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Canadian Championship Wrestling Federation

I decided to post this new thread here. It's for the CCWF and this is the actual booking of events that happens. Here's a bit of background information on the wrestlers.

Juvy-8 Time Heavyweight Champion, 3 Time Canadian Champion, 3 Time Tag Team Champion. He's a cocky veteran and he owns the business. Finishing Move: Juvy Driver (TKO)

Scorpion-Current Heavyweight Champion (First time), 2 Time Canadian Champion, 2 Time Tag Team Champion, 5 Time Cruiserweight Champion. He's a high-flying underdog. Finishing Maneuver: Scorpion Sting (Leap off knees off opponent and nail a hard dropkick.)

Raptor- 2 Time Canadian Champion, 2 Time Tag Team Champion. A monster in the ring who seems to be a bit on the psychotic side. Finishing Maneuver: Fury (4 Spears and a bodysplash.)

Sniper-2 Time Canadian Champion, 2 Time Tag Team Champion. A pyschotic and derranged individual with an unorthodox style in the ring. Finishing Maneuver: Mind Stealer (Edgecution)

Ace-A newcomer in the business who has just been kicked out of a group known as "The Americans" by Stevie Glory. Finishing Maneuver: Ace Plant (Bulldog off the top rope.)

Stevie Glory- Current Canadian Champion(4th Time), 3 Time Tag Team Champion. After winning the Canadian Title or "American Title" as he calls it he turned his back on Ace. Finishing Maneuver: Old Glory (Superkick)

Assassin-1 Time Heavyweight Champion, 2 Time Tag Team Champion, 2 Time Canadian Champion. Currently out with an injury. A badass in and out of the ring. Finishing Maneuver: Click, Click Boom! (Powerbomb)

Matt Labossiere-Current eXtreme Champion (First Time), A monster that is on a path of destruction. Finishing Maneuver: Tombstone Piledriver.

Great Milenko-2 Time Canadian Champion, 1 Time eXtreme Champion, 2 Time Tag Team Chamion. A street fighter with a take no prisoners attitude.He also has alter-egos known as Jack Jacko and Jake Jacko. Finishing Maneuver: Double Arm DDT.

Malaysia-1 Time Cruiserweight Champion. A mysterious cruiserweight. Finishing Maneuver: Mystify (Head scissors DDT.)

Gloria- A mysterious cruiserweight. Finishing Maneuver: Angel Wings (Swanton Bomb)

Jenny-A cocky and arrogant cruiserweight. Finishing Maneuver: Wicked Driver (Hurracarana into a DDT and pin.)

Brittney- Current Cruisweight Champion (Fifth Time). A cocky and arrogant cruiserweight. Finishing Maneuver: Wicked Driver

Skull- Current Tag Team Champion (First Time). A punk. Finishing Maneuver: Punk out (3D off top rope with help of partner.)

Thrash- Current Tag Team Champion (First Time). A punk. Finishing Maneuver: Punk out

Avalanche- A big athlete who crushes his opponents in the ring. Finishing Maneuver: Avalanche drop (Running Powerslam)

CardMaster- An odd character who is a bit foolish. Finishing Maneuver: Card Shuffle (Splash in corner)

Jingle The Clown- An odd character who is a clown. Finishing Maneuver: Funny Stuff (Moonsault)

Mike- A pure athlete who has just started out his career. Currently out with an injury. Finishing Maneuver: Mike Spike (Perfect Plex)

Jess- A pure athlete who has just started out his career. Finishing Maneuver: The Body Adventura (frog splash)Currently out with an injury.


1. Juvy
2. Matt
3. Stevie Glory
4. Sniper
5. Avalanche
6. Jingle
7. Brittney
8. Jenny
9. Skull
10. Thrash

1. Scorpion
2. Great Milenko
3. Assassin
4. Ace
5. Raptor
6. Malaysia
7. Gloria
8. Jess
9. Mike
10. CardMaster

1. Scorpion/Great Milenko: tHe InSaNe!
2. Stevie Glory/Avalanche/Jingle The Clown/CardMaster: The Americans
3. Brittney/Jenny: The Wicked Girls
4. Skull/Thrash: S.I.N.
We do shows one week at a time. I'll start earlier so you guys can catch onto the storylines better.


Gloria/Malaysia Vs. Wicked Girls​

NEAR END: Gloria and Jenny are in the ring. Brittney comes in with a chair attempting to hit Gloria but misses and hits Jenny. Gloria attempts a sunset flip on Brittney but Brittney sits down and pins...1...2...3!
Winners: The Wicked Girls

After the match when Jenny gains consciousness she starts arguing with Brittney. The Wicked Girls are held back by referees.

Stevie Glory Vs. Ace​

NEAR END: Ace hits the Ace Plant off the top rope as the referee is still down from a superkick by Stevie Glory. Avalanche comes in and hits the his finishing maneuver the running powerslam. Stevie Glory rolls on top of Ace as the ref gets up...1...2...3!
Winner: Stevie Glory

Avalanche carries Glory to the back.

Tag Team Championship Match: S.I.N. Vs. Cardmaster/Jingle Vs. Sniper/Raptor​

NEAR END:Cardmaster and Sniper fight on the outside. Raptor hits a spear on Jingle. Thrash fights Raptor on the outside. Skull pins Jingle...1...2...3!
Winners: S.I.N.

Sniper blames the loss on Raptor who should have stayed in the ring. Raptor spears Sniper and leaves.

Matt Labossiere is shown backstage in his locker room. Great Milenko shows up and starts beating up Matt. Great Milenko places Matt in a casket and locks it. Great Milenko then drags the casket through the halls and into a van. Great Milenko takes off in the van.

Juvy comes out.
Juvy declares that there needs to be a special referee for the title match between him and Scorpion for the Heavyweight Championship. Juvy picks a girl fromt the crowd who's name is Mel and is wearing a Scorpion T-Shirt. Juvy says that it doesn't matter who the ref is...he's still gonna win.

Heavyweight Championship Match: Juvy Vs. Scorpion-Special Referee: Mel​

NEAR END: Juvy hits the Juvy Driver and grabs a chair. Juvy is about to hit Scorpion with a chair but Mel takes the chair and swings at Juvy but Juvy ducks and Scorpion gets nailed. Juvy picks up Scorpion and Mel nails Scorpion again and again until he's busted open. Juvy pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Juvy

Juvy says he wants Scorpion to say hello to his new manager...Mel!

Preview of Next Week for REVØLUTIØN:​

1. Are the Wicked Girls going to split? Brittney takes on Gloria with the Cruiserweight Title on the line.

2. Ace gets revenge by taking on Avalanche. Can the rookie defeat the biggest wrestler in the company?

3. S.I.N puts their tag titles on the line against Cardmaster and Jingle The Clown. Will the jokers win the belts or are they gonna get punked out?

4. What's going to happen next with Great Milenko and Matt Labossiere...this feud has lasted months!

5. Juvy defends the title against Stevie Glory in a rematch from Fantasy IX!

6. Scorpion takes on Juvy's manager Mel...can the underdog defeat the girl?


Raptor Vs. Sniper​

NEAR END: Sniper attempts for his Mind Stealer but Raptor pushes him away and nails a spear. Raptor then hits FURY and pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Raptor

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Brittney Vs. Gloria​

NEAR END: Gloria attempts for the Angel Wings but Brittney gets out of the way and then delivers a Wicked Bomb...1...2...3!
Winner: Brittney

Malaysia stands behind Brittney getting ready to hit her. Jenny races down to the ring with a chair and attempts to hit Malaysia but she ducks and Jenny hits Brittney. Both Wicked Girls start arguing again.

Ace Vs. Avalanche​

NEAR END: Ace goes for the Ace Plant but Avalanche doesn't fall over. Avalanche picks up Ace and attempts the Avalanche drop but Ace pushes Avalanche into the corner and rolls him up...1...2...3!
Winner: Ace

Tag Team Championship Match: S.I.N. Vs. Cardmaster/Jingle The Clown​

NEAR END: Jingle squishes Thrash's leg with the steps. Cardmaster attempts the Card shuffle but Skull moves out of the way and delivers a crossbody block off the top and pins...1...2...3!
Winners: S.I.N.

Highlights are shown last week of the fight between Great Milenko and Matt. Also includes Great Milenko taking off the with the casket in the van.

Great Milenko comes down to the ring with the casket. Matt comes out of the casket while Great Milenko's talking and pulls him in. The referees come to open the casket and nobody is in there.

Heavyweight Championship Match: Juvy Vs. Stevie Glory​

NEAR END: Juvy attempts to Juvy Driver but Stevie breaks out of the move and attempts Old Glory but Juvy catches the foot. Juvy swings Glory around and gives him the Juvy Driver and pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Juvy

Ace runs down the ring and nails Stevie Glory with a chair and challenges Stevie Glory to a match next week. Juvy makes it a handicap match...Avalanche and Stevie Glory against Ace.

Scorpion Vs. Mel​

NEAR END: Scorpion goes on the top rope and Juvy continues to interfere in the match by holding Scorpion's leg. Mel goes up top and superplexes Scorpion and pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Mel

Juvy continues the assault on Scorpion after the match and walks away laughing.

Preview for Next Week on !RUSH!​

1. Brittney defends the Cruiserweight Championship against Malaysia...will Jenny and Brittney resolve their problems?

2. In a number one contender match for the Cruiserweight Championship Gloria takes on Jenny...can Jenny get a shot at her partner?

3. Stevie Glory/Avalanche...a main event star and the biggest in the business take on the rookie Ace...is there any mercy?

4. Thrash's leg was injured last week...his friend Skull will get revenge by taking on Jingle The Clown!

5. Juvy/Mel are taking on tHe InSaNe!...Juvy and Mel have been picking on Scorpion but with Great Milenko by his side he now stands a chance against this couple. Or will Matt be able to stop Great Milenko once again?


Cruiserweight Championship Match: Brittney Vs. Malaysia​

NEAR END: Malaysia attempts a springboard dropkick but Brittney moves out of the way. Brittney delivers a leg drop off the top and pins...1...2...kickout! Brittney delivers a Wicked Bomb and pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Brittney

Number 1 Contender Match for Cruiserweight Championship: Jenny Vs. Gloria​

NEAR END: Jenny dives off the top rope and misses. Gloria goes for the Angel Wings but Jenny reverses it into a powerbomb and pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Jenny

Brittney comes down to the ring and nails Jenny with a chair. She says that she will be the Cruiserweight Champion for a long time and nobody's gonna stop her...including her best friend!

Matt is backstage in the locker room. He issues a challenge to Great Milenko next week in a casket match.

Handicap Match: Stevie Glory/Avalanche Vs. Ace​

NEAR END: Stevie Glory attempts Old Glory but misses and he takes down Avalanche. Ace goes for the Ace Plant but Glory moves out of the way. Stevie hits Old Glory and pins...1...2...3!
Winners: Stevie Glory/Avalanche

Sniper Vs. Cardmaster​

NEAR END: Sniper hits the Mind Stealer and pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Sniper

Sniper grabs a steel chair and walks away, hugging the chair.

Skull Vs. Jingle The Clown​

NEAR END: Jingle hits Funny Stuff and pins...1...2...Thrash breaks a crutch over the head of Jingle.
Winner: Jingle The Clown by DQ

S.I.N. beat up Jingle The Clown and leave.

eXtreme Championship Match: Matt Labossiere Vs. Raptor​

NEAR END: Matt chokeslams Raptor through a steel chair literally breaking it. Matt tombstones Raptor and pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Matt

Matt claims that the same move will be done to Great Milenko next week.

Juvy/Mel Vs. tHe InSaNe!​

NEAR END: Scorpion nails a Scorpion Sting on Juvy. Matt comes down to the ring and nails Great Milenko with a chair. Raptor comes down and tries to spear Matt but ends up hitting Mel. Juvy is pissed off and challenges Raptor to a 2/3 Falls Match for next week. Raptor accepts the title shot.
Winners: tHe InSaNe! by DQ

Preview for Next Week on CrasH!​

1. Thrash returns to action and defends the Tag Team Titles against the mysterious team of Malaysia and Gloria. Is he 100%?

2. The Wicked Girls face eachother for the Cruiserweight Championship...what's gonna happen when friends who hate eachother collide?

3. Ace finally gets a one on one match with Stevie Glory for the Canadian Championship...will he prevail?

4. Matt Labossiere Vs. Great Milenko in a casket match for the eXtreme Championship...it's gonna be vicious!

5. Juvy puts the title on the line against Raptor in a 2/3 Falls Match because Raptor speared his manager accidentally. Is this the opportunity Raptor has been waiting for?

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Tag Team Championship Match: S.I.N. Vs. Gloria/Malaysia​

NEAR END: Gloria performs the Angel Wings off the top rope and pins...1...2...Skull breaks the count. Malaysia closelines Skull over the top. The referee tries to split up the fight on the outside. Thrash grabs the title belt and hits Gloria in the head and pins...1...2...3!
Winners: S.I.N.

Promo is shown of the feud between these two.

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Brittney Vs. Jenny​

NEAR END: Jenny nails the Wicked Bomb...1...2...kickout! Jenny argues with the ref. Brittney rolls up Jenny...1...2...kickout! Superkick by Brittney followed by a diamond cutter of the top rope known as The Brittney Bash. Pin...1...2...3!
Winner: Brittney

Promo is shown of the feud between these two.

