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cjmacd1989 Presents My WWE!

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Hi Everyone and welcome to my BTB!

I will be the best EVER Booker on WE Forums.

Sure I am being cocky, but wait till you see what i have in store!

Anyways lets get down to business. I will start from the first raw of 2006.

Staff, Champions, Rosters & Stables


RAW General Manager : Mick Foley

RAW Announcer 1 : Joey Styles

RAW Announcer 2 : Jerry "The King" Lawler

RAW Interviewer 1 : Jonathan Coachman

RAW Interviewer 2 : Maria

Raw Ring Announcer : Lilian Garcia


WWE Champion : John Cena
WWE Intercontanental Champion : Ric Flair
WWE World Tag Team Champions : Kane & The Big Show
WWE Woman's Champion : Trish Stratus


Big Show
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
Danny Basham
Gene Snitsky
Gregory Helms
Hulk Hogan
Jerry Lawler
Joey Styles
John Cena
Johnny Parisi
Jonathan Coachman
Kurt Angle
Lance Cade
Lilian Garcia
Matt Striker
Mick Foley
Mickie James
Rene Dupree
Ric Flair
Rob Conway
Rob Van Dam
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Stone Cold
The Rock
Todd Grisham
Torrie Wilson
Trevor Murdoch
Triple H
Trish Stratus
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis

Vis & Val - Viscera & Val Venis
The Heart Throbs - Antonio & Romeo
Kane & The Big Show
Snitsky & Tyson Tomko


Smackdown General Manager : Theodore Long

Smackdown Announcer 1 : Michael Cole

Smackdown Announcer 2 : Tazz

Smackdown Interviewer 1 : Josh Matthews

Smackdown Interviewer 2 : Kristal

Smackdown Ring Announcer : Tony Chimill


World Heavyweight Champion : Batista
WWE United States Champion : Vacant
WWE Tag Team Champions : Batista & Rey Mysterio
WWE Crusierweight Champion : Kid Kash


Booker T
Brian Kendrick
Chris Benoit
Doug Basham
Hardcore Holly
Joey Mercury
Johnny Nitro
Josh Mathews
Ken Kennedy
Kid Kash
Matt Hardy
Michael Cole
Orlando Jordan
Paul Burchill
Paul London
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Road Warrior Animal
Scotty 2 Hotty
Simon Dean
Stacy Keibler
Steve Romero
Steven Richards
Super Crazy
Theodore Long
William Regal


The Brits : William Regal & Paul Burchill
The Mexicools : Super Crazy, Psycosis & Juvented
The Italians : Nunzio & Vito
L.O.D. : "Road Warrior" Animal & Heidenreich
MNM : Joey Mercury, Johney Nitro & Melina


Monday January 2nd 2006 - Raw - E. Rutherford, N.J.
Friday January 6th 2006 - Smackdown - Wilkes-Barre, PA
Sunday January 8th 2006 - New Year's Revolution - Albany, N.Y.
Monday January 9th 2006 - Raw - Elmira, N.Y.
Friday January 13th 2006 - Smackdown - Philadelphia
Monday January 16th 2006 - Raw - Raleigh, N.C.
Friday January 20th 2006 - Smackdown - Florence, SC
Monday January 23rd 2006 - Raw - Charlotte, N.C.
Friday January 27th 2006 - Smackdown - Greenville, SC
Sunday January 29th 2006 - Royal Rumble - Miami, FL
Monday January 30th 2006 - Raw - TBA



WWE Championship
Elimination Chamber Match
John Cena vs Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels vs Carlito vs Chris Masters vs Kane

WWE Intercontanental Championship
Triple Threat
Ric Flair vs Trevor Murdoch vs Shelton Benjamin

No Holds Barred Match
Triple H vs The Big Show

WWE Woman's Championship
Fatal Four Way Elimination Match
Trish Stratus vs Victoria vs Lita vs Mickie James

Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Winner Wins Money In The Bank, Loser Enters The Royal Rumble
Edge vs Rob Van Dam

Tag Team No.1 Contendership
Val Venis & Viscera vs The Heart Throbs vs Snitsky & Tyson Tomko vs ??????

Expect Raw to be up tomorrow or next day!
smackdown by Christmas eve!
New Year's Revolution Christmas Day!

Be Prepared For The Best Booking Ever Seen On WE Forums!
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Did you say best? Sorry but after Wolfy it's me so :p. J/K. I'll see if you even have potential to be the best booker. Wolfy is the best at this point so I'd like to see you beat his weekly Raw's and SD!'s and his top quality and quantity PPV's. Goodlcuk.

