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CLASH vs. CHIKARA - 3/26 Taylor, MI

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International Star Skayde, CLASH Champion "GQ" Gavin Quinn, Osirian Portal, "Ace High" Cameron Skyy, "Mad Scientist" Tommy Treznik, The Batiri, CLASH Tag Team Champions Too Sweet (Bryce Benjamin & Joey Marx), "Swagg Star" Dave Manzo, Wreckingball, Dragon Kreed, Mena Libra, "Caveman" Tyler Elkins & more!

CLASH vs. CHIKARA 2010 Recap Video:

Details Forthcoming...
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Sweet & Swagg (Too Sweet [c] & "Swagg Starr" Dave Manzo) vs. The Batiri

"GQ" Gavin Quinn (c) vs. Amasis (Non-Title)

"Mad Scientist" Tommy Treznik vs. Ophidian

Additional Matches & Details Forthcoming...


Source: youtube.com/clashwrestling

Seize The Day is traditionally the biggest CLASH Wrestling event of the year. Relive the entire evening with the Seize The Day IV DVD now available on http://www.clashwrestling.com

Featuring the following matches:
- Seize The Day IV Battle Royal (Featuring Power Rangers, TD & More!)
- Too Sweet vs. Bump N' Uglies (Tag Team Championship)
- "Ace High" Cameron Skyy vs. "Caveman" Tyler Elkins
- "Swagg Starr" Dave Manzo vs. "Mad Scientist" Tommy Treznik (Antidote Ladder Match)
- Sons Of Sanity vs. Victorious Secret vs. Wreckingforce vs. The H3RD
- Mena Libra vs. CLASH CEO Truth Martini
- Gavin Quinn vs. XPac (CLASH Championship)
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The Rematch:
"Caveman" Tyler Elkins vs. "Ace High" Cameron Skyy

Just Added:
- "Maple Leaf Muscle" Petey Williams
- "Amazing" N8 Mattson
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Source: www.clashwrestling.com

International Dream Match Signed For CLASH vs. CHIKARA

March 2, 2011

Earlier today CLASH management finalized what can only be described as an “International Dream Match” for March 26th’s CLASH vs. CHIKARA 2011 supershow! We learned last week that one of the most decorated tecnicos in all of Lucha Libre, Mexico’s Skayde would be making his Michigan debut with CLASH on March 26th. At that time, CLASH Management had yet to decide on an opponent for the masked marvel. Different men were discussed until a unanimous decision was agreed upon. Squaring off with Skayde at CLASH vs. CHIKARA 2011 will be former TNA X-Division Champion “Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams. Williams has amazed CLASH crowds with his athleticism and ability to excel against a variety of opponents. At CLASH vs. CHIKARA 2011, Petey Williams will find himself standing across the ring from a true master of technical wrestling.

With the match set, one must wonder: Who will walk out victorious in this “International Dream Match?” It’s Mexico’s best vs. Canada’s finest: Skayde vs. Petey Williams! CLASH vs. CHIKARA 2011 tickets are available now! Don’t wait, purchase your tickets today and save!

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Skayde/Petey does sound fairly interesting. I wasn't planning on going to this show but this will probably be one of my few chances to see Skayde.
CLASH vs. CHIKARA was awesome last year. Definitely plan on going again, Petey vs. Skayde is just icing on the proverbial cake!
I appreciate the fast paced masked wrestlers in Chikara and Clash so this might be worth checking out on ippv if it's under 15 bucks. If they have it available for only like 10 bucks I'll check it out.
Source: clashwrestling.com

CLASH News Flash For March 4, 2011: First & foremost, special thanks to all of those that made it out to the CONTENDERS CUP on 2/26 with an additional thanks to our sponsors, Big League Brews Sports Bar in Taylor, MI! Tons of news to cover today with a new #1 contender, CLASH Wrestling debuting out of state etc etc etc! This particular news flash will be written a bit differently to encompass all the coming attractions for both 3/19 and 3/26! Here are the specifics on our upcoming events:

** Saturday, March 19th, 2011: CLASH & Infinity Pro: “To Infinity & Beyond” Indiana State Debut
National Guard Armory
33880 S. Walnut
Bloomington, IN

