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Charles Robinson- Lil' Nature Boy

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around the 3:40 mark.

Can anyone elaborate on this? i never knew he used to wrestle at all, i was very young during WCW days and am brushing up on my WCW recently and noticed that, that is Charles Robinson, one of the referee's that have been around a long time. Does anybody remember this storyline and him wrestling as Ric Flair's protege?
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Taken from Charles Robinson's Wikipedia page:

In 1999, Robinson became the heel referee of the Four Horsemen, aligning himself with Flair.[3] Robinson frequently favored the Horsemen in the matches he officiated, enraging Randy Savage. Savage, who had been suspended by Flair (then the WCW President), proposed a match between his girlfriend, Gorgeous George, and Robinson, with Savage to be reinstated if George defeated Robinson.[1] The match, which marked Robinson's wrestling debut, took place at Slamboree 1999 on May 9, 1999.[1][4] Robinson, dubbed "Little Naitch" (a reference to Flair's nickname, the "Nature Boy"), came to the ring in a robe similar to those worn by Flair, and mimicked Flair's mannerisms, signature strut and "wooo" catchphrase.[4][5] Robinson emulated Flair throughout the match, using Flair's customary illegal tactics, but was defeated by George, who pinned him following a diving elbow drop. Robinson wrestled his second match one week later, teaming with Flair to face Randy Savage and Madusa on an episode of WCW Monday Nitro.[1] In the course of the match, Savage delivered a botched diving elbow drop to Robinson, cracking several of his vertebrae and collapsing his lung.[1] After undergoing treatment, Robinson returned to WCW television several weeks later, and was appointed to President Flair's stable. Flair and Piper kayfabe ran WCW until they were unseated by Sting, with Robinson returning to his refereeing duties.
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