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This is the preview for the last pay-per-view before Fantasy IX (The Grand Daddy Of 'Em All!). I'll go back to posting 2 shows a week leading up to Fantasy IX as well. But Anyways...

Match to determine number one contender for World Title at Fantasy IX:
Crippler Vs. Scorpion​

When Scorpion returned from his injuries, Juvy confronted him in the ring about their match scheduled for Fantasy IX. Scorpion was told there was no chance of winning, that he would continue to be broken down and torn apart by Juvy which was proved in several confrontations. Scorpion disappeared after that and wasn’t seen for some weeks. Meanwhile, during Scorpion’s absence, Juvy looked for a new number one contender at Fantasy IX. Crippler gladly accepted the offer considering he was awarded a title shot whenever he wanted after defeating Super FlyBoy in an Iron Man Match at Crestfallen. Crippler and Juvy had some altercations all over the place until Scorpion returned. This left the questions of who will be the number one contender going into Fantasy IX. Juvy decided that they will have a match to determine who he will face at Fantasy IX. It’s Crippler and Scorpion one on one…the winner will get a dream come true and compete at Fantasy IX against the champion!

Canadian Championship Match:
Sypher (champion) Vs. Ace​

Both competitors have been team mates and best friends in the past as a part of the rebellious group known as the Americans. Since that group has split, these two haven’t cross paths until now. Who will prevail to become the Canadian Champion and go on to Fantasy IX to face Double X Raptor?

Tag Team Turmoil Match To Determine Number One Contenders For Tag Team Titles at Fantasy IX:
Wicked Girls Vs. Gloria/Malaysia. Vs. MMM/Ace Vs. Super FlyBoy/Ifrit Vs. S.I.N. Vs. Millionaire’s Club (Avalanche/Thomas Gunsman)​

Fantasy IX…where dreams become a reality. Well tonight’s one step closer to each team’s dreams of becoming tag team champions. Mike and Jess will defend the titles at Fantasy IX and this match will determine the number one contenders. Will it be the Wicked Girls? They have received three title shots against Mike and Jess over the past 7 months since their reign and have come short every time, could Fantasy IX be their chance to shine? Will it be either MMM and Ace or Super FlyBoy and Ifrit. These two teams have been formed out of spite. MMM and Super FlyBoy had some differences and have now challenged each other to see which of MMM and the FlyBoy is better. Will it be the Millionaire’s Club who bribed their way into the match? Or will it be S.I.N.? This team has been on the verge of splitting up ever since Thrash (now known As Vincent) won the Cruiserweight Championship. Skull seemed to get jealous and Vincent let it get to his head. Both are on huge ego trips and can’t seem to get along these days but a title shot on the grandest stage of them all could very well pull this team back together. Which team will survive and attempt to realize their dreams?

Greg Hearst Vs. Jingle The Clown​

These two have been the best of friends since they started in the CCWF. Although they worked great as a team, they had never won the tag team titles. Formerly known as Cardmaster and Jingle The Clown, they looked for a new light to shine in. They formed the Millionaire’s Club together and became an instant success but still were just inches away from the tag team titles. During this time, they had a few differences but no major problems seemed to occur. Then, November 21, 2003 came around. It was a six man tag team match: Avalanche, Greg Hearst and James Hunter (Jingle) were against the team of Eden, Cadaverous and Ace. In the middle of the match, James walked out on his team mates, leaving them lose to their opponents. The next week, Greg Hearst put a bounty over the head of James Hunter, turning his back on his friend. Some strange activities began occurring around December which were signs of James returning. In February, James made his surprise return in a Over The Top Rope challenge to take out Greg Hearst. However, he didn’t return as the Millionaire…he returned as Jingle The Clown! At Deadly Aim, this past March, Jingle defeated Avalanche and Thomas Gunsman from the Millionaire’s Club in a handicap match and now has vowed to take out Greg Hearst once and for all. Will this have the storybook ending? Or will it become Jingle’s worst nightmare?

Knight of Fantasy Tournament Semi-Finals and Quarter Finals

So many competitors over the years have wanted to win this tournament. In 1996, 1997 and 1998, Juvy was able to pick up the win for all three consecutive tournaments. MMM was the Knight of Fantasy in the year 2001. Then in 2000, it was Brittney who won followed by Scorpion in 2001 and 2003. It was in 2002 where Super FlyBoy won the tournament. The winner of this tournament that will be decided at Fantasy IX will immediately become the number one contender and will get their title shot in a ladder match at the next pay-per-view. Super FlyBoy advanced by defeating Skull. Avalanche was able to pick up a victory over Ace will Cadaverous dominated over Brittney. Eden was able to pick up a win over Greg Hearst and the tag team champions both advanced to face each other by defeating Jenny and Malaysia respectively. MMM got the easy win over Gloria and Thomas Gunsman got a surprise victory over Vincent (who was known as Thrash at that time) due to interference by Skull. Who will be the 2004 Knight of Fantasy? We will have six matches in one night to determine the finalists.

