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Classic Dave Meltzer Review - Wrestlemania X7

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I posted the 2nd part because the guy at 12:45 is a complete douche:no:

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I understand some people not liking certain matches based on personal preference, but to shit on X7 which is universally seen as one of if not the greatest ppvs/Manias ever was ridiculous. I don't know if you've seen the off the ropes show on youtube, but if you haven't those guys are pricks as well and they said that the Rock/Austin match was a bad match:no:

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Im pleased that the show went over that well, I mean Meltzer and most of the callers were saying it was epic which as basically an hour after the PPV went off the air which shows just what an amazing PPV it was.

The only thing that bothers me slightly as a Rock fan at the time was we never got Rock chase Austin for the title and that pay off.
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