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EBboy™ said:
Did you say best? Sorry but after Wolfy it's me so :p. J/K. I'll see if you even have potential to be the best booker. Wolfy is the best at this point so I'd like to see you beat his weekly Raw's and SD!'s and his top quality and quantity PPV's. Goodlcuk.
I will show you i am better than Wolfy and all the other bookers.

Just wait!

Also how do you do dropdowns in your signature?

I need it for my BTB!


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There's an example in suggestions and help. It's sticked up

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WWE RAW - 02/01/2006 - E. Rutherford, N.J.

WWE RAW - 02/01/2006 - E. Rutherford, N.J.

The RAW Theme Music, "Across The Nation" Hits and The RAW Video Plays!

The Camera Cuts To The Arena and the crowd in E. Rutherford, N.J. are going CRAZY!

Joey Styles : Good Evening, Ladies & Gentleman and Welcome To Monday Night Raw! We are six days away from the first WWE & RAW Pay Per View Of The New Year, New Year's Revolution! Along side me tonight is my co-announcer, Jerry "The King" Lawler! And Tonights Main Event is a Six Man Tag Team Match With John Cena, Shawn Michaels & Kane on one side and Kurt Angle, Carlito & Chris Masters On The Other! What A Match!

Jerry Lawler : Tonight Is Going To Be One Hell Of A Show!

GM Foley Music Hits And The Newly Appointed GM Of Raw Makes His Way To The Ring To A Tremendous Ovation!

Mick Foley : Tonight in the Main Event Of Raw, we see John Cena, Shawn Michaels & Kane vs Kurt Angle, Carlito & Chris Masters. Well, let me think now, I was appointed Raw GM at the end of Raw last week, but the match was made earlier on in the night. So therefore, I wasn't GM when that match was made. So, as General Manager Of Raw, Tonight, right here in W. Rutherford! That Six Man Tag Is Now A No DQ Six Man Tag Match! Have A Nice Da.......!

I'M BAAAAAAAAACK Hits In The Arena and The Former General Manager Of Raw, Eric Bischoff, Comes Out To The Entrance Ramp.

Eric Bischoff : Well, well, well. Mick Foley, the new GM of Raw, huh. So Mick, how long till this show falls apart without me?

Mick Foley : Well Bischoff, I have been here a couple of minutes and the crowd already seem to be behind me being GM of RAW which is more than what you can say.

Eric Bischoff : Well Mick, let me tell you how long your little reign as GM is gonna last. Now I would have to say........about...........three minutes!

3-Minute Warning, the team of Rosey & Jamal hits the Ring and begin to brutally attack Mick Foley as Eric Bischoff makes his way to the ring. Rosey slams Mick Foley to the mat with a Forceful Powerslam and Jamal gets on the top rope and hits a thunderous splash.

Eric Bischoff : Now Mick, we can do this the easy way, or the hard way! The easy way is you put 3-Minute Warning in the No.1 Contenders Match at New Year's Revolution! Or you can choose the Hard way, when 3-Minute Warning make you put them in the Tag Team No.1 Contender's Match! So Mick, what do ya say?

Mick Foley : Kiss My Ass, Bischoff!


3-Minute Warning Continue To Assault Mick Foley with Powerful & Painful Moves! Eric Bischoff grabs a Steel Chair and hits Mick Foley In The Head With It and Foley is busted open!

Eric Bischoff : Mick, You Son Of A Bitch! Put 3-Minute Warning In The Match or We Are Going To Break What Is Left Of Your Corroded Body In Half! Got It?!

Mick Foley : Goddammit, Eric! 3-Minute Warning Are In The Match Then!

Mick Foley Then Proceeds To Spit In Eric Bischoff's face and Eric is angry as hell. Eric Grabs The Steel Chair and gets Rosey & Jamal to hold Foley to the mat. Bischoff places the chair on Foley's face and stomps on it straight in Foley's skull!

Eric Bischoff and 3-Minute Warning Celebrate In The Ring Over A Battered Mick Foley as Raw Goes To Commercial.


Joey Styles : Welcome Back To Raw and if you have just joined us, Eric Bischoff has returned to Raw bringing 3-Minute Warning With Him and brutially attacking Mick Foley so they count get a shot at the Tag Titles!

Jerry Lawler : That attack on Mick was uncalled for and didn't need to happen. It makes me sick to my stomach!

"It's Time To Rock & Roll" hits as The Woman's Champion Trish Stratus Makes Her Way To The Ring To Defend Her Title.