Canadian Championship Match: Stevie Glory Vs. Ace​

NEAR END: Ace goes up top and instead of nailing Stevie Glory he dives to the outside and hits Avalanche and Jingle The Clown. Stevie Glory runs to the outside and Ace throws him into the steps. Stevie is thrown back in the ring. Ace nails the Ace Plant and pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Ace

Scorpion comes out and issues an open challenge. Avalanche comes to the ring and beats up Scorpion followed with a chair.

Sniper Vs. Jingle The Clown​

NEAR END: Jingle attempts a powerbomb but Sniper flips him over and pins...1...2...kickout! Sniper locks in the claw and after a while Jingle passes out.
Winner: Sniper

Promo is shown of the long feud between Matt and Great Milenko.

Casket Match for the eXtreme Championship: Great Milenko Vs. Matt Labossiere​

NEAR END: Matt chokeslams Great Milenko and opens the casket. Great Milenko pushes Matt into the casket and attempts to shut it but Matt kicks the lid open. Matt grabs Great Milenko by the throat and chokeslams him into the casket. Great Milenko gets right back up and gives a double arm DDT to Matt in the casket. Matt sits right back up and tombstones Great Milenko on the apron and rolls him into the casket. Matt shuts the lid and locks it.
Winner: Matt

Matt declares that he has just killed the career of Great Milenko.

Highlights are shown of last week when Raptor speared Mel.

Heavyweight Championship 2/3 Falls Match: Juvy Vs. Raptor​

NEAR END OF FIRST FALL: Juvy attempts the Juvy Driver but Raptor gets out of it and hits the Fury and pins...1...2...3!
Winner of First Fall: Raptor

NEAR END OF SECOND FALL: Raptor attempts for Fury again but misses the body splash. As Mel distracts the referee, Juvy hits Raptor with a steel chair. The ref turns around and counts...1...2...3!
Winner of Second Fall: Juvy

NEAR END OF THIRD FALL: Raptor attempts Fury on Juvy but he dodges and Raptor spears the referee. Juvy knocks out Raptor with the superkick. Mel gives Juvy a chair and he uses it repeatedly on Raptor. Juvy hits the Juvy Driver and taunts the crowd. Raptor gets up and hits Fury on Juvy. The ref gets up and counts...1...2...kickout! Mel gets up on the apron, Raptor spears Mel. When Raptor turns around he is given the Juvy Driver and gets pinned...1...2...3!
Winner of Third Fall and Match: Juvy

Raptor: "That's not fair! Mel interfered repeatedly, you used a chair...you cheated! I want a rematch!"

Juvy: "No way!"

Raptor: "I deserve a rematch and you know it you cheater!"

Juvy: "The answer is still no!"

Raptor: "Fine...if you don't give me a rematch I'll spear you girlfriend over there!"

Juvy: "........Fine! You can have your rematch! But it just can't be any kind of match...it's going to be an iron man match because let's face it...there's no way you can wrestle an hour with a great wrestler like me!"

Raptor: "Fine...me and you...next week!"


Preview of next week's show.../eruPTion!\​

1. Ace is the new Canadian Champion and will be facing Sniper for the newly won title.

2. Jenny vows revenge on Brittney as she will attempts to earn a rematch in a number one contender's match for the Cruiserweight Title Triple Threat style...Jenny Vs. Malaysia Vs. Gloria!

3. The tag team champions, S.I.N., will be competing in singles action against two members of the Americans: Stevie Glory and Jingle The Clown.

4. Matt has "killed the career of Great Milenko"...is he really gone?

5. Scorpion will attempt to get revenge on the attack by Avalanche in a singles match.

6. Raptor Vs. Juvy in a 60 Minute Iron Man Match for the heavyweight Championship. Will Mel interfere? Can Raptor last 60 minutes? Can Juvy survive Fury one more time? Find out next time!

I'd like to know your toughts about storylines, wrestlers, gimmicks.
Good topics: Heavyweight Championship, Juvy and Mel relationship, Great Milenko-Matt Labossiere feud, ideas for feuds...whatever.


Canadian Championship Match: Ace Vs. Sniper​

Ace comes out and says that this match isn't for the title because Juvy said that Sniper doesn't deserve it.

NEAR END: Ace goes for the Ace Plant but Sniper moves out of the way. Sniper hits the Mind Stealer and pins...1...2...kickout! Ace attempts a superkick but Sniper ducks and locks in the Claw. Ace passes out.
Winner: Sniper

Number one contender for Cruiserweight Championship Triple Threat Match: Gloria Vs. Malaysia Vs. Jenny​

NEAR END: Gloria nails the Angel Wings on Malaysia. Jenny hits the Wicked Bomb on Gloria...1...2...3!
Winner: Jenny

Brittney runs in and nails Jenny with the Cruiserweight Title.

Stevie Glory Vs. Skull​

NEAR END: Skull attempts a frog splash and Stevie moves out of the way. Stevie Glory hits Old Glory and pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Stevie Glory

Jingle The Clown Vs. Thrash​

NEAR END: Thrash hits a closeline and goes up top. Jingle pushes the ref into the ropes. Jingle delivers a superplex off the top rope and pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Jingle The Clown

Matt Labossiere comes out and holds a reception for Great Milenko. Great Milenko shows up and says that he may have injured Great Milenko but he's not dead...but for now Matt will have to get taken out by somebody more dangerous...more extreme...more psychotic...Jack Jacko! Jack runs to the ring and beats the crap out of Matt. Jack challenges Matt to a first blood match next week for the eXtreme Championship. Matt accepts.

Scorpion Vs. Avalanche​

NEAR END: Scorpion nails the Scorpion Sting on Avalanche and he barely falls down. Scorpion pins...1...2...kickout! Avalanche closelines Scorpion and sets him up for the Avalanche drop. Scorpion turns the move into a rollup...1...2...3!
Winner: Scorpion

Avalanche is pissed off and chases Scorpion backstage.

Iron Man Match for Heavyweight Championship: Juvy Vs. Raptor​
Raptor scores the first pinfall after Fury-10:39
Juvy scores a pinfall after the use of a steel chair-23:09
Juvy scores a pinfall after a Juvy Driver-25:44
Juvy scores with a sharpshooter that lasted two minutes!-34:52
Raptor scores a pinfall after Fury-45:27
Raptor scores a countout after Juvy goes through a table-52:09
Raptor scores a pinfall after three Furys.-58:39
Juvy locks in a sharpshooter but Raptor doesn't tap out.
Winner: Raptor

Juvy says he wants to use his rematch opportunity for next week in a ladder match! Raptor attempts to spear Mel but Juvy gets in the way and he spears both of them.


Preview for next week on rEVENGe​
1. Sniper gets a Canadian Title Shot after defeating Ace.

2. The Americans won the single matches but can they win the tag team match with the titles on the line?

3. Cruiserweight Championship Match between the Wicked Girls again...will Brittney be champion forever or is Jenny taking her place?

4. Matt Vs. Jack Jacko (Great Milenko) in a First Blood Match- This feud has been bloody already...blood is guaranteed tonight!

5. Avalanche attempts to get revenge on Scorpion for the upset where Scorpion won by a roll up.

6. Raptor defends the newly won heavyweight championship in a ladder match against the person who he took it from...Juvy!​

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The show starts off by showing highlights of Juvy's ladder matches including a Juvy Driver onto a ladder, a moonsault off a ladder through a table and other awesome moves.

Juvy comes out.
Juvy: "Tonight...it's going to be me against Raptor. Raptor this is a huge mistake! I am the King of the Ladder Matches! Now I know my ribs are taped up from you giving me that Fury move so many times and it's really gonna hurt if that ladder hits my ribs tonight but I don't really care...that's part of the business. Face facts...you can't beat me twice in a row!"

Raptor comes out and hits the Fury on Juvy. Juvy holds his ribs and gets carried out.

Canadian Championship Match: Ace Vs. Sniper
Ace starts off with an armdrag takedown on Sniper. Sniper gets up and locks in the claw on Ace. Ace breaks out of the move and delivers a standing dropkick and pins...1...2...kickout! Ace locks in a sleeper hold but Sniper flips Ace right over him. Sniper nails a closeline and leans Ace in a corner. Sniper splashes Ace in the corner and Ace rolls to the outside. Sniper exits the ring on the opposite side of Ace, runs around the ring and closelines Ace hard. Sniper elbow drops Ace off the apron. Sniper grabs a chair and attempts to smash Ace with it but Ace dropkicks it back into Sniper's face. Ace goes in the ring to break the count and comes back out. Sniper back drops Ace onto the steel chair. Cardmaster comes out and distracts the referee. Sniper attempts an elbow drop off the apron but Ace uses the chair as a shield and Sniper hurts his arm. Ace folds the chair over Sniper's head and throws him back in the ring. Cardmaster stops talking to the ref and Ace pins...1...2...kickout! Ace delivers the Ace Plant off the top rope, Cardmaster comes in and lays Ace out with a steel chair.
Winner: Ace by DQ

Juvy is shown in the back being helped by paramedics.

Tag Team Championship Match: S.I.N. Vs. Stevie Glory/Jingle The Clown​

Stevie Glory starts off the match with 3 suplexes to Skull. Skull attempts a closeline but Stevie Glory leapfrogs over him and delivers a monkey flip to the outside. Thrash checks up on Skull and switches places without the ref noticing. Thrash gets in the ring and dropkicks Stevie Glory. Thrash keeps a sleeper hold for a while on Stevie Glory until Stevie gets up. Stevie makes a tag to Jingle. Jingle closelines Thrash and catapults him into a corner. Jingle attempts a closeline on Thrash but Thrash ducks and Skull closelines Jingle. Thrash tags in Skull. Skull delivers a crossbody block off the top and pins...1...2...kickout! Skull whips Jingle against the ropes, Jingle ducks the closelines, Skull leapfrogs over the clown, then both meet with a double closeline. Both are down and at the count of 7 they both tag in their partners. Stevie Glory hammers Thrash down five times and whips him against the ropes to hit a backbody drop. Glory whips Thrash into the corner and delivers a ten punch. Stevie Glory sets up for Old Glory but Thrash ducks and Jingle gets hit. Stevie Glory checks up on Jingle as Skull rolls up Stevie Glory...1...2...3!
Winners: S.I.N.

Raptor is interviewed in the back.

Interviewer: "Raptor, tonight you put your newly won heavyweight championship on the line against possible the greatest wrestler today...Juvy...what are your thoughts?"

Raptor: "What are my thoughts? What are my thoughts? I don't have to think...I've already outsmarted Juvy. I injured him last week and continued this week. There's no way he can win this match with those injured ribs. It'll take him forever to climb that ladder and by then I'll just take him down. Juvy...I've got three words for you...feel the Fury!"

Interviewer: "Back to ringside now."

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Brittney Vs. Jenny​

Jenny suicide dives over the top onto Brittney while she comes out. Jenny whips Brittney against the steps and then into the ring. Jenny delivers a leg drop off the tope rope and pins...1...2...kickout! Jenny whips Brittney against the ropes and delivers a handspring back elbow. Jenny goes to the apron and attempts a springboard legdrop but misses. Brittney sends Jenny up on the top rope and gives a hurracarana off the top rope and pins...1...2...kickout! Brittney whips Jenny against the ropes and they hit a double closeline. Both get up at the count of 5 and start having a catfight in the ring. Brittney pins Jenny...1...2...kickout. Jenny pins Brittney...1...2...kickout! Another attempt by Jenny...1...2...kickout! Jenny delivers a standing dropkick to Brittney and she falls to the outside. Jenny goes for a suicide dive again over the top but Brittney moves out of the way. Brittney delivers the Wicked Bomb and pins...1...2...kickout! Brittney is frustrated and starts arguing with the ref. Jenny rolls up Brittney...1...2...kickout! Brittney whips Jenny against the ropes and ducks, Jenny gives Brittney a sunset flip...1...2...3!
Winner: Jenny

A video is shown of the feud between Great Milenko and Matt with the song "Headstrong" by Trapt.

First Blood Match for the eXtreme Championship: Matt Labossiere Vs. Great Milenko​

Great Milenko nails Matt with a steel chair on his way out. Great Milenko whips Matt against the steps and then the barricade. Great Milenko gets a chain from under the ring and wraps a chain around Matt's neck. Great Milenko drags Matt up to the entrance and hangs him. Matt eventually breaks out of it but Great Milenko gets a sledgehammer. Great Milenko attempts to hit Matt with the sledgehammer but Matt moves out of the way then boots Great Milenko in the face. Matt wraps the chain around his fist and punches Great Milenko in the face. Matt goes backstage and comes back with a kendo stick. Matt continuously hits Great Milenko in the back and then throws the stick away. Matt goes backstage again and comes back with a stretcher. Matt straps Great Milenko in the stretcher and wheels him into the ring. Great Milenko is thrown into the ring. Matt goes up top and attempts a closeline but Great Milenko turns around and Matt hits the stretcher. Great Milenko falls back onto Matt and then the ref unties Milenko from the stretcher. Great Milenko goes to the outside and grabs the mats off the ground and exposes the cement. Great Milenko attempts to piledrive Matt on the cement but Matt reverses it into a backbody drop. Matt looks under the ring and grabs a table. Matt sets it up and Great Milenko low blows Matt. Great Milenko puts Matt on the table. Great Milenko comes off the top rope and splashes through the table on Matt. Great Milenko gets a steel chair and places it in one of the corner posts in between the top and middle turnbuckles. Great Milenko attempts to spear Matt into the chair but Matt moves and Great Milenko hits his head on the chair and the post. Matt lays the chair on the mat. Matt tombstones Great Milenko and the ref sees blood on the face of Great Milenko. The ref calls for the bell.
Winner: Matt Labossiere

Great Milenko gets right back up and fights with Matt all the way backstage.

