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This took place between two wrestlers in my e-fed. ENJOY.

Clockwork Orange House Of Fun U.S Title Match
Chris Nitro v.s LoneWolf

The promo begins with a clip of the first week of Suicide, we see Nitro getting rolled up in the Elimination Chamber by Mike Marvelous and losing the match, then we see Chris Nitro roll up Tigran and winning the United States title. We then see a clip of the second Suicide where we see Cain grabbing Chris Nitro’s throat and getting ready for the Ending Slam. But then Nitro punching him, and climbing to the top rope and executing the X-Clash to retain his title. We then see another clip of last weeks Suicide Lonewolf going to work on everyone in the match, including the monster Tigran. As we see Lonewolf walking down the ramp after the match and fight ended, the scene fades to black.

We now stand in a dark, wet room, with chains being hung from the ceiling. We can hear footsteps as a mans voice is heard.

“One Title”

The United States Title flashes across the screen

“One Ring”

The camera pans over the ring.

“Two men.”

Different shots of Chris Nitro and LoneWolf are shown.

“Twenty Weapons…and Twenty Chains”

A giant light flashes across the room, and when the light disappears all the weapons each man chose are hanging from the chains.

Nitro’s voice is heard

“How about an Clockwork Orange House of Fun match?”

The next scene shows different fights each man has had as we hear Deminted Elf

"Chris Nitro I will grant you to have this Clockwork Orange House of Fun match, but I will not be choosing the weapons you and your opponent LoneWolf will be deciding.”

We now hear screams of pain as we see different shots of all the weapons in the match, as the room goes dark we hear Lonewolf say one last thing.

“I hope you know what you're getting yourself into by making this match.”

Michael Rodriguez stands in the ring with microphone in hands the chains and weapons hanging above him.


The crowd begins to cheer as Michael continues.

Michael: “As you can see, there are twenty chains hanging from a platform fifteen feet above the ring. Attached to the bottom of those chains, are twenty weapons. Those weapons are… a piece of glass, a Taser, a staple gun, a barbed wire chair, a piece of a steel cage, a Ladder, a can of gasoline, some pieces from a car engine, a electric guitar, a TV, a table, a leather strap, a flaming baseball bat, a DVD Player, a lead pipe, a bag of tacks, a steel chair, brass knuckles, a trash can, and strangely enough…a casket!”

The crowd begins to cheer wildly again.

Michael: “To help the two men get up to the weapons, there are two ladders in the ring. The last man standing wins the match!”

‘Crawling’ by Linkin Park blasts through the speakers and the arena goes pitch black, pryo comes up on the stage and Lonewolf walks to the ring with the pyro burning on the stage behind him. The pyro the follows LoneWolf down the ramp. It stops at the end of the ramp and LoneWolf climbs in the ring.

‘Sad but true’ by Metallica blares through the arena, but Chris Nitro is no where to be found. Suddenly the chair and chain hanging from the platform above fall to the ground. LoneWolf looks up to see Chris Nitro who is already flying off the platform. Chris Nitro lands a crossbody on LoneWolf as the crowd cheers wildly.

Steve Ridings: “What a wild opening!”

Chris Nitro manages to get up rather quickly he then positions the chair in the center of the ring, he picks up LoneWolf and tries to whip him into the ropes, but Wolf reverses it and throws Nitro into the ropes. LoneWolf goes for a back body drop when Nitro comes back, but when he does it Nitro does a complete flip in the air and lands on his feet. He then grabs the chain and begins to swing it, but LoneWolf manages to catch it. Wolf pulls the chain and whips Chris Nitro towards him and hits a hard clothesline. He waits for Nitro to get up and when he does LoneWolf swings the chain, and it wraps around Nitro’s leg. He pulls it and sends Chris Nitro down to the ground and then pins him.

1...2 Nitro kicks out

Lone Wolf picks him up and tries to send him into the turnbuckle, but Nitro still has the chains on so he falls on his face, so Lone Wolf picks him up and executes a triple suplex, with the last suplex sending Nitro down into the chair. Lone Wolf sets up one of the ladders and climbs up under the trash can and unhooks it. He throws it down and nearly hits Nitro in the head. He then reaches for the lead pipe and struggles not to fall as the lead pipe sways back and forth. He grabs it, but he loses his balance and falls into the trash can below. Nitro and Lone Wolf lay there.

Nitro pulls himself up and unties the chains around his ankle. He picks up Lone Wolf and scoopslams him on the lead pipe. He then sets up the second ladder and climbs it up to the top. He grabs the barb-wire steel chair and climbs down to the middle of the ladder. Lone Wolf climbs to his feet, and Nitro jumps off the ladder towards Lone Wolf. But right before Nitro is close enough to hit him, Lone Wolf spears him in mid air. He grabs the barbed-wire steel chair and positions it in the opposite corner between the middle and top turnbuckle. He then whips Nitro into it. Nitro screams in pain, but its not over. Lone Wolf backs up into the opposite turnbuckle and runs towards Nitro and does the Shadow Splash, pushing Nitro’s skin further into the barbed wire wrapped around the steel chair. Wolf backs up and hits another one. He goes back for another one as Nitro tries to maneuver his skin out of the wire. Lone Wolf flies in for another one and Nitro moves, however Lone Wolf manages to catch himself, but Nitro dropkicks him and sends into the barbed wire. Nitro then grabs the other chair and walks back over to Wolf and swings it, but Lone Wolf moves and kicks him in the gut and goes for the side effect, but Nitro elbows him in the side of the head and does a move that looks like a spinning Rock Bottom on the lead pipe that was brought down.