Lilian Garcia : The Following Contest is scheduled for One Fall and it is for the WWE Woman's Championship! Making her way to the ring, from Toronto, Canada, she is the Woman's Champion - Trish Stratus!

Jerry Lawler : Woohoo, Puppies, Puppies, Puppies! Hey Joey, have I ever told me how much I love puppies?!

Joey Styles : Yep King, about a million times!

Torrie Wilson's Music Hits as Torrie makes her to challenge Trish for the Title!

Lilian Garcia : And The Challenger! From Tampa, Florida - Torrie Wilson!

WWE Woman's Championship

Trish Stratus (c) vs Torrie Wilson

Trish and Torrie Lock Up In The Middle Of The Ring! Trish puts Torrie in a headlock and Torrie pushes Trish against the ropes and shoves her off. Trish bounces off the ropes. Torrie goes for a clotheline, Trish ducks, bounces off the ropes again and clotheslines Torrie down. Trish picks Torrie up and hits a Vertical suplex. 1....2...kickout by Torrie! Trish picks Torrie up and whips her into the corner. Trish runs at Torrie, looking for the shoulder barge in the corner but Torrie moves and pushes Trish into the ringpost. Torrie grabs Trish and hits an arm breaker to try and further damage the shoulder that went into the ring post. 1....2...kickout by Trish! Torrie stomps Trish and applies an armbar on Trish. Trish begins to scream with pain as she slowly pulls her way to the ropes. Trish grabs the rope. The ref starts his count, 1...2....3....4...Torrie breaks the hold of at the count of four! Torrie picks Trish up and puts her into the corner. Torrie runs at Trish and connects with a running clothesline and a bulldog to put Trish down. Torrie gets up and heads for the top rope, but wait Trish is up and punching away to the sternum of Torrie Wilson on the top rope. Trish steps back and goes for the Stratusphere and connects. BUT WAIT! HERE COMES VICTORIA! Victoria hits the ring and tries to clothesline Trish but Trish ducks and hits the Stratusfaction on Victoria. Trish grabs Torrie and Hits The Stratusfaction on her too. HERE COMES LITA! Lita gets in the ring and goes for a clothesline also but Trish uses the Matrix Move and Connects to Lita's face with the Chick Kick! Trish throws Victoria and Lita to the outside and connects with a Chich Kick to Torrie Wilson! BANG! Trish goes down from a steel chair shot and the Referee calls for the bell! IT'S MICKIE JAMES! MICKIE JAMES HAS ATTACKED TRISH STRATUS!

Winner by Disqualification and still WWE Woman's Champion : Trish Stratus

AFTERMATH : Mickie James continues to attack Trish Stratus with the chair as Officials try to break them up!


Joey Styles : Welcome back to RAW! And If you have just joined us, you just missed Trish Stratus' "Number 1 Fan", Mickie James, brutially attacking her with a steel chair. So I guess this means that at New Year's Revolution this Sunday, it WILL be every woman for herself!

Camera Cut Backstage and we see The Coach about to have an interview with John Cena

The Coach : John Cena at New Year's Revolution you will be in a match that you have never featured in before, the Elimination Chamber! Now I need to know, how can you trust your partners tonight in the six man tag?

John Cena : Coach, Coach, Coach! How can I trust my partners tonight? Well let me just say this, I don't trust no one in that match tonight! In the Elimination Chamber match Sunday, everyone who enters goes in, every man for themselves. So I see it like this and I hope everyone in the six man tonight is listening up! If Ya Want Some Come Get Some!

Joey Styles : John Cena there, with some words of advise for his opponauts this Sunday in the Elimination Chamber. When we come back, "The Game" Triple H takes on Chavo Guerrero.


Chavo Guerrero is in the ring awaiting the arrival of Triple H.

"Time To Play The Game" hits and the game makes his way to the ring.

Lilian Garcia : From Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing in at 260 pounds, "The Game" Triple H!