Juvy is interviewed in the back.

Interviewer: "Juvy, how are your ribs doing after that vicious assault from Raptor?"

Juvy: "They could be better but that doesn't matter. I'm going to do everything it takes to beat Raptor tonight in the ladder match and take back my title belt. Broken ribs, bruised ribs, I don't really care what I do care about is that belt...and I'm going to get it back tonight!"

Interviewer: "There you have it, now let's go back to ringside."

Avalanche Vs. Scorpion​

Avalanche closelines Scorpion and them body splashes onto him and pins...1...2...kickout! Avlanche body slams Scorpion three times and pins...1...2...kickout! Avalanche whips Scorpion against the ropes and attempts a closelines but Scorpion ducks and does a springboard moonsault onto Avalanche but Avalanche catches him and slams him down. Avalanche attempts a body splash but Scorpion moves out of the way. Scorpion closelines Avalanche and he almost falls down, Scorpion tries again and Avalanche is about to fall, Scorpion does it one more time and takes the big guy down. Scorpion goes up top and delivers a moonsault and pins...1...2...kickout! Stevie Glory comes down and orders Avalanche to give him a running powerslam. Avalanche does it. Stevie Glory orders Avalanche to do it two more times and he does it. Stevie Glory tells Avalanche to give it to him one more time but he refuses. Stevie Glory slaps Avalanche in the face. Avalanche delivers a running powerslam to Stevie Glory. Scorpion rolls up Avalanche...1...2...3!
Winner: Scorpion

A promo video is shown between Juvy and Raptor including footage of the Iron Man Match, the 2/3 Falls, Raptor kidnapping Mel and past ladder matches involving Juvy with the song "Bring Me To Life" by Evenescance playing.

Ladder Match for Heavyweight Championship: Raptor Vs. Juvy​

Juvy and Raptor start trash talking eachother. Raptor attempts a closelines but Juvy ducks and starts punching away at Raptor. Juvy dropkicks Raptor and retrieves the ladder on the outside. Raptor spears the ladder into Juvy's ribs. Raptor sets up the ladder and attempts to climb. Juvy suplexes Raptor off the middle of the ladder. Juvy leans the ladder against the corner and whips Raptor into the ladder. Juvy attempts to splash Raptor but Raptor moves out of the way and Juvy hurts his ribs on the ladder. Raptor spears Juvy into the ladder adding more damadge on the rib area. Raptor sets up the ladder and climbs to the top. Raptor goes for a body splash off the top of the ladder but Juvy moves. Juvy superkicks Raptor and gets a table inside the ring. Juvy puts Raptor on the table but Raptor gets off right aways and body slams Juvy. Raptor hits Fury on Juvy and Juvy screams in pain. Raptor climbs up the ladder. Mel gets on the apron and attempts to distract Raptor. Raptor climbs down and attempts to spear Mel but Mel drops off the apron and Raptor falls to the outside. Mel smacks Raptor with a steel chair then helps Juvy. Juvy gets up to the top of the ladder but Raptor spears the ladder and Juvy falls down. Both stay down for a while followed by Juvy getting to his feet similar to the way Shawn Michaels does. Juvy lays the ladder down and delivers a Juvy driver onto the ladder. Juvy sets up the ladder away from the belt and body splashes Raptor off the ladder. Juvy holds his ribs as he places the ladder in the center and attempts to get the belt. Raptor gets up just as fast as Juvy. Raptor suplexes Juvy off the ladder and through the table. Both stay down for a while recovering from the injuries as the fans chant "Holy Shit!". Raptor gets up first and sets up for Fury. Mel pulls Raptor out of the ring. Raptor chases Mel around the ring and eventually spears her. Raptor gets back in the ring and gets a Juvy driver from Juvy. Juvy climbs the ladder and gets the belt to become 10 time Heavyweight Champion!
Winner: Juvy

After the match Sniper comes down to ringside and kidnaps Mel. Juvy chases Sniper backstage but fails to get Mel back.

Preview for next week's show- \bOOm!/​

1. Ace attempts to get revenge on Cardmaster for his interference on last weeks' match.

2. A triple threat match for the cruiserweight championship between Jenny, Gloria and Malaysia!

3. Stevie Glory wants revenge on Avalanche and he's gonna get it!

4. Scorpion and Great Milenko reunite for ThE iNsAnE! as they take on S.I.N. in a non-title tag team match.

5. Raptor has challenged Matt to an eXtreme Championship Match...what's the stipulation going to be?

6. What has Sniper done with Mel? Will Juvy get her back? Will Juvy get revenge on Sniper? Stay tuned next week to find out the answers!

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Thanks for the reply's guys...don't forget about this Friday or Saturday coming up when the results from \bOOm!/ are posted.

Since this is becoming more widespread I was wondering if you people could reply to this small poll...

Should CCWF have two shows per week (Tuesday and Friday)?

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Juvy is shown backstage immediately looking for Mel. Our interviewer catches up to Juvy and asks him a couple of questions.

Interviewer: "Juvy, have you had any luck yet finding Mel?"

Juvy: "No. I know Sniper took her but I haven't found him ever since he took off with her last week. I swear to god Sniper if you lay one finger on her you are going to wish you were never born!"

Sniper is arrives in the ring with Mel tied up and gagged.

Sniper: "...Juvy....Juvy....Juvy....look what I've got!"

Juvy comes out to the entrance way.

Sniper: "Come any closer and she's gonna get hurt!"

Juvy: "...Give her back...I'll give you anything you want in return."

Sniper: "...Anything?"

Juvy: "...yes, anything!"

Sniper: "Fine....I want...a title shot!"

Juvy: "You got it!"

Mel is untied and ungagged then sent back to Juvy. Juvy and Sniper make their way backstage.

Highlights are shown last week of Ace Vs. Sniper. Cardmaster comes in the ring and nails Ace with a steel chair knocking him unconscious.

Cardmaster comes out.
Cardmaster: "Last week I nailed the Canadian Champion in the head with a steel chair! Ace is nothing but a card in my deck, you see I am the Cardmaster and in order do be the Cardmaster I must master Ace and become the new Canadian Champion!"

Canadian Championship Match: Ace Vs. CardMaster​

Ace runs to the ring and immediately starts hammering away on CardMaster. Ace wait for CardMaster to get up and closelines him again and again. Ace places CardMaster in the corner and attempts the 10 punch...1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, CardMaster shoves the Canadian Champion off of him and gives him a big boot. CardMaster delivers knife edge chops in the corner and then whips him hard into the opposite buckle. CardMaster splashes Ace in the corner and pins...1...2...kickout! CardMaster suplexes Ace and pins...1...2...kickout! CardMaster delivers a swinging neckbreaker to Ace. CardMaster attempts a piledriver but Ace backdrops CardMaster and both are down as the ref counts...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...both are up. Ace punches CardMaster, CardMaster punches Ace, Ace whips CardMaster against the ropes and attempts a dropkick but CardMaster dodges it. CardMaster whips Ace into the corner and attempts the Cardshuffle but misses, Ace climbs up top and delivers the Ace Plant and pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Ace

"Click, Click, Boom" by Saliva is played which is mostly known as Assassin's song. Assassing comes down to the ring and stares down Ace.

Assassin: "Kid...you got lots of learning to do. That's why next week I'm gonna teach you lesson, me and you for that Canadian Title!"

Ace: "You're on!"

Assassin: "That's the biggest mistake of your life. Next week you're gonna feel the Click, Click...Boom!"

Assassin walks off as Ace thinks about what he's done.

Sniper is in a dark room in the building rocking back and forth.

Sniper: "Juvy...you say you've got the gold, you've got the gold and all the glory. But when I win the gold...do I get the girl? Do I get the glory? Or will everybody just run in fear? I think I like that. But most of all when I have the gold belt around my waist... the mind games will begin!"

Canadian Championship Match: Jenny Vs. Gloria Vs. Malaysia​

Gloria and Malaysia immediately double team Jenny. Jenny is given a double suplex and a double crescent kick. Gloria pins...1...2...kickout! Malaysia pins...1...2...kickout! Gloria and Malaysia whip Jenny against the ropes and backdrop her to the outside. Malaysia bends down on all fours, Gloria leaps off of Malaysia and delivers a suicide dive to Jenny. Malaysia climbs to the top rope and cross body blocks onto Jenny. Malaysia and Gloria throw Jenny back in the ring and climb to the top. Malaysia and Gloria both deliver leg drops at the same time. Both pin Jenny at the same time...1...2...kickout! Malaysia delivers her move, Mystify, followed by Gloria giving Jenny the Angel Wings. Gloria gets thrown to the outside by Malaysia and Malaysia pins Jenny...1...2...Gloria stops the count. Gloria throws Malaysia outside and pins Jenny...1...2...Gloria stops the count. Gloria and Malaysia start arguing. Gloria dropkicks Malaysia and she falls to the outside. Jenny rolls up Gloria...1...2...3!
Winner: Jenny

Malaysia comes back in the ring with a chair and nails Gloria withit then leaves with Jenny.

Stevie Glory Vs. Avalanche​

Stevie Glory jumps over the top rope and crashes through Avalanche's body while making his way out. Stevie Glory goes back up to the apron and delivers an Asai Moonsault to Avalanche. Stevie Glory gets a chair from under the ring and slams it over Avalanche's head. Avalanche is placed back in the ring and Stevie delivers a elbow drop off the top and pins...1...2...kickout! Stevie Glory goes for the Old Glory but Avalanche dodges it and closelines Stevie Glory. Jingle The Clown and the Wicked Girls make their way down the ring and start distracting Avalanche to help their leader in the match. The referee starts arguing with the rest of the Americans and sends them to the back. Meanwhile, Stevie Glory puts on a pair of brass knucks and nails Avalanche in the head. Stevie Glory hits Old Glory and pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Stevie Glory

Tag Team Match: ThE iNsAnE! Vs. S.I.N.​

Great Milenko and Skull start off the match for their teams. Skull runs at Great Milenko and gets backdropped for his efforts. Great Milenko powerbombs Skull. Skull tags in Thrash. Great Milenko splashes Thrash in the corner and drags Skull in to place him in the same corner. Great Milenko splashes onto both members of S.I.N. Skull rolls out of the ring as Thrash stands dazed on his feet. Great Milenko tags in Scorpion. Scorpion hops onto Great Milenko's shoulders and delivers a missile dropkick and pins...1...2...3!
Winners: ThE iNsAnE!

The announcer says that the next match has been chosen to be a Casket Match!

eXtreme Championship Casket Match: Matt Labossiere Vs. Raptor​

Raptor closelines Matt who almost falls down. Raptor attempts again but Matt boots him in the face. Matt picks up Raptor and chokeslams him. Matt opens the casket and drags Raptor to it. Raptor fights back and whips Matt against the ropes and hits a spear. Raptor hits Fury and drags Matt to the casket. Matt sits up and Raptor attempts to knock him down but fails. Matt chokeslams Raptor again. Matt picks up Raptor and delivers a tombstone piledriver and rolls Raptor in the casket. Great Milenko comes from behind and nails Matt with a steel chair. Great Milenko continously beat on Matt with the steel chair until Raptor gets out of the casket. Great Milenko and Raptor double team Matt into the casket and shut it, crowning a new eXtreme Champion.
Winner: Raptor

Juvy is interviewed in the back with Mel by his side.

Interviewer: "Juvy, tonight you're taking on the wierdest person ever in this business. His fighting style is unorthodox and has a huge advantage going into this match with the mind games being played last week. What are your thoughts?"

Juvy: "You know, I've gone into my matches a little nervous because you're performing in front of big crowds of people showing them your athletecism and toughness. But tonight...I'm even more nervous not only because of the crowd but because I am against as you said the wierdest person ever in this business. He fights with a style that has never been seen before. I have no strategy what so ever going into this match. I'm gonna have to think on the job but maybe by then it's gonna be too late. I have to watch out for his Mind Stealer that's all I known because if he can lock that in on me I'm probably gonna pass out and lose. Mel...you got anything to say?"

Mel: "Yes...Sniper, you think kidnapping me is a good idea well you're wrong cause tonight Juvy's gonna wipe the floor with you you wanna know why?"

Juvy: "...because I got the gold (pointing to his belt), I got the girl (pointing to Mel) and I got all the glory! (pointing to himself)"

Interviewer: "Back to ringside."

Heavyweight Championship Match: Juvy Vs. Sniper​

Juvy taunts in the corner as he usually does, Sniper jumps him from behind and pounds on him until the referee shoves him back. Juvy waits until Sniper's back is turned and pounces him then hammers away at him. Sniper turns Juvy around and now he starts hammering away at the champ. Juvy reverses it as well and hammers away at the derranged challenger. Juvy throws Sniper outside of the ring to catch a breather. Juvy climbs up to the top rope and delivers a moonsault onto Sniper. Juvy whips Sniper into the steps and runs at him but Sniper hits Juvy with a boot and then a bulldog. Sniper throws Juvy and two chair in the ring. The referee takes a chair away and Juvy lowblows Sniper. Juvy puts in a sharpshooter saying 'This is for Stu' and holds onto the move for two minutes before Sniper gets to the ropes. Sniper rocks back and forth while Juvy grabs a mic.

Juvy: "I just came up with an excellent idea, you thought you could hit me with a chair...well now you can because I am officially making this match...no disqualification...no countout...no holds barred!"

