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Charismatic's Wrestling Federation (CWF)

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The CWF will have a structure like the WWF did back in 2000. Two shows a week (RAW & Smackdown) with a PPV every month. There is one roster for both shows.

Vince McMahon is the Chairman of the federation. Below him is Eric Bischoff, the General Manager of the CWF.

The rest of the roster is similar to the current WWE roster, with some dropped and one or two others reinstated. The heel/face positions of the wrestlers are pretty much the same, although a few turns have been made.

Faces [in no particular order]: John Cena, Big Show, Kane, Christian, Matt Hardy, Rob Van Dam, Hurricane, Rosey, HBK, Shelton Benjamin, Tajiri, Booker T, Chris Benoit, Paul London, The Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Buh Buh Ray Dudley, D-Von Dudley, Hardcore Holly, Molly Holly, Stacy Kiebler, Lita, Christy Hemme

Heels [in no particular order]: Carlito, Antonio, Romeo, Chris Jericho, Danny Basham, Doug Basham, Edge, Chavo Guerrero, Kurt Angle, Nunzio, Vito, William Regal, Johnny Nitro, Joey Mercury, Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis, Super Crazy, Randy Orton, Viscera, Stevie Richards, Heidenreich, Snitsky, Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, Victoria.

Announcers: RAW: Jim Ross, Jerry 'The King' Lawler
Smackdown!: Michael Cole, Tazz

Titles and Current Champions:

CWF World Heavyweight Title - Vacant
CWF Tag Team Titles - Vacant
CWF Intercontinental Title - Carlito
CWF Cruiserweight Title - Juventud Guerrera
CWF Women's Title - Vacant

Royal Rumble
No Way Out
Judgement Day
King of The Ring
No Mercy
Survivor Series

The first RAW will be up shortly. Feedback is appreciated so I can improve this federation. Thank you.
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One problem. Where are the divas? if you plan on having a Women's title, you need women.

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CWF RAW - live from Anaheim, California

A CWF logo flashes before our eyes, and the credits roll, with all the members of the roster completing their finishers, and then we cut straight to the arena, where fireworks go off by the dozen from the set and the crowd cheers like crazy. The camera pans around the crowd as ‘Across the Nation’ by Union Underground can be heard across the loudspeaker system.

JR: Welcome to Monday Night RAW! It's the dawn of a new era here in wrestling with the debut of the CWF! I'm ringside here in Anaheim, California with none other than Jerry 'The King' Lawler, and King, we don't have a clue what's going to happen tonight!

King: We sure don't JR! But I can guarantee you this, it will be exciting viewing. This is the CWF after all!

...NO CHANCE...​

JR: And what a way to start things off! It's Vince McMahon!

King: That's Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon to you JR, and don't you forget it!

Vince McMahon enters on to the stage to a huge pop from this sold out crowd. He has a huge smile on his face as he begins to speak.

Vince: Welcome to the CWF! I thank you all for coming and I guaran-damn-tee you will have a great time. Now I will keep my part in the CWF debut short and will hand over to the very first General Manager of the CWF, the one, the only, Eric Bischoff!


Eric Bischoff's familiar theme hits and the man himself enters the arena.

JR: Bischoff! Damn it! This is the man that ran WCW into the ground!

King: Have some manners, JR! This is our new boss now. And a good choice by Mr. McMahon it is as well!

He shakes Vince's hand and then walks down the ramp to the ring. From the stage he is applauded by Vinnie Mac who then leaves with a smile on his face. Bischoff grabs a microphone as the crowd jeer this unpopular figure.

Bischoff: Tonight, we are here to witness the dawn of a new era, that of the CWF. This will be the must see event of the century, and that's not just because I'm on it...

Bischoff laughs at his own joke, but the crowd are less than impressed!

Bischoff:But let's cut to the chase as none of you deserve my time! You all came here to see quality wrestling...

The crowd pops for the first time during Bischoff's appearance.

JR: Well, finally he gets something right...

Bischoff: So let's get down to it. Tonight we will see the start of an 8 man tournament for the CWF World Heavyweight Title. The two finalists will face off at the Royal Rumble, our first Pay Per View of the year, in four weeks time. I also promise you matches tonight for two vacant titles, the Intercontinental and Cruiserweight belts, with the participants to be named. So you will all witness here in Anaheim the beginning of reigns of two new champions. But first, we have right now the first match in the CWF Title Tournament, between.....


