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Support: Jex Thoth, Vow of Thorns
Date: Friday July 4th, 2014
Venue: the Opera House in Toronto, Ontario
T-Shirt worn: Burzum

I got to the venue just as Jex Thoth was starting up. They played for about seven hours...or maybe it was forty minutes. I wasn't a fan at all and I know some people here are so I'm just going to stop. The guitarist had a wicked tone but yeah...

Agalloch sounded a little rough for the first few songs. The singer was all I could really hear, and his guitar, which was fine since he did most of the leads. But when the other guitarist broke for a lead I could barely hear him. I was surprised that there was a pit for most of the show (albeit a small one). Agalloch does not strike me as a pit band but some people will mosh to anything. They played the same set they’ve been doing the whole tour. I really liked any of the songs from Ashes Against the Grain and Marrow of the Spirit. The new songs were okay. The Astral Dialogue and Vales Beyond Dimension were a little flat to start the show but Celestial Effigy was really good. ...And The Great Cold Death Of The Earth was actually terrible since it was played on a clean electric guitar rather than acoustic. And it’s not a “live”-ish song anyway. And the Melancholy Spirit was pretty bad too. But they made up for anything with the last song Plateau of the Ages. Even though it’s an instrumental that was probably the most epic ending to a concert I may have ever seen.

(intro) Serpens Caput
1. The Astral Dialogue
2. Vales Beyond Dimension
3. Limbs
4. Ghosts Of The Midwinter Falls
5. Dark Matter Gods
6. The Melancholy Spirit (terrible, piano outdo)
7. Celestial Effigy
8. ... And The Great Cold Death Of The Earth
9. Into The Painted Grey
10. Falling Snow
11. Plateau of the Ages

Follow up:

Agalloch ended up imploding shortly after this show. Too bad because they were a really good band. Their last album (the one they were touring for at this show) wasn't that great but their past work was.

I've avoided Jex Thoth like the plague since this show. Thank the Maker that the occult, hippy hard rock trend of a few years ago has died out.
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