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"Celtic Connection?"

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Noticed that in the Royal Rumble that Drew and Sheamus were working as a unit and the commentary team seemed to infer they had some kind of alliance thing going on, now apologies if I've missed something, but when have they ever had any alliance deal thing before the Rumble itself? I know they worked together in FCW or something like that, but I've never seem them interact on WWE tv before (although I haven't religiously watched so may have missed something).
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They were both on Miz's Survivor Series team and they had a friendly interaction with each other after Drew won the IC title at the 2009 TLC PPV, but beyond that, they've never worked together. It's just a mutual respect between heels thing that WWE will occasionally use whenever they need 2 guys to gang up on someone else in a match. They've never had an alliance per se. I don't remember where the Celtic Connection name came from, but if Striker ignore it. It's just another one of his 10 billion idiotic references.
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