Ticketing information is available with our friends at Infinity Pro Wrestling – www.infinityThis Site is Blocked with additional info here at www.clashwrestling.com
7pm Belltime, Doors @ 6:30pm


**Saturday, March 26, 2011: CLASH Wrestling vs. CHIKARA Pro 2011
TaylorTown Trade Center
2252 Ecorse Rd.
Taylor, MI 48180

All Ages: $12 General, Discounts available on CLASHWRESTLING.COM
8pm Bell, Doors @ 7:30pm

CLASH Wrestling’s “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo outlasted Cameron Skyy, Tommy Treznik, Tyler Elkins, Mena Libra & SharkBoy in a 6 Way Elimination bout at CONTENDERS CUP and will now set his sights at the CLASH gold currently resting on “GQ” Gavin Quinn this April! Manzo is no stranger to contendership as when CLASH began in January 2008, he was the first contender for the belt for several months.

However in March, Manzo will hone in on his 6 Man Tag craft at “Infinity & Beyond” on 3/19 in Bloomington, IN when he’s joined by Cameron Skyy & Wreckingball taking on the H3RD (Treznik, Manix, & Vaughn). Followed by a 6 man main event of Manzo & Too Sweet vs. The Batiri at CLASH vs CHIKARA on 3/26! Tickets available now at CLASHWRESTLING.COM!

In what has almost been a storybook with chapters & chapters of the once friends, now enemies entanglement between “Caveman” Tyler Elkins & “Ace High” Cameron Skyy; it continued right on through at the CONTENDERS CUP on 2/26! The friendship ended between the two when Elkins intentionally cost Skyy the world title when he faced Gavin Quinn in November. Since then we have yet to have a conclusive finish with their 1/29/11 encounter resulting in a Double CountOut, and now on 2/26 neither competitor eliminated each other in the Contenders Cup Main Event. However, each caused the other to be eliminated. The two will square off on 3/26, one on one at CLASH vs. CHIKARA!

On 2/26, just as the Wreckingball had finished the Tables Match on behalf of his team “Wrecking-Force” (w/ Dragon Kreed) by splashing William J. O’Malley through a table; the referee was not conscious to make the call. During this time, the Bump N Uglies raided the ring laying out the Wreckingball in the wreckage of the table O’Malley had just been splashed through; the waking referee made the call the way he saw it giving the win to the Sons Of Sanity (O’Malley & Gideon Malice).

We’ve yet to get any words from either of the Uglies, although if we did, not sure if their words could be interpreted due to their linguistics being unknown & unfamiliar to almost everyone but each other. However, we can confirm that CLASH Management has suspended the Bump N Uglies for the month of March due to the interference and will return to action in April.

For those that were in attendance for CONTENDERS CUP, “GQ” Gavin Quinn successfully defeated “Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams in what some are saying is one of the best matches of the year for 2011! This match along with the full event will be available on DVD next month at CLASH vs. CHIKARA on 3/26! In the meantime, “GQ” Gavin Quinn will defend the CLASH Championship on 3/19 in Indiana against Jimmy Jacobs with the winner meeting “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo in April for the world title.

For those wondering why Jimmy Jacobs was entitled to a CLASH Championship match against Quinn; this Supershow is a collaborative event with our friends INFINITY PRO WRESTLING, and for this event both companies agreed for the Championship to be defended against a representative of Infinity’s choosing. Details on this event along with Infinity Pro’s match listing available on www.infinityThis Site is Blocked!

In Other News:

The Anniversary event, SEIZE THE DAY IV is available now on DVD at CLASHWRESTLING.COM and all CLASH Wrestling merchandise stands! For only $15, you can own CLASH history in the making featuring: Gavin Quinn (c) vs. X-Pac; Truth Martini vs. Mena Libra; an Antidote Ladder Match between Tommy Treznik & Dave Manzo; Cameron Skyy vs. Tyler Elkins & more! Head over to our online store and get yourself a copy today!

Thanks for reading this week, stay tuned to CLASHWRESTLING.COM for all the latest updates on our upcoming events on 3/19 & 3/26!
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I'm surprised that Quack and company are ok with Skayde having a main event match on a show with CHIKARA in it's name.

