Reks. Maybe move him to RAW and push him towards the United States Championship.

The Undertaker - One word: Legend. He's a huge draw, but this upcoming WrestleMania should be his last. I'll never get tired of his mind games though.

Wade Barrett - I'm a fan. He's incredible on the mic, and if he keeps improving in the ring he will be great. Keep him heel though, and maybe change his finisher, or give him a second one.

Beth Phoenix - I'm not sure if I like her as a face, but she's good in the ring and on the mic.

Kaitlyn - I've said it before and I'll say it again... Give her some air time in single matches please.

Kelly Kelly - Eye candy, but only decent in the ring.

Layla - She's hot, and when she talks with the British accent she just get even hotter. She's improving in the ring too, so stick around Lay.

Michelle McCool - She actually used to be my favorite, but I hate her in Lay-Cool. She's better than that.

Rosa Mendes - I have no opinion on Rosa. She'll probably be gone soon.

Booker T - He's okay on commentary, and would love to see him in the ring from time to time.

Hornswoggle - I actually don't get the hate Hornswoggle gets. Not that I think he's a great addition/attraction, but I don't ahte him being in WWE.

Jack Korpela - Don't like him on commentary. That's it.

Josh Mathews - I like him, and find him entertaining.

Matt Striker - Has always been great on the mic. Loved him as manager for Big Daddy V. I like him.

Ricardo Rodriguez - Good addition to Del Rio's character. Don't mind him being there at all.

Theodore Long - No opinion.

Todd Grisham - No opinion

Tony Chimel - I like his introductions. Especially Edge's and Undertaker's.

Vickie Guerrero - I think she's SOOOOO annoying, but I guess that's the idea. Huge heal and people enjoys giving her heat.

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Alberto Del Rio - Needs to work on his mic skills and has to find a better way to get heat, but other than that he's doing an awesome job and will have a great WWE career.
The Big Show - Very entertaining, and a valuable asset to the company.
Chavo Guerrero - Great worker, is great as a talent elevator.
Chris Masters - Hasn't shown anything in particular, but I can notice there is charisma. He needs to bring it out.
Christian - Underrated by WWE. Needs at least a world title FEUD.
Cody Rhodes - Fantastic. Has impressed me so, so much and has shown the most colorful personality of anyone to come from legacy, including orton.
Curt Hawkins - dont really know him
Dolph Ziggler - decent ring worker, but has no presence.
Drew MacIntyre - boring.
Edge - alright, but getting boring
Ezekiel Jackson - isn't anything to write home about on the microphone but watching him display dominance inside the ring is awesome.
Heath Slater - hilarious.
Jack Swagger - Could be doing so much more, right now.
JTG - no comment
Justin Gabriel - could be huge. has a great look, great finisher, great in ring skills, decent mic skills.
Kane - valuable asset, good talent enhancer.
Kofi Kingston - i love kofi. there is no reason for me to believe he CAN'T make it to the main event and stay there. he could be doing a LOT more.
Rey Mysterio - valuable asset, good talent enhancer.
Trent Barreta - don't know
Tyler Reks - meh
The Undertaker - valuable asset, just a living legend.
Wade Barrett - loved this guy ever since NXT Season 1. has impressed a lot, and i believe he will be showing much much more in the future. he will be a huge star.

Beth Phoenix -
Kaitlyn -
Kelly Kelly -
Layla - fuck the rest of the divas, I LOVE LAYLA.
Michelle McCool -
Rosa Mendes -

Booker T - great to see him back. decent announcer, wouldnt mind seeing him lace up a pair of boots sometimes.
Hornswoggle - sort of entertaining, now that we dont see him anymore.
Jack Korpela - who?
Josh Mathews - IMO the best announcer in the WWE, especially when he's with Cole.
Matt Striker - alright. sort of annoying.
Ricardo Rodriguez - good announcer, and hilarious.
Theodore Long - bleh.
Todd Grisham - lol.
Tony Chimel - decent.
Vickie Guerrero - amazing. just amazing how much heat she gets.
there. only did one of the divas.