“I Quit” Match:[/u]
Assassin Vs. Sniper​

For years, Sniper has been copying Assassin and becoming almost a clone of him. Assassin has been fed up with it ever since it started two years ago. Now, Assassin is back with revenge on his mind. Ever since November this past year when Assassin was fired, Sniper’s been claiming to be better than Assassin which resulted in Assassin making some surprise returns since March to get revenge on Sniper. Now, after some backstage brawls and mind games being played, it comes down to this: An I Quit Match…if Sniper loses then he may no longer copy Assassin, use the name Sniper or use the same finishing moves. But if Assassin loses, then Assassin must be the servant of Sniper for the rest of his career. Who will prevail with such high stakes on the line?

It goes down this Saturday in the CCWF...

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The show kicks off with video footage of the top athletes in the CCWF.

Voice: “The road…Fantasy IX…where dreams become a reality. The final turn…is tonight. Decisions will be made, fates will be decided…the milestone…is tonight. Championships will be defended, futures will be created. As CCWF Presents…MAYhem!”

Knight of Fantasy Tournament Quarter-Finals: Avalanche Vs. Super FlyBoy

Before the match starts, Super FlyBoy grabs the microphone.

FlyBoy: “In 2002, I was the Knight of Fantasy and I’m looking for a repeat. I’m up against a rich geek that’s carrying a little extra meat. Okay, okay I’ll slow down on the fat jokes, as long as you slow down on the Big Macs and large Cokes. Now why don’t you put all that money to use, get some lipo suction so you can stop looking like a hairless moose. I’m gonna win this tournament with dignity and class, I’m gonna do it being shoving my foot up everybody’s…”

The bell is rung and away we go. Both competitors start off with a test of strength and appear to be equal strength. Avalanche gains the advantage by kicking FlyBoy in the mid-section which brings him to his knees. Avalanche continues to push down on his opponent and eventually puts him in a pinning predicament…one…tw-kickout! FlyBoy springs to his feet, wrenches Avalanche’s arm and then puts him in a hammerlock. Avalanche elbows his way out of the hold then goes to the ropes and takes down his opponent with a closeline. Avalanche goes tot he ropes and goes for a body splash but Super FlyBoy rolls out of the way and gets to his feet. Super FlyBoy hits a leg drop then goes for the cover…one…tw-kickout! FlyBoy goes to the ropes and attempts another leg drop but Avalanche moves out of the way. Avalanche picks up Super FlyBoy and clubs him in the face a couple of times. Avalanche whips Super FlyBoy to the ropes and ducks for a backbody drop but FlyBoy counters by jumping on his back and applies a sleeper hold. Avalanche struggles at first but runs backwards into a corner. Avalanche moves away as FlyBoy remains out in the corner and hits a huge body splash. Avalanche moves away and hits another body splash, Avalanche goes for a third one but Super FlyBoy moves out of the way and then goes to the ropes and hits a throwback on the biggest member of the Millionaire’s Club. Super FlyBoy goes to the top rope for his patented frog splash-leg drop combination. Avalanche kicks the referee into the ropes which causes FlyBoy to lose his balance. Avalanche climbs up to the top rope and attempts a superplex. While suspended in the air, the rapper reverses the move with an inverted DDT. The crowd cheers as Super FlyBoy goes for the cover…one…two…Avalanche gets his feet on the ropes! Super FlyBoy picks up his opponent, whips him to the ropes and attempts his Superfly spinebuster. Avalanche is too heavy and doesn’t go anywhere so FlyBoy goes to the ropes and is taken down out of nowhere with Avalanche’s finishing maneuver, the powerslam followed by a cover…one…two…three!

Winner: Avalanche

Knight of Fantasy Tournament Quarter-Finals: MMM Vs. Thomas Gunsman

Thomas offers money to Myles and he accepts it surprisingly. MMM pockets the money and then lights up Tommy with some right hands. Thomas Gunsman is whipped to the ropes and taken down with a huge backbody drop. Myles goes for the cover…one…two…kickout! Myles again whips Thomas to the ropes and attempts a spinkick but the Millionaire avoids contact. Gunsman comes off the ropes again and hits a huge jumping closeline that takes MMM off balance. Thomas goes to the ropes again and this time is taken off his feet with a spinkick. MMM climbs to the top rope and hits a frog splash followed by the cover…one…two…three!

Winner: MMM

Knight of Fantasy Tournament Quarter-Finals: Eden Vs. Cadaverous

Both competitors stare each other down in the center of the ring. Eden slaps Cadaverous which seems to have no effect on him. Cadaverous takes his opponent off his feet with a thrust to the throat. Cadaverous begins choking his opponent as the referee starts the five count…1…2…3…4…Cadaverous releases the hold before he is disqualified. Cadaverous picks up Eden and gives him a tombstone followed by the cover…one…two…three!

Winner: Cadaverous

After the bell, Cadaverous brings in a steel chair and tombstones Eden three times on it. The monster celebrates as Eden is rushed to the hospital by EMTs.

