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Do you believe in the Almighty Booker?

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This is a thread for those of us who are willing to accept the existence of the Almighty Booker, and to submit to his will and order in the hope that one day we may know the push of His hand. At this time we will be saved from our pitiful lives as Jobbers, and be granted new, divine gimmicks for our subsequent eternity as Main Eventers.

This marks the beginning of the Church of the Almighty Booker..

I am a prophet, but do not consider me a Main Eventer. I am merely a worn Ring General lost in the fast paced, charisma based promotion that is life as we know it. I seek only to spread the knowledge of the Almighty Booker, in the hope that some of you may receive His push and be elevated to Main Event status, at which point I will humbly beseech of you a position in your stable.

Let us confirm what we know about the Almighty Booker, as it was written on the Holy Event Card by His very hand, and then re-written by His very same divine hand just 5 minutes before time was due to start (a point also known as GNS).

1. He can book anything, and books everything.

2. He thinks he is all-knowing.

3. He is unjust.

4. He lives in the sky.

5. He wishes that people remain unaware of his existence, such that they continue to 'mark' for his events. This pleases him.

6. He books us in his own image. (This means He is probably a good-looking, charismatic rock-star pro-athlete, although His exact appearance is unknown.)

7. He requires faces and heels of all levels, and values neither from a moral standpoint.

8. He will push or bury whoever He wants, based on His holy, archaic views.

How can i be booked strongly?

1. Have the skills for your desired push.
2. Demonstrate to the Almighty Booker that you can compel others to mark for His events.

Give me more detailed instructions...

1. Identify an area of your life and quantify your current push.
2. Choose a disposition and gimmick to compel people.
3. Have people react to you at the level of your desired push.
4. Wait for the Almighty Booker to do his part.
5. Superstardom

On Gimmicks and Disposition

Think carefully about your combination of gimmick and disposition. In some cases people will be confused rather than compelled by your actions if you choose badly. Should this happen then The Almighty Booker will not hesitate to bury you.

For example, if the area of your life in which you want to receive a push is long-term relationships then, if choosing a "wants a family" gimimck, you would be best advised to combine it with a face disposition. A heel "wants a family" gimmick (where you aggressively try to impregnate women, for example) may be compelling, but would result in a different role to the one you wanted, ie not a long term relationship. If you want multiple one night stands, then an "arrogant ladies man" or "foreign Lothario" gimmick, combined with a heel disposition would be best. Again, a face version of these gimmicks may be compelling, but will result in a different role to the one you wanted.

If wanting a main event push in leading people, then an "enthusiastic teammate" gimmick as a face, or an "overt racist" gimmick as a heel would be suitable choices.

Ensure you have the skills and packaging required to play the gimmick that you choose, as every one of them will have certain requirements. Think about adapting your gimmick to cover for your weaknesses. For example, suppose you want to improve your life in the area of fitness, so you are considering a "gym freak" gimmick with a face disposition, hoping to compel people with your rapid gains. But if you are lazy, or lack dedication then it is likely that you will fail to compel people due to your poor routine. Consider covering your laziness with steroids, and play the gimmick as a heel instead. You are a Main Eventer once you get banned from some kind of competitive event.

So, here is mine:

Area of Life or skill
: Women
What do I want more specifically: More than no-one, but much less than the one.
Current push: Lower Midcard
Gimmick: one of 2. Either a "waiting for the one" gimmick as a heel or a "never wants kids" gimmick as a face. With the first I would contrast my openness about wanting a family one day with a sometimes blunt acceptance of the fact that it probably wouldn't be with her, usually for hurtful reasons. In the second I would be the perfect partner, but just happen to not want kids. Then when it was getting too serious I would bring this up and reluctantly (or so it would appear) leave altogether.

Hopefully this pleases the Almighty Booker and I will feel the fickle warmth of His divine push. I will report back.

Who's in? Need some disciples up in here. Then we can start trying to get the tax breaks, that's where this shit really pays off!
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