Did Quack and Rivera come to some kind of understanding after the debacle surrounding last year's King of Trios.
The match of Petey Williams seems interesting,

I dont think Chikara & Skayde are on good terms after the KOT incident, but nevertheless Skayde is Skayde, and him vs petey will probably be sick.. Also, i think this is more of a CLASH show rather than a joint venture of the two companies, but dont quote me..
Source: youtube.com/clashwrestling

Taken from Contenders Cup on February 26th, 2011, VH1 star Jenny (Rock of Love) hosts the first "Ring of Love" interview segment and is interrupted by "Caveman" Tyler Elkins.

Source: www.clashwrestling.com

Tag Team Match Signed For CLASH vs. CHIKARA 2011

March 9, 2011

Earlier today, CLASH Management finalized the sixth match for March 26th’s CLASH vs. CHIKARA 2011 event and it’s a bout never seen before inside a CLASH ring! Both the tandems of Wreckingforce and Victorious Secret are considered fan favorites, but on March 26th only one team can walk away with their arms raised in victory.

Since reforming in January of this year, Wreckingforce has been on a roll, becoming #1 contenders to the Tag Team Championship and were it not for the Bump N’ Uglies, defeating the Sons Of Sanity in a Tag Team Tables Match at the Contenders Cup. A win over Mason Conrad & Cameron Salem would further cement Dragon Kreed & Wreckingball as a formidable duo in the eyes of CLASH management.

Can Wreckingforce continue to dominate the CLASH Tag Team ranks? Or will Victorious Secret find a way to defeat their oversized opposition and continue their own winning streak? There’s only one way to find out! Join us on March 26th for CLASH vs. CHIKARA 2011! Tickets are available now!

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Petey makes this show interesting for me.
Source: youtube.com/clashwrestling

Taken from Contenders Cup on February 26th, 2011, Shark Boy attacks "Caveman" Tyler Elkins during a scuffle with "Ace High" Cameron Skyy. Available on DVD live at CLASH vs. CHIKARA on 3/26!

I've never heard of CLASH before but this looks like a decent card.
Source: youtube.com/clashwrestling

Taken from Contenders Cup on February 26th, 2011, CLASH Champion "GQ" Gavin Quinn battles "Maple Leaf Muscle" Petey Williams in a Non Title Match.

Source: clashwrestling.com

Full Card Announced For CLASH vs. CHIKARA 2011!

March 22, 2011

With our Indiana debut now in the record books, all eyes are on our huge CLASH vs. CHIKARA 2011 supershow! Eight matches have been signed for Saturday’s blockbuster event, including 3 CLASH vs. CHIKARA bouts, a Seize The Day IV rematch between Cameron Skyy & Tyler Elkins and much more! Over the weekend CLASH officials were informed that due to a work visa issue, Skayde will not make it into the United States in time to appear on Saturday’s CLASH vs. CHIKARA event. While Skayde will debut with CLASH in the very near future, another masked marvel will take his place on Saturday night! The highflying and exciting Samuray Del Sol will now square off with “Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams in a bout that be one you will not want to miss!

Additionally two other bouts have been signed for this Saturday night including Ded Vaughn vs. Blue Ranger and a Fatal 4 Way contest between Austin Manix, William J. O’Malley, TD & the debuting “Amazing” N8 Mattson. We at CLASHWRESTLING.COM plan to discuss both these bouts in detail later this week. Until then, remember that CLASH vs. CHIKARA 2011 is THIS SATURDAY NIGHT! Tickets are currently on sale, pick up yours now for presales close this THURSDAY at MIDNIGHT!

Seize The Day IV Rematch
"Caveman" Tyler Elkins vs. "Ace High" Cameron Skyy

Sweet & Swagg (Dave Manzo & Too Sweet) vs. The Batiri

"GQ" Gavin Quinn (c) vs. Amasis (Non-Title)

"Mad Scientist" Tommy Treznik vs. Ophidian

Singles Match
"Maple Leaf Muscle" Petey Williams vs. Samuray Del Sol

Tag Team Match
Wrecking-Force (Wreckingball & Dragon Kreed) vs. Victorious Secret (Mason Conrad & Cameron Salem)

Singles Match:
Blue Ranger vs. Ded Vaughn

Fatal Four Way Match
"Amazing" N8 Mattson vs. Austin Manix vs. William J. O'Malley vs. TD
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Source: clashwrestling.com

Taken from To Infinity & Beyond on March 19th, 2011, "Caveman" Tyler Elkins attacks "Ace High" Cameron Skyy during the concluding moments of the Team CLASH vs. The H3RD 6 Man Elimination Match.


