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i used to be chaingangsoldier69 on nodq and weforums but now i am rko for life Chaingangsoldier69's wwe

I had a thread with Nathanm called wwwi 2006 and quite frankly it was to much and we weren’t getting enough impute or reviews. So I have decided to do another thread BY MYSELF, and I will write raw and smackdown matches from finish as that was a main problem trying to write every match in full. I am very excited to start this and I apologize to Nathanm and hope him the best of luck I his thread, and I will be reviewing. The rosters are the same and I will be starting from after New Years Revolution. Here are the rosters.

Raw General Manager- Eric Bishoff and Mick Foley (story- after bishoff was fired and taken out the trash Mr. McMahon named Mick Foley the new Raw General manager. After that all the heels especially Masters, Carlito, Davari, Kurt Angle, Coach and Triple H started fighting to get Bishoff back. On an episode of Monday Night Raw it was the Coach vs Mick Foley for the Gm spot it ended in a no contest as many superstars interfered so Mr. McMahon made Bishoff and Foley 50-50 gm.

Face- Green Heel- Orange



Champion: John Cena.

World Tag Team Champions: Batista and Rey Mysterio

Intercontinental Champion: Carlito .

Womans Champion: Trish Stratus.

John Cena

Ric Flair..

Shawn Michaels.


The Big Show.

Chavo Guerrero.

Shelton Benjamin



CM Punk




Val Venis.

Matt Striker

The Damaja

Kurt Angle.

Triple H..

Edge w/Lita.

Chris Masters

Carlito Cool

Lance Cade.

Trevor Murdoch

Rob Conway

Gregory Helms.

Gene Snitsky

Tyson Tomko

Antonio Thomas

Romeo Roselli

Rene Dupree

Johnny Parisi.

Tag teams

Cade & Murdoch.

The Heart Throbs.

Tomko & Snitsky

Big Show and Kane

Val Venis and Viscera ( V-squared)


Trish Stratus.

Mickie James.

Ashley Massaro.

Maria Kanellis.



Candice Michelle.

Torrie Wilson.

Other information

Announce Team: Joey Styles & Jerry Lawler & The Coach
Heat Announce Team: The Coach & Todd Grisham
Ring Announcers: Lillian Garcia & Howard Finkel
Referee: Mike Chioda
Referee: Jack Doan
Referee: Chad Patton.
Referee: Mickie Jay.
Backstage Interviewer: Maria Kanellis
Backstage Interviewer: Todd Grisham


General Manager- Teddy Long/ assistant Palmer Cannon


World Heavyweight Champion: Batista.

WWE Tag Team Champions: MNM.

United States Champion: JBL .

Cruiserweight Champion: Juventud Guerrera

The Undertaker.

Chris Benoit.

Rey Mysterio.

Matt Hardy.

Bobby Lashley.

Hardcore Holly.

Road Warrior Animal


Paul London

Brian Kendrick



Super Crazy.

Scotty 2 Hotty.

Sho Funaki.

Stevie Richards


Jamie Noble.

John Layfield.

Randy Orton.

Booker T.

Mr. Kennedy

Joey Mercury.

Johnny Nitro.

Orlando Jordan.

William Regal

Paul Birchall

The Boogeyman

James Dick

Chad Dick

Simon Dean


Big Vito.


Doug Basham

Tag Teams

Mercury & Nitro.

The Dicks.

Legion of Doom.

The Mexicools.

Scotty & Funaki.

Regal & Birchall

Kendrick and London

Melina Perez

Jillian Hall

Sharmell Sullivan

Stacy Keibler

Christy Hemme.

Other Information

Announce Team: Michael Cole & Tazz.
Announce Team: Josh Mathews & Steve Romero.
Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel & Jason Roberts
Referee: Nick Patrick.
Referee: Jim Cordaris
Referee: Charles Robinson.
Referee: Brian Hebner
Backstage Interviewer: Josh Mathews
Backstage Interviewer: Sho Funaki

Countdown show-the Dicks defeated LOD @ 4 minutes in a filler
Armageddon Results -

MNM defeats Mexicools @ 12 minutes with the snapshot
Bobby Lashley defeated William Regal and Paul Birchal @ 7 minutes with a dominator on Regal
Jbl defeated Matt Hardy and Ken Kennedy in a # 1 contender match for U.S. title with the clothesline from hell pinning Matt Hardy
Juventud defeated Kid Kash @ 6 minutes with the Juve Driver
Boogeyman defeated Sylvan @ 0: 34 seconds with a pumphandle slam
Batista and Rey Mysterio defeat Big Show and Kane @ 16 minutes with a 619 followed by a spinebuster by Batista on Big Show
Benoit defeated Booker t @ 18 minutes with the crossface making the score 3-1
Undertaker defeats Randy Orton @ 32 minutes with a tombstone on top of the cell in the bloodiest and called the best hell in a cell match ever which saw the 1 of many highlights Undertaker chokeslamming Orton of the cell through the Spanish table

New Years Revolution results-

Carlito defeated Rvd @ 14 minutes in the IC title tournament finals
CM Punk defeated Trevor Murdoch @ 6 minutes
Trish defeated Mickie James and Victoria in a triple threat match @ 9 minutes
Cutting Edge with Allen Houston
Batista and Rey Mysterio defeated Kane and Big Show in a hardcore match for the tag titles in 18
15 man battle royal that Shelton Benjamin won @ 12 minutes featuring mostly jobbers winning him a IC title match and the final spot in the elimination chamber match
John Cena defeated Triple H, Kurt Angle, Chris Masters, Shawn Michaels, and shelton benjamin @ 45 minutes in the elimination chamber, the best one yet

There will be a draft exclusively on PPV 1 hour show entitled Draft Lottery that I will post sometime this week along with a raw preview

again matches on Raw and Smackdown typed from ending ppv in full and I will return reviews and I will review some shows anyway just make sure to return them

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Nice rosters and everything. I liked the results you had up for Armageddon and New Years Revolution. The HITC with Taker and Orton sounded like it was good with the chokeslam off the top of the cell. Anyways good luck with this I will be checking it out.