Sniper stands up and Juvy takes the leg out from underneath him. Mel gets a chair from the outside and gives it to Juvy. Juvy hits Sniper's leg three times with the chair and then gets Sniper's foot caught in it. Juvy jumps on the chair five times trying to break the leg. Juvy pins...1...2...kickout! Juvy taunts the crowd getting them even more pumped up, Sniper gets up and when Juvy turns around he gets nailed with a chair in the head. Sniper makes a pin...1...2...kickout! Sniper stalks Mel slowly around the ring until the third time where he starts running meanwhile Juvy hides behind one side of the ring and when Sniper comes by his way Juvy attempts a superkick but Sniper stops and dodges it then Sniper closelines Juvy. Sniper sets up two chairs in the ring side by side, places Juvy lying down on both chair and elbow drops Juvy. Sniper pins...1...2...kickout! Mel gets Sniper's attention and they start arguing. Juvy leaps off one of the chair and nails Sniper. Juvy pins...1...2...kickout! Juvy sets up for a big boot but Sniper catches the leg of Juvy, spins him around and attempts a closeline but Juvy ducks and superkicks Sniper. Juvy makes the cover...1...2...kickout! Juvy attempts the Juvy Driver but when Sniper is on Juvy's shoulders he locks in the claw and holds the move on Juvy for three minutes. Throughout those three minutes there are 4 near falls. Juvy now starts getting up and somehow lifts Sniper onto his shoulders and delivers the Juvy Driver and pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Juvy

Juvy is given his trenchcoat, sunglasses and title and when he looks around for Mel, she's not there. Juvy is pissed off and runs backstage to look for her.


Preview for next week's show...SuperBash!

1. The Cruiserweight Division is heating up- Has Malaysia gone heel? We'll find out when Malaysia and Jenny take on Brittney and Gloria in a tag team match.

2. Stevie Glory defeated Avalanche by cheating. Now it's Avalanche's turn to get some revenge in a rematch!

3. Jingle The Clown and CardMaster were at one time partners...now they take on eachother in a singles match!

4. Matt got screwed out of the eXtreme Championship, he gets his rematch against Raptor with no interference allowed however the stipulation is going to be...Last Man Standing!

5. Ace defends his Canadian Championship against the just returned Assassin. Does Assassin have ring rust? Can Ace defeat the former heavyweight champion?

6. After defeating S.I.N. in a non-title match, ThE iNsAnE! get their tag team title shot against S.I.N.

7. Where's Mel this time? Is this a plot by Sniper again? Will Juvy find her? Find out next week on SuperBash!

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If you would like a free newsletter through e-mail by the CCWF just send an e-mail to [email protected] and say that you would like a copy of the newsletter. Once will be sent out hopefully every Saturday. Keep reading, the storylines are about to become alot deeper and better.

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We have new information regarding next week, Juvy is accusing Sniper of kidnapping her again, therefore there will be a rematch for next week between Juvy and Sniper. Plus, for the match of Ace Vs. Assassin, there is going to be a special guest referee for that matchup who will only be given out before the match starts. Stay tuned... I would also like feedback from people especially about your thoughts on having two weekly shows...

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Even though we have not received a response from fans we have decided to do two weekly shows, we have scheduled an early show for next week. Our shows will be on Tuesday (New Show) and Friday (Same as before).

Tuesday will be SuperBash! with the card listed as what was intended for next week's Friday show.

Also discussed in the meeting today is the fanbase. The fanbase has been growing increasingly in these forums and we will continue to post. There is discussion of possibly making a huge event in the future where you can pay to watch it as it will be put online. What do you people think?

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Damn! We should rename this the Juvy thread. I've seen double posting, even triple posting but FIVE TIMES!!!! 9 out of the 11 posts are yours. I know shit about Be The Booker but just edit your posts instead of making so many. The last 3 could be rolled into one.

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Juvy said in post #11 :
Also discussed in the meeting today is the fanbase. The fanbase has been growing increasingly in these forums and we will continue to post.

You don't have a fucking clue do you? How can you say your thread is growing increasingly more popular because as Rajah said (and I montioned before that in The Questions/Suggestions forum) there have only been around 2 genuine replies to this. The rest have been from you. I have no idea how this is supposed to be different to any other Created Booker Fed, so I'll just leave it at that...

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Actually, I've been e-mailed many times by people who read this saying they like it. This isn't no E-Fed like many of you may think, this is an actual federation competing in Canada. Plus because I said it's growing more popular is when I posted the last show 30 people saw it in 5 minutes because they've been waiting for the results so stay tuned.

Another thing about all those posts one after another about the meeting and such is because I was just sending things that were said during the meeting. I'll remember to post everything in one next time.

Stay Tuned on Tuesday for SuperBash!

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CardMaster Vs. Jingle The Clown​

Jingle's music hits but he doesn't come out. Avalanche's music is played instead and he comes out with a microphone.

Avalanche: "Now I know you planned to take on your friend but plans don't always work. You see I've got a plan...and that plan is to take out the Americans one by one until I get to destroy Stevie Glory! Now, my match with Stevie Glory was cancelled because Stevie Glory couldn't make it due to some lame excuse I guess I have to start with you!"

CardMaster Vs. Avalanche​

Avalanche gets in the ring and gets closelined by CardMaster. Avalanche delivers a bodyslam then a body splash and pins...1...2...kickout! Avalanche attempts to whip CardMaster into the buckle but is reversed. CardMaster attempts the Card Shuffle but Avalanche moves out of the way, gives the Avalanche Drop and pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Avalanche

Avalanche: "Come this Friday, Jingle The Clown is next. But I wanna make this a bit interesting...I want a Circus Match!"

Juvy enters the building and looks for Mel.

Malaysia/Jenny Vs. Gloria/Brittney​

Malaysia and Gloria immediately start a catfight. Jenny and Brittney pull the girls away and start fighting themselves. A four way cat fights breaks out and all the officials come out breaking them apart. Just as Jenny is about to be pulled out of the ring, Gloria rolls her up...1...2...3!
Winners: Malaysia/Jenny

Juvy barges into Sniper's dressing room.

Juvy: "Where is she?"

Sniper: "I didn't taker her!"

Juvy: "That's a bunch of crap! If I don't get her back by the end of tonight, all hell's gonna break loose!"

Tag Team Championship match: S.I.N. Vs. ThE iNsAnE!​

Skull starts out with Scorpion. Skull closelines Scorpion and then wrenches his arm. Skull tags in Thrash. Thrash spits at Great Milenko causing him to argue with the referee as S.I.N. double teams Scorpion in the corner. Skull and Thrash switch places without the ref noticing and Skull puts in a sleeper hold. Scorpion desperately attempts to break out of the move many times and is only successful after being in the hold for five minutes. Scorpion elbows Skull in the gut and then bounces off the ropes and a double closeline occurs. The ref starts the count...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...Skull tags in Thrash, Thrash runs up to pull Scorpion away but it's too late and Great Milenko gets tagged in. Great Milenko throws Skull over the top rope and then DDTs Thrash. Scorpion climbs onto Great Milenko's shoulders and nails a dropkick to Thrash. Great Milenko delivers another DDT and pins...1...2...3!
Winners: New Tag Team Champions: ThE iNsAnE![/center]

Mel is shown in a dark room tied up and gagged.

Canadian Championship Match: Ace Vs. Assassin

A handshake starts off showing that both competitors have respect for eachother. Assassin immediately sends a tie up in the corner and Assassin hammers away at Ace showing that he is the bigger of the two. Assassin picks up Ace by the throat and whips him across the ring. Ace rolls out of the ring to recover but Assassin doesn't allow it. When the ref isn't looking, Assassin gets lowblowed by the champ and Ace shoves Assassin into the ring post. Ace throws Assassin back in the ring and delivers an Ace Plant then pins...1...2...kickout! Assassin chokeslams Ace out of nowhere and grabs a steal chair. The referee takes it from Assassin and get chokeslammed for it. Assassin picks up the chair and gets dropkicked in the face from it. Ace covers Assassin as another referee makes his way down. Instead of counting, the second official checks up on the first official. Ace delivers an Ace Plant off the ground (RKO). A third official comes down and disqualifies both men and says that the title is vacant because of the draw.

WINNER: Double DQ-Canadian Championship is Vacant

Juvy comes out to the ring.
Juvy: "I know I'm supposed to be looking for Mel but right now I must address the fans. This Friday is our annual Helloween Show. Every Helloween show has a buried alive match. I'm not about to break tradition so I've decided to postpone the eXtreme Championship Match that was scheduled tonight to this Friday where the eXtreme Championship will be on the line...Raptor defending against Sniper."

Raptor comes out.

Raptor: "How dare you call me by a former name! Last week I went into an extreme state of mind and I captured the eXtreme Championship but that's not enough. This Friday I have to become even more extreme...I have to become double extreme...I have to become...Double X Raptor! Now as for my thoughts on this Buried Alive situation, Double X Raptor doesn't think...he takes action! Come this Friday when it's me against Matt in a rematch, there's not going to be any lucky finishes, it's going to come down to who want this title enough to actually bury their opponent alive in the cold dirt!"

Matt appears on the screen in a dark room.

Matt: "Last Friday...I got screwed...out of my title...this Friday...I regain the title in a horrible match...a buried alive match. I must knock Double X Raptor unconscious...I must place him in the empty, 6 foot grave that will become your new home...and I must bury him alive in the cold...dry...dirt leaving nothing...but memories. And when I stand on top of that grave I will reclaim the eXtreme Championship!"

Juvy: "There you have it...buried alive this Friday! Now...onto my match! Last Friday after defeating Sniper in an incredible match...Mel seemed to have disappeared. I consulted Sniper claiming that he did not do it but how can you believe somebody who claims to have lost their mind? So I decided to challenge Sniper to a rematch. But trust me...if I dont' see Mel soon enough...all hell's gonna break loose and the only one to blame...is Sniper!"

Heavyweight Championship Match: Juvy Vs. Sniper​

Juvy dives off the top rope and lands on Sniper. Juvy whips Sniper into the barricade then drop-kicks him. Juvy and Sniper fight through the crowd with right and left punches. Eventually Sniper closelines Juvy back over the barricade and throws him head first into the stairs. Sniper rolls into the ring and starts rocking back and forth. Juvy crawls onto the apron and Sniper runs into him causing Juvy to fall back onto the floor. Sniper goes onto the apron and delivers an elbow drop to the champion. Sniper lifts the mats off the exposing the concrete. Sniper attempts a piledriver but Juvy backdrops the challenger on the concrete. Juvy gets back in the ring and immediately springs over the top rope and hits a cross body block. Juvy hammers away at Sniper and throws him back in the ring. Juvy then goes off the top and hits an axe handle shmash and pins...1...2...kickout! Juvy picks up Sniper and attempts a suplex but Sniper reverses it into a swinging neck breaker. Sniper then delivers a DDT and pins...1...2...kickout! Sniper delivers a face plant and pins...1...2...kickout! Juvy lifts himself up with the help of the ropes and Sniper closelines Juvy over the top rope and down onto the floor. Sniper grabs a chair and attempts to hit Juvy but Juvy dropkicks the chair into Sniper's face. Sniper drops the chair and stands up dazed. Juvy runs at Sniper, Sniper picks up the champ and gives him a spinebuster onto the chair. Sniper climbs to the apron and attempts an elbow drop but Juvy uses the chair as a shield and blocks the attack. The ref takes the chair away and starts to put it back when Juvy grabs another chair and smashes it over the head of Sniper. Juvy rolls Sniper back into the ring and Juvy stands on the apron. Juvy attempts a West Coast Pop but Sniper reverses it into a powerbomb and both are down...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...both are up and start punching eachother. Juvy gains the advantage and whips Sniper against the ropes. Juvy attempts a big boot but Sniper catches his leg, spins him around and gives him a closeline. Sniper picks up the champion and delivers the Mind Control (Edgecution) and pins...1...2...kickout! Sniper is furious and starts banging his head into the mat. Juvy takes advantage of the opportunity, grabs Sniper's leg and locks in a figure four continuing the assault on the leg from last week. Juvy holds the figure four on for approximately two minutes until Sniper turns it around and Juvy is forced to let go. Sniper limps across the ring and Juvy dropkicks the leg causing Sniper to fall. Juvy gets a chair and the ref steals it from him. Juvy turns around and gets the Mind Stealer (Claw) from Sniper. Juvy fades away after being in the move for three minutes and a cover is made...1...2...kickout! Juvy bangs on the mat getting the fans to clap along and encourage the champ. Juvy gets up and starts elbowing SNiper in the gut repeatedly until he lets go of the hold. Juvy bounces off the ropes and ducks a closeline from the challenger, he then attempts a closeline but Juvy ducks, Sniper attempts a back body drop on Juvy but Juvy fakes a leap frog, Sniper attempts a closeline but Juvy ducks and nails a superkick. Juvy makes the cover...1...2...kickout! Juvy goes up top and attempts his elbow drop but Sniper moves out of the way. Sniper hits another Mind Control and pins...1...2...kickout! Sniper goes outside and sets up a table right against the ring. Sniper picks up Juvy and attempts to powerbomb him through the table from the ring but Juvy reverses it into a hurracarana and the table doesn't break. Juvy leaps onto the turnbuckle and elbow drops Sniper, causing the table to break. The ref starts the count...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...Juvy throws Sniper back in the ring and pins...1...2...kickout! Juvy starts talking trash in front of Sniper, Sniper locks on a Mind Stealer out of nowhere. Juvy twists and somehow gets Sniper on his shoulders. Juvy almost fades away but has enough energy to follow through with the Juvy Driver! Juvy pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Juvy

Juvy grabs a mic.

Juvy: "Alright Sniper, where is she?...Tell me where she is!"

'Click, Click, Boom! by Saliva is played and Assassin shows up with Mel tied up.