Singles Match

Triple H vs Chavo Guerrero

Triple H & Chavo Guerrero lock up in the middle of the ring. Triple H backs Chavo into the corner using his strength and the referee asks them to break it up. Triple H releases Chavo and slap him across the face. Triple H then taunts Chavo Guerrero. LOOK OUT! Chavo runs at Triple H and spears him down and goes to work with right hands to the face of The Game. Chavo picks up Triple H and hits him with a bodyslam. Chavo off the ropes and hits The Game with a elbow. 1....2..Kickout by Triple H! Chavo picks The Game up and whips him off the ropes and knocks Triple H down with a dropkick. 1...2..kickout by The Game! Chavo whips Triple H, but it is reversed and The Game connects with a HUGE Spinebuster. 1....2...Kickout by Chavo! Triple H is in control and hits a vertical suplex on Chavo. 1...2...kickout by Chavo! Triple H gets up and whips Chavo, but it is reversed and Triple H goes of the ropes. Chavo ducks down and looks to be going for a back body drop, but The Game connects with the Facebuster! Triple H goes for the Pedigree, but Chavo reverses and Hits A back body drop on Triple H. The Game gets up as Chavo Bounces off the ropes. HEAD SCISSORS connects to Triple H! 1....2....Kickout by The Game! Chavo picks up Triple H and looks to connect with his finisher, The Gory Bomb! YES! THE GORY BOMB CONNECTS! 1....2....Kickout By The Game! CHAVO CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Chavo picks up Triple H and goes for the Three Amigos. He gets ONE, He Gets TWO & YES HE GETS THREE! Chavo points to the Sky in memory of his Uncle Eddie Guerrero and goes up top for the Frog Splash. CHAVO JUMPS...........BUT TRIPLE H GETS THE KNEES UP! Triple H grabs Chavo and hits him with the Pedigree! 1....2....3!

Winner : Triple H

Aftermatch : Triple H leaves. Then Chavo gets a Standing Ovation for his attempt!

Joey Styles : Oh My God, That was some fight that Chavo put up against the 10-Time World Champion!

Jerry Lawler : I thought Chavo Guerrero had it there but Triple H managed to get his knees up and connect with the Pedigree!


"No Chance In Hell" hits as Mr. McMahon makes his way down the ramp with a very angry look on his face.


I'M BAAAAAAAAAACK hits and Eric Bischoff makes his way to the ring accompanied by 3-Minute Warning!


Eric Bischoff : OH JUST SHUT UP, VINCE! You come out here with your big swagger walk and pretend you are the Boss Round here! Hey, I may not be GM of Raw anymore, but as long as 3-Minute Warning is around I pretty much as still running this show!

Mr. McMahon : Oh you think so do you Eric! Well then, Rosey, Jamal...........YOU'RE FIRED!!!!

Eric Bischoff : HAHAHAHAHA! You think that will work Vince huh! Rosey, Jamal gets this old son of a bitch!

Mr. McMahon : SECURITY!

Security comes running to the ring and try to get 3-Minute Warning out of the ring but 3-Minute Warning are too strong and beat the security up as Mr. McMahon makes his escape out of the ring. Mr. McMahon turns around to face the ring at the top of the ramp way.

Mr. McMahon : I have just had an idea, and in the interest of fairness, your boys there are going to have a match! Win - you stay, Lose - I TAKE OUT THE TRASH!

Eric Bischoff : Well Vince, that sounds good to me, who is 3-Minute Warning's oppount?

"Well, It The Big Show" hits and the largest athlete in Sports Entertainment makes his way to the ring for a Handicap match against 3-Minute Warning!

3-Minute Warning Win, They Keep Their Jobs. 3-Minute Warning Lose, They Are Fired

Big Show vs 3-Minute Warning

Big Show gets in the ring and double clotheslines Jamal & Rosey! Big Show then bodyslams Rosey first, then Jamal! Big Show throws Jamal out of the ring over the top rope and makes his way over to Rosey, but wait, Eric Bischoff has a hold on Big Show's foot. BANG! Rosey clotheslines Big Show over the top rope. Rosey and Jamal pick Big Show and with all their force throw him into the steel steps knocking the Big Show straight over them. They pick Big Show up again and hit him with a double suplex on the outside. They throw Big Show in the ring as 3-Minute Warning whip Big Show of the ropes and hit a double flapjack on the Big Show. Rosey & Jamal pick up Big Show and whip him of the ropes again and this time Rosey hits a Samoan Drop and Big Show! LOOK OUT! JAMAL OF THE TOP AND CONNECTS WITH A THUNDEROUS SPLASH! 1....2.....3! ITS OVER! ERIC BISCHOFF & 3-MINUTE WARNING GET THEIR JOBS BACK!

Winners : 3-Minute Warning

Aftermatch : 3-Minute Warning pick up a lifeless Big Show and take him up the ramp and hit a Double Chokeslam of the stage through Four Tables! The crowd break into a HOLY SHIT chant as 3-Minute Warning leave laughing!