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Aftermatch of NYR

Raw 1/9 Preview

What will be the aftermath following the amazing elimination chamber as John Cena regained his title but Bishoff won't let Cena rest as he is making John Cena defend the wwe championship against the Masterpiece Chris Masters as this is the biggest oppurtunity of the young Masters life.

Two royal rumble qualifying matches will take place it will be Carlito taking on Chavo Guerrero and also for the first time ever it will be a triple threat qualifying elimination match as the person that is pinned isn't in the rumble and the other two do. it will be in that match Shelton Benjamin vs CM Punk vs Trevor Murdoch

Also the new tag champions from smackdown will be in providence this week and what will the raw locker room have to say after they beat kane and big show last night

This week a new episode of Cutting Edge with RVD and this will be intresting and neither man will hold anything back

PLus much more in Providence this week

Raw should be up Thrusday or Friday I will review alot of shows return them and if you review i will return them, leave thoughts on the preview

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Nice Raw preview, i like how you have the whole Bischoff hating Cena thing going on. Cena vs. Chris Masters should be a good match. I am also looking forward to the Cutting Edge with RVD, that also should be good. Good luck I will check it out.

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The following people have been placed on shows on the Draft Lottery 1 hour show on the USA network

Simon Dean
Paul Birchil
Christian Cage

Rene Dupree
Matt Striker
Chris Jericho

Also at this show all the participants were in matches

Simon Dean beat Matt Striker
Paul Birchil beat rene Dupree
Christian Cage and Jericho fought to a no contest

Christian cage quit TNA as he felt that he wanted to back home and Jericho was part of an angle

Raw will be up Monday

I have a announcment to make it will be that i will be writing the mainevents on raw and smackdwon in full the rest in finish form

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Chaingangsoldier69's WWE
Raw 1/9
Providence, Rhode Island


* A five minute video is shown highlighting last nights historic Pay - Per- View
specifically highlighting the elimination chamber with Cena regaining the

* ALL ACROSS THE NATION* plays as the camera pans around the arena
with fans cheering and mostly Cena and HBK signs as the
camera then shows the announcers at ringside as it goes close up to King
and Joey Styles who are ready for the show

Joey Styles- Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Monday Night Raw and just
24 hours, Removed from New Years Revolution we are in for one hell of
a show

King- Well Joey, Tonight the Masterpiece Chris Masters will finally dethrone
John Cena something no one has been able to do in almost ten months

Graphic shown

Joey Styles - Plus the most controversial show on Television today it will be
Cutting Edge hosted by Edge and Lita

King- And if it is what we saw last night on cutting Edge with Allen Houston
we are in for one hell of a show

Joey Styles- Plus more and it is now time for the first qualifying match for a
royal rumble spot

hits to heat

Lilian- The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a royal rumble
qualifying macthup, making his way to the ring first from the Carribean
weighing in at 235 pounds Carlito

Joey Styles- well this is the first qualifying match as 15 superstars from raw
and 15 from smackdown face off on January 29 at the royal rumble

King- well I know your new to the wwe but you should know that the royal
rumble match is probably the most exciting matches of the year.

* OOH CHAVO* to loud pops and a bunch of Eddie chants as Chavo comes
down with purple pants and the E.G. wristband

Joey Styles- Here comes the nephew or they were close as brothers

King- well we have been getting a lot of questions what happened to Kerwin White well that is a dumb question the answer is the storyline was dropped because obvious reasons as Chavo will carry on the Guerrero name

Match 1- Chavo Guerrero vs Carlito- Royal Rumble Qualifier

finish- Carlito has had Chavo down with a knee to the back in the submission for nearly a minute when eventually chavo elbows Carlito to the gut and punches him with right hands. Chavo sends him off the ropes and connects with a back body drop. Chavo then gets Carlito and connects with the 3 amigos. Chavo then goes up top to a huge pop. Chavo then attempts the frog splash but Carlito moves he then picks chavo and rolls him through grabs the tights 1.................................... 2................................. .........................3

Winner @ 7:21 Carlito

Joey Styles- I don’t believe it Carlito has cheated to win the match and he will be in the royal rumble

King- well a win is a win and Carlito moves on and he is my pick to win the royal rumble

Joey Styles- well Carlito has got a mike

Carlito - Carlito is going to the royal rumble and Carlito is going to win the whole thing because that, that’s cool.

* I SPIT IN THE FACE OF PEOPLE THAT DON’T WANT TO BE COOL* hits as the crowd boos him as he leaves

Joey Styles - Carlito wins and well he is in the rumble and even though that may be cool there will be 29 other men that think that isn’t cool.

King- well still to come here tonight we will find two more people in the rumble match

Joey Styles- that is right it will be CM Punk vs Shelton Benjamin vs Trevor Murdoch and whoever doesn’t get pinned will be in the rumble match.


Trish’s locker room

Mickie James walks in

Trish- Hey what’s up

Mickie James- hey that was some match last night, when you pinned Victoria

Trish- Sorry, you weren’t involved in the decision but anytime you want a title shot I will face you

Mickie James- awesome well tonight me and you are going to face Victoria and Torrie in a tag match

Trish- well lets go out there and prove to them that we are the divas in the wwe.

