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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

A remark made by Jose Gutierrez (Ultimo Guerrero, 43) at a CMLL business meeting on 5/18, apparently regarding Jesus Alvarado (Brazo de Oro, who passed away on 4/28), led to members of the Alvarado family destroying Gutierrez’s car the next morning in the Arena Mexico parking lot.

The incident resulted in the firing of three wrestlers, including both the CMLL world heavyweight and world light heavyweight champions.

The situation is strange on a number of levels. Two days after the incident, CMLL announced that its world heavyweight champion, Maximo Sexy (Jose Alvarado, 36) was fired and its light heavyweight champion La Mascara (Felipe Alvarado, 35). Felipe Alvarado had told friends and others in the business the day before that he was told he was not being fired, but had been suspended.

A third wrestler, Bobby Villa, who has been with the promotion since 2011 as Bobby Zavala and Bobby Z, before Bobby Villa (after Pancho Villa), was also announced as being fired. Villa was not on the videotape showing a number of Alvarado family members together, with a few of them smashing up Gutierrez’s car. Evidently the promotion was aware of some type of involvement since he was also off the 5/19 Arena Mexico show hours later and replaced by Sagrado, although since he wasn’t in the videotape of the incident, nobody tied Villa not being on the show with the incident.

Villa was fired for being part of the incident, but exactly what part of it he played was not certain at press time. Villa himself has publicly said he has no idea why he was fired. He also said he found out he was fired via social media and that nobody in the company has contacted him, even though he was scheduled on the show three days earlier and replaced. Villa was at least at one point close to Gutierrez, who helped him originally get his job with CMLL

According to multiple sources, there was a meeting on 5/18 regarding who would head the CMLL wrestlers union. Mexico has had a wrestlers union dating back to the 80s or longer. It started out as a real union, and even called a very famous strike at one point when wrestling was put on television in Mexico City in the late 80s. At the time, Mexico City was flourishing with 20 to 30 live shows nightly just in the Mexico City area, as well as hundreds of shows around the country. While generally speaking, the money wasn’t big, multitude times more full-time wrestlers worked in Mexico than anywhere else. The fear was that if the big shows were on television, fans would stay home, and not attend live arena matches as much, and while the stars on television would get bigger, there would be fewer shows and it would cost tons of jobs. Essentially that ended up being the case, but the strike failed and wrestling got bigger on television. Questions were asked about the union, and finances, particularly when injured wrestlers were not getting taken care of financially which was one of the reasons wrestlers would contribute dues to the union.

Manny Guzman, who headed the union, lost his power and eventually, the union became something controlled by CMLL owner Paco Alonso, and they appointed the head, which was Jesus Alvarado, until his death on 4/28. There are considerable questions among wrestlers regarding the role and activity of the union. Alvarado has been in charge since the 90s and there have been quiet complaints regarding the union being controlled by the promoter and supporting management and not the wrestlers.

A meeting was held to determine his successor. While there were early reports that Gutierrez was looking to head the union, others stated he said nothing of the sort in the meeting and said he was not interested. His daughter corroborated that much. But he did ask questions and made comments about Jesus Alvarado that caused family members to be infuriated. Two other sources, one of which was another star wrestler in Mexico, told us that what he said at the meeting was just what wrestlers have questioned privately for years but would never say publicly because of the power the family had. He evidently questioned why the union should always be controlled by the family. However, Ernesto Ocampo later reported that Paco Alonso’s plan was for Gutierrez to be the head of the union and made the decision at the 5/18 meeting, but that he rescinded the decision on 5/20.

The wrestler Nitro had been second in command of the union. La Mascara had expected to be the person who would get his father’s position. The complaint was then that the union was meant to be for the Alvarado family to run and not for the wrestlers. Both Maximo Sexy and La Mascara were at the meeting when Ultimo Guerrero spoke.

The promotion has since announced Nitro as the new head of the until an election that will take place in December.

Gutierrez said that he would be pressing charges.

The promotion has announced that both vacant championships will be decided in upcoming tournaments.

Every major sports publication in Mexico and news service covered the incident although none of them had any details that the wrestling media hadn’t already reported on.

Maximo was to be in the trios match main event on the 5/19 show at Arena Mexico, but was replaced by Marco Corleone. No mention was made as to why. La Mascara was not booked on that show, but missed his match at Arena Coliseo the next night. La Mascara, along with Rush and La Sombra (now Andrade Cien Almas in NXT), were the original Los Ingobernables, before Tetsuya Naito expanded the group to Japan.

A third CMLL wrestler, Robin, who as the son of Brazo Cibernetico/Robin Hood, is the cousin of Maximo and Mascara, and was at the scene. That got no publicity since he wrestles under a mask and few viewing the incident would know Robin was among the family members there. Ironically Robin in a prelim wrestler and his being gone wouldn’t even be noticed by most fans. Outside of U.S. Internet reports, we’re not sure that any tie was made regarding Robin being in the video without his mask in a story that was heavily covered in Mexico by leading sports papers and the wire services. But he worked, as scheduled, on 5/21 at Arena Mexico in a prelim match so he apparently was not fired. His name wasn’t announced when CMLL publicly made the announcement about the other three.

Also, without his mask, on the scene was one of AAA’s biggest stars, Psycho Clown, who is the brother of Maximo, as well as Brazo de Platino (Daniel Alvarado), the younger brother of Brazo de Oro, Brazo de Plata, El Brazo and Brazo Cibernetico. Psycho Clown becomes a weird one because AAA’s biggest show of the year, TripleMania, is built around either Psycho Clown or Dr. Wagner Jr. having to expose what they look like. AAA hasn’t taken any action against him and it’s doubtful they will. AAA hasn’t acknowledged it as a company, because if they did, it would generate publicity for people to look at the video, and see Psycho without his mask. That’s the last thing the promotion wants to do.

