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Charlotte: A Genetic Wonder and more than just a "Diva"

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Charlotte/Ashley, in a short time has shown she may be the most phenomenal female athlete among all athletes to compete in pro wrestling. She puts her athleticism on display and wrestles like no other female wrestler. I admit my bias. She's my favorite's daughter and suddenly the 16 time Champion, 2 TimeMember of the HOF, 6 Time PWI Wrestler of the Year in the decade of "Hulkamania" and PWI Wrestler of the 80s, who when FINALLY coming to the WWF was called the REAL WORLD CHAMPION, is relevant and on TV again. Charlotte gives WWE "Flair"or panache. I can see her doing this gig for a few years then crossing over.

Charlotte will burn through the WWE, maybe even against men, and man is she hot.
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People saying Man Beast is hot... if she´s hot then what´s Alexa Bliss? a Goddess? This world is doomed...
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