Mickie James- hey trish I want to say thank you

Trish- for what

Mickie James- for taking me under you wing and helping me and I wouldn’t be this far without you new let’s go kick ass

Trish- let’s deliver some stratisfaction

Bishoff and Foley’s office

Foley- Eric what’s up with you making Chris Masters vs John Cena for the wwe championship tonight after Cena just went through the elimination chamber match.

Bishoff- well I wanted to keep the show going, this isn’t smackdown we actually put our champions in title matches.

Foley- O, is that what it is or is it you abusing your power to try to screw John Cena out of the wwe title.

Bishoff- No, No what would make you think that, and just to prove how fair I am here tonight I am going to make it Triple H vs Shawn Michaels

crowd pops

Foley- you really want to make it fair lets make it a number 1 contender match and the winner will go one on one with John Cena or Chris Masters for the title at Royal Rumble

crowd pops


Joey Styles- welcome back and moments ago we found out a huge announcement that here tonight it will be the Game Triple H vs HBK Shawn Michaels for the # 1 contender spot

King- that should be awesome

Joey Styles- well coming up next will be Cutting Edge with Rvd , edges new show and it has been amazing lets take a look back at some past episodes

* highlights shown of Cutting Edge with Dimitri Young, Michael Hayes, Triple H, Ric Flair, and Allen Houston.*

* I SEE CLEARLY * hits as Edge comes out accompanied by the lovely lita with major heat

Lilian - at this time please welcome the hosts of cutting edge Lita and Mr. Money in the bank Edge

Joey Styles- well this show is always controversial but this episode with Mr. PPV, Rvd is going to be very interesting

King- well if there was ever anyone that isn’t afraid to ask the real questions it is Edge

Lita- here toni-

*Lita is interrupted by Sl*t chants

Lita- at least I can get a man unlike all of you people here in Rhode Island

crowd boos

Edge- Yeah just look at this state there are no sports teams, and your worship land mark is a giant termite called the Big Blue Bug.

Crowd boos

Edge- the most famous person to come out of here was James Woods and he was gay and makes sounds for cartoons

crowd boos

Edge- face it I can bash Rhode Island some more but it is to easy ( ASSHOLE CHANTS ARE HEARD) chant it all you want bec-

* ONE OF A KIND* hits as the fans go nuts as Rvd interrupts Edge

Rvd- Edge please shut the F**k up

Crowd Pops

Rvd- you know I was sitting back there and-

Edge - that is the point that is all you do is sit back there, you are never in a match you suck, you were never good you are a joke.

Crowd Boos

Edge- You were good in ECW because two reasons 1 everyone sucked and two you slept with Paul Heyman so you didn’t have to defend the TV title for 2 years

Crowd ooooooooooooooo’s

Rvd- I know I didn’t sleep with Heyman but someone else in this ring probably did.

Crowd pops as everyone looks at Lita and chants Sl*t

Edge- Face it Rvd, you are a joke Mr. PPV, please anyone can be Mr. PPV when the buy rates are 0.6.

Crowd ooooooooooooooo’s again

Edge- just like Rhode Island you are a joke. Oh wait before you speak let me tell you the typical come back on this show is you have never been heavyweight champion well, I am making two guarantees, that I will win the title and be successful, and I will win any title before you ,you ****

Rvd punches Edge after the tasteless comment Rvd has him in a mount position when all of a sudden from behind Christian Cage hits Rvd in the leg with a chair as the crowd is in shock as some are cheering and others don’t know what to think, as Christian, then helps up his former tag team partner. They both begin to beat down on Rvd, the ambush continues when all of a sudden the Nature Boy comes running down he chops Christian Cage and then gets Edge in the corner as they punch each other and Christian Cage and Rvd fighting security comes down and breaks up them as all hell has broken loose when Mick Foley gets on the titantron.

Foley- Hey how is everyone in Providence, Rhode Island

Crowd Pops

King- ah, there’s the cheap pop

Foley- next week I am using my authority to make it Edge and Christian Cage taking on Rvd and Ric Flair

crowd pops

Edge and Christian Cage look pissed

King- but, but Edge is injured

Joey Styles - Maybe he should have thought about that before they jumped RVD, well that is a huge announcement by our general manager Mick Foley

King- Well, this is great but the best is yet to come as up next is Trish and Mickie James taking on Victoria and Torrie

Joey Styles- Puppies!

King- Oh (Pause) my ( pause ) god

Joey Styles - hey




Lilian- the following contest is scheduled is a tag team contest scheduled for
one fall making their way to the ring first the team of Mickie James
and the WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus.

Joey Styles- well last night at New Years Revolution it was a triple threat
match for the women’s championship, and for your information it was the
1 year anniversary of when Trish won the title, anyway she
successfully beat Victoria as Mickie James wasn’t involved in the decision

King- well that was some match but I would love to see Mickie James and
Trish go one on one and believe it or not I think that Trish is starting
to be friends with Mickie James

Joey Styles- I agree at first Trish thought of her as very annoying but I think
that they are great friends now and I would love to see those two
friends go

* I AIN’T THE LADY TO MESS WITH* hits to heat as Torrie and Victoria are accompanied by Candice Michelle

Lilian- and their opponents being accompanied by Candice Michelle the team of Torrie Wilson and Victoria

Joey Styles- Oh ( pause) my (pause) god

King- wow, Candice is hot ( as torrie and Candice do their pateinent entrance) I love girls that like girls

Joey Styles- this should be an interesting contest to say the very least

Match 2 - Victoria and Torrie vs Trish and Mickie James

Finish- Mickie James is being isolated in Victoria and Torrie’s corner. Eventually in leads to a spinning hurricarana on Torrie. Both women are down. They both make the tag Trish comes in a hits Victoria with several forearms. Trish then hits a few moves before connecting with a stratisfaction bulldog. Trish clotheslines torrie out of the ring she stalks Victoria for the chick kick and connects 1...............................................................2.................................. MICKIE JAMES ELBOWS TRISH TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD. Mickie James then leaves the ring to the locker room as the crowd boos and everyone is in shock. Victoria slowly gets up and connects with the widows peak. 1..............................................2........................................3

Winners @ 5 : 58 Victoria and Torrie Wilson

Joey Styles - What the hell is going on why did Mickie James do that ?

