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Cena vs Orton: Who is more entertaining

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Out of everyone in the E, these two guys get the most scrutiny. But which one of these guys prevent you from switching the channel more.

for me it's John Cena. Say what you want about him, hell he's cornier than Orton but at least he ain't boring. I'd rather watch Cena's 5 moves than watch Orton headlock somebody 15 times in an entire match. Cena's promo are 10x better and charismatic too.

edit: how do I start a poll?
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John Cena. Cena was fantastic throughout last year, outshining Orton by country miles, IMO. I love both guys though.
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You must have been watching a different John Cena to me then. I saw a guy stinking it up on the mic and the ring. I prefer Orton in both departments though don't love either of them.
Well, Cena absolutely tore it up on the mic last year, he cut some memorable promos, i still remember this segment where he confronted Vince McMahon regarding Bret Hart who was never allowed to show up in WWE again by Vince, Cena cut this promo that might speak a lot of truth, he said that Vince never showed respect for people who have worked their butts off for Vince in the past, all he cares about is money, once people like Bret Hart or Roddy Piper can't make money for him anymore they became useless, just like a piece of bubblegum that has lost its flavor. Cena also said that come Vince's 90th birthday Cena will be a used up piece of gum too, so he will find Vince and knock the teeth down his throat, lol. I think that was just a stunning performance by Cena, honestly one of his best promos to date, imo. And then during Piper's Pit on Old School Raw episode, he cut this another helluva promo about looking up to legends like Piper which gave me goosebumps, i honestly don't think he was entirely on-script in this segment, there must be some improvisation from him, i believed he spoke truly from his heart because i could totally feel the emotion. Barrett and Piper were amazing too in that segment, seriously that was just a damn good segment. Oh, and he cut another great promo after he got "fired", that was a very emotional promo, when he said his mom was going to get the best birthday gift she's had in nine years because he would be there to hug her and love her and all the money in the world can't buy that, i actually burst into tears even though i was TOTALLY aware he was fired only in kayfabe, lol. Say what you want about Cena, but he's one of the best guys on the mic today, he CAN cut a great promo when WWE 'let' him to do it. I've also always enjoyed Cena matches, he's a very good worker, i prefer his work than Orton's, Cena even carried Wade Barrett to his best match to date last year.

I couldn't remember anything Orton did last year that was particularly memorable aside from his amazing RKO on Evan Bourne. I know his lack of memorable moments might be due to the booking, he played a second fiddle to the whole Cena/Nexus angle even though he was the WWE champion at that time, i realize Orton can do a lot better effort because his heel Viper version and his feud with HHH two years ago were some of his best work, WWE should let him loose like that again, but still, Cena clearly outshined him last year, imo. Overall, Cena is the better talent and more entertaining in my eyes.
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Yes that was one hell of a promo. But one great piece of mic work doesn't make you a great mic worker.
Each to their own, i guess. Maybe you just don't like the material that is given to him (pandering to the crowd and all that) which affects your enjoyment of his promos. But try to think about this, despite how shitty his material you might think it is, majority of the fans always eat it up, that should speak volume on how good he is on the mic, he connects to the fans like no others.
Being popular has nothing to do with quality. Cena does a good job of connecting with fans but he is by no means a good mic worker imo. His delivery is inconsistent, phoney and awkward.
Sounds like you just described another John.....

I don't see what is so awkward about Cena's delivery, he sounds very smooth and natural. But most importantly, he's special when it comes to evoking emotion out of the crowd. And emotion is often what causes people to open their wallets.

Well, whatever, i will still say Cena is a great mic worker, one of the best, if not the best today. John Cena is just special when it comes to mic skills and things like that. When he gets on the mic he can crack you up and make you laugh or he can send shivers down your spine in the sense that he brings out so much emotion in people. John Cena is a very passionate guy and you definitely can see that from his promos and segments, he brings out emotion and has such a great connection with fans, he has such an ability to evoke emotion from the fans and make them feel more connected with the wrestling. I know Cena has a lot of haters, but he is so successful because he has heart and determination, it's all because he works wonders on the mic, he really does. I love Cena on the mic and I think he's one of the best today.
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I think Orton was somewhat a victim of poor circumstances in 2010. His booking was doing him well along with strong crowd support, but he simply had no nemesis. WWE made a huge mistake in rushing him to the title, but when you think about it, there wasn't anything they could do. There is no huge heel in the WWE for him to work with.

Then you had the other problem of his character doing the generic babyface thing and going away from what made him really over in the first place (the fact that he did what he felt was right). The final and biggest problem is that WWE kept Cena and Orton on the same show and gave Orton the title whilst making him play second fiddle to the Nexus angle. That pretty much killed any long-term potential.

In an ideal world, Batista wouldn't have decided to retire last year and they could have built a feud between the two for this year's Wrestlemania and gave Orton the big title win there. With a solid year of booking behind him, and Batista putting him over at Wrestlemania, it could've done him well and set him up with a proper run post-Wrestlemania.

As it stands, Orton pretty much has no big heel to work with. A face without a nemesis is worthless, and vice versa. That's what both Cena and Orton face today. But the difference is that Cena is already established as a big time player. Orton could still do with that big face moment.

Don't misunderstand me saying this for believing Orton will rise to Cena's level or something. He won't. He's not even going to rise to Batista's levels as a face. However, as a main event face, he still needs that big feud with a huge heel. He hasn't gotten that and it's really important that he does. I think 2010 was squandered considering it was his turn and he was over, but Batista's retirement left him without that natural nemesis. Instead, he worked with new heels with little credibility (Sheamus, Miz).
Maybe WWE had to tone down his Viper persona because they were afraid the fans would turn on Orton, i still remember at the end of Bragging Rights PPV last year Orton RKO'ing Cena and the fans went to silence instead of cheering loudly for him (there was a mild pop but the overall reaction was still underwhelming), maybe the crowd were confused and didn't know how to react to that, and then maybe WWE was panic or something because the following night Orton was acting totally out of character by acting all friendly with R-Truth in a backstage segment. And like you said, there was no big heel for him to feud with, if he had kept his lone wolf attitude and had kept attacking Cena despite Cena trying to help him maybe the fans would have turned on him and WWE didn't seem want that to happen because they were committed to keep Orton as a face.
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John Cena hasn't made me laugh in years and his super serious mic work is about as phoney as it gets. Not to mention the manner in which he goes from acting like a six year old whose had too much coke to a wide elder statesman preaching about respect with no middle ground in between is hilariously bad.
Well, i was just trying to explain my thought why he's a good mic worker, because i think he really is. But i totally have no problem if he doesn't entertain you since it's a subjective thing. So yeah, let's just agree to disagree here, lol. ;)
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