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Cole's heel turn has ultimately made him a worse announcer than before!

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When he first started insulting Daniel Bryan on NXT and making 'shoot comments' and references to the IWC I thought he was coming into his own. The guy does seem like he would be a better heel.

What the hell happened to that Michael Cole?

Now, months later, he's gone from improved to an over the top piece of crap. He OVERACTS and OVERSELLS EVERYTHING and it gets really annoying. And him, being a play-by-play announcer with no real face foil (King's comebacks are weak and Josh Matthews was just practically not even there). My father sat down to watch a little RAW earlier today during Miz vs Daniel Bryan and between Alex Riley and Cole, they were ruining the match with their 'man-crush' of Miz. To someone who doesn't even watch wrestling that much, they might not even be able to tell straight away that the Miz is supposed to be the heel, what with how Cole was burying Daniel Bryan.

Just everything he does is fucking annoying! I can't stand him anymore and I never thought I'd say this, but I wish we had old school Michael Cole back. There is a line between brilliant heel and over the top annoying douchebag, and he's crossed it by far.
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This isn't going to go well for you OP the majority of people who hated Cole before are now on his dick so prepare to get flamed. But I do agree with you to a extent, he does not focus on any match where Miz isn't involved, he does overact to an obnoxious level but he's supposed to be an annoying heel so I don't have a problem with that. My main problem with him is that he's the lead announcer and can't call a match to save his life, you can put your heel character over and still call a match JBL did it and so can Cole.
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