King - I don’t believe it she has kept saying Trish is her role model and she wants to be just like her then why did she turn her back on her.

Joey Styles- Mickie James was just saying how she wants to have a dream match with her favorite wrestler I am shocked.

King- That is, I still can’t believe it. Wow why would Mickie James turn on Trish

Joey Styles- Wait a minute, standing by backstage with Todd Grisham is Mickie James lets get some answers. ( pause) well actually we are going to go backstage after the commercial break,

King- well still to come tonight it will be Triple H vs Shawn Michaels for the # 1 contender shot at the royal rumble to face.....................

Joey Styles- the winner of tonight’s wwe championship match between the Masterpiece Chris Masters vs The champ John Cena



Todd Grisham- Hello welcome back and at this time I am standing by with the women who just turned her back on her idol Trish, Mickie why?

Mickie James- why? Is that what you want to know? I’ll tell you why because I am a star but I am being held back by Trish Stratus, and I know she thought I was annoying well she’ll see just how annoying I can be to her when I take her women’s championship.

crowd boos

Todd Grisham- Well last night at New Years Revolution you had the opportunity to win the title but you didn’t

Mickie James- First off, I wasn’t pinned it was Victoria and secondly I have never got her one on one so at the royal rumble I am challenging Trish Stratus to a match for the women’s championship.

From behind Trish comes and tackles Mickie James into the wall the two angry women hits each other until tons of security comes and breaks them far apart

Trish- ( as she is being pulled away) I accept the match for royal rumble

Back to ringside

Joey Styles- wow what a huge announcement for Royal Rumble it will be Mickie James vs Trish Stratus for Women’s championship

King- Oh what a match that will be with plenty of puppies, I can’t wait

* AIN’T NO STOPPIN ME * hits as Shelton Benjamin comes down to a huge pop

Lilian- the following is the first ever triple threat royal rumble qualifying match where the rules the person the that gets pinned or submits won’t be in the royal rumble and the other two move on, making his way to the ring first from Orangeburg, South Carolina weighing in at 245 pounds Shelton Benjamin.

Joey Styles- Well this will be an interesting match with two of the most athletic wrestlers Shelton Benjamin, and CM Punk

King- don’t forget you have the mean streak of Trevor Murdoch in this match

Joey Styles- which makes it even more unpredictable

* NIGHT TRAIN* hits to a huge pop maybe the biggest of the night so far

Lilian- and his opponent from Chicago , Illinois weighing in at 220 pounds CM Punk

Joey Styles- He is serious, cool, calm, and amazing he is CM Punk

* COWBOY REMEDY* hits to no reaction as he isn’t over with the crowd yet.

Lilian - and from Oklahoma he is Trevor Murdoch

Match 3- Shelton Benjamin vs Trevor Murdoch vs CM Punk - royal rumble qualifier

Finish - after a wild match with all kinds of high flying and high impact moves Shelton Benjamin hits a T-Bone on Trevor Murdoch. Benjamin turns right into the right hand by Punk. Punk then brings Benjamin up top and connects with the Pepsi Plunge. He is about to pin him when he points up top he puts benjamin and Murdoch together and goes up top and connects with a 450 moonsault . He pins Murdoch 1.................................................2..................................3

Winner @ 13: 24 CM Punk

Joey Styles- a huge victory and with that Benjamin and Punk moves on after a amazing match what a match that was

King- Can you imagine what the royal rumble will be like I can not wait.

Joey Styles- and coming up next ( graphic shown) it will be Chris Masters taking on John Cena for the wwe championship and it is next



Lilian - the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the wwe championship

* MASTERPIECE* hits to a lot of heat as Chris Masters comes down with his robe doing his signature pose coming down to ringside.

Lilian- at this time here is the challenger from Venice Beach, California he is the Masterpice Chris Masters.

Joey Styles- this is the biggest opportunity in this young mans life and here tonight he can fulfil the dream of any wrestling fan or superstar and that is to be the wwe champion

King- well if he did win he would beat out Randy Orton record as youngest heavyweight champion of all time as Masters is only 22

Joey Styles- Prepare for the roof to come off the arena

* TIME IS NOW* hits to easily the biggest pop of the night as the crowd goes nuts Cena sprints down not even allowing Lilian Garcia to announce his name

Match 4 - John Cena vs Chris Masters - wwe championship

Finish- Masters has had the masterlock locked in for several minutes now cena then elbows Masters to the face as everyone in the crowd is standing up in excitement to see what happens next. Cena keeps elbowing and eventually Masters lets go as he knew Cena would have broken the Masterlock and he wanted to make no one break out of it. Masters whips Cena off the ropes and tries the Polish Hammer but Cena ducks and comes back with a flying shoulder block which gets a huge ovation. Cena then connects with the throw back. As Cena does the U cant see me as the crowd says it with him and he connects with the five knuckle shuffle. He then pumps up his shoes and stalks Masters. Masters gets up and Cena picks him up for the FU . As he is about to nail the move Masters grabs the refs shirt, he then throws the ref out of the ring and Cena doesn’t realize and Cena connects with the FU. Cena covers the crowd counts but there is no ref all of a sudden Carlito comes down and him and Cena start exchanging right hands. Cena then eventually clotheslines him over the top rope, but Cena turns around Triple H is there and connects with a pedigree. The crowd is booing like crazy. The Game throws the ref back in the ring and counts





Kick out the crowd goes absolutely nuts
as does Triple H. Triple H gets back in with a steel chair as the ref is still out of it all of a sudden HBK comes running down a sweet chin music’s Triple H in the face with the chair bouncing off as well. Michaels picks up the chair and hits Carlito, knocking him out of the ring. He then hits Masters in the back with the chair falling to Cena who connects with the FU.






