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Going by this proposed new playoff system the 8-8 Steelers and 9-7 Rams would've made the playoffs last year. No thank you. Keep it exactly the way it is now. nothing wrong with it.

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Cam's been told he can seek a trade away from Carolina, and he's not happy about it. Carolina have now brought in Teddy Bridgewater to be their #1 next season.

Should be interesting to see where Cam ends up now. Could NE trade for him? since they need someone to replace Brady.

Would Washington be an option, since Ron Rivera is there?

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Lots of rumors tonight about Clowney to Titans

Look I know most of you could care less about this, I mean those of you still here on WF.

But there is a surprising amount of Titans fans who post here (or used to) and I am frustrated so here is where I have chosen to vent. I need this, so ignore me if you would like to....but I have to do this somewhere.


We just traded possibly one of the most beloved players in the history of this organization to the Broncos for a freakin 7th round pick. Casey a five time pro bowler, and our best D-lineman. For a 7th round pick!

It was an obvious salary dump, but you cannot make that move, lose the fan trust and not make another move to offset the loss. The Titans weakness, the reason they could not pull off the win against KC was lack of pass rush.

The front offices one mission this off season? Upgrade at D Line. What has happened? We traded our best lineman. Granted we signed Beasley which I think is a sneaky good move.

But to trade Casey? There has to be a response of some sort. They have to make a major move or the fan base is going to be pissed. Clowney makes the most sense. Clowney's best year as a pro was under Vrabel in Texas.

But it was Hightower in 2018, Suh in 2019, free agents that we pursued who went somewhere else.

They had better get Clowney.

And I know he gets hurt, has low sack numbers...etc...But he is the only signing that will make me feel better about trading away Casey.

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Yeah, couldn’t believe they only got a 7th for Casey. Great player, and an equally important figure in the locker room.

Seen the Jets also being linked with Clowney. Don’t see it happening, as it wouldn’t fit with what Joe Douglas has done so far, but also wouldn’t mind us getting it done for the right price. Realistically think it’s between Tennessee and staying in Seattle though.

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Yeah, couldn’t believe they only got a 7th for Casey. Great player, and an equally important figure in the locker room.

Seen the Jets also being linked with Clowney. Don’t see it happening, as it wouldn’t fit with what Joe Douglas has done so far, but also wouldn’t mind us getting it done for the right price. Realistically think it’s between Tennessee and staying in Seattle though.
Most reports I have seen say it's Titans, Seahawks, or Colts currently. I have seen the Jets too.

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Hold up the Chicago Bears now have a shot at a Super Bowl now that they have HoFoles. Foles is the guy that won glory for the fucking Eagles, a truly cursed team (that only won once I lifted the curse).

Brady as a Buc would be weird if I actually watched games. We still don't even know if there will be a season.

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All right just wanted to do something interesting (mildly)

Who are the ten GOAT players of your favorite teams...I'll do two since I am a lifelong Packers stockholder who grew up in Tennessee and became a day one Titans season ticket holder and now loves both although blood is thicker than water.

Titans (Non Oilers)
1. Steve McNair
2. Eddie George
3. Frank Wycheck
4. Chris Johnson
5. Javon Kearse
6. Delanie Walker
7. Kyle Vanden Bosch
8. Jurrell Casey
9. Keith Bullock
10. Albert Haynesworth


1. Don Hutson
2. Bart Starr
3. Brett Farve
4, Ray Nitschke
5. Aaron Rogers
6. Jim Taylor
7. Forrest Gregg
8. Paul Hourung
9. Willie Wood
10. Reggie White

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Jets (not necessarily in order)

1. Wayne Chrebet
2. Curtis Martin
3. Nick Mangold
4. Darrelle Revis
5. D’Brickashaw Ferguson
6. Mark Gastineau
7. Don Maynard
8. Freeman McNeil
9. Joe Namath
10. Winston Hill

Bit too early for Jamal Adams, Erik McMillan is a personal favourite but obviously can’t put him on a GOAT list.