Knight of Fantasy Tournament Quarter-Finals: Mike Vs. Jess

Both competitors have a handshake and then circle the ring. They lock up in the center and both struggle to overpower the other. Jess hits the armdrag that frustrates Mike. They lock up once again and now Mike hits an armdrag on Jess. Jess runs towards Mike and gets taken down with a drop toehold. Mike puts Jess in a headlock until his opponent gets to his feet and tosses him to the outside to escape the hold. Jess now taunts a little in the ring before Mike gets back in. The Tag Team Champions have a shoving match before Jess asks for a test of strength. Mike locks hands and the test of strength begins. After a little bit of struggling, Mike gets a wristlock on his partner. Jess counters however with a wristlock of his own and then hits a knife-edge chop. Mike whips Jess to the buckle and then runs at him and gets a boot to the face. Jess attempts a hiptoss but Mike counters with an armdrag and holds onto it. After a minute of struggling, Jess is able to escape the hold so Mike gives him a dropkick to send him back down to the mat, however, he lands on his shoulder so both competitors are down now with injures. Mike slowly crawls over to Jess and puts his arm over him with the cover…one…two…kickout! Both tag team champions get to their feet and Jess lays a big slap across the face of Mike. Mike answers back with a right hand and then they both begins exchanging fists. Mike attempts a big right hand to Jess but he is able to avoid contact then applies a sleeper hold. Mike fights towards the corner and kicks off of the turnbuckle pad to land on Jess with a hook of the tights and the cover…one…two…three!

Winner: Mike

Tag Team Turmoil Match To Determine Number One Contenders For Tag Team Titles At Fantasy IX:
Wicked Girls Vs. S.I.N. Vs. Millionaire’s Club (Thomas Gunsman/Avalanche) Vs. Ifrit/Super FlyBoy Vs. MMM/Ace Vs. Gloria/Malaysia​

The crowd awaits for the first two teams to make their way to the ring. It immediately starts off with MMM/Ace as the first team along with their opponents, Ifrit and Super FlyBoy. Both teams talk over strategy and they decide that MMM and Super FlyBoy will start off the match. They both talk trash towards one another and then right hands follow. After the fists are exchanged, MMM knees his opponent in the mid-section and then whips him to the ropes and takes him down with a back elbow. MMM goes for the cover…one…tw-kickout! Myles wrenches the arm of his opponent and tags in Ace. Ace nails the rapper with right hands and then places him in the corner. Ace hits some vicious knife-edge chops and then whips Super FlyBoy to the ropes followed by a spinkick that takes Super FlyBoy down. Ace now goes for the cover…one…tw-kickout! Ace bodyslams his opponent and tags in Myles. MMM goes up top and drops a leg then goes for a cover again…one…two…kickout! MMM whips FlyBoy to the ropes and ducks for a backbody drop but Super FlyBoy inches over a little to avoid contact then goes back to the ropes and hits a throwback. Both competitors are down as the referee starts the 10 count. 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…Ifrit and Ace are tagged in then exchange rights hands and Ace gains the advantage. Ace now whips Ifrit to the ropes and gets taken down with a headscissors takedown. MMM gets in the ring and attempts to closeline Ifrit but he ducks, therefore taking his own partner down. Super FlyBoy then comes in and throws MMM over the top to the outside. FlyBoy picks up Ifrit and places him on his shoulders. Ace gets up and is taken down with a senton splash off the shoulders of Super FlyBoy and Ifrit goes for the cover…one…two…three!

Eliminated: MMM/Ace

Avalanche and Thomas Gunsman from the Millionaire’s Club now make their way to the ring. Avalanche gets in the ring first and closelines Ifrit down. Avalanche nails a body splash and goes for the cover…one…t-Super FlyBoy breaks the count! Avalanche drags Ifrit to his corner and tags in Thomas. Thomas Gunsman runs tot he ropes and is kicked in the spine by Super FlyBoy. Ifrit runs and tags in his partner who whips Tommy to the corner with authority and hits the Superfly spinebuster followed by the cover…one…tw-Avalanche breaks it up. Avalanche picks up Super FlyBoy and nails him with a running powerslam. Ifrit looks to his partner worried and is taken down with an inverted DDT. Thomas Gunsman goes for the cover…one…two…three!

Eliminated: Super FlyBoy/Ifrit

Super FlyBoy tries getting back in the ring to get revenge on Avalanche but officials hold him back. Gloria and Malaysia now make their way to the ring to challenge the Millionaire’s Club. They try to get in the ring but Avalanche stands in their way and threatens to kick them off. Gloria goes up the ring steps and Avalanche is standing in front of her. She decides to back down so she doesn’t get taken out by Avalanche. Malaysia slides into the ring and runs around with Avalanche chasing her. Avalanche almost catches her but she slides out of the ring to avoid him. Both Gloria and Malaysia finally get onto the apron and Avalanche runs towards them. Both girls move aside and hold down the ropes causing Avalanche to flip over and land on the concrete. Gloria and Malays use the ropes to backflip into the ring to now focus on Thomas Gunsman who is all by himself. Tommy begs and pleads for them not to attack him but it doesn’t work. Gloria whips Tommy to the ropes and then leapfrogs over him. After the leapfrog, Gloria takes down Thomas Gunsman with a crescent kick followed by the cover…one…two…three!

