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* Wade Barrett – Jericho said that Barrett is going to be a star for “many, many years” but just needs to work on his match quality

* Sheamus

* The Miz

* John Morrison – He said he feels like Morrison needs to do a better job connecting with the fans

* Jack Swagger – Jericho said he felt like WWE is missing the boat with Swagger but he’ll have his time

* Kofi Kingston – He said has a natural fire and needs someone to guide him through match-wise and he needs more promo time

* Alberto Del Rio – Jericho accurately predicted him as the winner of the Royal Rumble
Link: http://prowrestlingnewz.wordpress.com/2011/02/14/chris-jericho-discusses-the-future-stars-in-wwe-gives-his-comments-on-each/

I agree with all of them :)

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No Sheamus or Miz? Well well.
Jericho is a veteran with pretty nice judging skills ^^
No more comments needed about those wrestlers ^^

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Quote = Barrett/Cena, Barrett/Mysterio. Enjoyable matches imo :agree:

Swagger doesn't need any work at all WWE needs to use him better, I will agree Swagger's acting needs a bit more work. But other then that swagger is good in the ring and on the Mic.

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Miz/Daniel Bryan

Miz/Lawler TLC

Miz/Morrison Title match

all proved miz is capable of having good matches

wade has'nt even had a decent match yet
That was a good match to you? are you saying this cause you a Miz fan or do you seriously believe that was actually what you call a main event match?

That was absolutely the worst TLC match in history. It was a disaster, that match only took place to get Miz over which was ridiculous in the first place cause Miz is already over with his charisma.

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Decent opinions. I don't see why Barrett needs to work on his match quality though if fucking Miz can main event WrestleMania.
I get exactly what you mean Pyro. Nobody should bother trying to get better. Every wrestler should be happy with how godawful they are in the ring, ignore a major part of the industry, and just focus on talking.

Maybe the main event of Wrestlemania next year can be a debate between Barret and The Miz.
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