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I was wondering how I can put a picture of Chris Benoit on, So everytime I post something. That picture shows up. Im not really looking for a banner, But just a regular picture. Can someone help me and let me know about this.

Thanks in advance,

Find the picture of Benoit you want. Right-click the image, go to "Properties." Look at the Address, which will started with http://, copy the entire thing, then come to WEForums. Click "User CP," then "Edit Signature." Put:

[img][PASTE THE URL HERE][/img]


NOTE: You must obey signature rules, which can be found on the rules page. 500 x 400 is the biggest picture you can have, in which you can't have any text in your sig.

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You don't need the ['s around the url. He was just putting that in as emphasis or something.
It's like this..

[img]url here[/img]

So yeah, just remove the brackets around the url, and you're set.

edit: Oh...ya i slow. :(
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