The familiar music of Kurt Angle hits and he makes his way cockily to the ring, accompanied by 'You Suck' chants from the crowd. He looks a little irritated by those chants but quickly shrugs them off and enters the ring with a microphone and sidles up to the new CWF General Manager.

JR: Oh what does he want?

King: Ah! It's the Olympic Gold Medallist! Sshh, JR! He's always worth listening to!

Angle: Mr Bischoff, Mr. Bischoff, isn't it great to be here? And by that, I mean at the first CWF event, not in Anaheim!

This comment produces a barrage of boos from the sold out arena.

Angle: Now I hear you have a tournament going for the CWF title, the greatest title in history. As an Olympic Gold Medallist and the greatest technical wrestler in history, I don't think it's necessary for me to have to prove that I'm the best. Now what I'm proposing is that...

Bischoff: That I just give you the title Kurt? Now that wouldn't be very fair to all these fans who came to see a wrestling show, would it? I like you as a guy, but I will not be pushed over. You will be in the tournament, and your first match is next...'

Kurt Angle looks annoyed as we fade out to our first....


We come back to see Kurt Angle in the ring waiting for his first opponent in the CWF Title Tournament.

JR: Welcome back to RAW! Who's Angle's opponent going to be?


JR: It's Booker T!

The Bookerman walks out to a good reaction from the live crowd. He lets off his pyros with a bang before entering the ring as the match begins...

CWF Title Tournament Match 1: Kurt Angle v Booker T​

Summary:The match starts of slowly with both wrestlers exchanging punches and slaps. Some time into the match, Angle then leg sweeps Booker and knocks him to the ground before applying a headlock. Booker fights his way up to roars from the crowd and shoves Angle into the ropes and delivers a vicious hook kick to the face and both men are down.

JR: What impact on that hook kick. I could feel that from here!

Ending: Booker is up first, and brings Kurt to the ropes and slaps Angle once, twice and three times, but Angle responds with a kick to the gut and another slap. Angle whips the Bookerman off the ropes, knocks him to the ground and goes for the Ankle Lock! Angle has his hands round Booker's ankle but is trying to roll him over. Booker, though, resists and uses great strength to lever himself up and kick Angle in the head. Angle lets go of Booker's ankle and stumbles back. Booker is up as quick as a flash and goes for a clothesline, but Angle ducks and hits the German suplex. 1...2....kick out! 1....2....kick out again. Angle picks Booker up and goes for a belly to belly, but Booker reverses and hits a belly to belly of his own! Booker's feeling it now....Spinaroonie! to the delight of Sharmell! Booker stalks Angle as he gets up and goes for the Book-end, but Angle elbows him in the head and hits a neckbreaker. Both men are down. Angle rises first and leans over the ropes and gives some abuse to Sharmell, but she isn't taking it and gets up on the apron. The referee goes over to confront Sharmell, as Booker goes up. Angle turns round and Booker kicks him in the gut, comes off the ropes and...Scissors Kick...No, Angle moves out of the way, and gives Booker a huge low blow. As the referee turns back, Angle pulls down the straps and locks in the Ankle Lock for the second time! Booker T struggles in vain and screams out in anguish as the crowd will him on, but eventually Angle's technique is too much.....TAP TAP TAP!

Here is your winner, Kurt Angle!​
JR: What a win for Kurt Angle, and what a great way to start off life here in the CWF!

King: A huge victory over Booker T there, JR! I tell you what, Angle's my pick for the whole tournament!

JR: That could be a good call, King! But right now I have word that Josh Matthews is standing by with Chris Jericho!

We cut to the interview area where Matthews is indeed standing next to Y2J with a microphone in his hand!

Matthews: Chris Jericho, you are facing Kane tonight in the second quarter final of the CWF Title Tournament. What are your thoughts?

Jericho: Well Josh...tonight, RAW ...is ....Jericho!

Faint jeers can be heard from the crowd in the arena.