Joey Styles : Moments ago, 3-Minute Warning decimated the Big Show in a handicap match and get their jobs back and then Double Chokeslam the Big Show of the stage through four tables. Well, during the commercial break and on WWE Unlimited on WWE.com, Big Show was taken away on a stretcher, which makes me question whether or not the Big Show will be able to get to New Year's Revolution for his match with Triple H!

Jerry Lawler : Well, I was just down there, checking the Big Show and from what I could tell, it doesn't look to promising for the Big Show!

Joey Styles : I Bet Triple H is happy about what just happened! Anyways, join us after the commercial break where we will see tonights Main Event, The Six Man Tag With John Cena, Shawn Michaels & Kane vs Kurt Angle, Carlito & Chris Masters!


"I Spit In The Face Of People Who Don't Want To Be Cool" hits as Carlito makes his way to the ring.

Lilian Garcia : From San Turce, Puerto Rico, Weighing in at 234 pounds, Carlito!

"The Drumroll" hits and here comes "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters.

Lilian Garcia : From Los Angeles, California, Weighing in at 275 pounds, "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters!

Kurt Angle's Music hits and here comes WWE's only Olympic Gold Medalist in WWE History!

Lilian Garcia : From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Weighing in at 220 pounds, the Only Olympic Gold Medalist In WWE History, Kurt Angle!

Kane's Music hits and here comes the Big Red Machine!

Lilian Garcia : From Parts Unknown, Weighing In at 326 pounds, he is one half of the World Tag Team Champions, Kane!

"I Think I'm Cute" hits and here comes HBK.

Lilian Garcia : From San Antonio, Texas, Weighing in at 225 pounds, "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels!

"The Time Is Now Hits" as The WWE Champion makes his way to the ring to a deafening ovation!

Lilian Garcia : From West Newbury, Massatusus, Weighing in at 240 pounds, he is the WWE Champion, John Cena!

No DQ Six Man Tag Team Match

John Cena, Shawn Michaels & Kane vs Kurt Angle, Carlito & Chris Masters

John Cena & Carlito start things off for their teams! Cena & Carlito lock up in the middle of the ring and John Cena knocks Carlito down with a hard right hand. John Cena whips Carlito off the ropes and knocks him down with a shoulder block and then hits an elbow drop on Carlito. John Cena makes the tag to Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels grabs Carlito and whips him off the ropes and hits a back body drop. 1....2...kickout by Carlito! Shawn Michaels bounces off the ropes, but gets a knee in the back from Chris Masters. Carlito Tags Chris Masters In and "The Masterpiece" gets straight to work with a standing vertical suplex. 1....2....kickout by HBK! Chris Masters grabs Michaels and locks in a Abdominal Stretch. HBK stays in the hold for about two minutes but finally gets out of it. HBK bounces off the ropes and goes for the flying forearm, but "The Masterpiece" uses his strength and catches Michaels and hits a polish hammer straight into HBK's face! HBK's nose is bleeding after the impact of the Polish Hammer! Chris Masters tags in Kurt Angle, who goes straight to work with an over the head belly to belly suplex. 1...2...kickout by HBK! Angle continues his assault on Michaels and starts stomping away on Michaels. Angle picks Michaels up and hits a huge German Suplex! 1....2....kickout by Michaels! Kurt Angle whips Shawn Michaels off the ropes, goes for a clothesline, but Michaels ducks and comes back with a flying forearm and connects. Both Men Are Down! Michaels nips up and Kurt Angle sees HBK and quickly gets to his feet. Angle runs at Michaels in the corner but Michaels moves and Angle goes into the ring post. Michaels grabs Angle and hits the Angle Slam on Kurt Angle. Michaels climbs to the top rope and looks to be going for the elbow drop, BUT WAIT, KURT ANGLE WAS PLAYING POSSUM! KURT ANGLE JUMPS TO THE TOP AND TAKES MICHAELS DOWN WITH A TOP ROPE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! 1....2.....kickout by Michaels! Both men are down and need to make a tag! Angle tags Carlito and HBK tags Kane! Kane gets in and clothesline Carlito. Then The Masterpiece comes in and gets a back body drop for his trobule. Carlito gets up and gets a sidewalk slam and then Chris Masters gets throw over the top rope to the outside. LOOK OUT, KURT ANGLE & CHRIS MASTERS BOTH HAVE A CHAIR AND IS GOING TO HIT KANE! Here comes John Cena and HBK and they clothesline both Angle & Masters taking themselves out in the process, leaving Kane & Carlito in the ring together! Kane stalks Carlito and is looking for the Chokeslam, he grabs Carlito by the throat and hits the Chokeslam on Carlito! Kane picks up Carlito and goes for the Tombstone Piledriver, which also connects! BUT WAIT, THROUGH THE CROWD, HERE COMES 3-MINUTE WARNING! They get in the ring and attack Kane with a steel chain! They get a table out and set Kane up on it! Jamal goes to the top and hits the splash on Kane through the table as Rosey revives Carlito! Carlito grabs the beaten up Kane and hits an inverted swinging neck breaker! 1....2.....3! Carlito has pinned Kane and won the match for his team!

