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Cena's shotout to Zack Ryder

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what do you think of Cena mentioning Zack Ryder in his promo tonight?
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it was during the beginning of Cena's promo
It was great. Cena has put over Ryder's YouTube show on Twitter and promised to appear on a future episode. It would be hilarious if all the guys who are behind Ryder just started namedropping him in every promo and you see Zack Ryder signs popping up all over at every show.
I was involved in the final moments of WWE RAW!!! - Zack Ryder's twitter

lol he must be proud
what do you think of Cena mentioning Zack Ryder in his promo tonight?
I think it should be talked about in here (it has already): http://www.wrestlingforum.com/raw/545223-official-raw-discussion-thread-4-4-a.html

Besides that, I'm unsure of how I am supposed to answer your burning question. You act as if Cena had mentioned Macho Man, Goldberg, or Kenta Kobashi you know, someone of recognition in the world of wrestling or a name-drop that would actually be surprising and worthy of Sherlock Holmes analysis.
Zack Ryder must be the third man in this Wrestlemania 28 Main Event!
I thought he was going to get in trouble for it being a borderline gay slur with all the heat lately. Cole seems to have gotten over it though.
It's good that his name keep popping up. Cena is one of his supporter from what I see on twitter.

His segment in mania yesterday is memorable too and to get smash by Piper is a real honor.
Too bad it got no reaction whatsoever.

I hope people will randomly name him tough so people get aware of how awesome he is.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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