Winner @ 9 : 54 John Cena ( the crowd is going nuts)

Joey Styles - what a match a with a little help from Michaels, John Cena overcomes the odds and is still out wwe champion

King- what do you mean a little help from HBK he won the match for Cena

Joey Styles- That isn’t true and what about Carlito and Triple H

King- It doesn’t matter as Cena wont be the champ for much longer because Triple H will win tonight and he will go on to defeat Cena at the Royal Rumble.

Joey Styles- Well lets see about that


* I’M BACK* hits as Eric Bishoff comes out to major heat as he stands on the stage with a microphone in his hand.

Bishoff- Last night at New Years Revolution Rey Mysterio and Batista defeated Big Show and Kane to become the new tag team champions

crowd pops

Bishoff- well not anymore, that’s right that title is a raw title and no one on smackdown can have it so give us back out titl-

* NO CHANCE* hits to a huge ovation as many fans are bowing McMahon as he stands on the stage with a microphone right next to Eric Bishoff

Joey Styles- You can feel the tension

Mr. McMahon- wait a second Eric correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that I am in charge of the wwe.

crowd pops

Mr. McMahon- So here is how it is going to go Kane and Big Show are still the raw tag team champions

crowd boos

Mr. McMahon- wait, just listen this week on Smackdown it will be MNM vs Batista and Rey Mysterio for the smackdown tag titles ( crowd pops) and the winners will go on to face Kane and big show for the undisputed tag team titles at royal rumble.

Crowd pops

Mr. McMahon - Because the tag team division is trash I am combining the tag division and the champions will defend on both shows.

crowd pops

Eric Bishoff- Fine then but to prove how dominant Kane and Big Show are right now you see those two guys in the ring well right now they are in a tag match against Kane and Big Show.


Eric Bishoff- and their new permanent manager me Eric Bishoff,

The three come down to the ring as Vince leaves

Joey Styles- What an announcement the tag titles will be combined at royal rumble and the champs will be on both shows

King- and Eric Bishoff is Kane and Big shows manager if they weren’t already dominant watch out

Match 5 - big show and Kane vs Jobbers

Kane and Big Show toy around with their opponents before getting the three count with the double chokeslam

winners @ 0:23 Big Show and Kane

Joey Styles - wow, that was impressive

king- Up Next Number 1 contender match ( graphic shown)



Shawn Michaels makes his way out from the back to a huge cheer from the Nottingham crowd. Michaels walks a bit down the rampway before dropping down to his knees and talking to himself as the pyros go off behind him. Michaels gets back up to his feet and claps the hands of the fans on the way down the rampway before reaching the bottom of the rampway and climbing into the ring. Michaels starts to taunt around the ring as the crowd continue to cheer The Heartbreak Kid.


The cheers soon turn to boos as The Game makes his way out from the back. Triple H takes a drink of his water before walking down the rampway.. Triple H reaches the bottom of the rampway and he walks around to the side of the ring. Triple H takes one more drink of his water before throwing it to the crowd and climbing up onto the ring apron. Triple H looks out to the crowd before spitting his water out. Triple H climbs into the ring and walks past Michaels and to the top left hand corner. He climbs up and starts to taunt the crowd which only draws boos from the crowd. Triple H climbs down from the turnbuckle and goes face to face with HBK.

Match 6- SINGLES MAIN EVENT MATCH - # 1 contender match

The referee rings the bell for the start of the match as HHH and HBK are facing one another down. HHH then slaps the taste right out of HBK mouth as HBK responds with the right hands as this match explodes into life. HBK is nailing Triple H with the right hands as he knocks HHH back to the right hand ropes. HBK grabs hold of HHH and goes to whip him to the left hand ropes but HHH reverses and sends HBK to the ropes. HBK comes back off the left hand ropes but he telegraphs Triple H attack and boots him in the gut. HBK starts to hit HHH with the right hands. HBK then knees Triple H in the gut and grabs him by the head and runs him across to the left hand ropes and throws Triple H head first over the top rope. Triple H lands hard on the outside. Triple H climbs back up onto the ring apron and back into the ring as HBK looks on. HBK starts to circle the ring as does HHH. Both men then lurch forward and start to grapple with one another. Triple H wins the power struggle and manages to get HBK in a headlock. HBK manages to nail Triple H in the gut with an elbow and Triple H lets go off him. HBK runs off to left hand ropes and back but he runs straight into a Back Body Drop from HHH. HHH waits for HBK to get back up to his feet and Michaels is us up pretty quickly. HHH grabs hold of HBK and whips him to the top right hand corner. HHH runs at HBK looking for the clothesline but HBK gets a boot up and Triple H runs right into it. HBK fight his way out of the corner with some Knife Edge Chops but Triple H knees HBK in the gut and pulls him towards himself and takes his down to the mat with a Short Arm Clothesline.

Joey Styles: Its been a physical opening to this match as HHH just scrapes it to begin with.

King: These men know so much about each other, it is going to be an interesting battle Joey.