Eliminated: Millionaire’s Club (Thomas Gunsman/Avalanche)

Gloria and Malaysia celebrate as the Wicked Girls make their way to the ring. As Gloria and Malaysia await their next opponents, Avalanche gets back in the ring and delivers a powerslam to both competitors before leaving. Now the Wicked Girls race to the ring and Brittney goes for the cover on Gloria…one…tw-kickout! Brittney now delivers a neckbreaker and then climbs to the top rope. She attempts a leg drop but Gloria moves out of the way. Malaysia is tagged in and this a springboard back elbow to Brittney followed by a bulldog and a cover…one..t-kickout! Brittney is thrown to the outside by Malaysia before she runs tot he ropes and performs a suicide dive over the top rope to the outside onto her opponent. The referee starts the count…1…2…3…4…5…6…Malaysia throws Brittney back into the ring and climbs the apron. Malaysia this a springboard leg drop followed by the cover…one…t-kickout! Malaysia wrenches the arm of Brittney and then tags in Gloria. Gloria climbs to the top rope and this an axe handle smash on the exposed arm of her opponent. Gloria rolls up Brittney…one…two…kickout! Gloria hits some martial arts kicks on her opponent and then goes for the cover again…one…two…kickout! Gloria picks up Brittney and whips her to the ropes. Brittney dodges a closeline and then a double closeline occurs in the center of the ring. Both competitors are down as the referee begins counting them 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8… Malaysia and Jenny are tagged into the ring. Jenny takes down Malaysia with several hiptosses and then a standing dropkick. Jenny goes for the cover…one…tw-kickout! Jenny whips Malaysia to her team’s corner and then performs a cartwheel then body splash in the corner. Malaysia stumbles forward from the recoil of the blow and then Jenny goes to the ropes and this a bulldog. Jenny goes to the top rope and hits a leg drop followed by the cover…one…two…kickout! Jenny picks up her opponent, delivers a snap suplex then tags in Brittney again. Jenny catapults Malaysia towards Brittney and she hits a spinkick. Brittney goes for the cover..one...two…kickout! Brittney picks up Malaysia and hits a submission (similar to what WAS known as the Brock Lock) and after a couple of minutes, Malaysia is forced to tap out due to the severe amount of pain.

Eliminated: Gloria/Malaysia

S.I.N. makes their way to the ring. Skull stops Vincent from going in the ring and gets in himself. S.I.N. now argues over Skull’s actions and Brittney rolls him up…one…two…kickout! Vincent gets in his corner as Brittney begins stomping away at Skull. Skull is whipped to the ropes and taken down with a hiptoss. Brittney drags Skull to the corner and tags in Jenny. Jenny and Brittney now double team Skull in the corner with series of kicks and punches. Jenny now attempts the ten punch in the corner…1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…Skull counters with an atomic drop but it doesn’t hurt Jenny that much so she hits a chick kick to the face of her opponent. Jenny goes for the cover…one…Skull gets a foot on the ropes. Jenny picks up Skull and whips him to the ropes. She hits a closeline but Skull doesn’t go down. Jenny attempts another closeline but Skull ducks and takes his opponent down with an inverted DDT. Skull goes for the cover…one…two…kickout! Skull applies a sleeper hold to Jenny as she applies more pressure. Jenny begins falling to her knees but gets to her feet to try and fight the hold on several occasions. Jenny makes the tag to Brittney who kicks Skull in the spine to remove him from her partner. Brittney goes to the ropes and gets taken down with a spinebuster. Skull then delivers a discus punch to Brittney after she gets up then goes for the cover…one…two…kickout! Once again Skull doesn’t make the tag to Vincent, instead, he spits in his face which brings Vincent into the ring and a shoving match begins between both members of S.I.N. The shoving match is quickly ended when Skull slaps Vincent in the face. Now a fist war begins between the two which results in Vincent being tossed to the outside of the ring. Skull ducks a closeline from Brittney and locks her opponent in a sleeper hold. Vincent, on the outside, takes his Cruiserweight Championship and gets in the ring. He calls Skull over, which he does, and then nails him with the title. Skull falls back from the blow and seems to be unconscious. Brittney rolls up Skull…one…two…three!

Winners: Wicked Girls

Trev Chapman is once again backstage but with nobody to interview.