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Alberto Del Rio - Pure gold. Probably the most complete of the rush-pushes.
The Big Show - He's been in the way for the last year or so, but he could make Corre.
Chavo Guerrero - Needs to be having 10-minute matches with Hawkins and Reks et al on Superstars.
Chris Masters - should be IC-title bound.
Christian - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHA1Cv9XsBk
Cody Rhodes - See Chris Masters
Curt Hawkins - promising, but needs time and an angle
Dolph Ziggler - In danger of being compromised by this title angle, but so good.
Drew MacIntyre - Needs a solid feud to show how good he really is.
Edge - Tired. Serviceable.
Ezekiel Jackson - Huge. Size and potential push.
Heath Slater - Decent filler.
Jack Swagger - Wasted. Could be propping up the entire Smackdown midcard.
JTG - "The next Eddie Guerrero". :p
Justin Gabriel - Exciting.
Kane - Ugh. I guess I commend his loyalty?
Kofi Kingston - Could be a big deal.
Rey Mysterio - Has been a big deal. Needs to be less of one.
Trent Barreta - He'll have a great opening match on a future PPV.
Tyler Reks - Should make that turnbuckle drop his finisher.
The Undertaker - Love him. But desperately needs to stay away from main events and titles.
Wade Barrett - Will likely be huge. Could be one of the guys who ends up finding his niche outside the ring though.

Beth Phoenix - Put her in a ring with Nattie or Kong already.
Kaitlyn - Currently occupying AJ's space.
Kelly Kelly - Wouldn't miss her if she was actually fired.
Layla - Yes, she's gorgeous. Incredibly so. But also developing into a solid little wrestler.
Michelle McCool - Gets too much hate. Annoying voice, though.
Rosa Mendes - I do as much for WWE.

Booker T - Settling in. Could go either way, but I'm liking him so far.
Hornswoggle - A necessary evil.
Jack Korpela - Bland. Enthusiastic. Never gonna make it further than Superstars barring a tragic Cole/Matthews/Booker/Striker plane crash.
Josh Mathews - Consistently great. Just great.
Matt Striker - Needs to be teamed with someone who can rein him in a little, but SHOULD be commentating still.
Ricardo Rodriguez - Best ring announcer since Fink.
Theodore Long - Non-entity these days.
Todd Grisham - It's... Grisham.
Tony Chimel - Neeeds to say Sooooperstaaar every time he's on the mic.
Vickie Guerrero - Incredible heat. Cartoon villain.

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Alberto Del Rio -He's pretty good. He should be perfect,though, for the push he's been given.
The Big Show - He's getting better. I like him as a face.
Chavo Guerrero - He was ok on ECW. I'm starting to like him now after Rumble.
Chris Masters - Never really liked him. Spinebuster last Friday was sickening.
Christian - Way too overrated here. I don't really think he deserves a world title push.
Cody Rhodes - Gimmick is great. His matches are a little boring.
Curt Hawkins - From what I've seen, he has a lot of potential.
Dolph Ziggler - Awesome. I really like him. He thoroughly deserves his push.
Drew MacIntyre - He's developing more character, which is great.
Edge - For some reason, all of his feuds, except for Kane, seem fresh.
Ezekiel Jackson - This right here is what we call domination.
Heath Slater - Nice finisher. Sounds like he has mental retardation when speaking.
Jack Swagger - See sig/avatar
JTG -No comment
Justin Gabriel - Great wrestler, but the accent sounds odd to me.
Kane - Really stale and boring
Kofi Kingston - Should be in the main event. Great wrestler, and pretty good on the mic.
Rey Mysterio - See Kane
Trent Barreta - Could be good, just seems a little generic
Tyler Reks - Could be a solid midcarder, which is a good thing
The Undertaker - Can't really talk badly, but he is getting old
Wade Barrett - Everything he does seems fresh.

Beth Phoenix -Good wrestler
Kaitlyn -Don't Know
Kelly Kelly - Really fucking hot.
Layla -^^
Michelle McCool - Meh.
Rosa Mendes - ?

Hornswoggle - Kill me now
Jack Korpela -?
Josh Mathews - Solid
Matt Striker - Solid
Ricardo Rodriguez - Fine for where he is.
Theodore Long - Boring
Todd Grisham - Meh.
Tony Chimel - Fine.
Vickie Guerrero - Gets major heat.

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Alberto Del Rio: The total package. Good in the ring, good on the mic, and plays him gimmick to perfection. Future star.

The Big Show: Manages to stay super over after all these years and that's commendable. I don't like that most heels get completely buried by him but he does make them good when they beat him.

Chavo Guerrero: Excellent worker and good on the mic but he's beyond saving.

Chris Masters: WWE's most improved wrestler in the last 2 years in my mind. It's hard to see him getting another big push but he's a guy I'd like to see Vince take a chance on.

Christian: Awesome in every facet of the game. It's a shame he's only being used to put over young guys when he's still got plenty left in the tank. I still have hope for him winning the big one.

