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So many people on this forum are failing recognize all the years of hard work Cole has put into the WWE's broadcasts and all the work he's done behind the scenes for the enjoyment of the fans, and for the success of the wrestlers. He has brought so many young superstars into the forefront for the fans when there was no hope of them getting any kind of response without his guidance. He has built careers for people. Remember Edge? Yup, if it weren't for cole.... yup. Batista on SD, post Evolution? Yup..Not to mention the fact that he won a Nobel Prize as a wartime field journalist during a foreign a civil war in 92! (Kosovo i believe)And covered Waco and the Oklahoma city bombings with journalistic mastery. Check it out for yourselves. The business has probably never known a better play-by-play voice either, and don't give me any crap about Gordon Solie, people. I personally remember the drudgery of 06 & 07 when the only thing that kept me tuned into WWE programming was Cole himself. It is foolish to claim you're a fan of wrestling and not be happy for Cole that he's finally getting his long overdue Mania push. He couldn't deserve it more.

Let the Cole BASHING begin.......
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Michael Cole is not a professional wrestler. He does not deserve a WrestleMania push. It's as simple as that.
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