Assassin: "What's the matter Juvy, missing something? I'll tell you waht, I'll give her back....but only if I get a title shot this Friday! Is that a deal?"

Juvy: "Fine...me and you at Helloween for the heavyweight title...now give her back!"

Assassin: "Great...now I get the title back. But you're not going to get Mel back just yet...I'm going to hang onto her until the match starts."

Juvy: "That's it...I'm coming after you right now!"

Juvy chases Assassin who throws Mel into a car and drives off with her.

Juvy: "Fine...you wanna play those games? At Helloween...it's gonna be me and you for the title...in a Casket Match! How do you like that! When the night's done I'm gonna prove that you're not better than me...you may ask why but it's simple. I've got the gold...I've got the girl...and I've got all the glory!"


Preview for Helloween:​

1. The Cruiserweight Championship is on the line in a Fatal Four Way (Non-Elimination) Match with Gloria, Malaysia, Brittney and Jenny to try and end the cat fight.

2. A Canadian Championship Battle Royale has been made to declare the new Canadian Champion due to the draw between Ace and Assassin. Here are the competitors: Ace, Sniper, Stevie Glory, CardMaster, Skull, Thrash, Great Milenko, Scorpion, PLUS THE RETURN OF Mike and Jess!

3. Avalanche is hell-bent on getting revenge on Stevie Glory and is doing so by taking out the Americans one by one. This week it was CardMaster now it is set: Avalanche Vs. Jingle The Clown in Jingle's own creation...A CIRCUS MATCH!

4. The match was cancelled this week and the rules were changed for this Friday. The eXtreme Championship is on the line as tradition continues. A Buried Alive Match will contain Double X Raptor and Matt Labossiere...who will survive?

5. It's a match people have been waiting for, it happened twice already. The first time it was in Iron Man Match where Assassin took the title from Juvy. The second time Juvy won the title back with a 15 foot death-defying leap from a tower. They have been tag team champions together but now it's all turned around again. Assassin has kidnapped Juvy's manager, Mel, and has ordered a heavyweight title match. Juvy decided that it should be a Casket Match...who will win this war of the top two competitors in the CCWF?



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On behalf of the CCWF, we wish everyone a Happy Halloween and remind you to play it safe.

A promo is shown to hype up the event with clips shown from previous Buried Alive Matches and tonight's matches as well.

Juvy comes out.

Juvy: "Tonight...is going to be an extraordinary night. We are going to have ourselves a four-way cruiserweight championship match. We're gonna have a circus match involving Avalanche and Jingle The Clown. We're going to determine a new Canadian Champion in a 10 man over the top rope battle royale! For the eXtreme Championship we're going to continue with tradition and have a buried alive match involving Matt Labossiere and Double X Raptor! And the main event...a casket match...for the Heavyweight Championship...Assassin...and yours truly, Juvy!"

Assassin comes out with Mel tied up and gagged.

Assassin: "That's right...you're looking at the new heavyweight champion! Juvy, when I took off in the car I heard you say that you got the gold, the girl and all the glory...but tonight I'm gonna have the gold...I'm gonna have the girl...and you're gonna be trapped in that cramped up, dark casket!"

Juvy: "Don't count on it. Tonight, I'm gonna prove once and for all that you're not better than me!"

Both leave the area. Brittney is shown from a previously recorded interview.

Brittney: "So, I'm put in a four way match with the other 3 top female cruiserweights. I've been the Cruiserweight Champion so many times it's not funny anymore. When I win the title tonight I'm gonna prove that I'm not only better looking but more talented as well!"

Jenny is shown from a previously recorded interview as Brittney makes her way to the ring.

Jenny: "This past Tuesday a big catfight broke out and Gloria pinned me by surprise. Well, tonight's not about surprises, tonight's about skill...which I have more than any of the other girls. Trust me, this title isn't leaving me for a long time to come."

Gloria is shown from a previously recorded interview as Jenny makes her way to the ring.

Gloria: "Week after week I've tried to contend with the champion. Then this past Tuesday, I pinned the champ in a tag match. Tonight...I'm taking that Cruiserweight Title for the first time!"

Malaysia is shown from a previously recorded interview as Gloria makes her way down to the ring.

Malaysia: "Tonight's not about talking, it's about fighting. We'll save the talking for later when I'm the Cruiserweight Champion, once again!"

Malaysia makes her way down to the ring.

4 Way Cruiserweight Championship Match: Jenny (champion) Vs. Brittney Vs. Gloria Vs. Malaysia

Malaysia and Gloria start off with dropkicks to the Wicked Girls who bail out of the ring afterwards. Gloria locks an armbar on Malaysia and followed with a hiptoss then continues to put pressure on Malaysia's arm. Malaysia finally gets up and starts with chops then a leg scissors takedown. Malaysia pins...1...2...kickout! Both girls stand up and start arguing. The Wicked Girls come back in the ring and throw the two others over the top. The Wicked Girls tie up this time with Jenny putting on a side headlock. Brittney attempts a back suplex but Jenny lands on her feet and locks in a sleeper. Malaysia gets in the ring and breaks the hold with a kick. Jenny attempts a piledriver but Malaysia turns it into a hurracarna while she's upside down. Brittney whips Malaysia to the ropes and attempts a dropkick but Malaysia hangs on to the ropes and pins...1...2...kickout! Malaysia attempts a DDT but Gloria pulls her out of the ring and a catfight starts on the outside. Jenny comes from behind and rolls up Brittney...1...2...kickout! Brittney backdrops Jenny when she runs and climbs to the top rope then nails a backwards Molly-Go-Round and pins...1...2...Gloria breaks up the pin and throws Brittney to the outside. Gloria nails the Angel Wings and pins...1...2...Malaysia breaks up the pin! Brittney comes in and tackles Malaysia to the outside. Gloria leaps and hits a suicide dive on the other challengers. Gloria gets back to the apron. Jenny delivers an inverted suplex and pins...1...2...kickout! Jenny pins again...1...2...kickout! Jenny puts a sleeper on Gloria. Gloria gets back up and hits some punches back and forth until Jenny gives a thumb to the eye. Jenn whips Gloria hard into the buckle. Jenny places Gloria on the top rope and gets pushed off. Gloria delivers Angel Wings and pins...1...2...Malaysia breaks up the count! Malaysia nials 2 standing dropkicks and Gloria falls to the outside. Brittney runs in only to receive a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and gets pinned...1...2...kickout! Brittney is then given 2 suplexes and a superplex. Malaysia goes back up top but Jenny shakes the ropes and dropkicks her causing Malaysia to fall to the outside. Gloria runs back in with a flying forearm but Jenny ducks and the ref gets knocked down. Jenny and Gloria start a catfight in the ring. Jenny is flipped to the outside and Gloria gets nailed with the belt by Brittney. The ref gets up and counts as Brittney pins Gloria...1...2...kickout! Brittney grabs the belt and nails the ref. Jenny gets back in the ring and nails a Wicked Bomb on Brittney but the ref doesn't count because he's unconscious. S.I.N. heads down and whips Gloria into the barricade. Then they whip Malaysia into the steps and give Jenny a spinebuster in the ring. They deliver a Doomsday Device to Brittney and then take off. The ref gets upand Jenny barely rolls over onto Brittney for the cover...1...2...3!
Winner: Jenny

Highlights are shown last week of Avalanche defeating CardMaster. Avalanche is then interviewed in the back.

Avalanche: "I'm taking out the Americans, one by one! Last time, I took out CardMaster and now...Jingle The Clown! Stevie Glory...the clock is ticking and when it strikes twelve you're gonna wish you never backstabbed me. Remember...I'm a natural disaster...just waiting to happen!"

Circus Match: Avalanche Vs. Jingle The Clown

Avalanche closelines Jingle out of his boots. Jingle crawls as Avalanche follows him. Jingle hops onto a unicycle and tries to escape but Avalanche closelines him again. Avalanche hammers away at Jingle, finds a wooden lion tamer's chair and breaks it over Jingle. Avalanche grabs a circus whip and chokes out Jingle. Avalanche unlocks the door of a circus cage. Jingle whips Avalanche in the back with the circus whip and drags him into the cage. Jingle attempts to throw Avalanche into the steel bars but it gets reversed. Avalanche picks up Jingle and continuously bashes Jingle into the bars. Avalanche attempts to ram the clown's head into the bars but Jingle gets away and climbs to the top of the cage. Avalanche follows him. Jingle steps on Avalanche's fingers when he's nearly up and almost falls. Avalanche regains his balance and gets to the top. Jingle gets thrown off the cage and crashes through a table full of pies. Avalanche climbs down and pins Jingle...1...2...3!
Winner: Avalanche

Stevie Glory nails Avalanche in the head with a steel chair and grabs a mic.

Stevie Glory: "This Tuesday, Avalanche...your quest continues...but you're not gonna take out the Americans one by one...you're going to face two members of the Americans in a handicap match! There's no chance of you getting your hands on me!"

Highlights are shown of last week's match between Ace and Assassin which results in a draw. Vince President and Future Hall of Famer Justine comes out with the Canadian Championship.

Justine: "I am here to present the Canadian Title to whomever wins the battle royale. Being the first Canadian Champion and the only female Canadian Champion, the staff has decided to make me the presenter. Without further a due...let's get things started!"

Battle Royale to determine Undisputed Canadian Champion:
Ace, Sniper, Stevie Glory, CardMaster, Skull, Thrash, Great Milenko, Scorpion, Mike and Jess​

Stevie Glory: "Before we get things started I would like to introduce the two newest members of the Americans...Skull...Thrash...S.I.N.!"

Ace jumps Stevie Glory getting revenge after getting kicked out of the group about a month or two ago. Great Milenko and Scorpion attack Skull and Thrash just after taking their titles this past Tuesday. CardMaster gets double teamed by Mike and Jess as Sniper sits down on the outside having slid under the bottom rope. After a while of scrapping, Mike and Jess throw Skull and Thrash over showing that they're back in action. Then the duo gets rid of the CardMaster with a double backdrop. Great Milenko and Scorpion go after Mike and Jess afterwards but are unsuccessful. Mike and Jess dropkick Great Milenko and he starts reeling. They knock Great Milenko but he hangs onto the ropes and stays on the apron. Scorpion attempts a flying forearm on Mike but he ducks and Great Milenko gets knocked out by his own partner. Mike and Jess then throw Scorpion right onto Great Milenko eliminating him as well. Stevie Glory nails Old Glory on Ace and then runs after Mike and Jess. Mike backdrops Stevie Glory and Jess catches him with a powerbomb as he's going down. Ace throws Mike over the top rope. Jess whips Ace against the ropes Stevie Glory ducks in front of Jess causing a distraction and Ace leaps over Stevie to nail Jess and eliminate him. Stevie Glory and Ace argue in the ring now. Stevie Glory attempts Old Glory but Ace catches the foot, spins him around and delivers an RKO. Stevie Glory gets up slowly pulling himself up with the ropes and Ace closelines him over the top but Stevie Glory hangs on. Ace attempts a springboard dropkick on Stevie Glory but Glory blocks it and both stand on the apron hitting eachother with left and right punches. Sniper rolls back into the ring and runs into both Ace and Stevie Glory knocking them down. Justine reluctantly hands the title to Sniper who pets the title and talks to it leaving him the victor.
Winner: Sniper

Assassin is interviewed in the back.

Assassin: "I'm not focused on a strategy tonight, I'm focused on taking out Juvy once and for all. I don't care if I have this bimbo beside me...(pointing to Mel who is still tied up)this is just to get inside Juvy's head and it obviously worked. Tonight I'm gonna be 2 time champion...and there's nothing you can do about it!"

Interviewer: "Do you have anything to say to Juvy right now?"

Assassin: "Yeah...Click, Click, Boom!"

Highlights are shown of the match two weeks ago between Matt and Double X Raptor both interviews are played from last week.

Buried Alive Match for the eXtreme Championship: Double X Raptor(champion) Vs. Matt Labossiere​

Both start in the ring with a slugfest and Matt gains the advantage. Eventually, Raptor fights back so Matt gets out of the ring. Raptor immediately fights back with a baseball slide and Matt hits his head on the guardrail. Raptor goes up top (which is extremely rare) and shoots himself like a missile crashing through Matt's body. Both of them hammer eachother down the aisle and make it to the grave. The champ grabs a shovel and bashes it over the head of the challenger. Matt immediately sits up and puts a chokehold on Raptor. Matt and Raptor roll down the grave hill and head back to the ring with punches back and forth. Raptor grabs a chain from under the ring that will be used for the casket match and wraps it around Matt's throat choking him out. Raptor pulls Matt with the chain and whips him over the guardrail and into the crowd. Raptor then follows by jumping over the railing and nailing a spear on Matt. They fight through the crowd with lefts and rights for five minutes. Matt grabs a fan and pushes him away, steals the chair he was sitting on and bashes Raptor in the head. Matt throws the champ back over the railing and they go back in the ring. Matt nails a flying lariat and goes to the outside. Matt grabs 5 chairs from under the ring and throws them inside. Matt then grabs Raptor by the throat and chokeslams him onto a chair. Matt places a chair in each corner and one in the center of the ring. Raptor spears Matt into each corner and bodyslams Matt onto the center one. Raptor attempts a body splash onto Matt who is laying on a folded out chair but Matt sits up and Raptor bends the chair backwards. Matt delivers a tombstone piledriver to the champ and then places him on a gurney that was found under the ring. Matt wheels Raptor to the gravesite and throws Raptor in it. Matt starts burying but Raptor gets up and lowblows Matt followed by a shovel to the face. Raptor slams Matt into the grave and starts burying but Matt sits up. Matt chokeslams Raptor beside the grave. Great Milenko comes out in a car. Great Milenko drives the car and nails Matt who lands in the grave. Great Milenko, Scorpion and Raptor all help bury Matt and Raptor is declared the winner after the grave is completely full.
Winner: Double X Raptor

Juvy is interviewed in the back.

