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Since it was a Raw/S-Down supershow taping I thought Id post it here so if any of the head honchos here wanna move this feel free. I was at the taping lastnite and heres a few obervations from a live perspective.

Punk is still not fully over as a face.And the way he was shoved down the fans' throats lastnite(seemed like he was out there the whole show)doing it that way wont help any.The only ones cheering him where older men.

Miz is fastly becoming maybe the next one to be turning face soon.He was really over and got lots of cheers.

Cena of course got a mixed reaction.Kiddies(which there were plenty)and the women loved him and the usual vocal older males booed him.

Orton was the only face that got 100% full on cheers.And like it or not haters,no canned cheers here,it was LOUD when he was first shown on the video wall coming to the ring an especially when the first note of 'Voices" hit.

You could hear fleas fart though when Slater came out as his opponent though.

Mason Ryan is now face as he worked a Superstars match w/ JTG(which was awful).

Post show there was no dark match and all they did was the Cena-Punk 'should we shake hands?" bit(like they did last year w/Orton and Cena). Punk stayed for about 10 minutes signing and talking to the fans where Cena stayed for about half that time and then went to the back.

Oh,one other thing. When Punk was in the ring for his match w/Truth(they resent Miz and Truth to the back for some reason and had them come out again when they got back from the commercial)Punk was trying to get some girl in the front row to flash him. Right next to a group of Make a Wish kids.Whoops.

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To defend Slater a bit, I'm not sure if they expected a reaction. Both him and Kidd are heel jobbers and treated as such. They aren't going to get huge reactions. But his heel music is awful. That has to change.

Mason Ryan as a face? How does that even work?

Anything on the two new tag teams that supposedly got revealed last night Hawkins/Reks and Christian/McIntrye? Were they in action? Any good?
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