Cody Rhodes: Supremely talented in the ring and has gotten a lot better on the mic since adopting his Dashing gimmick. Hopefully feuding with Rey will take him to the next level.

Curt Hawkins: One of WWE's biggest wasted talents. There are few people I always make sure to watch when they have a match and he's one of them.

Dolph Ziggler: Has the tools to be a star but his angle with Vickie has run it's course. Hopefully they split in the near future so we can see all of what he has to offer.

Drew McIntyre: My favorite young guy on SD. I can't say enough good about him and believe he'll be this generation's Randy Orton in a few years. Hopefully the EC is the start of a slow burn push that eventally culminates in a World title.

Edge: Solid vet but he's nearing the end of the road. Definetely lost a step or 2 in the ring and his promos get annoying but I understand why he's a main eventer. Hopefully we get to see the long-awaited feud with Christian before he hangs his boots up.

Ezekiel Jackson: Aside from freakish strength, I'm not sold on him. We've seen too many monsters come in exactly like him and they end up going nowhere so I have a hard time believing he'll be any different.

Heath Slater: About as bland as they come. He's OK in the ring but that's his only good quality.

Jack Swagger: Best pure worker on SD by quite a bit. His first WHC reign wasn't as bad as people want to believe. Provided he doesn't screw up, he has a bright future.

JTG: He annoys the piss out of me. I hate over the top gimmicks and his is the worst.

Justin Gabriel: Very talented worker but he'll never be a main eventer because he has no presence and minimal mic ability. Aside from that, one of the more exciting people to watch.

Kane: Another solid vet that's given his life to the company. As a Kane fan since I started watching the WWE, it was cool to see him have a run at the top but his time has passed. He'd be a great guy for any young guy to feud with since he seems to turn face/heel at the drop of a hat.

Kofi Kingston: Unlimited potential but I have a feeling he's going to be Shelton Benjamin 2.0. He's a good talker, has charisma, and is fun to watch wrestle.

Rey Mysterio: Not a fan. I can respect his ring ability after all these years and the fact that he's delayed so many surgeries for the good of the company but I'll be glad to see him retire.

Trent Barreta: Maybe the most high-energy guy on the roster and he entertains the hell out of me. His size is a problem though as I don't see him climbing very high up the ladder. He'd be a solid mid-card champion down the road though.

Tyler Reks: Call me crazy, but I see something in Reks. I love the way he wrestles and like his mysterious gimmick. He doesn't talk much but that's a good thing in my eyes. Hopefully we see him on SD more after Mania.

The Undertaker: What can I say that hasn't already been said? The guy's a legend and will go down as the best big man worker in history. Hopefully he can stay healthy long enough to go 20-0 at Mania and has a nice send-off as Mark Callaway.

Wade Barrett: Probably the best talker on SD. He's getting better in the ring but still has a ways to go. He's another future star that's going to be headlining PPVs for years to come.

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Alberto Del Rio - Great charisma and a worthy main-eventer, although it came too soon. He has great global appeal and will make WWE tons of money in Mexico.

The Big Show - Horrible to watch in the ring and insufferable out of it, but he is still over and serves a purpose as WWE's giant.

Chavo Guerrero - Solid in all areas and a good talent but his joke of a character is very annoying. Surprised he's not been released and without the Cruiserweight division has nothing to do.

Chris Masters - Underutilised heel character that has a lot to offer, see: his original push in 05/06.

Christian - Overrated by the IWC. While he has good charisma and mic-skills he's too skinny to be a Heavyweight champion. I'd consider making him a colour commetator on Raw.

Cody Rhodes - Very basic levels of ability in all areas and not worth having on the roster.

Curt Hawkins - Extremely underrated and looked like a better version of HBK when tagging with Vance Archer. Very underutilised by the WWE and looks like he'll be released sadly.

Dolph Ziggler - Too small to be a Heavyweight champion and lacks mic skills. Born to tag-team.

Drew MacIntyre - Good physique but doesn't look like a villain because his face looks very young.

Edge - Shouldn't be main-eventing and could bring some prestige to the IC title.

Ezekiel Jackson - Good look but no mic skills and bad in the ring.

Heath Slater - Completely awful. Looks like a little girl and sucks complete ass at everything.

Jack Swagger - Has all the tools to be a kingpin for the forseeable future but consistently jobbed out to the likes of Kofi Kingston. Was booked like a chump when World Champion and WWE seem to want him to fail.

