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CM Punk A Nobody in Chicago

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Everyone on this forum talks about how huge Punk is in Chicago.

Well I've been here for two weeks and not one person has worn a CM Punk shirt or mentioned his name.

He's not even big in his hometown. Meanwhile I wear my Cena shirt and Patriots hat and those get reactions?
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The stuff dreams are made of.

But seriously, no one likes pro wrestling, sports entertainment, or rasslin'.

Not even you.
So because nobody wears a CM Punk shirt, means he's a nobody?

So wherever it is you live, every single person who wears clothes, wears shirts with a person(or tv show) on it?

I can't remember last time I saw someone in Toronto wearing a Leafs jersey(with a players name on it), not including the downtown area near the sports arenas, and Leafs are obviously most popular thing in the city
It's hard to find people when you're inside your room all day.
punk will be a main steam star after he stars in the marine 4, it's marining time.
Another Punk hater, anyway who the fuck would wanna wear Cena shirts in public anyway? I went to Atlanta one day, I didn't see anybody wearing a Falcons, Thrashers, or Hawks jersey. Besides 2.7 Million people live in Chicago.
He's not even big in his hometown. Meanwhile I wear my Cena shirt and Patriots hat and those get reactions?
I can only imagine :lol
Oddly enough, I saw three people with CM Punk shirts on the South Shore of Montreal within a 30 minute span the other day.

I also like how the OP ended his post with a question mark. It's as if he's asking us whether or not he gets reactions for wearing Cena merch.
Lol so you have only been in Chicago for two weeks and you made a conclusion that CM Punk is a nobody just because you did not see anybody wearing his shirt. Oh and I have seen plenty of CM Punk shirts around. Also did you expect every Chicagoan to have a CM Punk shirt on? fpalm
Here in Boston noone cares bout Cena. I see his shirt once in a while just like i see Punk shirts sometimes. Whenever i go to an event i see mostly Punk shirts and Cena always gets booed. I have my ticket for Night of Champions in sept and im 100% sure Cena will be booed heavily as usual.

Im sure you went to some different part of chicago. Ive heard he is big there and they even have pizzas named after him. Besides Punk is a wrestling superstar he isnt some movie star that is seen by hundreds of millions of ppl on the big screen.
So, it's not even possible punk's a nobody in chicago?

I can count on one hand how many times I've seen someone wearing a wrestling shirt in real life, period.

Occasionally you see some booger eater wearing a NWO or Austin shirt and that's about it. Wrestling T shirts have to be something people buy and keep in the closet because you never see people wearing them around.
Don't ever make a stupid thread like this again.
OP is really trying to take another break.
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