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Cody Rhodes is losing steam....again

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He was red hot at, and after Battleground but now he's just constantly being put into tag matches with no build up as well as making the tag titles irrelevant with there being absolutely no feud on the line.

From the looks of it, the most likely plan for him at WM is to face Goldust, but I feel like we are going backwards again, as he was already ready for big things two years ago. I hope they aren't dropping the ball on Rhodes once again...
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I agree. He's going nowhere fast right now, and really is losing steam. WWE has stopped any building any proper storylines in the Tag Team Division after HIAC, and now, all he's become is a guy to put into multi-man tag team matches.

I'm hoping they have something change soon.

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It doesn't help when he and Goldust are booked in needless six or eight man tag team matches every single fucking week. Need to give them some actual story or feud with a team, but at the moment they're just making up the numbers.

Ryback and Axel beat them clean a week or so ago but that's just been forgotten. Same with Real Americans who did the exact same thing a few weeks earlier. The teams are there but their only solution is to stick them all together with a hand picked chosen Partner Of The Week (Bryan/Punk/Show/Mysterio etc).
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