Winners : Kurt Angle, Carlito & Chris Masters

Aftermatch : Carlito holds the WWE Championship above his head as the screen fades to black!

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I'm so impressed by that Raw. 1000000000000000000/10. Not. Why'd youy only post the openeing? That's not a good sign of being the best booker.

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+ if you want to be better than Wolfy and all of them, you are going to have to make your promos in character and longer. Wolfy always has people in character and they are long and he only write the finish! People says length doesn't matter, but in a way it does. Like you can't get by with a two page Raw and a 15 page joint PPV? Wolfy will post Survivor Series tomorrow probably so check it out. It will be long beware, but it may help you out.

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WWE SMACKDOWN - 06/01/2006 - Wilkes-Barre, PA

WWE SMACKDOWN - 06/01/2006 - Wilkes-Barre, PA

The Smackdown Theme Music, "" hits and the Smackdown video plays!

The camera cuts to the arena where the pyro goes off and the crowd in Wilkes-Barre, PA goes nuts!

Michael Cole : Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen, and welcome to the first Friday Night Smackdown of the New Year! And Tonight what a main event we have in store for you. A 15-Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal!

Tazz : Yeah Cole, And The Winner Will Go On To The Royal Rumble To Take On Batista For The World Heavyweight Championship! It's Gonna Be A Rocket Buster!

"MacMillitant" hits and here come the General Manager Of Smackdown, Theodore Long!

Theodore Long : Holla Holla Holla Wilkes-Barre! Now tonight here on Friday Night Smackdown, a 15-Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal Will Take Place! The Winner Of That Match will go on to The Royal Rumble to take on Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship! Now Belie That! Also Tonight Here On Friday Night Smackdown, It is the final match in the Best Of 7 Series For The United States Championship between Chris Benoit & Booker T! Now as of now, I only have 14 men for my battle royal, so I decided that the winner of that match should be entered into the battle royal! Now Give Me A Holla Holla Holla, Playas!

Theodore Long Leaves The Ring to a decent ovation!


Tony Chimill : The Following Contest Is The Final Match In The Best Of 7 Series For The United States Championship!

"CAN YOU DIG IT, SUCKA!" Hits and here comes Booker T with his wife, Sharmell!

Being Accompanied To The Ring by Sharmell, From Housten, Texas, Weighing in at 250 pounds, Booker T!

Chris Benoit's Music Hits & Here Comes "The Rabid Wolferine" Chris Benoit!

Tony Chimill : From From Edmonton Alberta, Canada, but now Residing in Atlanta, Georgia, weighing in at 220 pounds, "The Rabid Wolferine" Chris Benoit!

