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The Black Dahlia Murder
Support: Iron Regan, Harms Way, Maruta
Date: Sunday October 4th, 2015
Venue: the Opera House in Toronto, Ontario
T-shirt worn: Behemoth "New Aeon Musick"

Some pretty incomplete setlists here.

I wanted to get to the venue early enough to catch Maruta. I have no idea who they are but I thought Mia Khalifa would be there or at least read this someday and therefor like me. They were actually really good. Almost art-grind but a little more aggressive. Their guitarist was really creative to me. Lots of mini-sweeps and scrapes. I don't listen to much grindcore so that may be paint by numbers these days. They played for aboot twenty-five minutes and that was a little much. Fifteen minutes would have left me more impressed. I think they were missing a guitar player.

1. Protocol for Self Immolation
2. ?
3. Hope Smasher
4. ?
5. ?
6. Genocide Interval
7. Minimal Progress
8. ?
9. March Forward into Aggression
10. ?
11. Stride Endlessly Through Scorched Earth
12. Stand in Defeat
13. Submergence
14. ?
15. In Perpetual Narcolepsy
16. ?

Harms Way are what brought me out to the show. When I saw them in April it was a cold, dreary, rainy night in April. Tonight the weather was pretty much the same but at least in April that was winters last anal fist-fuck for the season. Tonight...it's just getting started. I was wearing my Green Bay Packers toque and I got even more terrified of their singer taking me to Suplex City when I remember they were from Chicago. So I took that off pretty quickly, even though the Bears won today. Things got pretty insane during their first couple songs with all the hardcore kids punching the air and ninja kicking. That really didn't happen when I saw them in April but it was at a much smaller venue. Then the "metaller" guys entered the pit during the third song and it got even crazier. But security only had to intervene once. It was pretty calm after that. Harms Way were incredible. I can't say too much more. Rust really wasn't a very good album but it comes across ten bajillion times better live. I've been to a lot of shows this year and seen a lot of really good bands but Harms Way are definitely near the top. "Incredible". That's all I can say. And even though they only got thirty minutes to play as an opening act that's all they play as headliners anyway.

Harms Way
1. Infestation
2. Law of the Land
3. ?
4. Cancerous Ways
5. Mind Control
6. Amongst the Rust
7. ?
8. Ease My Mind (I’m pretty sure)

It was weird to me that Iron Reagan was "main support". Only because a main support bands usually gets forty minutes and I thought that meant Iron Reagan were going to have to play some songs twice. I felt bad for them having to go on after Harms Way but that's not really my problem. I actually just stood off to the side and "veg'd" during their set because Harms Way fucked everything up so much. As opposed to standing nearer to the pit and veg'ing. And it's not like I don't even like them. I do like them! Just anything going on after Harms Way suffers. So Iron Reagan were definitely better than when I saw them in February opening for Napalm Death. Mostly because I had the rail at the Napalm Death show and couldn't hear Tony's vocals. So despite what I typed about them in the first few sentences of this paragraph I really enjoyed them. And they played for twenty-five minutes.

Iron Reagan
1. ? Instrumental
2. I Won't Go
3. ?
4. ?
5. Cycle of Violence
6. ?
7. ?
8. ?
9. The Living Skull
10. ?
11. Spoiled Identity
12. ?
13. Miserable Failure
14. ?
15. Your Kid's an Asshole
16. In Greed We Trust
17. ? (instrumental)
18. Eyeball Gore
19. ? (Hanson Brothers cover)
20. Eat Shit and Live

The Black Dahlia Murder are another band who (much like Origin, who I saw last night) play Toronto A LOT but I've never seen them. So it wasn't as much a long time coming as seeing Origin was but I was looking forward to it. I do like them, even if I find their album artwork to be more interesting and memorable than a lot of their music. The crowd was a lot crazier for them than I expected. The last few times the headlined here it was at a much smaller venue so I was surprised they were even playing the Opera House. It wasn’t very packed at all but the crowd was voracious for them. There was intense moshing and stage-diving for pretty much their entire set. The sound was a little weak for the first couple of songs (partially due to me being stuck so far “stage-right”) but it thankfully improved for What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse. They sounded awesome with everything they played but I’m really bad with song titles, especially a band I don’t listen to that much. I’m sure they played Statutory Ape in there somewhere but I wouldn’t even know that song if it bit me in the ass. I don’t think they played an encore but maybe I left too early? Everyone else was leaving and the house lights came on. Oh well. They get extra points too for Trevor wearing an Abyssal t-shirt. I didn’t even know Abyssal had t-shirts and I want one now.

The Black Dahlia Murder
1. ?
2. Moonlight Equilibrium
3. What A Horrible Night to Have a Curse
4. ?
5. Receipt
6. Vlad, Son of the Dragon
7. On Stirring Seas of Salted Blood
8. ? (either Threat Level No. 3 or the Advent, but I think it was the Advent)
9. ?
10. Everything Went Black
11. ? (from Misma)
12. ?
13. ?
14. ?
15. ?
16. Deathmask Divine?

Follow up:

This was a good show.

The Black Dahlia Murder are a good band. They may have played here since but I don't remember. They just released or are very soon releasing a new album so I'm sure they'll be around soon.

Iron Reagan have played here since I think as well. I still haven't gotten as into them as I think I should.

Harms Way are still one of my "go to" live bands. I've seen them live twice since and four times in a little over two years. They still crush everything live. They were supposed to release a new album in 2017 but unless it's one of those surprise releases at the last second I don't think it'll be out before the years end.

I ended up buying Marutas one album and really wasn't impressed.
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