JTG - Good look, decent in the ring. Could be potentially a very good star as he clearly has some charisma and mic skills. As a heel he'd be very good.

Justin Gabriel - Great look, good in the ring, but awful mic-skills and shouldn't be anything other than faction-fodder.

Kane - Still has another year in him and could do a lot of good for young up-and-comers like Barrett, Sheamus, Hawkins, Swagger etc.

Kofi Kingston - Utterly horrible in every single area and should not be anywhere near the roster.

Rey Mysterio - I see why he's pushed to a high level because he brings in a lot of money but from my standpoint as a fan I cannot stand him.

Trent Barreta - Has some good potential but his mic-skills remain to be seen. He has a good look and is very young. I see him, sadly, being released though.

Tyler Reks - Great physique and very agile in the ring when allowed to be. He has good, untapped potential. Needs to lose the dreadlocks.

The Undertaker - Could be used to get guys over but only ever wins these days it seems.

Wade Barrett - Worthy main-eventer and plays the text-book heel perfectly. His ugly tattoo takes away from his look but he has good mic-skills. Can't see him as a babyface though so in that sense he's one-dimensional.

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Alberto Del Rio - Upper Midcarder
The Big Show - SQUASH!!!
Chavo Guerrero - Under used
Chris Masters - Turn him heel
Christian - Should have been WWE champion by now
Cody Rhodes - Needs to get rid of the gimmick
Curt Hawkins - Um...Uh...
Dolph Ziggler - Over Used
Drew MacIntyre - Potential Main Eventer
Edge - Boring
Ezekiel Jackson - Fat
Heath Slater - Odd
Jack Swagger - Automatic way to make the crowd silent
JTG - Good Talent
Justin Gabriel - Could go somewhere
Kane - Good for elevating young talent, good gimmick
Kofi Kingston - I dunno
Rey Mysterio - Good for $
Trent Barreta - Um...Uh...
Tyler Reks - Alright
The Undertaker - Injury Prone
Wade Barrett - Midcard/Upper Midcarder

Beth Phoenix - Good
Kaitlyn - Shitty
Kelly Kelly - Hot
Layla - Hot
Michelle McCool - Good
Rosa Mendes - Shitty

Booker T - Wrestle, please
Hornswoggle - Can be funny at times, usually useless
Jack Korpela - Best announcer in the WWE, not counting Jim Ross
Josh Mathews - Horrible
Matt Striker - Decent
Ricardo Rodriguez - Essential to ADRs gimmick
Theodore Long - Sadist
Todd Grisham - Pretty Good
Tony Chimel - Shitty Voice
Vickie Guerrero - The most valuable talent on Smackdown
Here's mine.

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Alberto Del Rio – I love everything about him
The Big Show – I admire his size and pleasant disposition
Chavo Guerrero – can go eat a bowl of dicks
Chris Masters - useless
Christian – that poor, poor soul
Cody Rhodes – can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next
Curt Hawkins – like watching paint dry
Dolph Ziggler – I completely changed my opinion of him after last week’s NXT
Drew MacIntyre – I don’t hate him as much as I used to
Edge – what’s he done for me lately?
Ezekiel Jackson – love the bastard
Heath Slater – the guy I love to hate and hate to love!
Jack Swagger – I’m embarrassed for him
JTG – dead weight
Justin Gabriel – turn face already
Kane – retire already
Kofi Kingston – my opinion of him changes every week
Rey Mysterio – is totally going to win Elimination Chamber to face Del Rio at Mania
Trent Barreta - *yawn*
Tyler Reks – not bad, reminds me of Hercules Hernandez
The Undertaker – I wish he would stop wearing eyeliner
Wade Barrett – The Man
Beth Phoenix - nice rack
Kaitlyn – nice rack
Kelly Kelly – nice rack
Layla – nice rack
Michelle McCool – nice rack
Rosa Mendes – I don’t know who this is but I bet she has a nice rack
Booker T – kicking ass on commentary
Hornswoggle – an utter disgrace. How he can look at himself in the mirror is beyond me
Jack Korpela - ehhh
Josh Mathews – barely acceptable
Matt Striker – he annoys the hell out of me but I like him
Ricardo Rodriguez – means ADR is about to grace us with his presence!
Theodore Long – I secretly enjoy it when he calls people “playa”
Todd Grisham - ehhh
Tony Chimel - ehhh
Vickie Guerrero – I wish she was eaten alive by fire ants

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Alberto Del Rio - Fantastic talent that's getting everything he deserves. There's no such thing as "too soon" when you're as good as he is. Complete package, probably has the best heel mannerisms in years.....and fuck, what a great theme. ~_~

The Big Show - Decent talent, but it's very tiring seeing him. He just doesn't bring anything to the product anymore.