Best Of Seven Series : Match 7 For The United States Championship
Booker T vs Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit and Booker T lock up in this highly anticipated final match of the best of 7 series! Booker T gets Chris Benoit in a side headlock, but Chris Benoit pushes Booker T off and straight into the ropes. Chris Benoit looks to go for a clothesline, but Booker T grabs the rope and slides out of the ring. Chris Benoit walks over to the ropes and invites Booker T back in and holds the Middle Rope Open For Him! Booker T becomes irate on the outside and kicks the steel steps over, but Booker's wife, Sharmell cames the 5-Time WCW Champion down! Booker T gets back in the ring and stares at Benoit on the other side of the ring! Sharmell distracts Benoit! Booker T gets a cheap shot on Chris Benoit! Booker T begins to go to work on Benoit in the corner with rights and lefts to the head and body. Booker whips Benoit, hard, into the opposite corner and Benoit goes down to the mat. Booker T pulls Benoit to the middle of the ring. Booker T hits a knee drop on Chris Benoit. 1....2...kickout by Benoit! Booker T picks Chris Benoit up and whips him off the ropes and connects with a back body drop. 1...2.kickout by Benoit! Booker T grabs Benoit and throws him to the outside through the middle rope. Booker T goes out after Chris Benoit and throws him into the steel steps, HEAD FIRST! Booker Picks Benoit up and tosses him in the ring! 1...2...kickout by Benoit! Booker T picks Chris Benoit up and irish whips him off the ropes and goes for a side kick but Benoit ducks under and goes behind and connects with a German Suplex. Benoit gets up still hanging on to Booker T and connects with a second. Benoit gets up again and hits a third german suplex. 1....2....kickout by Booker T! Chris Benoit gets up and grabs Booker T and hits a snap suplex. Chris Benoit signals that "That's It" and heads for the top turnbuckle! BENOIT JUMPS.............BUT BOOKER T MOVES RESULTING IN BENOIT HITTING HIS HEAD OFF THE CANVAS! Booker T stalks Chris Benoit. Benoit gets up. Booker T grabs Benoit and connects with The Book End! 1....2....kickout by Benoit. Booker T can't Believe It! Booker T grabs Benoit but gets pushes back into the referee. THE REFEREE IS DOWN! Booker T turns round and walks straight into the Crippler Crossface and Booker T is taping! LOOK OUT, SHARMELL IS IN THE RING! BUT BENOIT SPOTS HER OUT THE CORNER OF HIS EYE! Benoit gets up and stares at Sharmell. Sharmell swings her broom at Chris Benoit. Chris Benoit blocks it and breaks the broom in half over his knee and throws it in the crowd. Benoit grabs Sharmell by the hair, but Booker T hits Benoit in the back and locks in a Crippler Crossface of his own. The Referee is up and is checking for a submission, but Benoit manages to get to the rope. Booker T breaks the hold and leaves Benoit lying on the ropes. Booker T is irate that Benoit didn't tap out and goes for the scissors kick and connects. 1....2....kickout by Benoit. Booker T picks up Benoit and throughs him into the ring post in the corner and the referee check if Benoit is allright. BUT LOOK, AS THE REF IS DISTRACTED SHARMELL HAS THROW BOOKER T HER HIGH HEELED SHOE! SHARMELL DISTRACTS THE REFEREE AS BOOKER T HITS BENOIT IN THE FOREHEAD WITH THE HEEL OF SHARMELL'S SHOE! BENOIT IS BUSTED OPEN! Booker T picks Benoit up and kicks him in the gut. SCISSORS KICK ON BENOIT! 1....2....3! ITS OVER! BOOKER T IS THE UNDISPUTED UNITED STATES CHAMPION! AND HE IS ALSO ENTERED INTO THE 15-MAN BATTLE ROYAL LATER TONIGHT!

Winner and The Undisputed United States Champion : Booker T

Aftermath : Booker T holds his belt above his head and walks to the back with his wife, Sharmell, leaving a bloody Chris Benoit in the ring!


Michael Cole : Welcome Back To Smackdown and if you've just joined us Booker T is the Undisputed United States Champion! He Beat Chris Benoit with the Scissors Kick but not without a little help from Sharmell who gave her shoe to Booker to use as a weapon!

Tazz : Well Cole during the commercial break, we saw Chris Benoit getting help to the back and with what looks to a very heavy opening on his forehead from the shoe of Sharmell.

Michael Cole : Well Tazz, 15-Man Battle Royal Tonight, who you going for?

Tazz : Well Cole, I'm Going For JBL in this one! He hasn't been Champion for a while now and well I think it is JBL's turn.

Michael Cole : My Pick - Lashley! This Guy is the Real Deal! He has everything he needs to be successul here in the WWE!

Camera cuts to backstage and we see the WWE Tag Team Champions, Batista & Rey Mysterio, talking in the locker room.

Batista : Hey Rey, Good Luck tonight in the Battle Royal, I'll be rooting for ya!

Rey Mysterio : Thanks Batista, but I have to tell you, if I win that battle royal tonight. At the Royal Rumble, I sure as hell try my very hardest to take that World Heavyweight Championship from around your waist!

Batista : Rey, I wouldn't have it any other way! I am off to take care of business!

Michael Cole : Batista Defends His World Heavyweight Championship, NEXT!


Vito is already in the ring awaiting the arrival of Batista!

"Unleashed" hits and here comes "The Animal" Batista!

Tony Chimill : From Washington D.C., Weighing in at 317 pounds, he is one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions and The World Heavyweight Champion, Batista!