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Drum roll please... 😆

The Draft Meerkat’s 1st round Mock-part one

1. Cincinnati-Joe Burrow QB

No brainer for the Bengals, who get their signal caller for the next 10+ years.

2. Washington-Chase Young EDGE

The Redskins stay put and take arguably the best player in this Draft. Young should seriously upgrade their Defense from day one.

3. Detroit-Jeff Okudah CB (possible trade w/Miami)

Good chance the Lions trade down with the Dolphins or Chargers here. Either way, they fill a big need by taking the clear #1 CB in this class.

4. New York Giants-Jedrick Wills OT

Although Isaiah Simmons would be tempting, the Giants need to do a better job of protecting their new franchise QB. There doesn’t appear to be a consensus #1 among the top Tackles, but Joe Judge’s Alabama connection may favour Wills.

5. Miami-Tua Tagovailoa QB (possible trade w/Detroit)

Despite the scuttlebutt about Miami preferring Justin Herbert, I think Tua has been their target all along and wouldn’t be surprised if they trade up a couple of places to ensure they get him.

6. Los Angeles Chargers-Justin Herbert QB

Herbert is a polarising prospect, but with the Chargers having next to nothing at the position behind the mediocre Tyrod Taylor, it’s hard to see them pass on taking their “QB of the future” here.

7. Carolina-Isaiah Simmons LB

Simmons is one of the most talented players in this class, and has the versatility to contribute in a variety of ways for the Panthers.

8. Arizona-Tristan Wirfs OT

After fleecing Houston for DeAndre Hopkins, Arizona’s priority should be keeping Kyler Murray upright. Wirfs has the skill set to be a dominant RT, and can also shift inside to G if need be.

9. Jacksonville-Derrick Brown DT

The Jaguars are a potential trade down candidate, but I expect them to stay put and take a potentially dominant DT in Brown, who should shore up a leaky run Defense.

10. Cleveland-Andrew Thomas OT

The Browns strengthened their OL with the signing of Jack Conklin in FA, but they still have a glaring hole at LT. Thomas has some technique issues to clean up, but should step straight in to the starting lineup. If he’s half as successful as the last Thomas the Browns lined up at OT, Cleveland fans will be very happy!

11. New York Jets-Mekhi Becton OT

Taking one of the top 3 WRs would make a lot of sense, but the Jets still have major question marks at OT and will find it hard to pass on Becton here, even after his failed drugs test at the Combine.

12. Las Vegas-Jerry Jeudy WR

The Antonio Brown saga left the Raiders shorthanded at WR last season, despite the best efforts of Tyrell Williams, and the only question here seems to be whether they prefer Jeudy or CeeDee Lamb. Jeudy looks the more polished prospect of the two, and gets my vote.

13. San Francisco (via Indianapolis)-CeeDee Lamb WR

Javon Kinlaw
and C.J Henderson are both strong possibilities here, but the 49ers have little outside of Deebo Samuel at WR, and Lamb would fill the hole left by Emmanuel Sanders’ departure.

14. Tampa Bay-Javon Kinlaw DT

There are plenty of ways the Bucs could go here. They could trade up to get one of the top 4 OTs, or trade down with someone like Philadelphia and take one of the second tier Tackles like Josh Jones or Austin Jackson. If they stay at #14, and the top Tackles are gone, Kinlaw would give their interior pass rush a big boost.

15. Denver-Henry Ruggs WR

Ruggs looks a match made in Heaven for Denver, giving young QB Drew Lock a home run threat, while opening things up underneath for Courtland Sutton and Noah Fant.

16. Atlanta-C.J Henderson CB

Atlanta look a strong possibility to trade up to ensure they get one of Henderson or Javon Kinlaw. However, unless the top WR’s drop, there’s a good chance one of those two are available at this spot. Henderson would immediately step in for the departed Desmond Trufant and significantly improve the Falcons’ pass Defense.
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