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so I have to pay $4.99 every year or is it a one time payment? and if I request it it may be denied

the arcade section too what is that all about?
You can buy a lifetime membership for $9.99 that last for 20 years.

You can then request a name change every 3 months.

Premium/Lifetime Membership

To help support the site and increase your options on the site you can choose to buy either a Premium or Lifetime Membership. Paypal is fine.

With a paid membership, you will receive:
-Access to the arcade
-Access to the chatbox
-Name changes
-Usertitle editing rights
-Ability to use gifs in sigs
-VIP section for paid members
-Bigger avatars
-Much more PM space
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
Not open for further replies.