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Support: Scar the Martyr, Huntress
Date: Friday August 9th, 2013
Venue: the Sound Academy in Toronto, Ontario
T-Shirt worn: Angelcorpse “Exterminate”

I don’t care what people say about Glenn Danzig. Sure, the guy may be a total dick. And sure, his voice may have suffered a lot in the last few years. But I’ve been listening to the guy for a long fucking time. I’ve enjoyed or loved everything he’s ever released, even Danzig’s 5 and 6:66. Even more so I love the Misfits. And for some reason I’ve never seen him live. So this is a dream come true for me. And the fact that Doyle’s along for the ride to play some Misfits tunes? :drool:

I wish I could say the same about the openers. I got to the show fashionably late (around two hours after doors) because I hate Huntress and have no interest in Scar the Martyr. I heard one song on the radio a few days ago and I thought it would be really cool, if it was released in 2001. The lady at the doors scared me a bit when she told the guy in line in front of me that whoever was playing when we walked in had been on for about five minutes. It was Scar the Martyr and I thought they were going on stage before Huntress. So I was like, “shit, Danzig’s not going on until midnight at least”. Thankfully she was wrong and they played for about two more minutes and were done. And even better, Huntress had already played. But, since they were both done I walked into the show just in time for a forty five minute set-change.

Danzig came on pretty early (9:30) and they/he was pretty good. The sound was absolute garbage for the whole show and I could barely make out his vocals. But he was really into it and was giving a great performance, and what I could hear he sounded pretty good. He looks old though. That made me sad. I didn’t even know at first that Johnny Kelly of Type O Negative was drumming. I think I was even more excited to see him on the stage than Glenn. And then I realized that Tommy Victor was playing guitar and the show was a high school wet dream for me. The set they played was good. My favorite album by them is 4p so the fact that nothing got played off that was a little disappointing. I didn’t expect to hear anything from 5 or 6:66. The only song that really shouldn’t have been played was Blood and Tears; it just killed the momentum of the show. They were going to play Not Of This World before Mother but Danzig stopped them after one riff of the intro. I don’t know what happened there. The highlight was probably Under Her Black Wings; I forgot how awesome that riff is.

The crowd was really into the Danzig stuff but exploded when Doyle took the stage and joined them for some Misfits songs. That guy is fucking awesome. He has such a cool stage presence and the way he just bashes his guitar is so cool. Danzig should’ve just brought him out at the end because after he left the stage the crowd was a little deflated. It’s too bad that things will never clear up between Danzig and Jerry Only because they would make so much money touring together.

Overall, there is a lot of other Danzig stuff I’d really have preferred to hear but I guess this show and tour is a celebration of the first album so that’s understandable. So aside from the shit sound this was a good show.

1. Skincarver
2. Hammer of the Gods
3. Twist of Cain
4. Am I Demon?
5. Under Her Black wings
6. Devils Plaything
7. Blood and Tears
8. Dirty Black Summer
9. How the Gods Kill
10. Death Comes Ripping (with Doyle)
11. Vampira (with Doyle)
12. I Turned into a Martian (with Doyle)
13. Skulls (with Doyle)
14. Astro Zombies (with Doyle)
15. Last Caress (with Doyle)
16. Soul On Fire
17. Mother
18. She Rides
19. Die Die My Darling (with Doyle)


Follow up:

to no ones real surprise Glenn did patch things up with Jerry only in 2015/2016 and they played a few shows at a few festivals. I'd love to see them. And even though they've said they won't ever play together again I think they probably will. There's too much money to be made.

I think Danzig may have said this was going to be his last tour but he still tours today. He hasn't been back to Toronto though. He released a new album this past year (2017) and what I heard was terrible.

I don't know if Scar the Martyr are still around and I don't really care. I have one free EP they gave away online and it's okay. Their songs were just too long. Radio metal like that should stick to songs that are less than four minutes, their songs regularly hit six.

I'm not sure if Huntress are still around either. They were riding a wave in 2013 of female-fronted metal bands that has since subsided. They really weren't good at all.
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