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christain in TNA

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When christain was in TNA, what would you guys say were his best match/matches. I have never seen any matches with christain from TNA, so if you guys could help me out and chat it would help me.
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Favorite Christian Cage Matches in TNA:

vs. Monty Brown from Turning Point 2005 = A really exciting match and a great PPV debut for Cage.

vs. Jeff Jarrett from Against All Odds 2006 = Great main event match and probably Cage's best moment in TNA as he captured his first World title.

vs. Abyss Six Sides of Steel from Lockdown 2006 = Love this match. Just an awesome bout all around.

vs. Rhino Barbwire Steel Cage from Impact = Awesome fucking match. Arguably the best match in Impact history.

vs. Samoa Joe from Destination X 2007 = Probably my favorite World Title match in TNA history. Amazing match.

vs. Kurt Angle vs. Rhino from Impact = Longest match in TNA history was a big hit! Great match.

vs. Samoa Joe from No Surrender 2007 = Another great match between these two.

vs. Samoa Joe from Bound for Glory 2007 = Yet another great match between these two.

vs. Kaz in a Ladder Match from Genesis 2007 = Probably the best Ladder Match in TNA history.

vs. Kurt Angle from Final Resolution & Against All Odds 2008 = Both were great PPV main events.

w/AJ Styles & Rhino vs. Team 3D & Kurt Angle in Full Metal Mayhem at Victory Road 2008 = Wild & crazy match. Christian was more the supporting player this time around, but it was still a great match.

w/Rhino vs. Team 3D in a Streetfight from Hard Justice 2008 = Another wild & crazy hardcore match with all kinds of insane stuff.

and of course then there are also King of the Mountain & Lethal Lockdown matches that he was a part of.
Some good one
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