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Welcome to Christmas Mafia 2019!


  • Day 1 will be 48 hours with all subsequent days being 24 hours.
  • Night 1 will be 24 hours with all subsequent night phases being 12-18 hours at the discretion of the host.
  • Expect phase deadlines to be liberal as it’s a busy time for all, including me. There will be no deadlines on Christmas Day
  • I’ll try to do vote counts as regularly as possible, but don’t expect them with the kind of regularity you’re used to from me
  • Blocked shots will not be refunded.
  • I’ve tried to clearly explain role interactions in your PMs, but feel free to ask if you have any questions. I won’t be held responsible if you wrongly assume I would resolve something in a certain way.
  • Don’t bother hunting off of flavour, it’s largely lazy depending on character and varies quite a bit.
  • I strongly suggest not hunting off setup
  • Don’t discuss the game outside of any designated QTs and the thread itself.
  • Don’t be a chode and threaten to rep out unless it’s for legitimate reasons.
  • Mafia have been given fakes of unspecified quality.
  • Town are Christmas aligned or Christmas aligned.
  • Town win condition is “You win when all threats to Christmas have been eliminated.”
  • Draws are a thing that can happen. If you don’t fulfill your win condition then herp derp you don’t earn a victory. I’m not gifting you the game just because of your alignment.
  • Do not directly quote your role PM.
  • Play to your win condition.
  • Try to keep flaming out of this game as much as possible. It’s Christmas! I will take action if things get out of hand
Note: With so many players I’m expecting to need reps which will be hard to find. I will stick eligible dead players onto the rep list unless you specifically request the Dead QT


Congratulations, you are An Elf, Christmas aligned!

Role: OP whipping boy

You are just a regular elf. A cog in the wheel, with no special abilities other than being prime to be killed off in the OP for an example.

You win when all threats to Christmas have been eliminated.

  1. Jam was Jack Skellington, Serial Killer/3x Vanillaiser - Last Man Standing



Raikkonen was Tinsel, Vanilla Townie - Lynched D1
Doddsy was ???
RetepAdam. was Kevin McCallister, Ascetic - Killed N1
Odo was Christmas Carolers, Carol Singer - Killed D2
Smark was Santa’s Magic Hat, JOAT - Lynched D2
Big Man was Three Ghosts of Christmas, 1x Grave Digger - Killed N2
Mr.Tweetums was The List, Cop - Killed N2

Skybox was Ebenezer Scrooge, Godfather - Executed D3
Curry was Santa Claus, Gift Giver/Mason - Killed N3
Barry was Baby Jesus, Beloved Princess - Killed N3
Magic was Hallmark, 1x Desperado - Killed N4

Odo was Bernard the Elf, Census - Killed N4
Chimp was Willie T. Stokes, Beloved, Executioner, Traitor - Lynched D5

Alco was Coal, Miller - Killed N5
Big Man v2 was Alcohol, Town Drunk - Lynched D6
Jeffatron was The Conservatives, 2x Strongman - Duelled D6
Raikkonen v2 was Turkey, Vanilla Townie - Killed N6
Rugrat was Angel Gabriel, Bodyguard - Lynched D7
Shepard was Three Wise Men, Triple Voter - Killed N7
Gambit was The Wet Bandits, Gift Thief/1x Vote Thief - Lynched D8
Banez was Santa’s Little Helper Battle Royale, 2x Commuter - Killer N8
Mr Evans was The Grinch, 2x Bus Driver - Lynched D9
rising was Christmas Specials, Vanilla Townie - Killed N9
Deathstroke v2 was All The Inns In Bethlehem, 4x Rolewatcher - Lynched D10
LethalWeapon was Christmas Music, Friendly Neighbour - Killed N10
Big Man v3 was King Herod, 1x Janitor/Jailkeeper - Lynched D11
Banez v2 was Eleanor, 1x Duelist - Killed N11
Chr1st0 was Mr Poppy, 2x Motivator - Killed N11
PHEN0M was Virgin Mary, Virgin - Killed N12
Jigsaw was Mrs Claus, Mason - Lynched D13
NotGuilty was Hans Gruber, 2x Lawyer/2x Framer - Killed N13


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Still searching
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It's Christmas :banderas:

Planning to remain hyped as long as I can, do not be the one to bring me down.

Vote Phenom

Naughty is the 14th word in the verse people.

Still searching
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I told Poyser colour shouldn't matter but there's always a chance he went the other way. Not going to force everyone to claim but if anyone wants to share with the group that'd be swell.

I'm Red.

The Terminator
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I told Poyser colour shouldn't matter but there's always a chance he went the other way. Not going to force everyone to claim but if anyone wants to share with the group that'd be swell.

I'm Red.
I don't think it means anything, but I'm green.

That's the way it has to be
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Was there any significance to being Red or Green last game? Suppose a couple roles may utilize that difference?
For the record, last year one was generally "Traditional" Christmas things while the other was "Modern" Christmas things. I doubt that pattern exists this year though
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