Juvy: "I'm not here to chat, I'm not here to play games. It's time to get serious, Mel is in trouble, my title is on the line and so is my career if I'm not careful. Tonight, Assassin, I'm gonna prove for the second time that you're not better than me!"

Casket Match for Heavyweight Championship: Juvy(champion) Vs. Assassin​

Juvy runs out to the ring and Assassin bails leaving Mel. Juvy unties Mel and helps her to a chair and then challenges Assassin to get in the ring. Assassin gets in and they start a slugfest that lasts for about three minutes until Juvy closeline Assassin over. Assassin starts leaving the ring until Juvy jumps over the top like a missile and nails Assassin. Juvy and Assassin exchange lefts and rights in the entrance until Assassin gives the champ a thumb to the eyes. Assassin whips Juvy at the ring, when Juvy runs back he gets nailed with a big boot. Assassin throws Juvy into the ring. Juvy bounces off the ropes and nails a flying forearm and wrenches Assassin's arm. Assassin attempts to get up but Juvy locks in a crossface. Assassin eventually gets to the ropes forcing Juvy to let go. Juvy puts in an armbar but Assassin gets out of it and closelines Juvy. Assassin delivers a pumphandle slam and opens the casket. Juvy dropkicks Assassin over the top and Assassin lands in the casket. Juvy starts to shut it until Assassin grabs Juvy by the throat and chokeslams him off the apron. Assassin climbs to the top rope and gives the champion a sniper shot off the top to the floor. Assassin whips Juvy into the casket and runs at him but Juvy moves. Assassin turns around after smacking into the casket and is given a superkick by the champ. Juvy grabs a chair and folds it over the head of Assassin. Juvy picks up Assassin and places him in the casket. Juvy tries to shut it but Assassin pulls him in as well. After two minutes Juvy crawls out of the casket looking like he got into a fight. Assassin explodes out of the casket and pulls Juvy back in by the leg. Assassin comes out of the casket and stalks Mel instead of locking the casket. Juvy gets out of the casket and gets in the ring. Juvy sees Assassin and gives him a baseball slide. Juvy places Assassin' bad arm in the casket and shuts the lid repeatedly on it. Assassin nails Juvy in the head with an elbow and throw him in the ring. Assassin whips Juvy against the ropes and attempts a big boot but Juvy ducks and hits a flying forearm. Juvy hops back to his feet and nails a superkick on Assassin. Juvy holds Assassin and gets Mel in the ring with a chair. Mel takes a big swing, Assassin moves, and Juvy gets nailed in the head. Assassin pushes Mel down and gives Juvy a chokeslam. Juvy is rolled into the casket and then it is locked.
Winner: Assassin

Assassin walks away with the belt and is interviewed in the entrance way.

Interviewer: "Assassin, you are the new heavyweight champion...how does it feel?"

Assassin: "This isn't over...you see I want to put my title on the line against Juvy this Tuesday but only if he's willing to put something else of his on the line...I want the girl!"

Mel grabs a mic.
Mel: "You're on!"

Mel helps Juvy out of the casket as Assassin walks away with a huge smile on his face.


Preview for next week's show...DEADLY AIM!

1. The war continues after interference during their match. It's going to be Malaysia/Gloria Vs. The Wicked Girls...will this ever end?

2. After defeating both CardMaster and just recently Jingle The Clown...Avalanche must face the newest members of the Americans in a handicap match, it's going to be Avalanche Vs. S.I.N.

3. A new Canadian Champion was crowned...Sniper...a number one contender match will happen as it will be Ace Vs. Stevie Glory who were at one time the greatest tag team in the CCWF.

4. After Matt was hit by a car and buried alive he will be out of action...but for how long? We're gonna hear from Great Milenko and Scorpion for their actions.

5. The tag team titles are on the line as ThE iNsAnE! defend the belts against the team of CardMaster and Jingle The Clown.

6. The Heavyweight Championship is on the line once again. This time Assassin is the champ. But Assassin's not the only one with something on the line, Juvy is putting his manager on the line...who will win the fourth confrontation between these two athletes?

Stay Tuned this Tuesday for the results!

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Deadly Aim

¤Deadly Aim¤

Highlights are shown of Helloween. Highlights include Assassin winning the casket match thanks to an accidental chair shot by Mel to Juvy, Matt being hit by a car into the grave, Avalanche winning the circus match and Stevie Glory beating him up afterwards, Sniper winning the battle royale and the cruiserweight four way match with S.I.N.'s interference.

Juvy comes out with Mel.

Juvy: "...Last week...at Helloween...I lost the title. Because of my manager, hitting me in the head with a steel chair. Now, I know this wasn't on purpose so I can forgive her. However tonight's a different night...I get my rematch for the Heavyweight Championship and Mel is going to be by my side. Now...the only way Assassin would do this match was if Mel was on the line as well. Mel agreed to those terms putting her full trust in me, therefore I accept to do it...I was also thinking of a great way to start off the show. I thought, why not put champion Vs. champion! It's going to be a 2/3 Falls Match between the Canadian Champion Sniper, and the eXtreme Champion...Double X Raptor!"

Double X Raptor comes out.

Juvy dives over the top and lands on Raptor. He whips the eXtreme Champion into the stairs and then takes the stairs off. Juvy places Raptor's leg on the ground and smashes it with the stairs. Raptor gets thrown into the ring by Juvy who grabs a steel chair. Juvy put Double X Raptor's leg in the chair and continues to jump and stomp on it as he screams in pain. Raptor then gets put in a figure four leg lock for a while until officials come down and break it up. Juvy pulls Raptor to a corner post and smashes his leg into it three times followed by a figure four around the ring post. The officials pull Juvy off ending the five minute long assault on Raptor. Raptor is carried out of the ring screaming in pain and holding his leg.

Juvy: "Assassin...that's your future tonight...truly...you're not better than me!"

Highlights are shown from the Cruiserweight Title match at Helloween including the interference by S.I.N. allowing Jenny to retain the title.

Malaysia/Gloria Vs. The Wicked Girls​

Both teams hammer away at eachother. The Wicked Girls double suplex Gloria. Gloria and Malaysia whip Brittney into the buckle twice then Gloria delivers a bulldog and pins...1...2...kickout! A backbody drop is given to Brittney. Gloria tags in Malaysia who gives Brittney a cross body block off the top and pins...1...2...kickout! Malaysia whips Brittney against the ropes. Brittney ducks a closeline and nails one of her own. Both are down for a count of 7 until they tag. Jenny hammers away at Gloria and throws her over the top. S.I.N. comes down and destroys all four girls, hitting them in the face with biker chains.
Winner: Double DQ

Great Milenko and Scorpion are interviewed in the back after seeing highlights of Matt being hit by a car and buried alive.

Interviewer: "What are your thoughts of your actions at Helloween?"

Great Milenko: "Are thoughts? You want our thoughts? Right now I'm thinking of doing it again but I can't because Matt is nowhere to be found. Matt came to the CCWF to put Scorpion and I out of action...well it backfired and now he is gone!"

Scorpion: "That's right...and as the captain of this team I decided that we should put the Tag belts on the line against Jingle The Clown and CardMaster from the Americans."

Great Milenko: "Wait a minute. What do you mean the captain of this team? If anybody is the captain of this team it should be me...I'm the bigger of the two of us!"

Scorpion: "I'm the only one to have won the Heavyweight Championship, plus I've been around longer than you have!"

Great Milenko: "I'm the smarter of the two! I'm the captain...you know what...there never really was a captain decided so why don't we stop arguing...there is no captain! No let's just go out there and put on a show so we can keep these titles and party all night long!"

Scorpion: "Alright!"

Interviewer: "A little tension seems to be developping between the champs...can they put this aside and retain the belts? Back to ringside to see."

Tag Team Championship Match: ThE iNsAnE!(champions) Vs. Jingle The Clown/CardMaster​

CardMaster lays Scorpion out with a chair and then with his partner, double team Great Milenko with closelines and punches. Jingle is sent to the corner while Scorpion lays out cold on the outside. CardMaster locks in a gutwrench and punches Great Milenko in the ribs continuously. Great Milenko breaks out of the hold after five minutes with a hiptoss and goes for the tag but Scorpion is still out cold. Jingle is tagged in and the challengers whips Great Milenko into their corner. Jingle locks in a gutwrench but Great Milenko breaks out of it and delivers a DDT to the clown. Scorpion gets to the apron but CardMaster knocks him off. CardMaster and Jingle whip Great Milenko against the ropes and hit a double closeline but it has no effect. Great Milenko nails a closeline and takes down both challengers. Great Milenko throws CardMaster out of the ring. Scorpion blind tags himself in and accidentally missile dropkicks Great Milenko. Scorpion is pulled out of the ring as Great Milenko gets rolled up...1...2...3!
Winners: Jingle The Clown/CardMaster

The referee thinks about the mistake he made and reverses the decision because Great Milenko was not the legal man therefore ThE iNsAnE! are still tag team champions.

Highlights are shown of earlier when Juvy attacked Double X Raptor and damaged his leg, Assassin is interviewed.

Interviewer: "Assassin, we saw at the opening of the show that Juvy is in a violent mood tonight. Do you have anything to say about it?"

Assassin: "Juvy can intimidate me all he wants, he isn't getting this belt back. After I defeating him in the Casket Match with the help of his little girlfriend following him around I celebrated and laughed as I have become two time Heavyweight Champion! I'll tell you what Juvy...I hope I win because then I get to be with Mel as you sit there all alone...usually you say you got the gold, the girl and all the glory, but after tonight...you're not gonna have the belt...you're not gonna have the girl and you're gonna feel the Click...Click...Boom!"

Interviewer: "Intense words from the champion...now let's take a look at Avalanche's path of destruction he's been on with the Americans!"

Highlights are shown of Avalanche defeating CardMaster, Avalanche winning the Circus Match at Helloween followed by a beating from the Americans and S.I.N. announced as the newest members of the Americans.

Avalanche is being interviewed.

Interviewer: "There you see Avalanche...you're almost there...you're almost up against Stevie Glory, all you have to do is get through these two former tag team champions to take on Glory."

Avalanche: "Yes that's true. You...they say that you only know what you're missing until it's truly gone. When I was with the Americans I lost sense of hatred and power and I missed it. Then...Stevie Glory kicked me out of the group and all that hatred, all that power came back to me...and more powerful than ever. When I get my hands on Stevie Glory all hell's gonna break loose! The clock is ticking...tick, tock...tick, tock! Stevie Glory...time is running out, and when that clock strikes twelve...it's gonna be a nightmare that you've never witnessed yet!"

Interviewer: "There you have it...and now let's go to the handicap match!"

Handicap Match: Avalanche Vs. S.I.N.​

S.I.N.'s music hits but only Skull comes out and walks slowly to the ring. Thrash comes through the crowd with a steel chair and nails Avalanche. S.I.N. stomps away at Avalanche for a while then Avalanche gets back to his feet and powerslams both team members then pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Avalanche

Stevie Glory comes out.
Stevie Glory: "Don't think you're facing me this Friday Avalanche... it's going to be you against the Americans possible for the last time...you see...it's going to be you running a gauntlet this Friday against all the Americans...one by one...no breaks...and if you win, and only if you win...then you can get your shot at me!

Highlights are shown of the battle royale including the huge fight between Ace and Stevie Glory in the end which resulted in both of them being eliminated at the same time by Sniper, the new Canadian Champion.

Number One Contender for Canadian Championship Match: Ace Vs. Stevie Glory​

Stevie Glory runs at Ace and gets hit with three hiptosses, an armdrag takedown and a standing dropkick. Ace pins...1...2...kickout! Stevie bails out of the ring and calls for a time out. The ref declines and counts up to 9 until Stevie Glory finally gets in the ring. A tie up is followed by a headlock on Ace. Ace breaks out of the hold by pushing his foe to the ropes and hits a closeline. Ace then springs off the ropes only to be hit by a titlt-a-whirl backbreaker. Stevie pins...1...2...kickout! Stevie locks in a boston crab further attempting to injure the back of Ace. Ace gets to the ropes after being in the submission hold for three minutes. Stevie then stomps and pounds on the back of Ace. Stevie drags Ace to the center of the ring and applies another boston crab. After about two minutes Ace rolls through his opponent's legs, pushes him against the ropes with his feet and gives him a monkey flip. Ace pins...1...2...kickout! They both get up and Ace locks in an armbar after a hiptoss. Stevie gets up and suplexes his opponent. Stevie whips Ace to the ropes and gives him a back body drop. Stevie pins...1...2...kickout! Stevie whips Ace against the buckle hard, Ace comes back and is given a spinebuster (Also known as the Super fly- a move created by the original leader of the Americans: Super FlyBoy). Stevie pins...1...2...kickout! Stevie whips Ace against the ropes. Ace hits a flying forearm. Ace gives two standing dropkicks and then a springboard moonsault and pins...1...2...kickout! Ace climbs to the top and goes for the Ace Plant but Stevie Glory dodges it. Stevie Glory delivers Old Glory and pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Stevie Glory

Sniper comes down to the ring and locks in a Mind Stealer on Stevie Glory causing him to fall unconscious. Sniper walks away hugging and talking to the Canadian Championship.