Jericho: And tonight, RAW will be Jericho because Chris Jericho is better than anything in this joke of a town. And that includes Kane. He is just a bald-headed freak who doesn't deserve to be CWF champion. In fact there is only one person in the whole roster who deserves to be CWF champion, and that is me, the King of the World, Y2J!

Jericho laughs smugly at his assertations, but then looks over at Josh Matthews who rather bravely has a look of disdain on his face.

Jericho: What's that look on your face Josh...don't you believe me? Well tonight, I will give Kane a Y2J beating that he will never...EVER forget again.

~~Elsewhere Backstage~~

We see Christian walking down a hall and barges into General Manager Eric Bischoff's office. He gets a good pop from the crowd as he enters the room and immediately addresses Bischoff.

Christian: Hey Eric, why aren't I in the...

Christian stops as he sees Regal walking around pompously with his hands behind his back admiring the photos up on the walls. Christian shakes his head as he picks up an apple from the fruitbowl nearby.

Christian: What is he doing here? And why is Captain Charisma not in the Title tournament? All my peeps are being denied the chance to see me as World Champion!

Bischoff:William Regal is my very loyal #2, Christian. And as for why you're not in the tournament...well there isn't enough room for everyone, and someone had to miss out, and that someone is you. But as consolation, I still haven't assigned anyone to the Intercontinental title match tonight for the vacant title. Why don't I put you in that match?

Christian begins to smile, seemingly cheered up by that news.

Christian: Well, as it now seems my peeps will get to see me in action tonight, I'll accept your offer. So who will have the honour of facing Captain Charisma in that very ring tonight, here in Anaheim!

The crowd pop for the mention of the town as Bischoff smiles, reaches over to Christian and picks up the apple he was holding and takes a bite out of it, giving a huge hint to Christian.

Bischoff: We shall see...

Christian gets the hint and smiles as he leaves Bischoff's office with a saunter.


JR: Welcome back to Monday Night RAW, and what a prospect we have now, as we are going to be treated to a match to decided the first ever Cruiserweight Champion here in the CWF!


A mixed reaction greets the arrival of a Juan Deere lawnmower into the arena, ridden by Juventud Guerrera. He sprays himself with water before throwing the bottle away and entering the ring with boundless energy.


Japanese music plays and Tajiri walks on to the stage to a cheer. He crouches down on the ramp as if spraying everywhere around with his green mist, before moving down the ramp and entering the ring.


A chorus of boos greets the arrival of Jamie Noble as he walks down the aisle, scowling at everyone around him. He is wearing blue denim trunks and he talks trash to the fans who boo him right back.


A great cheer greets the arrival of Paul London who sprints to the ring as fast as he can before sliding in and jumping up on to the turnbuckle. He then poses for the crowd before doing a backflip off the ropes which wows the crowd.

King: What a lot of talent we have in this ring, JR! But who's going to walk out Cruiserweight Champion!

JR: Well I've listened to you get so many predictions wrong over the years, I'm not even going to try. I'm going to sit down and enjoy the match!

Cruiserweight Title Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match: Tajiri v Paul London v Juventud Guerrera v Jamie Noble​

Summary:The match starts out as Paul London and Noble go at it, and Tajiri and Juvy take it to each other. Noble backs London into the corner and Tajiri does the same to Juvy on the other side of the ring. Noble gives London some slaps and slams his head into the turnbuckle. On the other side of the ring, Juvy fights back against Tajiri and goes for a clothesline, but misses and Tajiri goes for the tarantula, and locks it in! Noble comes across to them and dropkicks Juvy while he is in the tarantula, but the impact breaks the hold and Tajiri is flung out of the ring. Juvy follows him out. Noble turns around but London is there and throws some punches at Noble. London whips him off the ropes and hits a hurricanrana. London pulls him up and drags Noble towards the turnbuckle and gives him a scoop slam. London goes up top and goes for the 450 splash...and hits it. 1....2.......3!!!

King: Ah! Noble's the first man to be eliminated!

JR: Probably because you picked him to win it, King!

Tajiri rolls Juvy back into the ring, but London is ready and goes for a running spinning heel kick, but Tajiri ducks and London nails Juvy. Tajiri stalks London as he gets up and gives him a huge kick to the face. London goes down. Tajiri covers. 1...2.......kick out, but only just. London is out of it as Tajiri gets up but is jumped from behind by Juvy, who rolls him up...1...2...thr..kick out! It was that close! As they both get up, Juvy whips Tajiri to the turnbuckle, but Tajiri counters by springing back over Juvy, and goes for the green mist, but Juvy ducks and knocks Tajiri down. Juvy goes up top. 450 Splash! 1...2....3.

