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- Christian/Joe trilogy
- Christian/Abyss Lockdown and FMM
- Christian/Rhino Cage Match and BFG Street Fight
- Christian/Angle 2008
- Christian/Styles Genesis 2006
- Christian/Kaz Ladder Match

The match with Styles at genesis is my favourite Christian match ever and defiently in my top ten or so TNA matches.

Kaz/Christian is awesome.Easily Kaz's best TNA match and TNA'S best ladder match .(no other ones come to mind besides the Ki/Lynn/Styles match.)

The only match I wouldn't put on the list is Christian /Abyss from Lockdown.Reminded me too much of Abyss's match with Styles the year before at LD .It's almost like they tried to copy the match as a whole ,they actually copied so many spots come to think of it.That's my only complaint.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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