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- vs. Abyss at Lockdown (Cage Match)
- vs. Abyss at Sacrifice (Full Metal Mayhem)
- vs. Rhino November Impact (Barbed Wire Cage Match)
- vs. AJ at Genesis 2006
- vs. Joe at Destination X 07, No Surrender 07, BFG 07
- Lockdown 07 main event
- vs. Kazarian at Genesis 07 (Ladder Match)
- vs. Kurt Angle (Final Resolution 08, Against All Odds 08)
- w/ AJ and Rhino vs. Kurt Angle and Team 3D Victory Road 08 (Full Metal Mayhem)

I feel like I am the only person that did not care for that Angle/Rhino/Christian 3 way due to the amount of interference the match had.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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