JR: Juvy and London are the only two left. Place your bets now.....not you King!

London is now getting up from Tajiri's huge kick and motions to Juvy that he just stole his move. Juvy laughs, as Psicosis and Super Crazy make their way ringside. London and Juvy lock up and London goes for the school boy, but it's reversed into another pin by Juvy, then by London, by Juvy, and then London again, but Juvy kicks out. London comes off the ropes, but his foot is held by Super Crazy on the outside! The referee is helping Juvy and can't see! So London springs off the top rope and throws himself at Super Crazy and takes him out. As London struggles to get up, Juvy runs towards the ropes and somersaults over taking London out. After a while Juvy and London both make it back to the ring. The run towards each other, Juvy goes for the clothesline, but London ducks and hits Juvy with a swinging neckbreaker. And Super Crazy this time gets up on the apron to complain to the referee about London's offense. The referee tries to get him off, as London goes up top and signals for the London Calling. He's about to lift off...but here's Psicosis who knocks London and straddles him up on the turnbuckle. Juvy is up by now and climbs the turnbuckle too. Super hurricanrana to London. Super Crazy gets down from the apron, as Juvy picks London up and plants him with a JUVI DRIVER!!!! Guerrera covers!


Here is your winner, and new Cruiserweight Champion, Juventud Guerrera!​
JR: Juvi did it! Juvi did it! And he's the new champion! By gawd what a match up!

After the match, Psicosis and Super Crazy throw London out of the ring and then celebrate with Juvy. They then grab a mic and deliver one simple message to the crowd.

Mexicools: Remember, we are not Mexicans...We are Mexicools!

~~Meanwhile backstage~~​

William Regal, the deputy GM, catches up with Carlito backstage and gives him the news that he is in an Intercontinental Title match with Christian later. Carlito is visibly pleased and tells Regal his visions of success.

Carlito:Now THAT is Cool.....a bit like that err....pocketwatch you have there Regal!

Regal: Really? Now I'm glad you think so old chap, as this one runs back a long way in the family, don't you know. What do like about it exactly, hmm?

Carlito laughs, takes a bite of his apple and spits it in Regal's face. Still laughing, Carlito leaves Regal fuming.

~~Back at ringside~~​

JR: That Carlito is a nasty piece of work, King!

King: What are you talking about, JR! Tonight he could become Intercontinental Champion!

JR: Well he'll have to get past Christian first, King, and that ain't an easy thing to do!


I]The guitar riff squeals over the loudspeaker system, the red carpet is rolled down the aisle, and the Paparazzi are out in force, which means only one thing! MNM are here! And right on cue Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury enter the arena to jeers from the crowd, accompanied by Melina, who enters the ring in a way only she can![/I]

King: Ah! Ah! Look at Melina, JR! Puppies!


Here come the superheroes, Hurricane and Rosey.

Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Match 1: MNM vs. The Superheroes​

Summary:Rosey starts off with Nitro. Rosey dominates Nitro for the most part due to his greater size, hitting him with body slams. Rosey than squashes Nitro in the corner and tags in Hurricane, who goes to work on Nitro in the corner. He then climbs up on the turnbuckle and hits the 10 punch and then does his superhero pose. But that allows Nitro time to recover and he knocks the head of Hurricane with a clothesline and tags in Mercury.

Ending:MNM proceed to isolate Hurricane for a while, repeatedly tagging each other in and hitting high impact moves. Mercury was soon tagged in by Nitro and gave Hurricane a back breaker. Then as Hurricane went to get up, Mercury set him up for the superkick, but Hurricane ducked and hit Mercury with the shining wizard. Both men down. Both go to their corners. Nitro is tagged in. And so is Rosey. Rosey clotheslines Nitro, then Mercury. Body slam to Nitro, and to Mercury. Hurricane goes up on the top rope and body planchas Nitro. Then the Superheroes turn their attention to Mercury. He is knocked down and Rosey lifts Hurricane up and goes to splash him on to Mercury, but Mercury rolls out of the way and Hurricane eats canvas. Nitro is back up as Hurricane is pushed out of the ring. MNM somehow lift Rosey up on to their shoulders and hit the Snapshot!!!


