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I was looking around Google about wrestling superheroes and came across information about a Pinoy comic series called Wrestle Warriors Komiks that was published in the 90's.

Okay some backstory, during the 90s when Street Fighter II became a big hit in the Philippines, a comic company called Infinity Publishing Inc. decided to capitalize the game's popularity by creating a comic series lineup called Kick Fighter Komiks, which consisted of characters who were modeled after the characters from SFII but given different names and backstories and had enough differences in their designs to be their own characters. Surprisingly, despite superhero comics being popular in the Philippines since the 60's, Kick Fighters was the first Filipino comic lineup to have all it's characters set in the same universe, which led to major crossovers and some characters forming their own teams.


The popularity of the comic series, inspired Infinity to capitalize on another popular trend going on in the country Pro Wrestling, so they created Wrestle Warriors Komiks, which featured wrestlers heavily inspired by popular wrestlers at the time like Randy Savage and The Undertaker.


2241 - 2247 of 2247 Posts