Trev: “Congratulations goes out to the Wicked Girls who will now face Mike and Jess for the tag Team Championships at Fantasy IX. Now, speaking of Mike and Jess, they had a match earlier tonight in the Knight of Fantasy Tournament. Mike, of course, winning that match up will be taking on MMM very shortly. MMM has also competed tonight by defeating Thomas Gunsman. Not only that, but MMM also fought in the tag team turmoil. Also…Avalanche competed earlier by defeating Super FlyBoy not once, but twice as he also faced him in the tag team turmoil match! Avalanche has been in 3 matches tonight which is more than anybody else as he gets set to take on Cadaverous. That’s coming up next, remember Cadaverous has been on a killing spree as of late as he has put Anarchy in a hospital just a few weeks ago and he has also put Eden in a hospital earlier tonight. Before we head to our Semi-Final Matchups…let’s take a look at the impact of last year’s Knight of Fantasy Tournament.”

A video package is shown with Scorpion defeating Thomas Gunsman and Cadaverous last year at Fantasy VIII to become the 2003 Knight of Fantasy. It then shows Scorpion defeating Juvy for the World Title in a ladder match. After, the cameras go back to ringside.

Knight of Fantasy Semi-Final Match: Avalanche Vs. Cadaverous

Both competitors stare each other down to start off the match. Avalanche runs off the ropes and this Cadaverous with a closeline but nobody moves. Cadaverous now goes to the ropes and hits a closeline but the results is both men just staring each other down. Avalanche goes to the ropes for a second time and gets thrown over the top to the outside. Cadaverous follows and whips his opponent into the guardrail. Avalanche runs towards Cadaverous and gets booted in the face. Avalanche is reeling now and Cadaverous whips him into the steel steps. Cadaverous attempts to smash his opponent’s skull into the steps but Avalanche reverses it then throws Cadaverous back in the ring. Super FlyBoy comes from under the apron and low blows Avalanche then throws him back in the ring. Avalanche begins yelling at Super FlyBoy as Cadaverous sits up. Avalanche turns around and receives the Provirus tombstone piledriver followed by the cover….one…two…three!

Winner: Cadaverous

Super FlyBoy laughs at Avalanche for his loss, getting his revenge from earlier tonight.

Knight of Fantasy Semi-Final Match: MMM Vs. Mike

Mike extends his hand in a sign of respect to MMM. MMM also extends his hand then moves it upward quickly for a cheap uppercut. Mike is down from the blow and doesn’t seem to be moving. MMM prances around the ring like a boxer that’s quick on his feet as the referee continues to check on the condition of Mike. The referee calls for help and soon enough, paramedics make their way down to the ring. For minutes, paramedics attempt to revive Mike as MMM has now stopped cheering and seems concerned. Jess comes out and gets in a shoving match with Myles until more official come down to the ring and split the two apart. Mike is placed on a stretcher and paramedics, along with Jess, carry him outdoors to an ambulance. Mike begins moving.

Mike: “Jess…Jess…you there?”

Jess: “Yeah.”

Mike: “Teach that son of a bitch a lesson.”

Jess: “What?!”

Mike: “Take my place. Go to the ring and fight him.”

Jess: “But I wanna go with you to the hospital.”

Mike: “I’ll be fine. You just go win that match for me.”

Jess: “…Alright.”

Jess takes off now back into the building and all the way to the ring. Jess and Myles exchange right hands and Jess gains the advantage. Jess blocks a right hand from MMM then gets an inside cradle…one…two…kickout! Jess hits a huge standing dropkick that knocks Myles to the outside. Jess climbs up top and takes MMM down with a moonsault to the outside. Jess throws Myles back in the ring and then goes for the cover…one…two…kickout! Jess picks up Myles then runs to the ropes for a closeline. Myles throws a powder into the eyes of Jess without the referee seeing it. Myles takes down Jess with a sit-out piledriver then climbs up to the top rope and hits a frog splash followed by the cover…one…two…three!

Winner: MMM

Greg Hearst Vs. Jingle The Clown

Greg Hearst begins by extending his hand in friendship, not wanting anything to do with Jingle. The clown just shakes his head as Greg pulls out money and offers it, Jingle takes the money, looks at it, and shoves it into Greg’s throat and takes him down with a right hand. Jingle proceeds to hammer away at his former friend before choking him until the referee pulls him away. Greg Hearst begs for mercy as Jingle inches his way over once again. Jingle puts the boots to Greg Hearst until he rolls to the outside of th ering and attempts to walk out from the match. Jingle grabs a microphone.

Jingle: “Go ahead Greg. Walk out. Walk out just like I did and this will happen all over again. But there’s a difference, I ran away to break free from the club. You’re running because you’re a coward!”

Greg Hearst pauses and then races back into the ring only to be stomped on. Greg is picked up and whipped to the ropes then taken down with a back elbow. Avalanche and Thomas Gunsman race to the ring as Greg Hearst is set up for an inverted DDT. Greg breaks free on low blows Jingle then rolls him up with a hook of the tights…1…2…3.!

Winner: Greg Hearst

The Millionaire’s Club runs backstage as Jingle chases after them.

Trev Chapman is backstage now with Juvy, Jade, Cripper AND Scorpion all together!