Here are your winners, MNM!!!​
JR: What a win for MNM! How on earth did they hit the Snapshot on someone as large as Rosey?

King: They come from Hollywood, JR! They can do anything!

King continued to hype up MNM as we fade to yet another…


We come back from the break and a pop is heard from the arena crowd as Shelton Benjamin is seen walking down the halls. He passes Torrie Wilson who smiles at him, which causes Shelton to stop.

Shelton: Well hey Torrie. You look good.

Torrie raises her eyebrows and winks at the Orangeburg resident. She slowly walks up close to Shelton and whispers in his ear:

Torrie: You look good too Shelton, and if you play your cards right, you'll feel good too!

Torrie walks off prevocatively and Shelton's entranced gaze follows her down the corridor.

~~Back at ringside~~​

King: What on earth was that about JR! How much do you want to be Shelton Benjamin right now!

JR:I'd bet my Sooner ass that Torrie is interested in more than just Shelton, King!

King: What are you saying, JR!

JR: If I were Shelton, I'd watch out. That's all.


The crowd boos intensely as Carlito saunters down to the ring for his Intercontinental Title Match with Christian. Carlito threatens to spit apple in the face of half of the crowd in the aisle, but pulls back at the last minute and laughs at the members of the crowd who pulled back to avoid being hit.


And the crowd rises to proclaim one of their favourites as Christian enters from the back. He drops his hood, slaps his chest and sounds out to all his peeps who give him a rousing reception!

CWF Intercontinental Title Match: Christian v Carlito​

Summary: Carlito gets Christian in a head lock to start the match. He then comes off the ropes and knocks down Captain Charisma. He comes off the ropes again but Christian ducks down and nails Carlito with a shoulder block of his own. Carlito is back up and Christian bounces him off the ropes and gives him a big back body drop. Christian drags Carlito up and whips him in to the corner, hits in the gut a few times and goes up top and gives Carlito 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 and 10 punches. Carlito falls to the ground and Christian goes up top. Carlito struggles up and is hit with a top rope missile dropkick. Christian is feeling it here. Goes for the cover 1....2......kick out by Carlito.

JR: Christian in control in the early stages here, to the delight of all his fans in the sold out arena here in Anaheim.

King: They're peeps JR! You need to brush up on your hipness!

JR: Well I won't learn anything from you, King!

Ending: Both superstars get up. Christian stalks Carlito from behind and goes for a back suplex, but Carlito flips over the back, great counter, Christian spins round and Carlito hits the thumb to the eye. Carlito then slowed the match down a bit, grinding Christian down with a sleeper and other submission holds. Christian looked visibly tired and Carlito is gaining confidence. Carlito then eventually goes for another sleeper and Christian goes down once again under the pressure. The referee is right there, raises Christian's arm once. It falls to the ground. Raises it again. Again it falls limp to the canvas. The referee raises Christian's arm for the third and final time. This could be it here. The referee lets go and Christian's hand falls to the floor...but no...inches above the ground Christian's hand stops falling and raises to life. The crowd sense a change of momentum here and get right behind Captain Charisma. Christian senses a second wind here and gradually makes his way to his feet with the roar of the crowd behind him. And nows he's at his feet...he elbows Carlito in the gut once, twice, three times, and Carlito releases the hold. Christian grabs Carlito by the head and hits a neckbreaker. Christian manages to get up slowly, still affected by the sleeper holds applied by Carlito, but he makes his way to the top rope. Carlito staggers up in the ring, turns round and Christian launches himself off the turnbuckle for a body splash, but unbelievably Carlito sees him coming and throws himself out of the way, leaving Christian sprawled in a heap in the middle of the ring. Carlito gets up smiling, and picks Christian up and sets him up for a DDT, but Christians counters it with a back body drop. Carlito staggers up and Christian signals for the Unprettier. Christian locks the arms, twists Carlito around, and is about to slam him to the ground when Carlito summons extra strength and pushes Carlito forward...straight into the referee. The ref is dazed for just seconds, in which time Carlito rolls Christian up from behind. The referee is back with it and counts the pin!