Singles Match For The World Heavyweight Championship
Batista (c) vs Vito

Batista and Vito lock up in the middle of the ring. Batista uses his amazing strength and picks Vito up and puts him in the corner. Batista goes to work with some shoulder barges into the sternum of Vito. Batista whips Vito into the other corner. Batista runs at Vito and connects with a HUGE clothesline in the corner. Batista grabs Vito in the center of the ring and hits a big suplex on Vito. 1....2....kickout by Vito. Batista picks Vito up and go to whip Vito, but Vito reverses and whip Batista off the ropes. Vito goes for a clothesline, but Batista ducks and comes back off the ropes and hits Vito with a HUGH Spear! Batista picks Vito up whips him off the ropes and hits The Spinebuster. 1....2....3! Batista retains his title in an easy match!

Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion : Batista

Aftermath : Batista is celebrating on the turnbuckle when Nunzio comes to the ring and hits Batista in the back with a chair. The shot had no effect on Batista. Batista then Batista Bombed Nunzio for good measure before leaving the ring.


Randy Orton and Bob Orton are on screen as Smackdown comes back from commercial.

Josh Matthews : Randy Orton, tonight you are one of the 15 competitors in the 15-Man Battle Royal. How do you see your chances of winning?

Randy Orton : Well Josh, tonight in that Battle Royal, you will see 14 Men Thrown over that top rope curtusy of the "Legend Killer" Randy Orton! And Batista when I get to the Royal Rumble, I will take your World Heavyweight Championship away from you and begin the most successful and best World Heavyweight Championship Reign Ever Seen!

JBL Approaches Randy Orton From Behind

JBL : Oh Really Randy! Well as far as I see it, you have no chance in hell of winning that Battle Royal tonight as I, JBL, a Wrestling God will beat the living hell out of every single man in that ring tonight and go the the Rumble and take what is rightfully mine!

Randy Orton : HAHAHA! JBL don't make me laugh. You had three oportunites against Batista before and you blew it. You see JBL, I have beat Batista before when I was back on RAW and I could do it again in a second.

JBL : Oh Reall.......

Just then the monitor came on and the Undertaker's face appeared!

Undertaker : Tonight, 14-Men Rest In Peace! At The Rumble, Batista Rests In Peace!

BOOM! The TV blows up scaring JBL and The Ortons away!


AS Smackdown Returns, All the Battle Royal Participants are in the ring.

15-Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal
Booker T vs Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio vs JBL vs Matt Hardy vs Undertaker vs Lashley vs Mercury vs Nitro vs Hardcore Holly vs Orlando Jordan vs Boogeyman vs Heidenreich vs Animal vs William Regal

14 - Hardcore Holly by Randy Orton
13 - William Regal by Boogeyman
12 - Mercury by Lashley
11 - Nitro by Lashley
10 - Orlando Jordan by Undertaker
09 - Matt Hardy by JBL
08 - Animal by Booker T
07 - Heidenreich by Lashley
06 - JBL by Lashley
05 - Randy Orton by Rey Mysterio
04 - Rey Mysterio by Lashley
03 - The Undertaker by Lashley
02 - Lashley by Booker T

Winner and No.1 Contender For The World Heavyweight Championship : Booker T

Aftermath : Booker T celebrates with Sharmell and the United States Championship as Smackdown fades to black!

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Okay, what the hell was that??? Seriously. The only thing good was the Benoit/Booker match but first off, not enough promos, Batista should have not defended the belt in a squash match and the Royal was sorry since you didn't write out and details on it and just told us who got eliminated. And finally..........WHY THE HELL DID BOOKER WIN THE ROYAL!!! He's the US champ and now the #1 contender for Batista's belt. Not off to a great start on RAW. Plus, you had about three matches, making it look like an hour long of Smackdown. So this show gets a five out of ten.

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Raw- 4/10

Smackdown- 5/10.

I thought I was going to bargh after reading that. I wouldn't of given you such a harsh response if you weren't so cocky and thinking your the best. Now I'm going to grade you like you were the best. The harshest way I could think of.

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^I think he means to post the whole show in one binstead of posting like let's say the opening, then the first part, then second, then third match. I believe that's what he means. Anyway you are doing alright but acting cocky just gets people even more mad. I hate people who act cocky like that. Everyone knows Wolfy is the best booker. Before him was Grendrill I believe. But point is your not going to be at the top for a long while so don't act cocky until your 100% sure.

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EBboy™ said:
^I think he means to post the whole show in one binstead of posting like let's say the opening, then the first part, then second, then third match. I believe that's what he means. Anyway you are doing alright but acting cocky just gets people even more mad. I hate people who act cocky like that. Everyone knows Wolfy is the best booker. Before him was Grendrill I believe. But point is your not going to be at the top for a long while so don't act cocky until your 100% sure.
Maybe I should stop acting cocky then till I am the best!

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