HHH picks HBK back up to his feet and grabs him by the head and lifts him up in the air before planting him with a Vertical Suplex. HHH then stands above HBK and waits for him to get back up to his feet. HBK slowly climbs back up to his feet and Triple H lifts HBK off his feet and slams him to the mat with a Scoop Slam. Triple H then runs off towards the right hand ropes and back and drops a Knee right across the forehead of HBK. Triple H hooks Michaels leg and the referee counts the pinfall 1...2. HBK kicks out of the pinfall. Triple H grabs hold of HBK by the head and picks him back up to his feet. Triple H knees Shawn Michaels in the gut before elbowing him on the back of the head which knocks HBK down to his knees. Triple H then starts to lay the right hands into the head of HBK as the referee comes over and tells Triple H to cut it out. Triple H grabs HBK by the head and slams him to the mat. HBK rolls away from HHH as on the outside of the ring, Ric Flair is praising The Game. Shawn Michaels is getting back up to his feet as Triple H stands behind him, HBK turns around and HHH whips him to the top ropes. Shawn Michaels comes back off the ropes and into a clothesline from HHH. HHH drops down to the mat and covers HBK for the pinfall 1...2.. Shawn Michaels gets his shoulder up off the mat. Triple H grabs HBK by the head and starts to lay the right hands into the face of HBK. The referee gives Triple H a 5 count to break it up 1...2...3...4...Triple H lets go off HBK and HBK just falls back down to the mat. The referee warns Triple H about his conduct as Triple H just smiles in the referees face.

Joey Styles: Triple H is in a highly aggressive mood tonight as HBK starts to feel it.

King: Triple H just seems to have gone up a notch tonight Joey, like he is trying to make a point.

Triple H waits for Shawn Michaels to get back up to his feet as HBK slowly climbs back up to his feet. Triple H grabs HBK by the head and runs him down to the bottom ropes and throws him over the top rope. HBK lands hard on the mat on the outside. Triple H walks away from the referee and climbs out of the ring and drops down where HBK is. Triple H pulls HBK back up to his feet before pulling HBK close to the steel steps and lifting him in the air and dropping Michaels face first onto the steel steps. Triple H picks Michaels back up to his feet and grabs him by the head and smashes it against the steps again. Michaels staggers away as the referee tells them to get back into the ring. Triple H grabs hold of Michaels and rolls him back into the ring. A trickle of blood is running down HBK face as Triple H climbs back into the ring and covers him for the pinfall 1...2..Shawn Michaels kicks out of the pinfall. HHH grabs hold of Michaels and lifts him back up to his feet. Triple H whips HBK into the bottom left hand corner and follows it up with a clothesline which knocks HBK down to the mat. Triple H lifts Michaels up and starts to lay the right hands into the face of HBK trying to open the wound up more.

Triple H goes back to HBK and pulls him out of the corner. Triple H turns HBK around and runs him into the corner and throws him right between the ropes and his shoulder smacks into the steel post. HBK is in between the ropes as Triple H pulls him out and rams him straight back into the steel post again. The referee makes his way over to Triple H and warns him about his conduct again. Triple H just smiles at the referee before pulling HBK out of the corner and lifting him off his feet and giving him a Back Suplex. Triple H drops down to the mat and cockily covers HBK for the pinfall 1...2..Shawn Michaels kicks out of the pinfall. Triple H climbs back up to his feet and looks at the referee who just shows him his two count. Triple H bends over and picks Michaels back up to his feet. Triple H then lifts HBK off his feet and gives him a Backbreaker. Again Triple H covers HBK for the pinfall 1...2.. HBK kicks out of the pinfall. Triple H stands back up to his feet as HBK starts to crawl away from Triple H as the blood runs down his face. HBK uses the left hand ropes to get back up to his feet as Triple H stands behind Michaels. HBK turns around and Triple H kicks him in the gut and grabs him around the head and lifts him in the air and keeps him in hanging in the air. Triple H finally drops Michaels back down to the mat with the Stalling Suplex. Triple H stands back up to his feet and starts to taunt HBK as the blood continues to run down the face of HBK. Triple H starts to toy with Michaels, nudging him with his foot in the head as HBK is crawling along the mat.

Joey Styles: Triple H showing no respect for Shawn Michaels and that could backfire on him.

KIng: Shawn Michaels doesn’t look to be in the best place to be fighting back JR.

Triple H lets HBK crawl away closer to the ropes until he drops an elbow to the back of HBKs head. Triple H then climbs back up to his feet and out of the ring as he grabs hold of HBK by the arm and pulls him out of the ring and HBK just falls down to the mat. HBK starts to use the ring cover to climb back up to his feet as Triple H just stands behind him. HBK turns around and Triple H charges him into the ring apron smashing his back against it and HBK falls back down to the mat. The referee leans out of the ring and tells Triple H to get back into the ring so Triple H rolls back in and then immediately out again. HBK is clambering back up to his feet as Triple H grabs him by the head and walks him over to the announcers table and smashes HBKs head against it. Triple H starts to rub HBK face into the cover of the announcers table leaving a massive blood mark on it. HBK staggers away from Triple H and heads off back to the ring as Triple H grabs him from behind and rolls him back into it. Triple H climbs back into the ring as HBK is getting back up to his feet, Triple H grabs him from behind and whips him to the right hand ropes. Michaels comes back off the ropes and straight into a Spinebuster from Triple H. Triple H hooks the leg of HBK and the referee gets down and counts the pinfall 1...2...Michaels kicks out of the pinfall. Triple H just looks on at the referee as he shows him the two count. Triple H climbs back up to his feet and looks out to the crowd as they begin to boo The Game.

Joey Styles: Triple H shows no respect to anybody, all he cares about is himself!