Carlito grabs the bottom rope!!!

Here is your winner, and new Intercontinental Champion, Carlito!!!​
JR: Carlito stole it! Carlito stole the victory! Damn him! He just ruined a perfectly good match!

King: If the referee doesn't see it, it's not cheating, JR!

Carlito is now on the outside of the ring and is handed the new CWF Intercontinental Title belt by the referee. He raises it in the air, which is met with vociferous boos by the Anaheim crowd. In the ring, Christian is sitting on his haunches, and he is not happy, having beens screwed out of the title.

JR: What a cheating son of a bitch! He shouldn't be allowed anywhere near that title!

King: I think you need to calm down, JR! And in the meantime, we'll go to a ...



We are in someone's lockerroom. The camera pans out to reveal....Kane!!! He is standing infront of a mirror looking very focused, and is clearly psyching himself up for his match with Chris Jericho in the Main Event tonight!

~~Elsewhere backstage~~

We cut to the General Manager's office where we see Eric Bischoff is sitting at his desk, reading through documents. One by one he squashes them up and throws them at an unsuspecting William Regal. This aimless entertainment is ended when the door is thrown open and in walks the legend killer, Randy Orton! Jeers are heard back in the arena. Bischoff got up from his chair and greeted Orton who didn't look overly friendly.

Orton: Why aren't I in the title tournament Bischoff. I'm Randy Orton, the legend killer, and I'm not in the running for the premier title. You call yourself a General Manager?

Bischoff: Randy, Randy. Calm down. It is indeed regrettable that you are not in the title tournament, but you see we only had a limited amount of spaces, the draw was made, and some had to miss out.

Orton: Some had to miss out? I'm not 'some'. I'm Randy Orton, 3rd generation superstar! I shouldn't have to be drawn, I should be the first name out of the hat. Infact, you shouldn't even need a hat. I should be put in straight in the title match...

Bischoff: Randy, please. The way you're talking to me, I should kick you out of my office right now! But as it happens, I like you, you could go a long way. But first, you have to prove yourself to me, prove that you can be successful, prove that....

Bischoff is cut off as the door opens and Carlito swings in with the IC belt around his waist!

Carlito: Orton, you look pretty flustered. Must be 'cos Carlito just walked in...

Carlito laughed, but Orton turned round and eyeballed Carlito intensely.

Orton: Say, Carlito. You look pretty happy for yourself. How about we go out in the ring, put the title on the line, and then see who gets flustered.

Carlito: You say you want Carlito? Nah, that's not cool! Before you get Carlito, you have to prove yourself, isn't that right Mr. Bischoff?

Eric smiles at a scowling Orton, as Carlito picked up an apple and took a bite. Orton's gaze turned back to Carlito, but he swallowed his bite and laughed. Orton stormed out, almost knocking over a small, slender figure in the doorway.

Carlito: Well look who it is...the lovely Trish Stratus. Carlito would like to spit his apple over you any day...

This surprisingly gets a few laughs from the crowd back in the arena. Carlito then left the office, laughing, as Trish sidled up to Bischoff.

Trish: Now Mr. Bischoff....I hear that the Women's Title belt would be vacant right now, and I was thinking who better to have the title, than myself.

Bischoff: Now Trish, I don't think I can just give the belt to you, I mean I...

Trish: Oh Eric..can I call you that...I don't think you're thinking this through correctly. I think I have all the credentials to be the top woman on your show, don't you think...

Trish moved ever closer to Bischoff until she was almost all over him. A smile started to appear on his face.

Bischoff: Well I'm sure we can come to a reasonable conclusion...

Trish and Bischoff got ever closer, but the cameras switched back to ringside for this show's final match, the second in the title tournament.

King: Oh my god, I've got goosebumps! Forget Shelton Benjamin, I want to be Eric Bischoff right now.

JR: I'll let you pursue that fantasy, King, but I've got a match to call, and what a big one it is! It's the 2nd match in the CWF Title Tournament, and it's Chris Jericho taking on Kane!



A huge pyro goes off from the stage, and as the smoke clears Chris Jericho can be seen with his back to the crowd. He spins around and stares around the arena, ignoring the boos from the crowd and psyching himself up for the match.


