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CCWF Returns!

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Hello everyone, for those of you who don't know me, I'm Juvy. And for those of you who don't know what the CCWF is, it's an indy fed. I actually had a thread running about it too for quite a while. The Canadian Championship Wrestling Federation has held an annual event for the past 10 years called Fantasy. In fact, Fantasy X is coming up on July 2nd and I'm hoping for a large audience to be watching this online. I'm trying to get this show as known to the public as possible. I'm allowing people to conduct interviews for wrestling columns, video appearances on webcasts, anything pretty much to attract viewers. I can guarantee that the show will be over 2 hours long and full of action! Here are a few matches guaranteed so far...

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Vincent(c) Vs. Juvy

History: These two have been battling each other for nearly a year. Vincent turned his back on his friend and formed an alliance with a former tag team partner. With help from this alliance, he stole the World Title from Juvy and has held it ever since. Vincent gained the opportunity to be the boss for the day and announced that Mankind aka Mick Foley would show up at his show. It was an imposter, but not the one Vincent had in mind. After being kicked out of the building, Juvy returned and dressed up as Mankind after beating up Vincent's impersonator and made his way to the ring in the Deadly Games Match. The winner of this match would go on to Fantasy X to face the champion. Skull, Vincent's partner in crime, was the last one standing with Vincent by his side until the car wreck was heard and Juvy made his way out as Mankind. He got beaten up a little but eventually settled things down and won the match. Juvy guaranteed himself a spot in the main event. After this, Juvy got injured from another roadblock by the name of Avalanche, who we later discovered was hired by Vincent to take him out. Juvy was on the sidelines then came back in record time, a month! He spent countless hours in rehab and made his return in classic Juvy fashion. He overpowerd the behemoth and hoisted Avalanche on his shoulders then drove him down with the Juvy Driver to pick up a major victory. While Juvy was away, Vincent was facing all comers and defending his title night in and night out. These two were then scheduled for an official contract signing in which Vincent assaulted Juvy and celebrated with the title. These two are both trying to prove who's the best as Vincent Vs. Juvy III is happening on the grandest stage of them all. Who will walk out as champion?

Win A Date With John Cena Match:
Mel Vs. Marina

History: You heard that right, the winner will win a date with John Cena. You don't believe it? John Cena himself has agreed to it. You don't believe it? He's making an appearance at Fantasy X! You don't believe it? Watch the show and we'll prove it! These two girls, Mel and Marina have had huge crushes on John Cena since he made his debut. They've been imitating him, battle rapping each other, dressing like him, everything they possibly can to worship their idol. When this offer was thrown on the table, neither could refuse and were glad to finally be able to meet in the ring for a cause. These two will go at each other with everything they've got as their dreams will come true. Who will be able to survive and then go on their dream date with the WWE Champion?

DWL CAW International Title Match:
Vin Diesel (champion) Vs. Mr. Moneybags

History: DWL is a very exciting and popular CAW show that is aligned with the CCWF in many ways. Mr. Moneybags won a Fatal Four Way Match to qualify for this match and he's going to face Vin Diesel at Fantasy X.

Two more titles will be on the line, who will be competing? More information will be provided in the coming weeks as we count down to July 2nd.
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Excellent. I always enjoyed the CCWF shows, and this should be awesome. Even with my shitty computer, I will be trying to see the event on the web.

But John Cena isnt showing up is he?? Surely not. :S
Well I done me a bit of research and according to WWE.com John Cena is scheduled to be in Japan for a Supershow house show where he is in a handicap match against JBL & Orlando. Sorry mate :(
I know it's hard to believe but here's a picture of John Cena shaking my hand. This is when we discussed it and made it official.

It's not a live show. It's pre-recorded.
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He can't be in Japan and Canada in the same day though :(
He's not. Although they are very close so it is possible. That's not the point! The show's pre-recorded so every1 can see it on July 2nd.
We record it whenever we have time. Btw, new match added!!!!

These two have been feuding for quite a long time as well. It's going to be the year long, CanadX Champion, Christopher Helmesley defending against the monster, Cadaverous. Now Cadaverous won a match that allowed him to pick the stipulation and he chose...A BURIED ALIVE MATCH!!!! That's right! This is a must see match on a must see show.
We record it whenever we have time. Btw, new match added!!!!
And John Cena is Ok with not knowing the date? How will he know when to turn up?
CenaFan88 said:
Good show!! keep up the good work!
WTF? Looking for more posts or something? The show's not up until July 2nd and I'll I've been talking about is matches coming up without any show leading up to it. Anyway, NO John Cena is not okay with showing up at that time....

We've already recorded his part:D

Any new matches on the card you may ask? HELL YEAH! The Cruiserweight Championship is now being defended at the event! Skull, who is partners with the current Heavyweight Champion Vincent, is the self-proclaimed Greatest Cruiserweight of All Time. Well, he was put to the test about a month ago against the 9 Time Cruiserweight Champion and former Heavyweight Champion, Scorpion. It was a tough contest and Scorpion picked up the victory but only by disqualification. Skull bashed Scorpion with the title then used a ladder to break his leg! Scorpion has been gone and has just announced his challenge to Skull who has eagerly accepted. These are the current top two cruiserweights in the division so this should be a great match. Fantasy X just always seems to be getting better!
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