Trev: “So at Fantasy IX…to determine the Knight of Fantasy, it’s going to be Cadaverous taking on MMM. Now, here with me…we have Juvy along with his wife, Jade. Not only that but we have Crippler and Scorpion here as well! It must be hard to just stand here without trying to knock each other’s lights out. Juvy…it was back in November when you made a stipulation that if Scorpion would lose to his friend, he would never get a title shot again. Of course, Scorpion lost that match and you kept to your word. However, it was Jade that placed Scorpion in the Deadly Games match back in January as the number one entrant and Scorpion won that match which earned him the shot at Fantasy IX. Then…Crippler won an Iron Man Match that allowed him to have a title shot whenever he wanted. Well…Juvy…you sort of thought that Scorpion backed out from the challenge when really he went into training. Therefore, it allowed Crippler to exercise his challenge for the World Title at Fantasy IX. Now we are stuck with the predicament of who the number one contender is going to be.”

Juvy: “That’s right…is it going to be Crippler? If it is, let’s face facts. Juvy and Crippler have faced each other before. It was Fantasy VII…Fantasy VI…Fantasy V…hell, even Fantasy II…Juvy and Crippler…one on one…Crippler has never beaten me at a Fantasy! Or is it going to be Scorpion? The one hit wonder. Scorpion…you beat me for that title once in a ladder match…it was a mistake. I don’t make many mistakes! Especially…on the grandest stage of them all!”

Scorpion: “Shutup! Why don’t you take your bimbo and head back to your office!”

Crippler: “Yeah. We’ve heard about as much crap as we can take from you. Tonight…it’s me and Scorpion. One on one…the winner will face you and I’m sure whoever it is…will take that gold belt from around your waist! Sure…out of all the times we’ve faced each other at Fantasy…I’ve never won. I proved quite a challenge though when I stole half of your roster away from you to force my own. You bought me out…then fired me! But I’m back here aren’t I? Well…you know what I think? I think the number nine…is my lucky number.”

Juvy: “Oh really…hasn’t somebody ever told you…luck has nothing to do with it.”

Scorpion: “So you’re saying my win over you wasn’t lucky?”

Juvy: “Oh, we got ourselves a smart mouth. Well…while you two are beating the holy hell out of each other…I’ll be sitting back with the girl…I’ll be sitting back with the gold…I’ll be sitting back with all the glory…then pick up what’s left of you at Fantasy IX…and just finish you off!”

Juvy leaves with a smile on his face now as Crippler’s entrance video of him riding his snowmobile is played.

Winner faces World Champion at Fantasy IX: Crippler Vs. Scorpion

Both competitors start off with a handshake and then circle the ring. They tie up and Crippler gets a headlock applied. Crippler takes down Scorpion now with the headlock continuing to be applied. After a little while, Scorpion attempts to counter by pulling on his opponent’s hair. The referee swats Scorpion’s hand away and then he counters with a headscissors. Crippler now attempts to get out of the hold and fails. Scorpion releases the hold and then performs an armdrag takedown. Crippler gets to his feet again and is dropkicked through the middle ropes. Crippler is down on the outside as Scorpion gets the crowd all hyped up by climbing to the top rope. Crippler gets up to his feet and is taken down again when Scorpion leaps onto him from up top. Scorpion gets back up and brings Crippler back in the ring by the count of four. Scorpion attempts a springboard leg drop from the apron but Crippler moves out of the way. Crippler goes for his finisher but Scorpion bails out of the ring before the hold is applied. Scorpion gets back in the ring at the count of six and then circles the ring again with his opponent. Both competitors tie up and this time, Scorpion gets the headlock on. Crippler quickly counters by shoving his opponent to the ropes and then ducks for an attempted backbody drop. Scorpion counters by leapfrogging over his opponent, going back to the ropes and then hits a headscissors takedown followed by a cover…one…kickout! Scorpion again goes to the ropes and attempts a headscissors takedown but Crippler counters with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Crippler goes for the cover…one…t-kickout! Crippler immediately continues with the punishment by applying an armbar on Scorpion, inflicting pain on the shoulder area. The referee asks Scorpion several times if he wants to give up and he always answers with a no. The crowd begins getting behind Scorpion as he rises to his feet slowly. Scorpion kicks opponent in the mid-section, runs to the ropes and hits a chop block to take his opponent down. Scorpion locks in a half crab. Crippler screams in pain now as pressure is being applied to his back. Crippler fights his way to the ropes and eventually gets there but Scorpion pulls him right back to the center of the ring. Crippler again is on the receiving end of a painful submission hold as his chances of getting a title shot at Fantasy IX are fading away. Crippler once again goes to the ropes and Scorpion releases the hold. Scorpion waits for his opponent to rise to his feet and takes him down with a closeline but Scorpion injures his arm more from the move. Scorpion goes to the outside and brings Crippler to the ring post. Scorpion wraps Crippler’s right leg around the ring post several times which further injures his leg. Juvy races to the ring and distracts the official. Scorpion finds a steel chair and smashes it across the injured leg of Crippler. Juvy now joins the announcer’s table to commentate. Scorpion gets back in the ring and goes for the cover…one…two…kickout! Scorpion attempts another closeline but Crippler counters with a crossface, applying more suffering to the arm of Scorpion. Scorpion screams in pain as the fans cheer on while Scorpion’s arm is being ripped right out of it’s socket. Scorpion’s hand is raised and on the verge of tapping out but the fans encourage him to continue the match. Scorpion counters with an awkward pinfall…one…two…Crippler counters with another crossface but Scorpion is able to get his feet on the ropes. After Crippler releases the hold he picks up Scorpion and gives him a trifecta of suplexes followed by a cover…1…2…kickout by Scorpion! Scorpion gets scoop slammed and then Crippler climbs to the top rope for a diving headbutt. Crippler goes for the move but Scorpion evades it. Both competitors are down as the ref begins the ten count…1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…both competitors get up and exchange right hands. Crippler gains the advantage and whips Scorpion to the ropes then ducks for an attempted backbody drop. Scorpion counters by leapfrogging onto Crippler’s shoulders and then hitting a sunset flip-powerbomb combination…one…two…kickout! Scorpion dropkicks Crippler who lands on the middle rope. Scorpion goes for Rey Mysterio’s patented 619 but instead of kicking his opponent, he performs a headscissors to take him to the outside. Scorpion runs to the ropes and suicide dives onto Crippler. Juvy leaves the announcer’s table and gets in the ring. Juvy lays out the ref with a superkick. Juvy grabs a steel chair that was used earlier and then smashes both Crippler and Scorpion’s skulls that busts them both open. Juvy walks up to the entrance as the referee slowly makes his way to his feet. The referee initiates the ten count…1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10!
Winner: Double Countout