Highlights are shown of the Casket Match between Juvy and Assassin with all the high spots and the finish. The finish was Mel accidentally hit Juvy in the head with a steel chair when aiming for Assassin.

Heavyweight Championship Match (Winner gets Mel's services): Juvy Vs. Assassin(champion)​

Assassin is taking his overcoat off while Juvy runs down the aisle and closelines him over the top. Juvy grabs a chair and smacks it over the back of Assassin. Juvy gets a table and sets it up. Assassin is throws back in the ring and Juvy climbs to the top. The challenger delivers an axe handle smash and pins...1...2...kickout! Juvy suplexes Assassin 3 times and pins...1...2...kickout! Juvy throws Assassin over the top rope and then gives him a suicide dive. Juvy catapults Assassin into the ring post and then grabs a steel chair. Juvy runs at Assassin and gets booted in the face. Assassin powerbombs Juvy through the table set up earlier. Assassin throws the challenger back in the ring and pins...1...2...kickout! Assassin whips Juvy against the roeps and delivers a big boot to the face. Assassin gives Juvy a gorilla press slam and then brings the belt in the ring. The ref takes the belt and puts it away as Assassin takes off the turnbuckle padding. Juvy splash Assassin in the exposed corner and then delivers a DDT. Juvy delivers three hiptosses to the champ followed by an armdrag takedown and an armbar that lasts two minutes. Assassin breaks the hold and closlines Juvy followed by a leg drop. Assassin picks up Juvy by the throat and chokeslams him. Assassin pins...1...2...kickout! Assassin attempts the click, click, boom but Juvy reverses it into a hurracarana and both are down for a count of 9. Juvy attempts a closeline but Assassin ducks and Assassin ducks, Juvy hits a flying forearm and hops back to his feet. Juvy delivers a superkick and pins...1...2...kickout! Juvy stes up for a Juvy Driver but Assassin gets off and hits the Click, Click, Boom! Assassin goes for the cover...1...2...kickout! Assassin is frustrated and starts to argue with the refere. Mel comes in the ring. Assassin shoves her down and attempts a Click, Click, Boom again on Juvy but he breaks out of it and sets up for the Juvy Driver. Mel gets up and lowblows Juvy. Assassin gives another Click, Click, Boom and pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Assassin

Juvy looks at Mel walking away with Assassin as he asks why. President of the CCWF, Justine, appears on the screen and says that she will be at the event this Friday to deliver huge messages concering the Heavyweight Championship and the future of the CCWF!


Preview for this Friday's PRIDE

1- Due to the continuous interference by S.I.N. a six-way (non-elimination) match has been made for the Cruiserweight Championship as it will be...Jenny (champion) Vs. Brittney Vs. Malaysia Vs. Gloria Vs. Skull Vs. Thrash!

2- ThE iNsAnE! seem to have problems...they better patch up these problems because they're defending the titles against Mike/Jess!

3- Avalanche's quest continues but in a horrible way...he must run a gauntlet and defeat all the Americans one after the other with no breaks...will Avalanche succeed?

4- We will have an update on Double X Raptor's condition after the brutal assault from Juvy.

5- After winning the number one contender's match, Stevie Glory will gain his shot at the Canadian Championship against the most derranged individual who is currently talking to the title, Sniper!

6- Mel turned her back on Juvy and low blowed him costing him the Heavyweight Championship. We will try to get an answer to Juvy's question: Why?

7- When Juvy left the ring he looked very sad...we have been told that Juvy will deliver an interview to start off the show next week...this doesn't sound good.

8- Now that Assassin has Mel in his corner, will he ever lose the title?

9- Justine announced that she has major news concerning the Heavyweight Championship...that could mean anything! She also stated that she has big news for the future of the CCWF...whatever that means.

So many questions,
stay tuned this Friday

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A recap is shown of last week when Mel low blows Juvy. Juvy is shown leaving the ring almost in tears as Assassin and Mel celebrate with the title.

Juvy comes out wearing his usual wrestling attire with his overcoat and glasses but he also has a baseball cap covering his eyes. He doesn't dance or cheer his way down the aisle, he just walks.

Juvy: "...Last week...I was on top of the mountain...I had everything, I head the heavyweight title...the beautiful manager...and I lost it all. I know it sounds fake, and I know it sounds like I'm copying but much like Shawn Michaels at one time... I've lost my smile(Juvy starts to become teary eyed)...You know, I look back at all the memorable years I've had in this company...whether it was winning the gold for the first time or the tenth time, winning tournaments or battle royales...there's one thing that sticks out the most in my mind, and...that's the fans. (People start chanting "Juvy, Juvy, Juvy")Whether they've booed me...cheered for me...had you little signs say Juvy sucks, which I find is the truth right about now, I do suck. To the fans who even had their signs say Juvy is God...I appreciate all of it, I appreciate the fans who would stand in lines for an hour just to get to talk to me...take pictures...or get my autograph. To all those fans...I say, thank you. Which brings me to my pint...I feel that I no longer belong here...I've done it all. I have nothing left to offer because of my emotional state...goodbye CCWF...goodbye to all the guys in the back...goodbye to all you fans."

Juvy gives the hat and his glasses to a little kid at ringside and leaves with tears filled in his eyes. Some fans in the crowd are sad from Juvy leaving and others cheer out of respect.

6 Way Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Jenny (champion) Vs. Brittney Vs. Jenny Vs. Malaysia Vs. Gloria Vs. Skull Vs. Thrash​

All the girls attack S.I.N. for five minutes until the ref gets things in order making it so the competitors must tag someone to fill in their position. Remember, Cruiserweight rules state that if someone goes outside of the ring, it is considered a tag. Malaysia and Brittney start things off with a series of hiptosses, armdrags, dropkicks and headscissors. Malaysia nails a handspring hurracarana and pins...1...2...kickout! Brittney tags in Jenny. Jenny dodges a closeline and Malaysia runs straight into a corner. The champ attempts a backdrop but malaysia lands on her feet and rolls her opponent up...1...2...kickout! Malaysia hits a headlock takedown. Jenny gets out of the move eventually and tags in Gloria. Gloria ties up with malaysia and gives her a hair beal. Gloria delivers a standing dropkick and pins...1...2...kickout! Malaysia runs and gets thrown over the top, therefore someone newmust come in. Brittney steps in and closelines Gloria. Brittney delivers a swinging neckbreaker and then misses a moonsault. The ref couts to eight until Skull and Jenny are tagged it. Jenny attempts a dropkick but misses. Thrash distracts the ref as Skull uses a biker chain on the champ. Skull pins...1...2...kickout! Skull whips Jenny into Thrash's corner. Thrash gets tagged in by Jenny. S.I.N. attempts to tag the others but they get off the apron. Skull and Thrash both lie down with hands on top of eachother and the ref counts...1...2...3!
Winner: S.I.N.

S.I.N. celebrates with the Cruiserweight Championship. The referee can't decide which one should be the champion. Justine comes out.

Justine: "I have a way to resolve this problem...this Tuesday there will be a Cruiserweight Championship Tournament...all in one night! As of now, the title is vacant...you can stay tuned for when I give my big announcement!"

Assassin and Mel are laughing while watching Juvy's farewell sppech again. Juvy walks into the room.

Assassin: "What the hell are you doing here? You're supposed to be gone!"

Juvy: "I'm just saying my last goodbyes, I though I'd start with you two."

Assassin: "...I see where this is going. You're just jealous because I got the gold and the girl...I took everything you had! Now you're trying to make Mel feel sorry for you so she can go back with you...well get the hell out!"

Juvy: "Goodbye."

Juvy walks out of the locker room.

Clips are shown of last week with Scorpion and Great Milenko not co-existing too well and almost losing the tag titles.

Tag Team Championship Match: ThE iNsAnE! Vs. Mike/Jess​

Scorpion starts off with Mike. Mike suplex Scorpion five times and pins him...1...2...kickout! Jess is tagged in and he locks a sleeper hold on his opponent. Scorpion eventually gets out of the move and goes off the ropes, Great Milenko tags himself in. Great Milenko closelines Jess and then bodyslams him. Great Milenko tags in Scorpion who delivers a frog splash from the top. Great Milenko asks to be tagged in. Scorpion thinks about it for a while and eventually tags him in. Great Milenko stands there for a bit and decides that he doesn't want to be in anymore and tags Scorpion back in. Scorpion goes for the cover but Great Milenko talks to the ref. Scorpion gets out of the ring and argues with Great Milenko. The ref counts up to ten and then rings the bell.
Winners: Jess/Mike by countout.

Stevie Glory is interviewed with the Americans behind him.
Stevie: "Tonight is a great night for the Americans...as I, the leader, will take back my American Title after I defeat that ugly, pyschotic Sniper. But also, all of us get revenge on Avalanche one by one until there is nothing left of him. Avalanche, this has gone on for too long...it ends tonight!"

Juvy walks in.
Juvy: "You guys...you know I don't like what you guys do but I respect you as athletes. I see a future for each and everyone of you. I'd like to say good luck and goodbye."

Canadian Championship match: Stevie Glory Vs. Sniper​

Stevie Glory attempts a baseball slide but Sniper dodges and they hammer away at eachother. Stevie runs at Sniper and gets backdropped on the stairs. Sniper gets in the ring as Stevie crawls to the apron. Sniper runs into Stevie who falls off and hits his head on the guardrail. Sniper delivers an elbow drop from the apron. Sniper lifts up the mats to expose the concrete and attempts a piledriver but Stevie backdrops him. Stevie grabs a chair from under the ring and smacks Sniper in the back. Sniper is thrown back in the ring and pinned...1...2...kickout! Stevie whips Sniper against the ropes. The champ dodges a closeline and nails a DDT and pins...1...2...kickout! Sniper puts a nerve hold on the trapezius of the American leader. Stevie breaks out of the painful maneuver with quick right hands to the face and then hits an uppercut. Stevie takes a run at the champ and gets his throat dropped across the top rope. Sniper picks up the challenger and goes for the Mind Control but gets pushed to the ropes. Glory attempts his superkick but SNiper dodges it and goes to the outside to rock back and forth. When Sniper gets up, Stevie delivers a crossbody block off the top to the floor. The challenger then whips his opponent into the guardrail and dropkicks him over it. SNiper crawls away and the American chases him. They fight with rights and lefts for about five minutes as the referee is distracted by Jingle The Clown and CardMaster from the Americans. Stevie eventually gets back in the ring and attempts for Old Glory but it is dodges. The champion locks in the Mind Stealer. This time S.I.N. comes down to the ring and distracts the referee. Avalanche comes in and nails Snier in the spine with a steel chair and exits the ring. Stevie Glory is shocked and pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Stevie Glory

Avalanche: "...There...now when I beat all of the Americans in that gauntlet...I get you next week for the Canadian Title...it's going to be me and you...no outside interference...it's payback time!"

Double X Raptor is shown at home with a cast on his leg and is being interviewed.

Interviewer: "Here is the eXtreme champion Double X Raptor...now of course everybody is wondering...how is your leg feeling?"

Double X Raptor: "It hurts of course...it would after an assault like that."

Interviewer: "That's exactly what I thought...another question I'm sure many people are wondering is when are you going to return to the ring?"

Double X Raptor: "...I don't know if I'll ever return. Coming back from a leg injury is pretty serious especially with me being in that eXtreme division currently as champion. When I come back I'd have to compete in some very violent matches week after week and I don't know if I can take it anymore....but let me get one thing straight...if I ever do come back...the first thing I'd want to do is take out Juvy!"

Interviewer: "Actually, Juvy has just retired so I'm not sure if that's possible anymore."

Double X Raptor: "I'll find him anywhere and take him on because he caused me more pain than I knew I could take...trust me Juvy...you better watch your back...because I'm coming for you!"

Interviewer: "There you have it folks, we'll hopefully have updates every once in a while on Double X Raptor in the weeks to come...now back to ringside."

Gauntlet Match: Avalanche Vs. The Americans​

Avalanche Vs. Jingle The Clown​

Avalanche immediately stomps away at Jingle and then whips him against the ropes and delivers a huge back body drop. Jingle gets up only to be closelined back down. Avalanche picks up Jingle and delivers the Avalanche drop and pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Avalanche

Avalanche Vs. CardMaster​

Avalanche waits for CardMaster to come out. He comes from underneath the ring with a steel chair and nails Avalanche. CardMaster throws the chair away and places Avalanche in the corner. CardMaster goes for the Card Shuffle but Avalanche dodges out of the way and splashes him in the corner. Avalanche whips CardMaster hard into the opposite buckle. Avalanche then picks up his opponent and attempts the Avalanche drop but CardMaster gets off of Avalanche and attempts a DDT. Avalanche flips CardMaster over and lands on him for the pin...1...2...3!
Winner: Avalanche

Avalanche Vs. Thrash​

Avalanche attempts a closeline when Thrash gets in but it is ducked. Trash hits a closeline of his own but Avalanche doesn't fall down. Thrash tries again and he starts to reel. Thrash does it a third time and finally takes the big competitor down. Thrash goes to the top rope and delivers a moonsault and pins...1...2...kickout! Thrash goes back up top for another moonsault but Avalanche catches him and delivers the Avalanche drop with a cover...1...2...3!
Winner: Avalanche

Avalanche Vs. Skull​

Skull appears from behind and continuously bashes Avalanche with a biker chain to the head and busts him wide open. Skull gets disqualified and Stevie Glory makes his way down the aisle.
Winner: Avalanche by DQ

Stevie Glory: "Well, it looks like it's just me and you now...wait a minute...I forgot...I recruited a new member of the Americans...well, he's not really new....ladies and gentlemen...Ace!"

