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Hello folks!

Sleezy-e here, some say funny isn't money, but I don't agree! Comedy and Pro Wrestling go hand in hand if done correctly. I am a pro wrestler, comedian, and jack of all trades, master of none when it comes to wrestling. I love wrestling and making music, and making people laugh. I have written and recorded some songs about the ups and downs of the aspects of pro wrestling. If any of that sounds like something you can get down with, take some time and check out some of my Rasslin' Songs! If it gets over with you tell your buds, either way, it will be greatly appreciated!

Sleezy-e - "ECW Song"
Sleezy-e - "Rasslin' on the TV"
Sleezy-e - "Dear Mr. Promoter Man"
Sleezy-e - "Damn ole rasslin show"
Sleezy-e - "Pro Rassler"

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