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Throughout Chris' first piece of work, we followed him around the world. From such places as Germany, Mexico, Canada and Kentucky. His pursuit of fulfilling his dream was admirable. The main difference between 'Undisputed' and "A Lion's Tale' that can be taken away from both these autobiographies put together is a) fulfilling your life long dream is damn ****ing hard and b) reaching the absolute top is even ****ing harder.

This won't be a normal review, I highly doubt many people want to hear what some random on BigFooty thought of this little gem, so what I'll do is actually write some parts to the book I found riveting. If you won't buy it after that, then you never will.

(page 7)

"My second night in the company was at a Raw taping in Milwaukee. The plan was for me to interrupt The Undertaker, the most respected wrestler in the locker room and one of the biggest stars in the company. He was calling himself the Personification of Evil at the time, so I began my promo by calling him the personification of boring and proceeded to tell the crowd how bland and mediocre he was.

Maybe this wouldn't have been such a problem if Taker hadn't just cut a fifteen-minutre promo about how he and Big Show were riding their motorcycles in the desert and they ran out of gas and Big Show picked up a scorpion and ate it or something...a promo that really was incredibly boring.

He knew it was boring, the crowd knew it was boring, Vince knew it was boring, Funaki knew it was boring. So when I came out and called him on it, I made things even worse because I was kicking him when he was down.

(Page 8)

Taker responded to my claims by saying that he had more shower time than I had ring time. At first I thought he was bragging about his personal hygiene (maybe he was a cleam and freshly scrubbed Deadman), until I figured out that he was realling saying I was wet behing the ears and should know my role and shut the **** up. Backstage afterwards, I walked past Shawn Michaels, who glared at me incredulously and offered the folling advice: "The next time you cut a promo maybe you want to avoid calling the biggest star in the company and the leader of the locker room boring". It was a friendly warning from HBK to watch my mouth.

I'd told Taker before the promo that I was gonna stick it to him and he'd told me to go for it. However, I crossed the line and insulted him by saying what I said. I can't believe the lack of respect I showed him and so many of the other guys in the locker room during my first month in the company, especially since I knew how important the hiearchy of the business was (and still is). Respect your elders. That aphorism had been drummed into my head my entire career, but I was so caught up in trying to be revolutionary and controversial that I forgot. And my absentmindedness cost me."

Undisputed is full of these really interesting stories, pick it up if you can. It will be released in the week of Febuary 16. (Or you can buy it off Amazon now )
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I actually read the first 60 or so pages in Borders today. Really good stuff if you're interested in "the dirt." Taker's just the tip of the iceberg from what I read so far, as Chris apparently really rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.
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