Chavo Guerrero - Always hated him, good to see him as a jobber

Chris Masters - No charisma, no mic skills, no presence - jobber, deservedly so

Christian - Best in ring worker in the company second to Daniel Bryan, great charisma, great mic skills, the best talent on SmackDown. Shame Vince hates him.

Cody Rhodes - I've never liked Rhodes, but I'll give him some credit. He's finding his niche and he's not AS bad as he used to be. I don't think he should be a world champion, because he's "just there", so to speak, but he's started to become acceptable.

Curt Hawkins - Haven't seen enough to comment.

Dolph Ziggler - FIRE HIM, NOW. This guy has the least amount of presence I've EVER seen in a wrestler. He's so out of place it's insane. People think Miz doesn't have the presence to be world champion... well, look at this shitbag. Compared to him, Miz is Hogan. This guy couldn't look like a bigger star than his opponent if he was wrestling Rosa Mendes.

Drew McIntyre - He sucks. Boring, one dimensional, uncharismatic. Should be fired, but won't be because of his look. Randy Orton 2.0. In 5 years, he'll be one of the biggest names in the company, just watch. Vince will push him to the high hills and back, once he finally gets over, that is.

Edge - One of my favourite wrestlers of all time, but he's broken down and useless in today's era. Please leave, do yourself a favor and all of us.

Ezekiel Jackson - Bad mic skills and nothing special in the ring, but he has a good look and he's very strong as he's shown us recently, so I'm sure he's in for the biggest push it's possible for a black man to get, which isn't world champion, but he'll probably be in the hunt at some point.

Heath Slater - Never give him a mic again. He's garbage. Let him go.

Jack Swagger - See Heath Slater. This guy CAN'T be taken seriously, he's trash to the highest degree. I'm glad he's a jobber, I just don't understand why they made him one too late, after he'd become world champion. He doesn't deserve any success.

JTG - He's got some charisma, but he's nothing special. Should probably be stuck as a jobber like he is now.

Justin Gabriel - Bad mic skills, but even though I don't like his in ring style, he's very good at it and he's got a great look for a babyface. I can potentially see him getting over at a big level because of that at some point in the future.

Kane - His in ring work is as bad as anyone in the company and unlike some people, I'm not impressed with his mic skills at all. He's awful, I'm completely happy with his reduced role on SmackDown since he lost the world championship. However, he's got good presence. He can be an effective monster and that's ALL he should be.

Kofi Kingston - Charismatic guy, decent mic skills, wrestles a style that's fun for the majority of the audience. I'm not a big fan, but it's unfathomable how he hasn't become world champion. If the point of wrestling is to get over.....and you can take all the other aspects we bitch about and throw them out the window, because it is, then he should've been a world champion by now. He's extremely over and will only get more so with a big push. He has the potential to draw money, why WWE is holding him back because of his skin color is something I'll never understand.

Rey Mysterio - I don't like the style Rey wrestles in the ring, but still, he's extremely reliable as an in ring talent. One of the top ones in the WWE. Horrible mic skills, but he manages to remain a huge draw through his charisma, his perfect babyface look and his ability to, despite rarely losing, make every opponent look like a threat to him. Not a guy I like, but a very valuable talent. His position is understandable.

Trent Barreta - Haven't seen enough to comment.

Tyler Reks - Bad mic skills, that's all I know about him. He's fine being a jobber.

The Undertaker - See what I wrote about Edge. Mark, I fucking love you, you're 1 in a million, but start getting ready to retire.

Wade Barrett - This is my guy, right here. Wade Barrett. This guy is what a STAR is. When I complained about Dolph Ziggler having no presence, this is the guy I can point to as being the anti-thesis of that. Every single time Wade Barrett comes out, he looks like the biggest deal on the show, even when he's not. The way he carries himself is starting to get fucking legendary. This guy has IT. Great look, charisma, great mic work, and as I've repeated, a presence like no other. Well, I'll give Taker the edge on that for now, but he's had 20 years to obtain that presence. So what if his ring work isn't great? Miz is headlining WrestleMania LOL, and that's an issue now? I know it won't happen, but I'm pulling for Barrett to win the Chamber and take the title into WrestleMania and we can have a 3 way with Barrett, Edge and Del Rio for WM. He deserves to main event WM after the year he's had.
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