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Joanie Laurer’s tragic passing is still shrouded in mystery … but based on information that Chyna‘s mother has re-evaluated since it happened, she’s now asking police to take a closer look.

Pro Wrestling Sheet spoke with Chyna’s mom, Jan LaQue, who says she talked to the Redondo Beach detective handling the case earlier this afternoon about her new request, and he was very cooperative.

Jan claims she doesn’t believe Chyna’s manager Anthony Anzaldo was completely honest in the wake of Laurer’s death, and now that time has passed, she believes some of his moves need to be further looked into. Most notably, LaQue points out that her daughter seems to have fired Anzaldo weeks before passing away.

In emails obtained by The Sheet … Chyna wrote her mom saying the manager stole money from her, so she was taking a break from the guy. Joanie added, “Please refrain from talking to Anthony at the moment.” At the time, Jan says she was worried her daughter was just dealing with personal demons.

Upon further thought in the time that has passed, LaQue fears that maybe wasn’t the case. Which is why she’s now speaking up about it.

And even worse, we’re told the manager gave away Joanie’s cello — the news of which was first brought to our attention via the Chyna for The WWE Hall of Fame Facebook page — and he’s been confrontational each time her mother has tried getting answers on who received it, where the rest of her stuff has been placed, or how the money that was donated to her estate is being used.

Chyna’s official cause of death is still pending further investigation, and Jan tells us the detective said they’d have to wait for the official toxicology report to come back before they can make any further investigative decisions.

We reached out to Anzaldo for comment. So far, no word back.



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To be honest, Chyna's manager did seem extremely shady. The whole thing seemed really exploitative.
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