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John Cena, while you lay
there, hopefully as
uncomfortable as you possibly
can be, I want you to listen to
I want you to digest this
because before I leave in 3
weeks with your WWE
Championship, I have a lot of
things I want to get off my
I don’t hate you, John. I don’t
even dislike you. I do like you.
I like you a hell of a lot more
than I like most people in the
I hate this idea that you’re the
best. Because you’re not. I’m
the best. I’m the best in the
world. There’s one thing
you’re better at than I am and
that’s kissing Vince
McMahon’s ass.
You’re as good as kissing
Vince McMahon’s ass as Hulk
Hogan was. I don’t know if
you’re as good as Dwayne
though. He’s a pretty good ass
kisser. Always was and still is.
Whoops! I’m breaking the
fourth wall! (Punk waves to
the camera)
I am the best wrestler in the
I’ve been the best since day
one when I walked into this
company. And I’ve been
vilified and hated since that
day because Paul Heyman saw
something in me that nobody
else wanted to admit. That’s
right, I’m a Paul Heyman guy.
You know who else was a Paul
Heyman guy? Brock Lesnar.
And he split just like I’m
splitting. But the biggest
difference between me and
Brock is I’m going to leave
with the WWE Championship.
I’ve grabbed so many of
Vincent K. McMahon’s brass
rings that it’s finally dawned
on me that there just that,
they’re completely imaginary.
The only thing that’s real is
me and the fact that day in
and day out, for almost six
years, I have proved to
everybody in the world that I
am the best on this
microphone, in that ring, even
in commentary! Nobody can
touch me!
And yet no matter how many
times I prove it, I’m not on
your lovely little collector
cups. I’m not on the cover of
the program. I’m barely
promoted. I don't get to be in
movies. I’m certainly not on
any crappy show on the USA
Network. I’m not on the
poster of WrestleMania. I’m
not on the signature that’s
produced at the start of the
show. I’m not on Conan
O’Brian. I’m not on Jimmy
Fallon. But the fact of the
matter is, I should be.
This isn’t sour grapes. But the
fact that Dwayne is in the
main event at WrestleMania
next year and I’m not makes
me sick!
Oh hey, let me get something
straight. Those of you who are
cheering me right now, you
are just as big a part of me
leaving as anything else.
Because you’re the ones who
are sipping on those collector
cups right now. You’re the
ones that buy those programs
that my face isn’t on the cover
of. And then at five in the
morning at the airport, you try
to shove it in my face and get
an autograph and try to sell it
on Ebay because you’re too
lazy to go get a real job.
I’m leaving with the WWE
Championship on July 17th.
And hell, who knows, maybe
I’ll go defend it in New Japan
Pro Wrestling. Maybe…I’ll go
back to Ring of Honor.
(Punk looks at the camera and
Hey, Colt Cabana, how you
The reason I’m leaving is you
people. Because after I’m
gone, you’re still going to pour
money into this company. I’m
just a spoke on the wheel. The
wheel is going to keep turning
and I understand that. Vince
McMahon is going to make
money despite himself. He’s a
millionaire who should be a
billionaire. You know why he’s
not a billionaire? Because he
surrounds himself with glad-
handed, non-sensical,
douchebag (censored) yes
men, like John Laurinaitis,
who’s going to tell him
everything he wants to hear,
and I’d like to think that
maybe this company will
better after Vince McMahon is
dead. But the fact is, it’s going
to be taken over by his idiotic
daughter and his doofus son-
in-law and the rest of his
stupid family.
Let me tell you a personal
story about Vince McMahon
alright. We do this whole
(anti) bully campaign
Mic cut off.


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'Cause he was told to do so. Aren't you the same guy who created CM Punk is a jerk thread? Please be reasonable instead of being a biased hater.
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