Juvy pulls a microphone out of his coat.

Juvy: “There we are…now nobody is the number one contender and I don’t have to defend my title at Fantasy IX. This just goes to show that nobody…is better…than me!”

Juvy drops the microphone and begins laughing until Jade comes from behind. They share a kiss as cameras go backstage to Sniper who is being interviewed by Trev Chapman.

Trev: “Jade and Juvy once again walking all over the competition. As if the number one contendership for Fantasy IX wasn’t confusing enough…but that’s not the big story tonight…that’s the big story for Fantasy IX. The big story for tonight is…one on one…the first and final encounter…Sniper and Assassin. These two have hated each other ever since Sniper appeared onto the scene in the CCWF so long ago. Now Sniper, you look back at the history where it was just a name…”

Sniper: “That’s right…it was just a name. Sniper. Nothing more. Then…I began making fun of Assassin and sure I got the crap beaten out of me night after night…sent to hospitals…given medication. But I never complained…I always took the beating. Now am I going to get a beating tonight? Hell yeah! But the thing is…I never give up! I’ve taken everything Assassin’s dished out and I’ve never complained once, I’ve never cried once, I’ve never given up! Then I prolonged the agony, Assassin finally had his career ended so it started to become more than just a name. I took his song, his ring attire, his catchphrases, his wrestling technique and finishing maneuvers. I became the Assassin! Then…I became better than Assassin! He came out of retirement just to shut me up one last time. Well it’s not gonna work! I will stand tall and I will hear Assassin scream…I…Quit!”

Sniper stares into the camera as a video package is shown that highlights the very long feud between Sniper and Assassin. The cameras then go to Trev Chapman who is now interviewing Assassin.

Trev: “Assassin…I just talked with Sniper and…”

Assassin: “Man…for years…I’ve been waiting for this…I’ve been wanting for this! I’ve had some great times, great moments and great friends here in the CCWF. Over the course of my career, I built a legacy…that could never be matched! Sniper can take the name, the gimmick, the moves…but that’s all he did! He never became me…he never became better than me! I’m a two time World Champion…a 3 Time Canadian Champion…a Two Time Tag Team Champion…I’ve had more success that Sniper could dream of! Now…Sniper was talking about how he would take all the beatings…those were just battles Sniper. No. You didn’t cry…you didn’t complain…and I respect that. Those were the battles though…this…this is war! The torment…the gimmick…it all ends here! This match…will be the most vicious, punishing, agonizing match in the CCWF. That’s not a threat…that’s a promise! There’s gonna be nothing to stop me from finishing Sniper off…he’s gonna say those two little words after he feels…the final…Click…Click…Boom!”

Assassin walks off.

Trev: “Wow…this match…will be one…for the record books.”

Cameras now go back to ringside for the main event.

