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Day 0

Everyone was hustling and bustling around at the North Pole, eager to get their jobs done before the big day came. Christmas had not been so well the past few years but that did little to destroy the spirits of the happy Christmas-related fellas roaming around Santas' shop this time of the season. That was, until sniper fire opened up on the jolly little workers. Everyone dove for cover, but that was not enough for a few of the poor fools caught in the line of fire.

They were:

Congratulations, you are An Elf, Christmas Aligned! You win when all threats to the town have been defeated.

And also:

Congratulations, you are An Elf, Christmas Aligned! You win when all threats to the town have been defeated.

A paper airplane blew through an open window, and the big guy himself picked it up to read the message it held. His brow turned to a frown as he quickly realized a secret organization known as the Dark League of Evil Santas had descended upon the North Pole, and would do everything in their power to turn this night of happiness and purity to a night of a terror and torture. Calling upon his Christmas bretheren, Santa braced himself for yet another Christmas Eve of blood and death....

It is now Day 1. With 27 alive, it's 14 for majority

- Don't directly quote PMs
- Don't talk outside of the thread unless allowed
- Day/Night phases will take about 24/16 hours each, maybe a little more or less depending on what's going on. Feel free to send in night roles early.
- Both green/red Christmas aligned are town, that's just there for Christmas flavor
- Don't cheat etc
- I hate doing replacements and I know everyone is pretty busy this time of year with finals and family and stuff so as long as your moderately active I won't replace you... just try and post at least occasionally
- Don't flame (too much)
- Roles were randomized

Alive (4):
V Skybox

Carte Blanche was Sam the Snowman, The Narrator, died Day 1
Rop3 was Billy Chapman, The Inquisitor, killed Night 1
Christmas JOY~! was a Yule Log, The Stump, "killed" Night 1
Shepard was Goldberg Santa, The Godfather, lynched Day 2
Alco was Buddy the Elf, The Color Cop, killed Night 2
CamillePunk was Ralphie Parker, The Vigilante, killed Night 2

FITZ Pratchett was Harry Stadling Santa, The Prostitute, lynched Day 3
AryaDark was Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, The Watcher, killed Night 3
Chadwick Winebarger was Two Turtle Doves, The Doublevoter, killed Night 3
Jurgen Klopp was The Star Wars Holiday Special, The Post-Restriction Maker, killed Night 3
NotGuilty was Max, The Tracker, killed Night 3
Tough Guy was Baby Jesus, The Hider, lynched Day 4
Doddsy was Clarence, The Guardian Angel, killed Night 4
Roy Mustang was Scott Calvin, The Backup, died in a duel Day 5
Mikey Damage was a Christmas Train, The Busdriver, lynched Day 5
Hiplop RetepAdam Rugrat NotGuiltyv2 was Drunk Department Store Santa, The Disguiser, killed Night 5
A-C-P was Paul Blart, The Rolecop, killed Night 5
Sweenz was George Lucas, The Serial Killer, lynched Day 6
DocBlue was Santa Claus, The Gift-Giver, killed Night 6
IMPULSE was 'Rare Exports' Santa, The Strongman, lynched Day 7
Demon Hunter Mikey Damage v2 was Grandma, The Forgotten Townie, killed Night 7
Anark was Willie Soke, The Gift-Thief, killed Night 7
Poyser was Toy Santa, The Jack of All Trades, lynched Day 8

Christmas Aligned

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From parts unknown
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On this Christmas eve, as the wind howls through the small town of wrestloria foreimosa, if you found yourself walking through the darkest corners of the village, you could hear a soft whimper of a child trapped in a man's body ... "carte blanch", it said mournfully at passer by's.


From parts unknown
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Townsfolk sleepily exit their homes looking to bask in the warm glow of the morning sun. Nervous about the spate of killings in the town they remain optimistic ... A few mild accusations are hurled around as they look upon each other with trepidation not knowing who amongst them are the killers and who can be trusted.

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Before we all hate eachother in a few pages time I want to say Happy Holidays to everyone in the WF mafia family :)

Also Vote Doc for not being around more.
Hurtful. We only spoke in the chatbox a few days back. We share a football team ffs doesn't that count for anything these days?!

Seriously I may play a bit more in the next couple months or so if games are still running, unless I humiliate myself in a Christmas mafia for like the 5th time.

Carte Blanche/Reaper, does Frakkles' vote make you nervous?

From parts unknown
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Doc comes right up to me and says "Does this make ya nervous fella" and I go "why should it? People are entitled to mistrust everyone on the first day. Frakkles don't like me much and he'd rather lose and see me burn than be a contributing member of this community."

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vote doc

i've read every post and he's the person i'm most suspicious? You might ask "why?" and to that I answer his name rhymes with the most things and that could be problematic in the long run.
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