Paul Berken: “That’s the Catatoninc!”

However Nitro falls down to the ground because of the pain. They lay there for a while, LoneWolf doesn’t get up but Nitro does, he climbs up the ladder again, and grabs the gasoline and throws it to the ground, then he unhooks the table and watches it fall to the ground. The last thing he grabs is the flaming baseball bat, which is no longer in flames. Chris Nitro climbs down the ladder, with the bat in hand. When he reaches the ground grabs the gasoline can and pours gas all over the bat. He then sets up the table in the opposite side of the ring and pours gas all over it. He walks back over the bat and he pulls a Zippo out of his pocket.

Steve: “Well he is Chris NITRO”

After he pulls the Zippo out Lone Wolf is quick to get to his feet, he runs up behind him and hits a spinning wheel kick to the back of Nitro’s head causing him to drop the lighter. Lone Wolf then climbs the ladder and reaches for the swinging taser, he can’t seem to grasp it though. Chris Nitro is quick to get up and grab the gasoline covered bat, he climbs up to the top, he swings the bat at Lone Wolf, but Wolf ducks and tries to grab the belt, they both struggle over the bat, Lone Wolf tries to pull it and shake Nitro off but it ends up sending both of them down to the ground.

A long time period passes before either man move. Nitro gets up to his knees, as Lone Wolf is climbing up to his feet. Nitro runs to the corner with a sudden burst of energy and pulls him self up. He jumps off and executes a perfect X-Clash on Lone Wolf. He then gets up very slowly as that move took a lot out of him and sets up the ladder next to the ropes and climbs it up to the top where he grabs the staple gun and the piece of the steel cage. Nitro throws down the staple gun and then throws the piece of the steel cage on Lone Wolf. He leaps off and does a perfect 450 splash and although he is badly hurt and nearly knocked out, he still pins Lone Wolf

1.....2…..Th Lone Wolf throws his shoulder up at the last split second.

Lone Wolf and Nitro lay there for a long period of time and then they both get up at the same time, Nitro walks over and sets up for a fisherman DDT, but he doesn’t have the energy to pick him up, so Wolf kicks him in the gut and delivers the Twist Of Fate. Lone Wolf then sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring and climbs it very slowly, when he reaches the top he grabs the bag of thumbtacks and the leather strap, he climbs down the ladder, and sticks most of the tacks in the bag through the belt, he then grabs the staple gun and staples multiple staples through it. He begins to whip Nitro across the back wildly with showing no sign of stopping.

‘Thoughtless’ by KoRn blasts through the arena, and Gremlin runs down the ramp, he climbs in the ring and ducks the leather strap Lone Wolf swung at him and gives him his finisher, The Devastation. Just then Unknown runs down the ramp, and trips Gremlin from outside the ring, he climbs in and bounces off the ropes, when he comes back Gremlin is already up and he gives him the Clothesline From Hell. Nitro climbs to his feet as Unknown punishes Gremlin. He climbs up the ladder and grabs the taser and throws it down to the ground, he then grabs the DVD Player, and climbs down the ladder, surprisingly he doesn’t go after Lone Wolf, but Unknown gets busted open by the DVD Player. Behind him Lone Wolf is waiting with the leather strap, Nitro turns around and ducks the leather strap, and grabs it, he kicks him in the gut and delivers a Fisherman DDT to Wolf. He grabs the leather strap and pours gas all over, he then grabs his zippo and the crowd goes crazy as he lights it ablaze and whips Lone Wolf with it. He drops it and climbs up the ladder and grabs the piece of glass, but no one expected what he would un hook next. He un hooked the casket and it fell to the ground. As he climbed down the ladder to Lone Wolf, Gremlin stood up, and as he swung the glass Lone Wolf ducked and the glass smashed against Gremlins head. Lone Wolf kicks him in the gut and delivers the Shadows Fall. Just then as Unknown started to get up Thunder runs down the ramp and into the ring. He goes for the Lighting Bolt but Unknown ducks, kicks him in the gut and delivers a DDT. Lone Wolf grabs the taser and sticks it on Nitro. As Nitro squirms Lone Wolf motions to go up top. As Unknown goes up top, Lone Wolf goes up top also, they then deliver the Shadows Fall. Lone Wolf then pours gas in the casket and lights it ablaze. Unknown takes Thunder to the top rope and does his move, Death into the casket as Lone Wolf covers Nitro.


As Unknown celebrates with Lone Wolf, EMT’s run down to the ring with fire extinguishers and extinguish the fire in the casket, and check up on Nitro, while Gremlin climbs out of the ring shaking off any EMT’s. On the way down he tells Lone Wolf to get ready. As he leaves Raven Michaels comes out with microphone in hand.

Raven Michaels: “Congratulations Lone Wolf you won and its over, but get ready cause I have decided, that next week…it will be Dark Requiem verses the World Class Wrestlers…for the TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS! Now get your asses out of the ring for the next match”

Raven Michaels leaves, as the EMT’s carry out both Nitro and Thunder. Then Lone Wolf and Unknown walk out to their song ‘Silver and Cold’ by AFI.​
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