Michaels is staggering back to his feet as Triple H waist for him to get fully back up. Michaels is fully stood up as Triple H whips him to the right hand ropes. HBK hits the ropes and comes back off them as Triple H goes for a clothesline but HBK ducks underneath and waits for Triple H to turn back around before slapping the taste right out of HHH mouth much to the delight of the crowd. Triple H turns around as he begins to shake in anger as HBK lifts him up off his feet and hits him with an Inverted Atomic Drop. Triple H staggers around as HBK runs off to the left hand ropes and goes to come back but Masters comes down and then he grabs him by the leg and trips up HBK. HBKs face bounces off the mat as the referee makes his way over to the ropes and orders Masters to the backstage area. Masters is throwing a fit on the outside of the ring as he begins to storm off to the backstage area but he comes back and jumps up on the ring apron and starts to argue with the referee. The referee order Masters away or he will disqualify Triple H. Masters finally gets down from the ring apron and starts to make his way back up the rampway as back in the ring Triple H picks HBK back up to his feet. Triple H whips HBK into the bottom left hand corner. Triple H walks over to Michaels and starts to lay elbows into the face of HBK but he stops them as the referee makes his way over. Triple H grabs hold of HBK and lifts him up in the air and places him on the top rope. Triple H then climbs up to the second rope before laying a couple of right hands into the face of Michaels. Triple H garbs him around the head and goes for the Superplex but HBK hooks his leg around the rope and stops him from going anywhere.

Joey Styles: Triple H looking to end this match right here with the Superplex!

King: HBK doesn’t look to pretty at the moment Joey.

Triple H tries again for the Superplex but Michaels blocks it for a second time. Triple H lets go off HBK and goes to hit him with a right hand but Michaels fires back with his own right hands which stagger Triple H a little. Michaels then hits a desperation Headbutt on Triple H which knocks Triple H off the ropes and down to the mat below. HBK steadies himself on the top rope before jumping off and hitting Triple H with a Top Rope Elbow Drop. HBK hits HHH and rolls away from him as the referee checks on both men before starting a ten count 1...2...3...4...5...6...Triple H starts to get back up to his feet...7.. HBK climbs back up to his feet. Both men stagger into the center of the ring as they start to grapple with one another. Triple H breaks up the grapple and pushes HBK away but HBK hits him back with a Sweet Chin Music!

Joey Styles: Out of nowhere, Shawn Michaels has hit the Sweet Chin Music!

King: Where did he get that from Joey!

HBK is laying flat on the mat as the blood has tried up on his face. HBK crawls over to Triple H and places an arm across the chest of Triple H as the referee drops down to the mat and counts the pinfall 1...2...Triple H gets his shoulder up at the last moment!

Joey Styles : Shawn Michaels so close to the pinfall he could taste it!

HBK rolls onto his back and nips back up much to the delight of the crowd. HBK staggers over to the top left hand corner and starts to stomp his foot as the crowd get even more excited with every hit of the mat. Triple H slowly starts to climb back up to his feet as HBK is stomping his foot like mad. Triple H is fully back up to his feet as HBK charges out of the corner and goes for the Sweet Chin Music but Triple H catches HBKs foot and spins him around and goes for a clothesline but HBK ducks it and Triple H takes out the referee!

Joey Styles: Triple H just nailed the referee with a hard clothesline!

The referee is layed out on the mat as Triple H turns back around and straight into another Sweet Chin Music from HBK. The crowd are going mad as HBK drops down to the mat and covers Triple H but there is no referee. The crowds count has got up to four as HBK clambers back up to his feet and makes his way over to the referee and tries to wake him up but its to no avail.

Joey Styles: Shawn Michaels has this match won but we have no referee to make the pinfall.

King: We need a referee out here fast!

HBK turns away from the referee and goes back to Triple H and starts to pull him back up to his feet but Triple H nails HBK with a Low Blow. HBK falls down to the mat as Triple H tries to shake off the effect of two Sweet Chin Music’s. Triple H starts to make his way across the ring and to the left hand ropes and climbs out of the ring and he makes his way to the time keepers table. He pushes the time keeper out of the way and grabs hold of a steel chair and rolls back into the ring with it. Triple H leans up against the left ropes waiting for HBK to get back up to his feet. Triple H comes away from the ropes but he is attacked by John Cena

JR: Where did Cena come from!

King: I don’t know Joey but he is stopping Triple H from using the steel chair!

Triple H drops the steel chair as Cena lands the right hands in on Triple H. Triple H nails Cena with a Uppercut which staggers Cena away from him and straight into a clothesline from Chris Masters

Joey Styles: Good God where did Masters come from, he was thrown out of ringside

Triple H looks at Masters as Batista walks away from Triple H and he picks up HBK and puts in the masterlock. Masters then lets go. Triple H staggers to where HBK is and he lifts HBK up to his feet and kicks him in the gut before planting him with the Pedigree! Triple H rolls Michaels over and hooks the leg as the referee is slowly coming back around after the clothesline, he counts the pinfall 1......................................................2................................................... kick out the crowd is going nuts. Cena is then in a slugfest on the outside Carlito, as in the ring Masters hammers away on Michaels as Triple H lays there catching his breath. Masters then goes to the outside and goes under the ring and pulls out a lead pipe. He then goes in the ring and hits Michaels in the skull with the pipe. Michaels dried up blood from earlier is now reopened. Masters puts Triple H on Michaels, Masters then goes to the outside and hits Cena from behind. Masters and Carlito double team on Cena as in the ring the ref counts slowly






Winner @ 18: 05 Triple H

Joey Styles- Damn it, Triple H thanks to the help of Masters and Carlito is going to the royal rumble to face John Cena for the wwe championship

On the outside Cena fights back punching Masters and Carlito off until he turns around right into the pedigree by triple H

King- wow Triple H is ready

Joey Styles- we will see you next week, goodnight

Show ends with Triple H standing over Cena pointing at him telling him that his reign will end at the rumble

there you have it next show will be better Smackdown will be up Monday and then the next raw will be up next Monday and I will do real time schedule, I will return reviews


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Raw Review

Nice opening commentary, nice way to get everyone hyped up about the show.

