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Cole and Matthews Commentary

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I have been watching back nxt season 3 and These two made a terrible thing awesome. I don't know how to embed youtube vids but there is a whole playlist on youtube dedicated to their hilarious commentary. What did you guys think?
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Yeah that goldust/Aksana wedding was fucking funny.
I loved them on there. It seemed like they had more freedom to ad lib.
Vince never cared about NXT or Smackdown lol.
NxT season 3 was amazing. S4 too.
NXT was really good infact. I loved Maxine/bateman/regal/striker stuff.
Me too. Its shame she never got any opportunity on the main roster.
Cole and Matthews have something called chemistry. It helps when it sounds like they have shared experiences on the road, or are at least closer in age than someone like Lawler. These guys can banter comfortably, without having to wait for King to stagger through one-liner comebacks that are about 30 years out-of-date.
I've always thought Matthews was under-rated as the face/play-by-play commentator. Cole is great as a flat out heel when he doesn't actually have to talk about rasslin.
Cole and Mathews have great chemistry together and they made something like NXT absolutely hilarious; in fact, I think Mathews is an underrated commentator and I would be thrilled if he were to replace Lawler someday.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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