“I Quit” Match: Sniper Vs. Assassin

Sniper makes his way to the ring first with Assassin’s song “Click, Click, Boom” by Saliva. After mimicking Assassin, the innovator himself makes his way to the ring with a new song, “Enter Sandman” by Metallica to a resounding standing ovation. Instead of walking to the ring, he’s driving right up to it in a car! Assassin gets onto the hood of his car afterwards and steps right over the ropes. Assassin and Sniper remove their similar wrestling gear and then stand face to face. Sniper nails Assassin with a right hand but it doesn’t seem to phase him. Sniper hits another and Assassin just gives his opponent a dirty look. Sniper attempts a third right hand but Assassin catches the fist of Sniper and twists his arm. Sniepr backs up to the corner in pain and Assassin nails some vicious back elbows until his opponent falls to the mat. Assassin now sticks his boot in the face of Sniper, attempting to break his nose. After a while, Assassin boots Sniper in the face, goes to the ropes and then drops a huge leg drop. Assassin begins choking his opponent until he nears unconsciousness. Assassin rolls to the outside of the ring now and grabs a steel chair from the announcer’s table. Assassin gets in the ring and methodically stalks his opponent. Sniper pleads with Assassin not to hit him but winds up tripping over the ropes and falling backwards onto Assassin’s car. Assassin follows Sniper onto the hood of the car and smashes Sniper with the chair. Assassin throws Sniper back in the ring with authority and then gets back in as well. Assassin once again smashes Sniper over the head with the steel chair and then taunts the crowd. Sniper gets up to his feet eventually while Assassin is still taunting him. The copy cat grabs the steel chair and swings at Assassin but he dodges the chair shot and chokeslams his opponent. Assassin once again is standing tall over his opponent as he drops the leg again. Assassin climbs up to the top rope and everybody cheers because they know what’s coming. Assassin awaits for Sniper to get to his feet and then takes him down with a closeline off the top that he calls the Sniper Shot. Assassin rolls to the outside and steals the microphone from the announcer.

Assassin: “Now…is everybody enjoying the show? (The crowd roars in excitement.) Are you all enjoying me beating the living hell out of Sniper? (The crowd cheers once again.) Well, I guess I just have to pop the question to him right?” (Assassin walks up the steps and gets back in the ring.) Sniper…do you quit?”

Sniper: “Y…”

Assassin: “It doesn’t matter if you quit!”

The crowd gives the loudest cheer so far from tonight after hearing Assassin and then Assassin slams the microphone into the skull of his opponent. Assassin then talks trash to Sniper without the microphone. Assassin drops an elbows on his opponent then goes to the outside of the ring. He pulls a sandbag from under the apron and gets back in the ring. Assassin dumps the thumbtacks from the sandbag all over the ring then grabs the microphone.

Assassin: “This…is a lesson…to anybody…who thinks…they can copy…or thinks…that they’re better…than me! I…warned you! And now…this…is what…you get…and now…it’s time…for the…Click…Click…Boom!”

The crowd cheers once again as Assassin picks up Sniper and delivers his infamous Click Click Boom Powerbomb onto the thumbtacks.

Assassin: “Now…I know everybody would love to watch the rest of this show. But I think I’m going to take Sniper for a little joy ride before I finish things off.”

Assassin drags Sniper and throws him into the backseat of his car. Assassin then hops into the driver’s seat and takes off with the match still continuing. Out of nowhere, the car goes really fast in reverse and takes down the stage set. Assassin rolls out of the car with a face full of blood. Sniper crawls out of the backseat now with a barbed-wire two by four. The Millionaire’s Club (Avalanche, Thomas Gunsman and Greg Hearst) make their way down to Assassin and beat the crap out of him. Sniper now grabs a microphone.

Sniper: “See…I knew that you would take it all out on me so I decided that I would look for some help. So…who better than the largest existing faction in the CCWF? I made a deal with the devils…I paid them for help and they’ve guaranteed me something in return…Victory against you!”

It takes a little bit but Assassin eventually begins crawling towards the ring. All of a sudden, from out of the crowd, Super FlyBoy comes into the ring and starts a fist fight with Avalanche. Next to follow is Jingle The Clown who goes after Greg Hearst. Finally, Ifrit comes and attacks Thomas Gunsman, leaving Sniper alone in the ring. Assassin gets to the apron and Sniper knocks him off. Sniper now drags Assassin over to what’s left of the stage set. Assassin is thrown on top of a table with another table under it. Sniper now climbs up a part of the set that still remains. Assassin sits up and begins climbing the set as well. Assassin follows Sniper all the way up and then hits him with a low blow to slow him down. Assassin sets up Sniper and hits him with the Click Click Boom, causing him to crash through the tables. Assassin climbs down the set and then grabs the microphone.

Assassin: “Now…you stupid son of a bitch…with all your ribs broken…your life flashing before your eyes…your career on the line…do you quit?”

Sniper: “…Yes.”

Assassin: “Now get those EMTs out so he can get fixed up. You might need a doctor to check his head too. So…as I promised…as easy as…Click…Click…Boom!”

Winner: Assassin

Assassin celebrates as the EMTs rush in. They give Sniper a respirator and place him on a stretcher. Assassin then begins walking out as Sniper is put in an ambulance and driven off to the hospital to end the show.
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