Carlito vs. Chavo Guerrero - A good opening match here. I was rooting for Chavo but it was a good win for Carlito.

Alot of good promos in the back. Mick Foley and Eric Bischoff was a good promo, and nice announcment having a #1 contenders match with HBK and HHH.

The Cutting Edge segment was well written out. RVD and Ric Flair vs. Christian and Edge should be a good match.

Womens Match - I didn't expect Mickie James to turn on Trish, I always thought it would be Trish turning on Mickie, anyways good way to have them start a fued.

Nice segment backstage, Mickie James vs. Trish should be good.

Triple Threat - Another good match here, Glad to see CM Punk getting the win. I am happy to see Punk and Benjamin moving on to the Rumble

John Cena vs. Chris Masters - I was hoping that Masters would win, but Cena retaining will set up a great match at the Royal Rumble.

Tag Championship segment - Glad to see you combining the Tag Titles. I am interested into where you will take this.

Kane and Show vs. Jobbers - Total Squash.

HBK vs. HHH - Definatley MOTN. This was a fantastic match. I like how you use commentary during the match and not just after or before like most people. HHH winning was a good choice, this will set up a great match at the Royal Rumble.

Overal: 8/10 - Good show here, it just seemed like some of the people were out of character, but most of them were good.

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a few people still owe me reviews take your time and i will review more shows and all reviews will be returned

smackdown will be up monday or tuesday

a huge announcement I will be writing smackdown in full it is a PPV quality show. I will be writing in full till further notice i like writing in full more

I have just been thinking raw and smackdwon in full is two much so this will be the only one in full next full show will be royal rumble

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RAW Review

I can't find any Spelling or Grammer Mistakes, so therfore [25/25]

Wow, Length was too big. It was nice. I have seen little Bookers who use that much length. Well it was so much Lenghty but still great Show. [25/25]

Well, the Promos were great. I enjoyed them. The POTN should be the Cutting Edge. I loved the Idea of Christian and Edge vs. RVD and Flair next week. I think Christian can screw Edge. Christian/Edge feud will be good. Well [20/25]

Bookings are the Main Factor of some show. Bookings weren't good for your RAW but Its ok, It's your first RAW. I liked Chavo vs. Carlito match and the MOTN should be HHH vs. HBK, That was well written and very lenghty. I like the Idea of Chris Masters coming for HHH's aid at last of the match. I think, Kane and Big Show w/ Managers Eric Bischoff is going to be good. Well, I personally think that you must have Kane and Show vs. Some Decent Jobbers from RAW and you could name them. Matches were written too short unless the Main Event. [15/25]

Total - [85/100]

Well, There you have Potentiality to Improve and you will Improve. My english is horrible So, I hope you underrstood what I said :p lol. Well, Here's your Review. I returned it. my RAW will be up in some hours. Give a Review in my BTB. Thanks.

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I have smackdown on a delay but it will be up some time this week it is writen in full and about 40 pages I will review more threads

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I am sorry that i haven't posted a show in a long time i have been busy smackdown will be up in about two hours

it is written in full it will be the only regular raw or smackdown written in full for a long time.

i believe that new school fire ows me a review and i will review some more shows

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I am sorry for ther multiple posts in a row but i need to tell you what is happening, first off i want someone to help me to do smackdown i don't care how good they are but i want them to have some expirience and be decent.If you are intrested pm me and write batista and rey mysterio vs mnm match and i will see how good you are because i am not quite done with that match yet[/COLOR][/COLOR]

this week on smackdown it is said to be having a big role for the cruiserweights and they will be getting a push, also a 4 man mini- tournament for the winner facing batista for the title at royal rumble. 2 matches will take place tonight. And the sd tag titles will be on the line mnm vs batista and rey mysterio winners facing show and kane at rumble for the undisputed tag titles

This week on raw 1 match is announced it will be Flair and RVD vs edge and christian, it is said that this match will open the show. Also this week on raw Triple H , John Cena, HBK, and all of the big raw names will be there.

Next week on smackdown will feature the finals of the tournamnet i will write in full since i write all main events in full, also it will be kennedy vs london i will write in full becasue i was supposed to use this week it is awesome but that will be a minor spoiler. beside that it won't be in full. Another potential spoiler next week it will be Matt Hardy vs JBL for the US title

velocity results- burchill and regal defeat 2 jobbers
heidenriech defeats hardcore holly
Nunzio defeats scotty 2 hotty
LOD 2005 and funaki defeat the dicks and sylvan

heat results- chavo defeats johnny parisi
lance cade beats rosey
murdoch defeats eugene
tomko and snitsky defeat vis and venis and heart throbs in a triple threat tag match

smackdown up later

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smackdown looks good. i think rey and batista will win. writing in full takes forever *gah* anyways. i hope to read and review your smackdown when it's out

i have a show up if you want to review it *begs* the link to the thread is in my signature

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ty smackdown will be up tomorrow so far it is 60 pages and i still have to do the main event which will be about 4 pages.

I will return all reviews

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60 pages?? wow.. thats a long smackdown.. my show made it to like 10 pages.. lol

my PPV won't even hit 60 pages..
it's at 12 pages now and i only have one more match to write.. plus i wrote the main event in another file.. it made it to just at the 4 page mark.. plus promos and commentaries.. hopefully i'll make 20 pages *bites fingernails*
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