An even bigger pyro goes off and the crowd rise for Kane as he enters the arena which is suddenly doused in red light. He makes his way straight to the ring and climbs over the top rope, causing Jericho to bail out as Kane makes straight for him.

CWF Title Tournament Quarter Final: Chris Jericho vs. Kane​

Summary:Kane stands in the middle of the ring and raises his arms in the air, ready to strike them down and set off his turnbuckle pyros, but Jericho seeks advantage, enters the ring and attacks Kane from behind as the bell rings to start the match. Jericho lays into Kane with right hands, and goes to Irish whip Kane, but Kane reverses and Irish Whips Jericho off the ropes and hits him with a big boot to the head. Kane hauls Jericho up but Jericho now gets in some offense including a big dropkick, but Kane just staggers towards the ropes. Jericho runs towards him and clotheslines him to the outside.

JR: What an effort this is by Jericho! Kane may be the nastiest performer in the business, but at the moment he is being manhandled by Jericho!

King: What did you expect, JR! He's the King of the World!

Ending: Jericho follows Kane outside and slams him into the steel steps. Jericho climbs back into the ring to stop the count, and Kane staggers up on to the apron, but Jericho hits a springboard dropkick off the turbuckle and Kane falls back to the outside!!! Jericho goes to the floor and rolls Kane back into the ring. As Kane gets up Jericho bounces off the ropes and runs towards him, goes for a body spash, but Kane catches him in mid air, and slams him to the mat. 1...2.....kick out! Kane pulls Y2J up and whips him off the ropes...tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Another cover, but Jericho kicks out again. Both men get up, but Kane still has the momentum and lifts Jericho up in a hangman choke. Jericho looks to be struggling, as Kane holds the move in for endless seconds, but Jericho suddenly somehow drags his legs up and hurricanranas Kane to the mat. What a counter! Kane again staggers up, but Jericho comes from behind and hits a savage bulldog. Jericho signals for the Lionsault, but Kane sits up to a huge cheer from the crowd!

JR: Oh my! Kane just sat up! Watch out Jericho!

Here comes Kane with right hands and uppercuts to Jericho. Jericho is backed into the corner, and Kane lifts him up one handed on to the turnbuckle. Kane starts to climb as well, but Jericho fights back, with left hands, and right hands, and eventually knocks Kane down to the floor. Jericho steadies himself as Kane gets up, and as Kane turns around, Jericho goes for a missile dropkick, but Kane catches him and hits the chokeslam! But Kane falls over too from the effort and both men are down. The referee starts the count, and gets to 8 but both men stagger to their feet, and Jericho hits Kane with the Inziguri. 1....2.......kickout!!!! Jericho gets up slowly, remonstrating with the referee and Kane sits up again! Kane goes for a clothesline, but Jericho ducks and whips Kane into the corner. Kane bounces off the turnbuckle, Jericho grabs his legs, slams him to the ground, and goes for the Walls of Jericho! Can Jericho turn Kane over. He's trying, Kane is resisting. Jericho looks to be turning Kane over, but Kane unbelievably reaches up and hits Jericho square between the eyes, and Jericho releases the hold. Kane gets up and climbs the turnbuckle. Jericho turns round and Kane nails a top rope lariat!!!

JR: By gawd, did you see that! Kane nearly took Jericho's head off!!!

Kane then signals for the end as the crowd gets behind him! Jericho staggers up, turns round, and Kane lifts him up on to his shoulders. He's going for a tombstone! But Jericho somehow rolls through, and is still holding Kane's legs. Jericho goes for the Walls again, and this time turns Kane over! Kane is in the middle of the ring and tries desperately to make his way to the ropes. He gets oh so close. Kane is fighting here, and gets to the ropes, but Jericho drags him out to the centre of the ring again! The crowd groans as this happens! Kane tries to fight, but Jericho locks the move in harder. Kane's face is a picture of pain, not something which usually happens. Jericho is getting more and more frustrated as Kane refuses to tap! In a shock, Jericho drops Kane and releases the hold! The crowd wonder what's going on, but Jericho quickly runs to the ropes.....and hits the LIONSAULT!!!