Avalanche Vs. Ace​

Ace delivers the Ace Plant from behind off the top rope and pins...1...2...kickout! Ace stomps away at Avalanche for a while then looks at the crowd as they boo him. Ace attempts to whips Avalanche to the ropes but it is reversed. When Ace meets with his foe he gives him a sleeper hold and the blood begins to rush out faster. After five minutes of Avalanche standing up and passing out, he falls on top of Ace...1...2...kickout! Ace pins Avalanche...1...2...kickout! When Avalanche gets back up he is given a standing dropkick. Ace sets up for another Ace Plant but Avalanche dodges the move. Avalanche goes for the Avalanche drop but is pushed into the corner. Ace goes up top quickly and delivers another Ace Plant with the cover...1...2...kickout! Ace is frustrated and waves all the Americans to come down and help. Skull, Thrash, Jingle and CardMaster come to the ring and do a number on Avalanche with steel chairs.
Winner: Avalanche by DQ

Avalanche Vs. Stevie Glory​
Avalanche is lifted up by the Americans. Stevie Glory delivers Old Glory and pins Avalanche...1...2...3!
Winner: Stevie Glory

Winner of Gauntlet: Stevie Glory

Stevie Glory: "Alright, it's me and you this Tuesday for the American Title...fine with me....but it looks like there's not much left for me to beat!"

Juvy is leaving the arena with tears in his eyes and a duffle bag in his hand.

Mel: "Juvy!"

Mel runs up to Juvy and gives him a hug.

Mel: "I'm sorry you have to go. Thanks for everything you've done for me."

Juvy: "Can you honestly say that? It's your fault all this happened! I took you and made you a star. I trained you and gave you all the wrestling knowledge I know. And then what do you do? You hit me with a steel chair and I lose the belt, athen you low blow me and I lose you...why?"

Mel: "I thought you'd understand, but apparently not."

Juvy: "Well...goodbye."

Mel: "Bye."

Juvy leaves still with tears in his eyes. Mel also has tears in her eyes as she walks back into the arena.

Assassin comes out with Mel.

Assassin: "Congratulations to us...we have ended the career of Juvy once and for all! There is nothing left of that loser...now the Assassin-Mel era has begun!"

Justine comes out.

Justine: "I don't think so! I think this would be a perfect time to make my announcements since it is the end of the show. Assassin...I'm giving you and Mel two weeks off so you can prepare for the match that will take place. It's going to be you defending that Heavyweight Championship against...Juvy! He deserves a fair rematch and I'm going to give it to him. Neither Juvy, you or Mel will compete within that two week time span however you can conduct interviews and still hang out in the back."

Assassin: "Fine...but I don't want any regular match...I want Juvy gone once and for all!"

Justine: "...Don't worry, he wants the same thing. That's why I'm making this...a Career Ending Match...and just not any regular Career Ending Match either...it's going to be a Steel Cage Wall Match! That's where only one side of the cage will be set up, that's sixteen feet high! You must climb to the top of the cage wall and retrieve the Heavyweight Championship that will be suspended from the ceiling!"

Assassin: "Great news to hear. Juvy's gonna regret this for as long as he lives...which is only two weeks!"

Justine: "That's not all I have to say...I am resigning as President of the CCWF. In the weeks to come, people can announce if they are running for President or not. There will be a debate at one time and an election that will take place. But until then, I am running the show! So don't think you two are going to get away with anything you want."

Assassin: "That's ok...in two weeks...Juvy's gonna feel the Click, Click Boom! for the very, last, time!"



1- Will any candidates be announced for the presidential election?

2- Cruiserweight Championship Tournament:
_____________________Vs._________Cruiserweight Champion

3- Triple Threat TLC Tag Team Championship Match: ThE iNsAnE! Vs. Mike/Jess Vs. CardMaster/Jingle The Clown

The tag champions have been having their problems lately and they must resolve them quickly because they are taking on two teams who have had wins over them in the past week. It will be resolved in a TLC Match: Tables, Ladders, Chairs!

4- Avalanche will finally get his shot at Stevie Glory, and it's for the Canadian Championship (or the American Championship if you ask Stevie Glory)!

5- What kind of games will be played between Juvy, Assassin and Mel since they're not allowed fighting for those two weeks?


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November 11, 2003- Rememberance Day

Announcer: "In honor of Remberance Day, we ask all of you fans to have a moment of silence for all the lost soldiers..."
The lights go dim and everybody in the crowd is silent. The

Americans song plays and they come out, the crowd boos very loudly.

Stevie Glory: "Remberance Day? That's just a pity excuse for old people! They have veteran's day, rememberance day, grandparent's day...it's all just sickening. Just put them all in a home so it can always be their day! Now tonight's an important night for the Americans...that's right...the tag team of Jingle The Clown and CardMaster are in a TLC Match tonight for the tag team championships in which I know they will win. They have beaten the tag team champions before and they're gonna do it again! Also, Skull and Thrash of S.I.N., another tag team of ours is competing in a Cruiserweight Championship Tournament. And finally, the Americans complete their objective...as I Stevie Glory defend the American Championship against the rival of the Americans...Avalanche! Now Avalanche, you've beaten everybody here in the ring except for me...I won the gauntlet for my team as you laid there in a puddle of your own blood. Tonight's gonna be the same thing all over again, so be ready because the Americans are dominating tonight!"

First Round of Cruiserweight Championship Tournament: Brittney Vs. Malaysia​

Malaysia runs into the ring and nails a dropkick followed by a hiptoss and an armbar. Brittney breaks out of the armbar, jumps up and hits a headscissors takedown. Brittney delivers an armdrag and dropkicks Malaysia out of the ring. Malaysia gets back in the ring and Brittney runs at her. Malaysia backdrops Brittney but she lands on the apron and punches Malaysia down. Brittney goes to the top but is quickly stopped by a dropkick from her opponent. Malaysia nails a hurracarna from the top rope and pins...1...2...kickout! Malaysia attempts a leg drop from the top but she misses and then gets rolled up with a hook of the tights...1...2...3!
Winner: Brittney

First Round of Cruiserweight Championship Tournament: Jenny Vs. Gloria​

Gloria pulls off a suicide dive on her opponent as she comes to the ring. Gloria whips Jenny head first into the stairs. Jenny is thrown back in the ring and Gloria climbs to the top rope. Gloria goes for the moonsault and misses. Jenny rolls her up with a hook of the tights...1...2...kickout! Jenny whips her opponent against the ropes and gives her a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker followed by a boston crab. After two minutes Gloria rolls through Jenny's legs and gives her a monkey flip followed by three hiptosses and a dropkick. Gloria whips Jenny to the ropes and misses with a closeline but ducks and her opponent attempts a sunset flip. Gloria sits down and hooks the legs...1...2...3!
Winner: Gloria

Highlights are shown of ThE iNsAnE! not co-operating and losing matches.

Tag Team Championship TLC Match: ThE iNsAnE! Vs. Mike/Jess Vs. Jingle The Clown/CardMaster​

Mike and Jess set up tables as the tag team champions, Jingle and CardMaster hit eachother with lefts and rights. After tables are surrounding the ring, Mike and Jess get three chairs and two ladders in the ring. They knock everyone out with the steel chairs and set up a ladder then climbs. Great Milenko gets up and pushes the ladder causing both Mike and Jess to crash through tables on the outside. Great Milenko sets up a ladder near a corner and gets Scorpion to climb it. Great Milenko powerbombs Jingle through a table on the outside and then bodyslams CardMaster in the center of the ring. Scorpion does a frog splash on CardMaster. Scorpion sets up a ladder on top of CardMaster and begins to climb. Great Milenko pulls him off and says that he wants to climb. Mike comes back in with a chair and hits Scorpion then with the help of Jess give a conchairto to Great Milenko. Jingle crawls back in the ring and is given a conchairto as well. Mike and Jess begin to blimb but Scorpion runs up the ladder and kicks them both down. Scorpion grabs the belts but can't pull them down as CardMaster takes the ladder away. Mike picks up Jess and puts him on his shoulders. Jess grabs Scorpion by the legs and powerbombs him downn. Great Milenko trips Mike, causing Jess to crash through a table on the outside. Great Milenko gives Jingle and CardMaster double arm DDTs and then leaves the ring. Scorpion gets to the top of the ladder with Mike. Great Milenko comes back out with a steel pipe. Great Milenko nails Scorpion. Mike grabs the belts and wins the match.
Winners: Mike/Jess

Great Milenko grabs a mic.
Great Milenko: "Scorpion, it's over between me and you. You screwed up way too many times. Tonight, it's going to be you and me, one on one! Here's the catch...the loser will never get a Heavyweight Championship Title Shot ever again!"

Second Round of Cruiserweight Championship Tournament: Skull Vs. Thrash​

Both start off with rights and lefts until Thrash gains the advantage and closelines him. Thrash whips Skull against the ropes and gives him a big boot. Thrash picks up his partner and bodyslams him. Thrash pins...1...2...kickout! Thrash attempts a suplex but Skull reverses it into a suplex of his own. Skull powerslams his opponent and pins...1...2...kickout! Skull suplexes Thrash 3 times and pins...1...2...kickout! Thrash pushes the ref away and low blows Skull. Thrash goes to the outside and grabs the biker chain he brought to the ring. Thrash attempts to whip Skull but misses. Thrash wraps the chain around his fist. Skull grabs Thrash's hand and hits Thrash in the head then pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Skull

Second Round of Cruiserweight Championship Tournament: Brittney Vs. Gloria​

A tie up starts off this match and Gloria wins it with a takedown. Gloria asks for a test of strength and is given one. Gloria, still hanging on, gives Brittney a hurracarana and pins...1...2...kickout! Brittney sweeps the leg and pins...1...2...kickout! Gloria delivers a hipstoss, Gloria gets rolled up...1...2...kickout! The pin is reversed...1...2...kickout! Reversed again...1...2...kickotu! Another reversal...1...2...kickout! brittney locks a headlock on her opponent. Gloria breaks out by pushing Brittney against the ropes and nails a huge back body drop. Gloria goes up top for her Angel Wings but Brittney moves out of the ways and rolls her up with a hook of the tights...1...2...kickout! Gloria jumps up for a hurracarana and gets powerbombed with a pin...1...2...kickout! Brittney goes up top and attempts the Angel Wings but misses. Gloria hits the Angel Wings and pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Gloria

Highlights are shown of Avalanche taking out the Americans one by one and the gauntlet match.

Canadian Championship Match: Stevie Glory Vs. Avalanche​

A tie up starts the match and Avalanche shoves Stevie to the ground. Avalanche whips Stevie against the ropes and charges right into him. The champs rolls to the outside and tries to regain focus. Avalanche chases him around the ring until Stevie crawls under. Avalanche pulls the American out and throws him back in. Stevie bounces off the ropes and hits a closeline but Avalanche doesn't go down. Stevie tries again but Avalanche closelines him instead. Avalanche picks up Stevie and attempts the Avalanche drop but Stevie Glory pushes him in the corner and then rolls him up...1...2...kickout! Stevie picks up Avalanche and throws him into the referee. Stevie goes to the outside and grabs a chair. Stevie hits Avalanche repeatedly in the head and busts him open badly. Stevie Glory wakes up the ref and sets up for Old Glory. When the foot comes up, Avalanche catches it and gives him the Avalanche drop. Ace runs down to the ring and onto the apron. The ref argues with him and sends him backstage. Meanwhile, Stevie Glory low blows Avalanche and rolls him up...1...2...kickout! Avalanche nails a closeline and then the Avalanche drop and pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Avalanche

Highlights are shown of Gloria and Skull's wins from earlier.

Cruiserweight Championship Finals: Gloria Vs. Skull​

Skull runs to the ring and gives a powerful spinebuster to his opponent and pins...1...2...kickout! Thrash comes to the ring and passes a biker chain to Gloria and distracts the ref. Gloria whips Skull in the back. Gloria drops the chain and pins...1...2...kickout! The ref checks up on Skull's condition as Thrash comes in and grabs the biker chain. Thrash whips Gloria in the head. Thrash goes out of the ring with the biker chain as Skull rolls over onto Gloria and pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Skull

Thrash and Skull celebrate. Thrash takes the biker chain and smashes Skull in the face.

A video is shown of Assassin training involving lifting weights, running laps and biking.

A video is shown of Juvy (still looking depressed) lifting weights but having a hard time, running laps for a little but then stops and falls to his knees also it shows him training in the ring but not concentrating and losing practice matches.

Loser can no longer compete for Heavyweight Championship: Scorpion Vs. Great Milenko​

Scorpion hammers away at Great Milenko and takes him down. Scorpion goes up top and nails a missile dropkick. Scorpion signals he's going for the Scorpion Sting and then Juvy comes in with a chair and nails Scorpion as the ref is talking to Great Milenko. Great Milenko pins...1...2...3!
Winner: Great Milenko

Juvy and Great Milenko beat up Scorpion and leave him unconscious on the outside.

Juvy: "...Assassin, I'd like you to say hello to my new bodyguard who has helped me find my smile...The Great Milenko!"


Preview for Friday's show...PAYBACK!​

1. Mike and Jess have won the tag team championships and will be defending them in a tag team match against The Wicked Girls!

2. The Cruiserweight Championship will be defended in a Hardcore Match between the two members of S.I.N.: Skull Vs. Thrash are gonna go at it!

3. Avalanche needs an opponent for the Canadian Championship, a 10 person over the top battle royale will decide the number one contender.

4. What else is going to happen between Juvy and Assassin as their Championship Match draws nearer?

5. What are Assassin's thoughts on Juvy's new bodyguard, Great Milenko?

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