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Chris Jericho

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This guy is ace in my book, and deserves all the credit in the world. He has obviously found another passion/goal in his life but WWE is still true and dear to him. He missed like what, a year of action? And every time he comes back, it's like he never misses a beat with the mic, promo, and ring work. Also when he comes back, he seems to always want to help new talent and make sure the faces get over big time. Returned one time, put over Orton, HBK, and got DX over in 2009 I believe, put over Cena, and many more. He came back in 2012 and has helped out Punk, and is now helping out Sheamus and Del Rio. Jericho has reached many great heights in his career and is now a talent enhancement sort of guy, but WWE still knows his status.

Do y'all think this guy deserves a proper send off? Or once he's finally finish and done, should he just be acknowledged and appreciated for how much of a great worker he was?
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