Here is your winner, Chris Jericho!!!​
JR: Jericho did it! By gawd Jericho did it! What a performance by this young man!

King: What versatility and ring sense by Jericho! He realised Kane wasn't going to tap out so he went for the Lionsault!

JR: Well what we know is that both Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho have qualified for the semi finals of the CWF Title tournament, but who will join them! The other two quarter finals are on Smackdown, so tune in to find out who else will go through! What a first CWF RAW this was, so from JR and the King, we'll see you next week!

Kane rolls around in agony in the middle of the ring, as Jericho walks to the back, his hand raised in celebration after this huge huge victory. The crowd are booing, but some clap Jericho with respect for his performance as we fade out for the last time...


Quick Match Results
CWF Title Tournament: Kurt Angle def. Booker T
Cruiserweight Title Fatal 4 Way: Juvy def. Paul London, Jamie Noble, Tajiri
Tag Title #1C Match 1: MNM def. Hurricane/Rosey
Intercontinental Title Match: Carlito def. Christian
CWF Title Tournament: Chris Jericho def. Kane

Alright, so there's my first show. I hope you like it.

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Matches: For a rookie, it was pretty good. Quite frankly, I don't like Carlito as champion more than I would like Christian. Still though. Love the way you put the matches in order. 1 and 5 as Tournament matches, 2 and 4 as title matches, and 3 as a #1 contenders match! Awsome job. 93/100

Promo's: They were good to say the least. But the opening promo, along with all of them were a little short. Good but Short. 87/100

Length: On word, it was 16 pages. Now that is pretty good at a regular show! 98/100

Grammer/Spelling: Not but a couple of mistakes. 95/100

Overall: 93.25. I could be reviewing the next big thread of 2006 if you make promo's longer!

Please review the BTB thread in my sig Friday when it is up.

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Opening promo was a little short, but it sets the scene for the show well, and bischoff as the gm is a good idea, as he is usually entertaining

Nice opening match, and good to see angle progress over booker, as he deserves it a lot more, and I can see angle getting to the final of this tournament

Jericho promo was solid, but perhaps a little short. Nice to see you got some of his catchphrases in

Christian in the IC match is a little disappointing, as he deserves to be higher up the card. Opponent as carlito perhaps?

Good win for Juvi, and him as cruiserweight champion should be good. Mexicools have some gold to start the show, and from a good cruiserweight match. Maybe a rematch at some point as well

Good win for MNM over the superheroes, which had to happen, and perhaps they will be the next champs

Interesting storyline between torrie and Shelton perhaps?

Carlito cheats to win the title, which seems to be all that he ever does these days. Looks like a rematch will happen as well

Orton not in the tournament? Surprised to see that, but it looks like a short feud with carlito could be on the cards. Trish returns to her slut character, which is the one she always played very well, and I think she will be the womens champion

Jericho over Kane was expected, and great to see. Jericho progresses in the tournament, and seems to have a good shot at the gold.

Impressive first show here, and one that has given you a good grounding to come off. Look forward to the next show

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Last week on the first ever CWF event, Monday Night RAW, the new General Manager Eric Bischoff announced an 8 man tournament to decided the first ever CWF World Champion. The finals of the tournament will be at the Royal Rumble, but the first two quarter final matches were on RAW. In the first match, Kurt Angle beat Booker T and in a hard fought main event, Chris Jericho pinned Kane to advance to the semi finals. On Smackdown there will be two more matches, as Shawn Michaels takes on John Cena, and Chris Benoit faces the Big Show! To find out who will advance, tune in to Smackdown.

Also on RAW, the vacant Intercontinental Title was awarded to Carlito after his victory over Christian. But Carlito’s win was tainted by the fact he held on to the bottom rope to help him pin Captain Charisma, and Christian was not happy, and is sure to want to put things right on Smackdown.

The tag team titles will be decided next week on CWF Monday Night RAW between the winners of 2 #1 contenders matches. MNM got through on RAW, and tonight we’ll find out who’ll join them, as the Basham Brothers take on the Dudleyz.

And for more updates on the Women’s Title situation, tune in to CWF Smackdown!

Confirmed Matches:

Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena
Chris Benoit vs. Big Show
Dudleyz vs. Bashams
Trish Stratus v Stacy Keibler
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