CLASH Blog: "Caveman" Tyler Elkins (03/23/11)

This weekend, CLASH Wrestling made an impact in the wasteland that is the state of Indiana with it's first event outside of Michigan. Undoubtedly, CLASH's impression on this miserable place will be felt for a long time, but not as long as the impression I, the Caveman, left on Cameron Skyy's ribcage! BEEYAAAAAAA!!!

I know, without a doubt, that Skyy thought he was catching a break because The Barefoot Brawler was nowhere to be seen on the card. But what he didn't realize is that there is no escaping this bearded brute. I have SABRETOOTHED tiger blood bro and NOTHING was going to stop me from getting my revenge. I can track a mammoth for miles across the super continent so chasing that idiot over two states wasn't a problem.

Cameron has made a few mistakes in this story of ours and all of them involve costing ME the CLASH Championship. But this latest mistake by The Sin City Spackler, costing me the Contenders Cup and the #1 Contendership, was the last one he'll ever make. You see, Tyler Elkins is on a mission. And I don't care what it takes and at what costs, I WILL destroy Cameron Skyy!

In only a few days, at CLASH vs. CHIKARA 2011, I will enter that ring just as I did in Indiana and in an unprecedented display of violence, will walk out victorious as Cameron Skyy lays in a busted and broken heap.

FEAR THE BEARD!!!!!!!!!!!
Caveman Tyler Elkins
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Hey all, couple new updates heading into CLASH vs. CHIKARA this Saturday Night in Taylor, MI -

Source: clashwrestling.com

CLASH Blog: "Sin City Sparklin" Cameron Skyy

January 29th, our battle received a “count-out” finish. Now, a count out might be credible if I’m entertained by a computer game of Zynga Poker, but in the instance of a bout with the “Bare Foot Dum-Dum” Tyler Elkins, it doesn’t sit well. February 26th, both of our efforts are squashed in becoming #1 contender by each other at Contenders Cup. March 26th, I will emerge victorious and soak in that good feeling as I stand above you, where I’ll always remain.

You see, there’s a part of the “Ace High” you have yet to uncover, a part you have yet to expose. There’s a “Vegas Bad Guy” that exists underneath that lights the spark on the Sin City Strip with his energy & invincibility! The same spark that lights your cave fires, and the same spark that earned you your spot in CLASH Wrestling. Until 3/26, you do what you do, burrow in your cave and communicate with your other Neanderthal friends because I will be the one to lay out that fire, put out that spark, and send you back to extinction.

“Sin City Sparklin”
Cameron Skyy


Fatal 4 Way Match Signed For This Saturday Night!

March 24, 2011

Earlier this week it was announced that a Fatal 4 Way bout will take place this Saturday night at CLASH vs. CHIKARA 2011. Historically, the Fatal 4 Way bout is a CLASH Wrestling staple, as the CLASH Championship was crowned both at Seize The Day I & III in such a match. While Saturday’s bout will not be for championship gold, a win will go a long way in the victors ascent up the CLASH ladder.

Fresh off victories at the Contenders Cup, both Austin Manix & William J. O’Malley hope to continue their winning ways on Saturday night. Across the ring from Manix & O’Malley stands CLASH newcomer TD who is still waiting to make an impact and CLASH vs. CHIKARA 2011 may be his best chance yet. The fourth man in the bout, while no stranger to professional wrestling is a stranger to CLASH Wrestling: “Amazing” N8 Mattson. A veteran of the squared circle, Amazing N8 hopes to start his CLASH career off right, by picking up the victory this Saturday night.

It’s one of the most action packed bouts in CLASH Wrestling. 4 men but only 1 victor. The first man to successfully either pin or submit one of his adversaries will be crowned the winner. Who will walk out victorious? There’s only one way to find out: JOIN US THIS SATURDAY NIGHT! CLASH vs. CHIKARA comes along only once a year! Tickets are still available until TOMORROW @ MIDNIGHT!

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