Vampiro and Arturo Rivera of AAA both tried to defend Psycho Clown and blamed all of the problems on the media reporting of the story, although neither offered any sort of explanation of what the story was. He has continued to work all of his scheduled dates.

Gutierrez’s car was parked in a private area. There is always a security guard on duty in that area. In addition, a badly shot tape was shot of the incident. So either the family wanted it taped, and it be kept private (the way it was shot that looked unlikely) or that somebody else was aware of what was going to happen and secretly shot it. The key to the incident being such big news is not that it happened, but the fact the footage was shot and eventually in the modern age was almost instantly a news story. It would appear that the security people looked the other way when this happened as well.

On the tape, the Alvarado family was not in a rush, so it appeared they were both confident that security, which is always on the scene, would not be stopping them, nor that Gutierrez or others would be coming into the private part of the parking lot.

The way it all went down came across like a pro wrestling angle, but since police were involved and with the firings, clearly that’s not the case.

Fantasma, who is the head of the Box y Lucha commission in the Distrito Federal, said that the commission was investigating the incident, but said that he felt since it took place on Arena Mexico property, so they feel it’s up to the promotion to handle the situation and not them. The problem with that is that Psycho Clown was involved, and based on the video, may have done the most actual physical damage to the car of anyone, and he’s with AAA so CMLL can’t take action against him. Fantasma said he’s not even sure the incident was real or “part of their work,” which has been noted is ridiculous at this point. Fantasma has been tight with AAA, and any actions taken against any of the people involved would mean AAA or any other promotion couldn’t use any of them at least in the Distrito Federal, and perhaps elsewhere. That’s also key when it comes to Psycho Clown since he’s in the main event at TripleMania which takes place in Mexico City on 8/26 where he is to face Dr. Wagner Jr. in a mask vs. mask match which is the biggest match in AAA in many years.

It’s been noted that the key to the story was both that there was a tape of the incident, so it couldn’t be denied who was involved, and that the tape went public. Had that not been the case, Gutierrez would have had his car destroyed, may have figured out who did it, but wouldn’t have proof. There would be no media story of that caliber, and CMLL would have taken care of it internally in some manner. There are a lot of factions within the promotion, who often don’t get along, and keep to themselves, and really only interact when it comes too business. There may have been issues for a few weeks because it was noted that before this incident, but since the death of Jesus Alvarado, that Gutierrez has never been booked against any member of the family.

A short video clip of the incident, showing a number of Alvarado family members surrounding Gutierrez’s expensive car, smashing the lights and bashing it up almost like a television wrestling angle, surfaced hours after it took place. Due to the video proof, CMLL had no choice but to act.

CMLL owns the rights to the names Maximo Sexy, La Mascara and Los Ingobernables. After his father’s death, La Mascara, a name that doesn’t make much sense given he’s no longer masked, had talked about changing his name to something honoring his father. Another key to the story is how close Rush and Mascara are. Two of CMLL’s key families have ties to the Alvarado family. If Mascara leaves and Rush comes with him, that’s a giant loss for CMLL and a gain for wherever they resurface. It should be noted Rush is part of the Munoz Family, which also includes Dragon Lee, Mistico and Pierroth. In addition, the Casas family and Alvarado family are related by marriage of Casas’ daughter and Psycho Clown.

One would expect the former Maximo and La Mascara and Bobby Villa to wind up either with AAA or The Crash. It could be a huge story if one of the two groups was able to get those two along with other family and friends.

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Good article, but has some inaccurate info.

It started out as a real union, and even called a very famous strike at one point when wrestling was put on television in Mexico City in the late 80s. ... The fear was that if the big shows were on television, fans would stay home, and not attend live arena matches as much, and while the stars on television would get bigger, there would be fewer shows and it would cost tons of jobs. Essentially that ended up being the case, but the strike failed...
The luchadors union was there arguably since the beginning, and was said to do a good job but by the early 70s Manny Guzman took over and corruption started to be more prevalent and it was working for the promotion, in this case the "UWA" which was the biggest one around and rival to EMLL (now Consejo), UWA also got TV but the union never opposed it, the problem was that EMLL shows were taped on Fridays and ran on Sundays opposed to UWA live shows, they were moved to weekend mornings or Saturday afternoons because of the strike, so it didn't actually fail

Manny Guzman, who headed the union, lost his power and eventually, the union became something controlled by CMLL owner Paco Alonso, and they appointed the head, which was Jesus Alvarado

No. The union (later)tried to block AAA as well, so they created their own union, and CMLL followed suit with their own union. Brazos patriarch Shadito Cruz was somewhat involved with the Union under Guzman, so the family had ties to it for nearly 50 years, but the National Union didn't became controlled by CMLL, it was a different entity.

IMO: Ultimo Guerrero has been the de facto locker room leader for nearly 15 years, fellow wrestlers want him as head of the Union (and even Paco), so him saying he doesn't want it may be some "passive/aggressive" thing. No way the Muñoz leave with them, they won't be as protected/privileged anywhere else, if we look at Fantasticamania, and other international bookings, it would seem the Casas are the next ones on their way out, since they're never included in those (a few years ago Hijo del Fantasma mentioned not being booked in Japan was one of the reasons he left CMLL), even before the firings, Ultimo Guerrero was holding most of the power so the factions affiliated with UG seems to be the ones with the better .

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